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Good experience 6/11/2014

I called Armstrong Plumbing to figure out why there was a terrible smell in my master bath shower area. I had tried everything- bleach in the drains, Drano, obsessive cleaning, etc. Mark examined the shower drain and said he couldn't tell what the problem was as there was water in the shower P-trap and it was draining normally. He checked everything in the bathroom, faucet drains, the seal around the toilet etc. He then asked how often I used the separate bath tub. When I told him we never used the tub, he suggested that we run the water in the bath occasionally to ensure there was water in that trap to prevent sewer gasses from coming up. He ran the water and within hours, the smell had dissipated. Lesson learned. Thanks Armstrong and Mark for being quick, efficient and knowledgable enough to help me solve that smelly problem. more