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I'm mixed about this Freddie's 3/29/2006

I go here because they really do have everything that I want in a store. I'm a big natural, organic foods fan, and I can count on FM for having the things that I need. The store is laid out well enough (although I feel "blocked" when I walk in there, bad feng shui). I dig the selection - it can't be beat. Foods are fresh and in stock. And the Playland for the smaller kids is a godsend so that you don't have to drag cranky preschoolers around the store. Makes is SOOOO much easier to shop. I'm very thankful to FM for this and I go back because of Playland and the selection and prices. HOWEVER, the real grumble that I have here is the employees. A neighbor of mine is a former FM employee (not this store though). It seems that FM treats their employees like garbage, low pay, bad hours, etc. Kinda like Walmart. I always notice how unhappy and complaining the employees are at FM (those checkers who want to tell me their life stories - I'm a magnet!). I went there today with my two youngest kiddos. The young checker was really sweet. She asked if I wanted help out with my tons of heavy groceries, and I of course said yes. Why not? If they offer, I always take them up on it. Well, this sluggish, complaining employee came up to me with a grimace on his face (like, oh god, I HAVE to do my job??), rubbing his shoulder and complaining that he had to help someone out (he really did say this): "Are you sure you want me to help you? My shoulder hurts so bad. Well, maybe I can use one hand to do it if you REALLY want me to...(whine whine and more whining here)." And I can't do justice to the bad body language and facial expressions either. I looked him right in the eye and said politely, no thanks, I have enough babies to care for. I know that might have been rude of me, but I already had to wait for him to drag himself up there and stare at me like I was the enemy as he was walking up to my cart and overly exaggerating his "arm injury." I just wheeled my heavy cart out, put the kids in the car, and loaded myself. I usually load myself and don't purposely ask for or accept the help unless they offer and are already going to call for it or have someone right there available, so as not to inconvenience the baggers. If someone offers you help, and you accept it because it's their job to do, then they need to do it and stop complaining! I've done plenty of low wage, crappy, thankless jobs in my early years, so I understand the frustration. If it's your job, do it and take pride in doing a good job! (((sorry))) I just think FM has a long way to go in treating and paying their front line employees well. I miss the old days when they had enough people to help out. Ya know - you just can't put a price on good customer service! more
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