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Holden Roofing 6/23/2015

Be sure to read the back of your contract. My salesperson eagerly showed us all the good things about his company but failed miserably to go over the back of the contract where all the things that Holden Roofing is not responsible for is spelled out. I learned this the hard way when the roofers punctured my Freon line at the cost of $1500.00. The contract states among other things that they are not responsible for damage to your landscaping and I am assuming that also means your pool and pool equipment. They are not responsible for damaging the siding to your home. They are not responsible for damage to water, gas, electric, air conditioner lines or any resulting damage caused by such. My favorite is they are not responsible for mold caused by leaks or faulty instillation even if it is their fault! If your roof is damaged during instillation by wind, hail or “other hazards”; which could be a sudden thunderstorm as far as the ambiguous terminology is understood; well, they are not liable for that either. Customer service was less than helpful. I was basically told it was not their problem. My house was built to code and passed inspection. Would an ordinary homeowner know to go into the attic and ensure all lines were the correct distance from the roof deck? Would you? Or was my salesperson so interested in closing the sale that he couldn’t spare a few minutes to tell me to check my attic? Sure I can understand it was hot he didn’t want to look in the attic to help me out a little. After all he is a “salesman”! Nice shirt and all that stuff. I would have gone up there to look around if anyone had bothered to point that out. The General Manager was less help than my salesman. He pointed out all the good things they do for the community. He refused any culpability, made useless analogy’s and pointed out how much community service they do. Guess they have to considering their company’s bad reputation. Please note the state of Texas filed and won a lawsuit against more
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