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Fraud and Abuse. - Review by Guest | Centennial Peaks Hospital

Centennial Peaks Hospital


Fraud and Abuse. 4/17/2016

I was sent to Centennial Peaks by my parents as a teen as a punishment for having different values than them. Google "troubled teen industry, help at any cost" you'll see about how teens are abused by programs like this. The place is a fraud that treats the teens like human cattle for them to collect money off of. The website says that the rooms are "designed for two people" but when I was there, they had sometimes 3-4 kids per room in rooms designed for two. They didn't care, it was about the money for them. That's all they care about is "money." They act like they have "personalized treatment" what nonsense. They have a single one-size-fits-all "program" based on "points" and "levels" where they deny you basic human rights and dignity, and then to "earn them back" everything you do from how well you make your bed, to how quickly you line up is "graded" and then you are given "points" for each thing each day. And then if you have so many points for so long, you can "level up" to a new level. If you can maintain a level 4 or something for so long, then you "complete the program" and can leave. But this is like basically impossible to do for any reasonable person, as it basically requires that you become completely blindly obedient and lick their boots no matter how poorly they treat you, or unethical their actions. Have severe depression? Don't worry "points" will fix that. Are you gay and your parents don't like it? Points will solve it. Were you raped and feel horrible because of it? "Points" make everything better. Are you a perfectly normal teen who has discovered as you get older that you have different values and worldviews than your parents? "Points" will make you a perfectly obedient minion. And if you refuse to go along with their program they humiliate you, neglect you, deny you basic human rights, like the ability to experience sunshine, or to have exercise time. Or even normal social interaction. They are incredibly neglectful and abusive. It's a scam. more
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