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I am so greatful that dispite bad dads and moms who are only concerend with themself and could care less about the best interest of there children there is someone willing to be t...


Willwin is a completely unreliable 3rd party source for parent/child visitations. The owner runs a shoddy business with unethical workers that don't know what they're doing. My ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/3/2014

wow !!! they are amazing. the are so sweet and helpful in every way . They are angels.me and kids love them. The owner does so much for the kids and she will go out of her way to help you\r she's an angel too. I RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO EVERY ONE!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/14/2013

I agree with most of the previous complaints. I think the bottom line with many of these places is they cater to the parent who is paying the most money or who is kissing their butts. It has very little to do with mom's, dad's, or children's rights. It has nothing to do with the fact that a court of law saw sufficient reason to order supervised visits for the parent who - get this - must actually be supervised. We first tried Rennaisance but the two owners were creating daily drama. They wanted me (the custodial parent) to let my ex-abuser use my car, accusing me of being difficult when I refused, and yelled at me each following day for new things. They also ignored their own policies when they deemed so. We then used Willwin's services for THREE YEARS, hoping they would be better, but each year, there were physical safety issues, such as knowingly ignoring their own rules and policies. The supervisors did not ever just sit, observe carefully, and write notes. They did not carry notepads or devices for making notes. They read magazines, made appointments over the phone, coached the visiting parent in how to handle parenting situations, did some parenting on my children themselves, and knowingly left my children alone with the visiting parent in rooms where the supervisor was not and did not have line of sight nor of hearing range. On several occasions, my children were left with their visiting parent while the supervisor used the bathroom. On one occasion, the supervisor left my children with the visiting parent in his car with his keys while the supervisor ran back into her office to retrieve a paper. On two occasions, my children got injured while in their visiting parent's care and the situations were not documented. On one occasion, the visiting parent lost our youngest child while the supervisor was using the bathroom. They looked all around the whole office building, including the bathrooms which they shared with the other businesses in that building. At my pick-up time, the supervisor brought my remaining children out to me and found that I was sitting in my car, very angry. I was angry because I had found my lost child wandering in the parking lot in front of the office building, and no one came to look for him. My child was with me for 11 minutes, so how long was he lost before I got there? The supervisor did not document this incident in her notes until I demanded it, and her notes showed that SHE lost the child, not the parent. This was another time when their policy that the parent must be the parent was ignored. Their vague and barely-there documentation did not help either party in court hearings, and my ex tried to use them. My ex and I have since used the services of ICU Investigations, of St. George. They also employ supervisors who are near Layton and SLC. They are very expensive, but they insisted on two supervisors for safety, their expansive notes were detailed, and they communicated well with both parties. ICU's policies were detailed and made better sense. My concerns were logically and reasonably answered, and I can finally say I felt my children were safe under their supervision, even when at a busy zoo. The financial burden to use ICU was worth my kids' safety. An important bonus was that my children had more fun this time than all the other years. If there were more supervision centers here in Utah, and if they were working for the kids, businesses like Willwin would not survive. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/25/2013

Is that you????\r nat\r Or are there a lot of paranoia physcos out there?\r You get what you desevre...........\r There is a reason your all supervised! more

One Star Isn't Low Enough 4/27/2012

Willwin is a completely unreliable 3rd party source for parent/child visitations. The owner runs a shoddy business with unethical workers that don't know what they're doing. My guess is that they get away with it because there aren't many services like this anywhere. I would strongly suggest finding a social worker in the area or some legal aid that would be willing to document the visits for you. more

Not exactly what I thought it would be.. 11/14/2011

I've used them long enough to see the good, the bad and the ugly. I agreed to temporary supervised parent time to document and protect myself against some unrelenting and completely bogus allegations from my ex. The documentation is nothing short of a JOKE. If this is what you are using it for- you need to quickly find another avenue!!!! Some supervisors are way better than others. Some supervisors have taken it upon themselves to discipline my child in a way that I would never do or allow. Some supervisors yell at you in front of your child, making me wonder what kind of credentials they have to even be in their position. And some supervisors are absolutely great! It's like the lotto every week, sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. It's crazy expensive at $50 an hour but who can say what time with your child is worth? I'm grateful to have the time that I have my child but I wish that ALL of the supervisors would try to put themselves in the parents shoes; understanding how demoralizing and humiliating it is to have someone watching and openly critiquing your every move as a parent. Especially when it's unwarranted, such as in my case. In the end all you can do is make the best of it and try to enjoy your time together. more

Disappointing 2/23/2011

In the beginning I was receiving my visits through a law firm. They were FABULOUS! But they went out of business and I was redirected to Willwin. Not only do they ask a higher price for the hour visits, but they fail with communications to both parties. I have been ignored and misled more than once. At my last visit, the supervisor never even showed. I also feel that they are biased towards the party of the child's current guardian. I feel as though they are misjudging the situation. I wish there was a way to give a poor rating here... more

This is someone who is looking out for kids, not moms 2/9/2011

I am so greatful that dispite bad dads and moms who are only concerend with themself and could care less about the best interest of there children there is someone willing to be there for kids when the court sees need to monitor a PARENT (FATHER OR MOTHER) who is not behaving like a parent. When a parent is upset or resistant about someone watching them interact with their child it only means ONE thing. They know their behavior is not good and they want to continue it to benifit their own desires and could care less about their kid. Keep up the good work you do Willwin you are a great service to your communitys children. Dispite the negative you will always get from parents like the previous posts. more

lets unite 3/31/2009

What other option is there? I tried Renaissance and they were terrible. I think we should unite strart up or own company and hire a person with a license in social work or any other similar licnese and just use their license to be a legal company and hire who we want for our new company to monitor our visits with our children. Forward this to as many people as you can and give out my email rancemerrill@gmail com Cons: I agree they are bias more

Terrible Company avoid at all costs! 3/20/2009

I wish there was a 1/2 star for this company. The owner is incompetent and completely unfair and unethical in her dealings. This is a pro-mother company that is bias if you are a Dad. They over look details for there notes unless it is for an ego boost for them. I rate them POOR, undoubtedly less than satisfactory. Choose another 3rd party exchange. Pros: terrible Cons: terrible service, incompetent owner, bias to MOMS more
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