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watch out for the billing of the service - Review by citysearch c | Belltown Spine & Wellness

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watch out for the billing of the service 7/12/2010

Short story. For whatever reason they did not give me a bill till my 6th visit and guess what, they are charging each visit (20-30min with many people at the same time) as 1 chiro and 1 PT in my insurance. We all know that we have limited of number of those in my quota in a year and did not expect to use so many up. So basically for 6 SHORT visits (normally 1 chiro is 20 min and 1 PT is 1 hour), I used up 6 chiro and 6 PT. That is very surprising. I did not get informed about that till my 6th visit which I did not appreciate. Long story: well, I met Dr. Scott at the green festival and he seemed to be knowing his stuff. So I checked his place online and so far only good reviews although a bit outdated. So there I went. Did not like my 1st visit since I waited 20 min while showed up on time and got 5 min of Dr. Scott's time and then waited another 15 min and got another girl doing some general measurements which did not seem that useful at all. The office has many people and Dr. Scott sees (works on multiple at all times) many patients in any short period which I feel he is not really focused and was rushing definitely many times that I was there. I did not feel the exclusive service I got from other chiropractice at all. So I had my concerns for a while. When I asked about my billing, they keep saying the person who does that just was not able to get around to get that done. I did not have any doubts since a chiro is a chiro and they seemed to be doing OK although the assistants were doing a lot of the work I felt Dr. Scott should be doing. Well, I guess it is a little different. I thought well, if I can get my neck and back better, who cares as long as I get better. THEN, I got my billing at my 6th visit and then I found out for each visit which is like 20-30 min with many clients waiting around for their turn, I am being charged for 1 PT and 1 chiro using up my quota double time faster than I thought. OK, I got premera and that is a pretty standard insurance and I have seen chiro and PT with this insurance before. It just does not make any sense. When I called, the person kept saying that is how they do the billing with whatever code. I also questioned that there is no certified Physical Therapist there though. However, she kept saying they do the billing according to what they did in the office. OK, I guess this is what they do. In summary, I am using two slots for each short visit to get 5-10 min of chiro and some not so qualified assistant charging at a PT rate for another 20 min. I am not sure if this is a good choice. Plus, it is always so busy in the office in the not so good way, all the assistants trying to help multiple patient at any given time and Dr. Scott has everyone lined up for him and sometimes he is so busy, I felt he is not even listening so much about my concerns. Which is what happens if you are too busy. So in conclusion I would not recommend this place. I am not going back there myself and I felt I would appreciate someone wrote a review for me here so that I do not have to make this mistake. So that is why I am here writing this. I usually do not write reviews. Guess I am now. Pros: Dr. Scott seemed to know what he is doing Cons: busy, each visit (20-30 min) used 1 chiro and 1 PT slots more
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