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Dave's Transmission


Very Bad Experience 3/17/2011

I chose this shop based on the strength of their reviews, their payment plan options, the fact that they completely rebuild instead of just patch the transmission and their warranty. When I dropped off the car I did not get any payment plan or warranty paperwork, despite requesting it. I was told that these documents would be available when I picked up the vehicle. I wrote four post dated checks. All I ever received at pick up was a one page invoice with a one line warranty statement which was limited to defective parts. The work took several days longer than anticipated. The shop never called me to let me know what was going on. I had to call in each day after the original pick up date to get a status update. When the car was finally finished they called me 30 minutes before the shop was closing for a holiday weekend. They told me that they would leave it outside with the keys dropped between a storage box and the fence. It struck me as odd that they would not want to test drive the car with me and that they were leaving my car unprotected and the keys exposed in a not so great neighborhood, so I requested an after hours phone number in case there were problems. When I arrived it was obvious from the moment I turned the car on that things were not ok. There were nasty vibrations that had not been there before, it felt like sitting inside a washing machine. The car would grind horribly and redline when shifting gears. I immediately called the cell number I had been given. Dave, the owner of the company answered. He swore up and down that there was nothing wrong with the car, that he had personally test driven it twice that day, etc. He refused to provide me with a rental for the weekend or have someone look at the car that Friday. I brought the car back to them at the beginning of the week. They were very rude. Apparently Dave's wife was sick in the hospital while these events were taking place and the receptionist was upset that I was disturbing him. I feel for the man, but the whole scene was very dramatic and unprofessional. In the end they kept the car for two more days and paid for my rental. Once again the shop did not communicate with me in any way about the status of the repairs. I found out that my car was finished by the car rental company calling me at 4pm, saying that the transmission shop had stopped paying for my rental and that if I didn't return the vehicle by 5pm I would be liable for the next day's charges. When I went to pick up my car the grinding and redlining had stopped but the vibration remained. Further conversations with the company ensued, with them insisting that the vibration was due to other mechanical problems with my car and had nothing to do with them. I had my car thoroughly checked out just a month prior to the transmission repair, and there was nothing wrong with it. I had a control arm replaced in February and again had a thorough inspection done to see if there was any other mechanical issue that could be causing the vibration. There was none. It is currently March, three months after the ""repair"". The vibration gets steadily worse, and now the car frequently stalls out when put into drive or reverse. Second gear is slipping noticeably. Currently considering my options to obtain a refund and get a different shop to replace the transmission. more
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