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I am very happy! 6/27/2014

I have a Lennox heat pump that has caused me nothing but trouble the 4 yrs. I've had it. It seems most of, if not all, has been to the goobers that installed it from what was listed as a Premier Installer on the Lennox site. Blue Dot fixed leaks & serviced the unit like it was theirs. Today Chris D. came for a follow up on an odd very loud noise it started making. As luck would have it the noise stopped before he arrived. The previous company would have left & said call us when it does it again, I know because they did that three times. Chris D. however listened closely to my description of the noise & location & went the extra mile. He was very through & found wires with bare spots, a damaged relay & a capacitor that had it's rating (value) drift off specification. He also recommended a start up kit that would stop the clang noise it had on start up. All three of the techs Jeff M, Jim D. & Chris D have been great to have service & straighten out the mess that another company left me with. First was a troubleshoot & order parts, second was repair & spring service, third was the current problem. I will recommend Blue Dot every time I can & the installer (sounds like sardine ah) will get bad mouthed from here to eternity! Thanks again to Chris Jim & Jeff! They are as cool as my house is now & I know my dogs are safe & cool while I'm at work. Thanks so much to all involved, from office, dispatch, to techs an A+ company! more