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Emergency Gas Water Heater Service from ARS Raleigh - Review by Guest | ARS / Rescue Rooter Raleigh

ARS / Rescue Rooter Raleigh

Emergency Gas Water Heater Service from ARS Raleigh 11/21/2012

11/21/2012 - My wife and I came home at 4:30 PM to find that our Standard Select gas hot water heater (exactly 13 years old as of November 2012) had started badly leaking with no real previous indications that there might be a problem. We had used ARS for other services in the past, so we called them immediately. They responded promptly that they would work to get a representative out to our house, and called to update us within 20 minutes on exactly when the representative would arrive. Willie and walked us through several options - replace the water heater with the same tank style and size, tank-less and tank-less hybrid. We stayed with the same tank style and size, which ARS also had in-stock and ready to install. After walking through the estimate - and selecting an option we didn't have with the previous heater (longer warranty and a maintenance option) - ARS then dispatched Anthony (Quintin) Koca. Even though is was already 7:30 PM and the day before Thanksgiving, Quintin arrive exactly at the time that ARS had given us as an ETA (ARS called twice prior to Quintin's arrival with an update on when he had been selected and another time to let us know his ETA after picking up the water heater). Within 2+ hours, he had drained and removed the original water heater and had installed the new water heater (including a new ball lever shutoff valve to replace the original valve that had still allowed water to bypass). After running water through one of the bathroom tubs to clear out trapped air and ensure the system was up and running, the job was complete. This was an incredibly professional experience - faster than expected service and responsiveness, clear "no fuss, no muss" options and pricing, and very friendly and up-to-date service from Quintin and team. After working in logistics for so many years, it was good to see that things can go by the numbers if delivered by a professional, well-networked and well-grooved operation. Thanks Quintin/ ARS! more