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Editorial review from Citysearch 4/10/2014

I understand that this location is the busiest location in the Nashville area, however they just don't act as if they give-a..... the tables are not wiped off, trash is overflowing, toss your straw at you if you ask for one, don't stir your iced mochas, don't say thank you for spending $6.00 on a coffee and can ignore you indefinitely if you come back to the counter after getting your drink to ask for anything else! While I sat on hold to Starbucks Customer Service for 38 minutes to get help with their nifty 'pay-with-your-iPhone' APP that won't work because I can't delete my old email from my account with them on their website and put my new ( 4 years now ) email, I watched a drive -thru customer stop, get out, return the wrong drink and wait about 10 minutes while an employee brought her out yet another incorrect incorrect drink, and she repeated the instructions about her drink again ( it was pretty complicated and demanding...something like...""No sugar just 1 Splenda stirred in"".) On the third drink delivery she got something and left. Hopefully she didn't choose the drive thru because she was in a hurry or didn't want to have to walk in! Meanwhile back at customer service...the rep assured me when I got home I would have an email and a link and just reset my password and all would be right in the world! So I'm writing this because of course, the link says the Reset Password Link has EXPIRED! Oh yeah...and Customer Service is closed!\r This has been a HUGE waste of my time...noted in my YELP and Google+ reviews...\r I spent 38 minutes of my life on hold today at this Starbucks trying to accomplish on the phone what I have not been able to do online after several attempts and countless hours to do a SIMPLE change (update email address) to MY account that your website makes impossible. This instead of enjoying my drink and the beautiful day to sit on their patio with dirty tables.\r \r I opened my account back then with the email I USED to have in the name I USED to have. After marrying and changing name, and then requesting a replacement Gold Card with new married name on it, Starbucks sends me a NON-GOLD Card with No Name on it...just my balance on a generic card. Finally after calling twice and more of my life on HOLD to Starbucks 'customer service'...I get someone to send me a replacement Gold Card with my correct name on it. \r \r However, when I try to register it online, I can't because my account in linked to an email address I stopped using 4 years ago and do not remember the login or password to. So I set up a new account...with the correct name (married) and the correct/Current email address. Only it doesn't see my History, my Stars, My GOLD CARD, My BALANCE on the card! Your site won't let me SIMPLY change my own Email address on my own account!\r \r So after NOT being able to use the nifty 'pay-with-your-iPhone' Starbucks APP today at the counter, I got stuck in your customer service hold hell for 38 minutes, after which I was assured by the tech that she had fixed all...removed the old profile email, put all my data on the new email to my current starbucks account with the current stars, history, balance and card and all I had to do when I got home was ReSet my Password! She didn't explain that I had to rush home, or that I had a time limit to do this, nor was I able to get home and jump right on my computer to do this as I do have more things to do in my life than try to sort out the nightmare of doing business with Starbucks. \r \r So when I opened the email that was to accomplish this at my convenience about a half hour ago...the link says ""My Password Reset Link Has EXPIRED""! WTF! \r \r Of course, your 'Customer (Non)-Service' is CLOSED! I wouldn't expect anything else from Starbucks at this point. I'm going to continue to post a review a day online, until I get someone from Starbucks to actually HELP me get this corrected correctly once and for all. more
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