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Cala's Pizzaria Is Superb! - Review by angel a | Cala's Pizzaria

Cala's Pizzaria

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Cala's Pizzaria Is Superb! 11/1/2007

A quaint little shop dedicated to serving you the best pizza, pasta, and salads they can offer! This restaurant is little compared to the many big franchise restaurant's (like Pizza hut for example) I have dined here often, and i also order in from them as well. They have great tasting pizza, it tastes home made. The sauce is just right, the cheese and toppings are perfect, not too little, and not too much. They have cal zones as well, while on the greasy side, its still a great meal to have. Its not as big as the pizza hut pzone (Which has been canceled from what i hear) And the crust isn't as rough, its light, and airy. The cheese is heated to perfection and it has a great amount of toppings stuffed inside. They also make pasta dishes, from spaghetti, to rigatoni, eggplant Parmesan, chicken Parmesan, Alfredo, And Chicken Alfredo. I haven't tried the rigatoni, but my mother has and loves it. She said that the sauce is a little tangy, and the noodles are cooked just to aldente. I unfortunately haven't tried the eggplant Parmesan, and i don't know anyone who has either. I have tried the spaghetti, which i have to say was really good. It also has a tangy sauce kick to it. The spaghetti you can order with regular sauce, meat sauce (which comes with ground meat pieces in it) Or you can order the meatballs and sauce, 3 big meatballs right on top of your lovely plate of spaghetti. I have tried the chicken Parmesan. And i liked it. Although the breading was a little soggy when i had mine. That could just be a fluke from packaging, or from sweat of the container, so i would hope that you try for yourself. The Alfredo, and the Chicken Alfredo is one of my absolute favorite items. The sauce is thick and creamy, the noodles just right, the chicken served as a breast, sliced in strips right over top of your Alfredo noodles and sauce. This comes with its won Parmesan. cheese to sprinkle over top. All of these pasta meals do come with a small salad, which is lovely. (Comes with lettuce, tomato slice, cheese, and your choice of dressing) Bread and butter (very soft bread) and utensils. Their salads are excellent! They have a wide range of salads. I unfortunately have only had the pleasure of two. Their Tossed Salad, which comes with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives, and CHEESE! Lots of cheese. Upon my first order for this item, i thought that someone was new in the kitchen, or that maybe someone thought i had ordered extra extra cheese. Either way, i loved it (I am a cheese fan) If there is too much cheese for your liking, the way it is put on, you can easily remove more than half by just picking it up with your fingers/knife/fork/spoon. I have also had their taco salad. This comes with the lettuce, tomato, olives, and cheese. This also comes with tortilla chips strewn about your salad, mixed in nicely, sour cream, your choice of dressing (i pick ranch, but for all other salads i love their house blend Italian) And you can get a bowl of chili with it. The best way (In my own opinion) to eat this would be to mix it all together. I take out the olives, i sometimes pull the chips aside, but then i pour my chili (a hearty chili that is good on its own as well), sour cream, and ranch dressing over the salad, close it up and shake it until its all evenly coated. Then i use a fork and chips to eat it. This is VERY FILLING. Its a very big salad, and i have troubles finishing half of it in one sitting. But its very good. Sound good already? There is more! They also offer drinks (Your regular soda's) And they offer appetizers and desserts. My family is akin to their loaded fries. A pound of fries with chili (the same that you get from the taco salad.) melted cheddar cheese, and bacon bits. Its ooey gooey madness! Also their potato skins (while on the small side) are very good, and they come with sour cream. They have wings as well, (I haven't tried them) but they are a regular hit when we order, with rave reviews all around. They have many more options as well. And they also have a website. http://www.Cala's I haven't even began to touch on the amazing things that this little shop has, but i encourage you to try them. Their subs are great as well! I hate to keep this review going, seeing how long it is now. If you would like something reviewed, just send me a message and i will do my best for you :) Happy dining. more
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