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Eastern Michigan University - Bad Bureaucracy - Review by Doug J | Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University


Eastern Michigan University - Bad Bureaucracy 3/26/2006

Eastern Michigan University is located in the city of Ypsilanti Michigan and has a student population of 18,000. Ypsilanti is part of the economically depressed area of Southeast Michigan. Most students are commuters from the surrounding area. EMU is mostly a working class school and many students work full time jobs and take classes. Michigan is known for bad weather, bad roads, and bad government. Ypsilanti is known for corrupt dishonest business people. NEVER have your car repaired in Ypsilanti. Ypsilanti is sometimes called "Ypsitucky" on account of many of its residents being people who migrated to the area from Kentucky and other parts of the south. People who work at Eastern Michigan University have a longstanding reputation for incompetence, corruption, and dishonesty. It is an unscrupulous bureaucracy that steals students' money by any means necessary. When students find themselves having to resolve something such as an incorrect charge or a wrongful parking violation, they encounter treacherous road-blocks, dead-ends, and in-your-face hostility. Eastern Michigan University employees can downright nasty and this carries over into a general mean-spiritedness that rears its head though-out the entire campus. Professors at Eastern Michigan University are a mixed bag. There are some who help students and care about teaching. Many, however, don't give good lectures and are stand-offish towards students. Some display negative behavior and promote the kind of hostility that gives EMU its bad reputation. Professors like to promote their political views, which they feel are more important than providing instruction. Many professors don't keep office hours and educational quality is mostly sub-par. One of the worst things about Eastern Michigan University is the way blacks dominate campus. Blacks are notorious for taking over the best parts of campus. One example is the way they take over the pool tables in the recreation building in the evening. Other examples are the way they take over a television viewing area in a dorm, or a certain study area in the library, or the Eastern Eateries Food complex in the evenings. Blacks form large groups and engage in loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate pack behavior in which they drive others away and play king of the hill. In the cafeteria, they form a large group and purposely get in other people's way when walking. They sit together and create as much of a nuisance as possible. They take more food and drinks than they can possibly eat. Other students carry their trays to the tray return, but blacks strut away leaving trays of uneaten food and tall glasses full of punch and trash for others to pick up. Cafeteria employees are afraid to ask them to pick up after themselves. more
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