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The best! 3/27/2015

We love, love, LOVE Service Champions. We have been customers since 2012, and members of their Champ-Rewards Club since May of last year. Every single technician or employee we have had contact with has been great. They are SO clean-cut, decent, professional, kind, and sure seem very knowledgeable of their trade. Most of the time they have come, I have been either home alone or with our little one and these guys just make you feel comfortable and safe. They are very respectful, explain all they are going to do and have done, clean after themselves, and even help you with what you are doing if they can be of help. Really, they are amazing. When they have done work for us that needs a third-party inspection, the job passes inspection without any issue. This last time we had the pleasure of meeting Kevin C., who was training Jackson. Jackson is evidently a recent hire, and what a sweet, professional young man! I must say, a great addition to the team, Mr. Smith! We can tell you only hire the best. After Kevin and Jackson, we saw Tina. She was very concise and clear in her explanations. My husband asked her about the stylus she had for her tablet, because we had been looking for one for our child. First she told us where she had bought it, then she said "wait a moment" and looked in her bag. She had an extra stylus, pink, and gave it to us for our daughter! Just like that. Good deeds for free, for sure!!! The next day Armando came to install the new unit and, continuing the Service Champions tradition, he was just great. I was amazed that he worked almost 5 hours straight and didn't take any breaks. Not even one. I told him, jokingly, that they must get some boot camp training at S.C. He just smiled. Great people. Keep up the awesome work, guys! more