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Editorial review from Citysearch - Review by citysearch c | Boardwalk Billy's Raw Bar and Ribs

Boardwalk Billy's Raw Bar and Ribs


Editorial review from Citysearch 5/25/2014

On Sunday 05/25/2014. I was @ the boardwalk just chillin. OK, So, I am on a 30 day green smoothie diet, but while I was over here, I felt the urge to eat. hell, I was hungrier than a pig.\r This isn't my first time @ the boardwalk, but it was my first time ordering food from Boardwalk Billy's!\r Now, let me tell you, I know good food when I taste it, and honey, this is garbage.\r \r So about 20 minutes before I leave the boardwalk, I call BB's, and tell them that I would like an order of Smothered Fries and Red Hot Wings. I also specify that I would like the food to be fresh and hot when I arrive. Ok, she says 15 minutes. I give them 11 and go in to get my food. It's already bagged and waiting.\r \r As a native Brooklyn NY boi, born and raised, I expected good food. Sine BB's is always jam packed,. I thought it would be banging! You think so? Hmph!\r \r Now I drove 27 miles on 485 home to unpack my food, which was packaged nicely. The aroma was wonderful and I could not wait to dig in.\r \r One carton had Smothered Fries (Cheddar cheese & Bacon) and the other had Red Hot wings written as descriptions. Ok, so here we go....\r \r The Fries were smothered wonderfully with the cheese and Bacon mixture, but they were ice cold. Certainly not the temperature I'd expect after a 25 minute drive. Warm, yes, but COLD...Hell no! So i took a bite because I was starving, and I didn't taste anything...lmao. so I put them in the microwave for about 30 secs, and drizzled ketchup all over them. They are still tasteless. YUCK! $9 DOWN the drain\r \r Now, let's get to the ""RED HOT"" Wings. Well, I'll give them one thing. They were red, but sure as hell weren't hot! Either by temperature or by the so-called hot sauce that they were supposed to be drenched in (the description via the menu details this). When I tell you they were just regular wings , made however they make em. so-called crunchy, with what appeared to be red dried up hot sauce on them. They as well were nasty and tasteless. They smelled of a few days old and re-cooked and the so-called blue cheese sauce was horrible too! if you don't believe me, order it for yourself!\r So, because I was hungry, I wound up eating about 6 of them. When I got to the bottom of the carton, I picked one up with what appeared to be live hot sauce - I dabbed it in and took a bite. Do you think that so-called hot sauce was HOT? Hell NO! It was like red water. Didn't give my mouth any burn. Just a waste!\r \r Now just because I'm Black doesn't mean anything, but this brother knows good food when he tastes it! And as Judge Judy says, If you eat the steak. it is what it is. But I can't go and ask for my money back. I'm 27 miles away home.\r The people that think this food is great, are drunk, high AND have no taste buds for flavor, whatsoever!\r \r I wound up throwing the fries and wings in the trash. A waste of $20.00. One mistake that I WILL NEVER EVER, EVER MAKE. NO ONE SHOULD EVER! order food from Boardwalk Billy's! I could have gone to McDonald's and had a tasty meal for $5.00...hahahahahaha!\r \r Even an unsanitary Chinese restaurant that serves chopped up cat & rat, their food tastes 1000 times better than this trash!\r \r Ugh! What a waste of my time. Ugh! more
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