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What a continuous disappointment - Review by citysearch c | Walmart



What a continuous disappointment 4/10/2012

Today was the 3rd time I have had to leave the store and go to another WalMart to shop. They are too disorganized to be functional. I am surprised they are still open. But they are convenient to all the apartments/condos in the area so...\r First, the day time staff rarely know when things are, next they do not communicate well with one another and lastly they do not appear to follow through if they know what they are doing. Now that doesn't mean that most of the employees are not trying to be helpful and go the extra mile. Not at all. Most of the emloyees appear to work very hard to help and also to cover the gaps made by thier not so useful coworkers. Even some managers appear to be a little out of touch with the place. Just today I watched them focus on discussing things with certain employees while totally oblivious to some of the chaos going on about them. \r And forget trying to get Customer Service to actually get someone in management to hear our concerns first hand. I know those guys in the blue dress shirts are some kind of management but I'd swear I was watching an episode of The Office. Just today at about 3:45 PM me and my adult nephew entered the Garden Center of the store. I am disabled and was seeking one of the electric scooters the store provides for its customers (sometimes--when they are not broken down or charging or being enjoyed by bored kids). Well, a wonderful young man, a cashier named Chris, observed my delima and called up to the front of the store. He spoke to another employee by the name of Genesis who told him that she would bring one back for me. Well, after about 20 minutes Chris went up to the front to the store to see what the delay was and low and behold, Genesis told him that another customer had taken the scooter. She must have forgotten the conversation with Chris because she did not even call back to let him know what had happed. The dear boy went outside looking for another one to no avail. The other workers shook their heads and shrugged. My adult nephew then went up front (passing those blue dress shirt guys) and asked cutomer service to send a manager back to talk to us. Another cashier from the Garden Center then began looking for a scooter. After another 15 minutes or so we decided to head to the S John Young store. What a trip. more
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