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Feeling lazy...but hungry - Review by Linda S |

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Feeling lazy...but hungry 9/23/2006

Recently I was traveling and toward the end of my trip I began anticipating my return to Seattle and the whole unpacking, laundry, grocery store know...the return to reality and the busy life...cram it all in so you can get back to work and start accruing more vacation time....well..the thought overwhelmed me and I was trying to decide how I could minimize the trauma of all that and still have a little energy to feel human....I was close to a computer and came up with the idea that since I had used once before maybe I would log on and order my groceries ahead and schedule a delivery time that coincided with my current arrival schedule...INDEED...what a grand idea it turned out to be....upon my return home I unpacked , went through the mail ( which I had picked up at our 24 hr Post Office during the cab ride from the airport)...threw the laundry in the washer and was at the door with all my organic requests, plus a few delights and many was the best...This is a service that I have now used at least 10 times and have found the drivers to be amazingly polite, courteous and helpful...the ordering is very easy (the site is simple to use) and while on the site you can send messages to the "pickers" of the order asking for your own preferences such as "greener bananas"..or longer dated butter...etc....and they have "windows" of time for delivery....the longer the window the cheaper the delivery charge...but with gas prices what they are...$4.95 for my 2 week grocery delivery is fine with me!!! Plus I can spend that hour doing something else that's screaming for attention...they even run specials for FREE delivery...Now it's a new habit...while traveling I make time to sit down and place my order and arrange a great delivery time...which saves me many steps upon my return...I've even begun to use it so I get deliveries right after shopping side trips...and one thing I've noticed....I actually save money ....(no grabbing those cookies/candy bars on my way to the check out stand or those extras that weren't on the list)... I still enjoy a stroll through PCC or Metropolitan Market for my own pleasure and to get those things that I thought weren't available at Safeway...and my newest found information is that some of the things Safeway didn't carry...they special order for me as long as I give them a week's notice for the 1st has really been good for us...and I've tried to turn that extra little bit of time into doing something for myself that normally would be deemed "out of the question....too busy!!"... Check it might save yourself a few hours a month.....and get to read that book you've been wanting to read...or take that Yoga class ( that's what I've done)..... oh, and by the can use coupons and promotions on the site also...the same sales apply that are found at your local store!!!! It's a win/win for that I've established my list online, shopping only takes me about 15 minutes!!! more
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