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Think I Was Taken Advantage Of - Review by Kathleen M | Holland, Crit, Dvm - Beach Veterinary Clinic

Holland, Crit, Dvm - Beach Veterinary Clinic

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Think I Was Taken Advantage Of 8/27/2006

According to MapQuest, Beach Veterinary Clinic is 2 hours and 16 minutes from my home. This isn't a veterinary clinic I normally go to or one I will go back to. We had four 9-week old kittens to get rid of and couldn’t find anyplace in Central Florida, near our home, that was able to take them. Apparently this has been a prolific year for kittens and every pet store and veterinary clinic or hospital in three counties either had their quota or doesn’t deal with kittens. I had a doctor’s appointment in Sarasota so we began calling pet stores in that area to see if any were taking kittens. Petland in Bradenton said they would; however, we would have to take them to their vet to make sure they didn’t have feline leukemia and/or kitty AIDS. I was told if the kittens tested negative for those viruses then Petland would pay for the tests. I asked several times during our conversation if that was the only criteria for Petland paying for the tests and was assured that if the kittens tested negative for feline leukemia and the feline immunodeficiency virus then Petland would pay the bill. I was also told that is the arrangement Petland has with their vet and I wouldn’t have a problem regarding the bill if the tests were negative. We had an appointment with Dr. Luke Berglund at Beach Veterinary Clinic at 10 o’clock in the morning, so we left our house at 7:30 in order to arrive in time. The office seems small but was busy. The office staff we dealt with were very nice and friendly. When Dr. Berglund saw the kittens, he began to exam them and then did the blood work for FeLV (feline leukemia virus) and FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). He took the kittens to another room, drew their blood and then brought them back and continued with his exam. He was very thorough. He said he would need to talk to Petland and would let us know the results of the tests and what the owner of the store said. When he returned, he told us the tests were negative (the kittens did not have FeLV or FIV) but they did have ear mites so he had recommended that Petland not take them. We said we could understand that but wanted to make sure they were going to pay for the tests. Dr. Berglund said it was his decision that Petland should not take the kittens. He said he is solely responsible for the health of the animals there and he didn’t want to introduce ear mites into the store. That was understandable and acceptable to us but we were told the only reason Petland wouldn’t pay the bill was if the test was negative. We know our adult cats do not have either virus and were certain the kittens didn’t either, which is why we decided to take the kittens for the tests. It wasn’t really a risk for us. We knew the kittens would test negative and, therefore, we wouldn’t have to pay for the tests since that was what I had been told. I had questioned the person I spoke with at Petland several times to make sure that my understanding was correct. Dr. Berglund, however, said it was our responsibility to pay the bill. He knew upon his initial examination before he drew the blood for the tests that the kittens had ear mites and wouldn’t be going to Petland. He should have discussed this with us before running the tests and asked if we still wanted to have the tests done. The bill came to $241.22, which I paid. During his exam, Dr. Berglund suggested we use Revolution on the kittens because it would kill the ear mites. I told him I would go home and look online because I knew I could find it for a good price there. He didn’t say anything about that. That night, I found Revolution for a great price but the company (in Canada) required a prescription in order to sell it. I called Beach Veterinary Clinic the next day to ask for a prescription from Dr. Berglund. The first person I talked to said they sell it there. I then told him I lived two hours away and wasn’t going to come back for Revolution. He then told me that cats don’t need a prescription but dogs do. When I told him this particular company required a prescription and asked if Dr. Berglund would write one, he said he would check. Another person came back on the line and said Dr. Berglund would have to see all my cats before writing a prescription for the Revolution which doesn’t ordinarily require a prescription. I think Dr. Berglund was trying to take further advantage of me and take more of my money. It is my opinion that I was lied to and taken advantage of and I think Dr. Berglund is more interested in making money than caring for sick animals; therefore, I would recommend against taking your cherished pet to this animal clinic. more
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