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Wier J Rex MD

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An excellent psychiatrist, and wonderful man, who has helped me survive some really awfully difficult times these five or more years, including two serious physical injuries from ...


I also have seen Dr. Wier and was not impressed with my visits. He did listen, but he would easily go off on tangents completely unrelated to what I was saying shortly after he w...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/28/2013

Dr. Wier is a great psychiatrist, but I will be leaving his care due to his receptionist. She has called me names, been not just short but flat out rude and insensitive, and has gone so far as to hang up on me without ever asking why I was calling. I have never met someone that treated people with such disregard in my entire life. She has no business being in the health care industry, especially one that deals with people that are already unstable. It seems as if her sole goal is make people cry or snap. She will not connect you to the doctor, and belittles you when you show up for an appointment. I know I am not the only one that has had to deal with this. I urge all of you to voice your concerns to Dr. Wier. His other receptionist is great, I have no idea why he hired this additional woman, but she needs to go before all his patients do. It is a shame to have to lose a doctor you really admire and trust because dealing with this woman is unbearable. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/30/2012

I have been seeing Rex Weir since 1996, which is a couple of years ago. He is very caring and respects that God gave me good brains and a facility for using them. He has gotten me through dangerous depressions and terrible times. I have also seen him on the ""check in twice a year"" basis where we review medicines and activities and laugh together about life and the world. \r \r I trust him. I too separate psychotherapy and medication management treatments in my life. I gave both practitioners a release to talk to each other if they think necessary. But Rex still always wants me to give him a summary of what is going on in my life and what I am working with the psychotherapist on. He has careful notes and refers back to what was going on 10 years ago, if he thinks there is a similar pattern. I believe he went to medical school in Mexico, where they are trained to listen more to patients rather than doing all the talking. \r \r Maybe you just don't like the guy if you are one of the people talking trash about him. That's OK. We aren't all going to like everyone. Michelle Hauser is just upstairs from Rex Weir. Go see her. You might like her better. She's not my cup of tea, but I know people who just love her style and have every confidence in her. more

I am more thankful than ever 4/25/2012

An excellent psychiatrist, and wonderful man, who has helped me survive some really awfully difficult times these five or more years, including two serious physical injuries from which my body bounced back much more quickly than some M.D.'s expected (including burn specialists). He has allowed me to move at own pace, while always ready to verbally acknowledge any thoughts or actions moving me in directions I already know I woulod do better to take. I am very grateful my psychologist (Dr. M.) referred me to Dr. Wier. more


Why is it that negative, bitter, hostile, bored, and vindictive people ALWAYS write reviews? Every enjoyable restaurant, bar, coffee house, salon, and business gets horrible reviews from grumbling patrons that will never be satisfied or content with anything or anyone. Dr. Weir is a genuine caring professional. He listens and cares. The man saved my marriage and helped me through a difficult period of depression. Dr. Weir is INCREDIBLE. more

Amazed At What I Am Reading! 11/15/2010

I've been seeing Dr. Wier since 2000 and would drive across country if need be to continue seeing him. He is not the first, just the best! I clearly understand the definition of a psychiatrist and yes they're physicians who specializes in psychiatry and the treatment of mental disorders. This next part is important, so please pay careful attention.. All psychiatrists are trained in diagnostic evaluation as well as psychotherapy, but they're doctors, therefore they can prescribe medication. A psychotherapist can not dispense medication and their training is often more specialized in 'talk' therapy (cognitive). Some specialize in chemical dependency, others in ADHD and others in sexual abuse victims. THIS is were most people get confused. THAT is why it is important when dealing with mental issues that BOTH are necessary in most cases. Psychiatrists are medical doctors and while they are trained in psychotherapy, you should work hand in hand with a cognitive therapist in correlation to the issue at hand that afflicts you, what ever it may be. It's not a buy one get one free. Do you go to a urologist because you have acne? Even those two professionals rarely work together. Most mental conditions can not be solved with a prescription alone and it takes both a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist to help with issues like PTSD, Bi-Polar Condition, Severe Anxiety, etc.... This country has become too dependent on drugs and drugs alone. My cognitive psychotherapist along with Dr. Wier have both helped my with PTSD from multi rape, incest and severe verbal and emotional abuse. They work hand in hand to determine the best treatment for me. Talking to someone in the field along with the care of Dr. Wier saved my life and still does to this day. He is without doubt the kindest human I've ever known along with his office staff. You'll notice a family atmosphere when you walk in.... there's a reason for it. As for as him giving you prescriptions just for the asking? Absolutely NOT true. He does appreciate clients that educate themselves about the medications they are being prescribed and welcomes input from his patients. I have to wonder how many people go in for ADHD meds and are turned away??? There's a reason for that too. Thanks you Dr. Wier as well as Lynn L. for making my life one that I actually want to wake up to every day! more

Despicable 8/12/2010

I don't even know where to begin- From reading the previous entries concerning Dr. Wier- it seems that many people are unsure of what, exactly a psychiatrist even is. Here is the definition of a psychiatrist from the Wikipedia entry of the same name: A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in psychiatry and is certified in treating mental disorders.[1] This next part is important, so please pay careful attention.. All psychiatrists are trained in diagnostic evaluation AND IN PSYCHOTHERAPY. Please reread this definition- as it represents the services that are expected to be rendered by a practitioner of such medicine. ... There is NO separation of pharmacology and psychotherapy in psychiatry. This is because a psychiatrist has been professionally trained to be a functioning practitioner of both. Are there any questions as to what that means? I won't go into any great detail concerning my personal dealings with this man- but I will say this: If a practicing psychiatrist is no longer adept at either of the two aspects of his trade (Psychotherapy or pharmacology) then he or she is no longer a psychiatrist. In the case of Dr. Wier; who has altogether lost touch with modern pharmacology; and who has altogether ignored his psychotherapeutic trainings- I find that it is VITAL that this man be brought before a panel of his peers; that his methodology be intensely scrutinized; that any damage he has caused his patients be disclosed and addressed accordingly, and finally- that his license to practice medicine be temporarily suspended until a full review of all standing cases against him are resolved. more

Experience, Compassionate Psychiatrist 3/27/2010

Dr Wier is a great psychiatrist! I personally believe that you should separate the two positions: have a psychiatrist who is not your therapist. Dr. Wier's expertise are in pharmacology in my opinion and when working in conjunction with my therapist / psychologist which he does, then I get the best treatment possible. Anyone who thinks that #1 you should let just 1 person mandate what powerful psychoactive drug you should take based on an hour and your vague descriptions of how you might feel is an idiot, #2 you don't need to see a therapist while taking psychoactive drugs is again an idiot. Dr. Wier does his job, and for a doctor in this day is an amazing one. It sounds as if all of the individuals who had a negative review of him were expecting him to be much more than any one single doctor could be, and then they were disappointed when he might not have met their expectations. I would safely bet that those same individuals are still not satisfied with their current psychiatrist and wouldn't be with anyone. Pros: proactive, flexible, knowledgeable Cons: difficult to obtain appointment more

Treat Yourself! 11/23/2009

My 17 year old daughter was given every medicine for anxiety you can imagine for her to ""try"", many times resulting in severe physical responses that left her sick and missing school for days. He just seemed willing to try anything without giving her any indication as to side effects for proper dosage amounts. She was in charge of deciding how much she should take - yes - a 17 year old! Her original doctor was not on our insurance so we had to change - but we know what a good doctor is like and even though Dr. Weir was on our insurance - we now know what a bad doctor is like. If you need a doc to just write a script because you know what you need - he's great. If you actually need a doctor - find someone else. Pros: writes any perscription you want Cons: no guidance more

Physician that takes the time to listen 10/22/2009

Dr. Wier is the most knowledgeable Austin psychiatrist about current medications and their prescribing protocols. Most physicians prescribe the drug of the last Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Representative that visited their office! NOT DR. WIER, he takes the time to learn about the patient's history and symtoms to prescribe the most affective medications. He knows about all the medications and their contraindications with other drugs the patient maybe taking and/or any additional patient problems (diet/disease.) He monitors his patient's progress and calibrates the dosages or precribes a new medication based on patient's need. NOT many physicians attend to their patient's needs like Dr. Wier. \r \r Pros: Extensive knowledge about medications and their affects more

A physician who truly cares... 9/15/2009

Dr Wier has been a God send. I had seen one psychiatrist before whose apathy knew no bounds. With Dr. Wier it is completely different. He is concerned not just about your mental health but also your well being in general. A Saint. Pros: Professional. Caring. Nurturing. Cons: None. more

Non HIPPA Compliant and False Information Given by Dr. Wier 5/18/2009

I filed a complaint against Dr. Wier to the Travis County Medical Society. During the investigation, he maliciously provided false information to the Travis County Medical Society. Also the Office of Civil Rights in Dallas noted that form used to submitt my medical records was not HIPPA Compliant. He also submitted FMLA leave paperwork directly to my employer with out my signature, again in violation of Federal Laws. BEWARE not only of Dr. Wier, but Carol his office manager as she told false information as well. If you have any complaints please email me as I have taken legal action against Dr. Wier and would like to establish a pattern if there is one. Thank you. Pros: I'm no longer his patient Cons: Malicious FALSE Information more

Very well versed and experienced 1/7/2009

I recently saw Dr. Wier for a life-long, previously undiagnosed condition and was very impressed. He is very well versed in symptoms and medications, and listens attentively. As I rattled on about my symptoms, he listened patiently, offered comforting advice, and (most importantly) believed me. He described the history of my condition, offered up-to-date research and was helpful in recommending the treatment that was right for me. One especially comforting aspect of my visit was a book that I've held close?a book that accurately describes how I feel?sits on his bookshelf, and he's very familiar with the author's other works. Dr. Wier seems genuinely interested in the human condition. \r \r The appointment was only for an hour, but it ran over nearly half-hour longer with no additional fee. I left his office feeling optimistic, and that my life was finally in my own hands. Pros: Fast appointment, no waiting, very understanding more

Not impressed 12/5/2008

I also have seen Dr. Wier and was not impressed with my visits. He did listen, but he would easily go off on tangents completely unrelated to what I was saying shortly after he would start to respond. I had previously been on medication in another state so I really mainly just needed someone to write an updated script. He did ask for and accept a lot of input from me which was great in some ways and a little scary in others as I don't have the knowledge about meds/dose/duration to know what is best for me. You can typically get an appt. quickly, but again I think there is a reason for that... Pros: Quick appts (scheduling), good if you already know what you need & just need a script Cons: Quick appts (time in the office), converstations that go off on a tangent more

Mediocre 11/12/2007

I was recommended to Wier by my GP (whom I would also rate as mediocre.) I was seeking help for job stress after a promotion to management. Wier is knowledgeable about meds, and does take the time to listen, but seems to have no clue how to match a patient to a med, and doesn't seem to process what he hears. Every med I tried made my anxiety worse. He acted like I was the only person in the world who reacted this way. My own reading has subsequently taught me that this is a very typical reaction. In fact, one of the on label uses of Xanax is reducing anxiety during the initial ramp up on anti-depressants. (Many anti-depressants are also prescribed for anxiety.) I eventually ended up on Remeron and timed-release Xanax. Remeron was one of the half dozen meds he randomly had me try. I reacted the same way to it at first, but figured out ON MY OWN that because I was highly sensitive to all such meds, I needed to ramp up extremely slowly. I'm doing ok, but I'm still taking Xanax, and it's been six months, which is a long time. I am left with a pronounced hand tremor. Wier reaction on my second complaint about the tremor was, try Effexor. It made me more anxious, like all the rest. He started me on the standard dose, with no consideration of extreme sensitivity. Again, he just seems to be guessing. Pros: Knowledge of meds, seems to listen Cons: Finding the right med, processing what I say more
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