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A+ - Review by Guest | Barb Levenson Dog Training Center

Barb Levenson Dog Training Center

A+ 2/19/2017

Two years ago, I brought a puppy to one of Barb's puppy classes, was very put off, and questioned what she was teaching. I pulled the puppy from the class, but the more I learned elsewhere... I couldn't get Barb out of my mind. I decided to go back with our newest puppy, and I'm sure glad I did. Here's the deal. Barb will push you. She won't accept excuses. She knows when you aren't doing the homework, and will call you out on it. There's no denying she's a tough cookie. Every single thing she does is to better your relationship with your dog, and to set your dog up to succeed. If you disagree with her, or want to know why she recommends something, ASK. I've set up a number of private consultations just so I could learn more. Do this! There's only so much time in class... I am very happy to fully recommend Barb, with the caveat that if you go, be prepared to work... it's all for your dog. If you want to teach your dog to sit, there are plenty of videos you can watch. If you want to learn how to train your dog, and how to have a better relationship with your dog, go to Barb. more