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Editorial review from Citysearch - Review by citysearch c | Centennial Peaks Hospital

Centennial Peaks Hospital


Editorial review from Citysearch 12/4/2012

This place is an absolute insult to the mental health community. I knew a person who recieved services there, if that's what you want to call it, and she was treated with such disrespect and judement by so called staff, I don't even know why they are in this profession if all they are going to do is judge people, take away their basic civil rights, outright lying to not only my friend but wouldn't even let her have an extra blanket. They punish patients for not participating in group therapy sessions by making them stay an extra day, involuntarily, everytime they choose not to particiapte they get another day added, what kinda help is that, sounds like punishment to me!.Absolutely discussting treatment!!! I wouldn't send my dog here. This place denied my friend her basic rights for visitors, not recieving her mail, and very vindictive behavior by staff members who did not like her. What!! I thought mental health was suppose to be a non-judgemental environment, what a crock, this place should be shut down without a doubt. They treat patients as if they are in jail not a care facility. Basic things are taken away at the staff's leisure, that is a denial that is not their right to take away, absoutely appalling. Do not send your loved one's there if you want true help, this place is not it for sure. They do not treat people with dignity or respect, the very foundation that mental health care is suppose to be based on. My friends' doctor did not listen to her, put her on all kinds of drugs and did not addresss the very issue she was there for, severe depression, this place made her more depressed. After a 72 hr hold they put my friend on a 90 day hold and stripped her rights away. They would not allow her wife to have any info about her, even though she was on legal paperwork designating so, she was lied to countless times by various so called case workers, nurses, doctors, that her spouse would be contacted but never was and would not give her the patient number, which is clearly stated on their website, to allow her to have visitors, they would get mad at her everytime she asked about it and acted like they knew nothing about it and it's in their website, that's discrimination. I have read many reviews of this hospital and none of it is good. Wake up people this place is a jail not a place to get help!! more
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