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Unethical at Best - Review by Guest | 42nd Street Photo

42nd Street Photo

Unethical at Best 11/14/2012

One should not do business with 42 Photo on 378 5th Ave in New York. Below details my purchase experience with a Canon EOS 7D in November 2012. 42 Photo hard a good price for the EOS 7D body, and I also purchased a few other accessories – that were ultimately changed in my order without authorization. • On 11/5 -- Ordered Canon Digital Camera BODY online, advertised as brand-new, USA warranty along with two batteries and memory card. • On 11/6 -- Sales person called and attempted to change order and give me "better" memory card. I said I would cancel everything but the camera. Sales person said he cannot remove items from an order. I stated I did not want upgraded/better memory card. • On 11/6 -- After conversation, I checked order online; it had been changed and my credit card was charged an additional $130 beyond the original order. A "better" memory CF was added; and the credit card was charged without authorization. • On 11/6 -- Called 42 Photo back. Sales person said "order had shipped" and "nothing could be done." The product "could be returned" if I was not satisfied. • On 11/12 -- Received product. Camera was not in original packaging and did not include warranty/registration card as printed from Canon. • On 11/13 -- Left voice mail for sales person and was transferred to "customer service" where phone kept ringing. • On 11/14 -- Got in touch with Sales person and offered to return two batteries and memory card; also explained concern about Camera Body in opened packaging and a lack of warranty card. Sales person said I would need to send them a money order for $95 in order to return the memory card and batteries. I refused to send $ to return a product and asked Sales person to refund credit card and that I would seek reimbursement through additional customer channels. That was not agreeable to 42nd St photo, even with perceived theft by deception and product diversion. Buyer beware. more