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MacFarlane Energy Company: Consistantly Competent and Courteous 11/3/2015

I am a long-time and very satisfied customer of MacFarlane Energy Company. Having grown up helping my father who was in the oil delivery and HVAC service business, and myself being a technically knowledgeable and very discerning person, I am pleased to honestly report that I have received consistently excellent service and timely and dependable oil deliveries for my home. In fact, MacFarlane also performed the installation of my home's replacement heating system in 1996, and that included a new oil tank, as well. Although all of the MacFarlane service techs know their stuff, for the last several years, I have requested "Mike M." to perform the annual tune-up for my home's furnace and hot water heater--he is simply exemplary in all regards!! During this year's service visit, Mike recommended that I also call for a spring clean-up of my central A/C system's drain, which apparently had been causing the pan below the evaporator to overflow. That can lead to corrosion.... 'Will do--thanks Mike! :-) One more thing: Calls to MacFarlane Energy's office are invariably answered by genuinely pleasant and very helpful persons. :-) In summary, I highly recommend MacFarlane Energy Company as a dependable supplier that you can rely on for all of your HVAC needs! Paul Z. Westwood, MA more