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Wicked Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing - 46 Reviews - 6162 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville, TN - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (865) 219-9800
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Wicked Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing

6162 Clinton Hwy
Knoxville, TN 37912
(865) 219-9800
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My husband and I have been going to Wicked Ink for 4yrs now. Between the two of us we have 10 tattoos from both Jason and Marlin. We have never had any complaints nor will we go a...


I called to get some information and the guy who answered the phone said, ""DONT CALL ME, IM IN THE MIDDLE OF A GOD DAMN--- "" and then hung up on me... really? I got 5 words in a...

RUDE!!! 5/3/2012

I called to get some information and the guy who answered the phone said, ""DONT CALL ME, IM IN THE MIDDLE OF A GOD DAMN--- "" and then hung up on me... really? I got 5 words in and then he freaked out! I think these people are messed up on something, I wouldnd go there. more

WOW 2/16/2012

My husband and I have been going to Wicked Ink for 4yrs now. Between the two of us we have 10 tattoos from both Jason and Marlin. We have never had any complaints nor will we go any other place! To address some of the 'Not so great' reviews :) i have NEVER seen the shop dirty, i have ALWAYS had a clean needle used, and Robin, who works the desk, is such the nicest woman!! Its a great ,friendly place, I have brought my kids with me while iv'e gotten tattoos AND also getting thier first peircings from Jason! I have referred friends, family and even exs to go to Wicked Ink and i will continue to send people there! In fact I think its time for a new tat for myself! SEE YOU SOON @ WICKED INK!!! more

First tattoo, Great Experience 2/12/2012

I had been wanting to get a tattoo for a while but I'm terrified of needles, however, I was resolved to get one for my twentieth birthday. I really wanted to find a local shop that had a great atmosphere and was clean; Wicked Ink was exactly the place. The staff goes to great lengths to make you feel at home and not push you to get you're not ready for. I'm sure there will be another tattoo in my future and Wicked Ink is the only place I'll think about going to. more

Loved It!! 1/21/2012

I got my nose pierced here. Jason is awesome!! I'll deff have to say this is the BEST place to go. I'm one of those people who is scared of needles and would normally back out once i see a needle, but the people there are extremely nice and i not once thought of backing out, not even second thoughts. Cleanest place ive seen too. I have to say that for anything i want to get done, ive found the place im going, LOVE it!! more

amazing 11/19/2011

I got my first dermals at Wicked and it was a great experience. The piercer was extremely patient and kind. I'm a stickler for everything being clean and sterile when it comes to putting something on my body or in my skin and this place was excellent in this regard. The piercer took every precaution and was clearly experienced. I definitely found my new place to get pierced more

Can hardly wait to go back! 5/14/2011

Wicked Ink was awesome. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Cleanliness was priority. This was my first tatoo and I am so very proud of it, Marilan did a fantastic job on MY rose. Jason and the other ladies there were friendly and made you fill like you new them forever. My husband was with me and we had a blast. Go there, you will be glad you did. more

Would'nt Go Any Where Else 4/26/2011

We both get all our tattoos at Wicked Ink we would never go any where else. the service is great, Jason,Robin,Marilan and Jana are all always friendly and very professional. We have both had cover ups as well as origional tats did here and they all look great. Jason and Marilan both do a wonderful job. This is a great place to have your tattoos done you will not find a better place or such good service. Very Clean environment not like alot of the other places. Oh and not to mention ""Jana is adorable, AND gracful."" ;) keep up the great work guys. more

Comftorable and Interesting 4/19/2011

The place, as soon as we got in there, was interesting and appealing. Clean, spacious, yet cozy at the same time, Wicked Ink was an amazing place for me and my parents to go to. I got my nose pierced there and the person who pierced it for me, I assume, Jason, was polite and very nice. I have a fear of needles, but I've always wanted to get my nose pierced, and when I got there, he did freak me out with the large needle he showed me, but he promised he would be careful. It was a sharp pain, obviously, a needle through your nose would hurt, but it was over quickly and he was very informative on how to take care of it. If you want a good piercing, I advise going there! They're nice, very helpful, and friendly. I felt at home almost immediately! -Patricia more


100% from Health Dept tells the whole story when it comes to the cleanliness and quality at Wicked Ink! Only caring, quality people could achieve such high standards. Dont listen to the negativity of jealous, unprofessional people. Go in and experience this business for yourself! My Husband, Son, Daughter as well as myself have been tattooed by both Marilan and Jason(Owner/Artist) and have had wonderful experiences. I would not risk my health or that of my family by going to any other tattoo shop. I myself have been pierce 4 times by Jason. He is the most wonderful, gentle person you will find in a artist/piercer, he always explains what he is doing and why he does it this way as well as how to clean/protect your art/piercing. Jason and Marilan are both wonderful artist. YOU WILL NOT FIND BETTER. As for the staff they are wonderful as well, Robin(Jasons wife) and Jana are always friendly and eager to help in any way to make sure you have a wonderful experience. My family and I have had many great experiences here in the past 3 years and appreciate the quality and service we receive at Wicked Ink! We love you guys!! Keep up the good work! more

Marilan(hot-babuh) GREAT ARTISTA!!! 3/16/2011

Look! If you want a CUSTOM piece done, Marilan is their CUSTOM ARTISTA! AND A DAMNED GOOD ONE! I can't speak for Jason and Robin as far as expertise but they're nice people! Great Shop! Go there! or else! =)~ more

Go To Wicked Ink ONLY if you expect PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/15/2011

Wicked Ink is the ONLY place I have EVER BEEN and will EVER GO TO...period. Jason, the owner & a dear friend, is a PERFECTIONIST and goes STRICTLY by the book...a 100% score from the Health Dept speaks for itself! Marilan is very talented, smart & professional & the best free-hand artist I've EVER SEEN. Behind the counter is Robin...she does an awesome job taking care of all those HUNDREDS, & I do mean HUNDREDS of customers that pass thru that door each & every week. She and Jason are also licensed to do permanent cosmetics. These folks even have to turn people away due to getting booked up so quickly! Having worked there myself, I know FIRSTHAND all the 100% safe, health-dept APPROVED steps that are put into the cleaning & sterilization techniques used along with , the clinical-grade surgical steel body piercing jewelry. They use a top-of-the-line autoclave, which by the way, is tested weekly by spores that are picked up from the Knox County Health Department and have always earned a 100% review from the annual Health Department inspections. And in regards to accusations of a previous customer, who stated that Wicked Ink re-uses needles....I have NEVER witnessed ANYONE walk around with un-gloved handfuls of USED needles. Once these are used, they go DIRECTLY into a Sharps' container that is properly disposed of.....they even get calls from ""scratchers"" wanting tattoo supplies, needles, and ink ....which they are promptly told Wicked Ink will NOT sell any supplies to them! Sometimes I don't know where these completely fabricated false statements are generated. Not only does Wicked Ink follow strict procedures on the HEALTHY, 100% SAFE tattoo methods, but they also NEVER break the TN law that states it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18. A statement that many customers have stated SOME local shops DO illegally tattoo under-age minors. HHHMMMM...... EVERY customer gets WAY MORE than what they paid for from Wicked Ink!!!! Therefore, go to Wicked Ink ONLY if you expect other-worldly tattoos and amazing, 100% sterile, safe, virtually pain-less body piercings. Kudos to Jason, Marilan and Robin....I speak from experience, I even had permanent eye-liner done and everyone boasts on the quality of my body art and body piercings. I am a living, walking, breathing testimony to these artists. I just find it a shame how an ex-business partner and his partner and even family, can persuade weak-minded people to post untrue and unflattering comments about a totally awesome place. more

Wicked INK RE-USES NEEDLES more than once!!!. 3/11/2011

I wish I could rate them lower! Do not go there unless you want to gamble with your life. They RE-USE needles. I found out half way through my tattoo that the needle that Marilyn was using was used before. Fresh needles are supposed to be bright pretty reflective silver. The needles at Wicked Ink are old and brown looking re-sealed needles in reusable bags. All they do is clean them and reuse them. I am calling the board of health to inform them of this disgusting mess. What prompted me to ask Marylin about the needles was that I saw the BIG Blonde girl walking with a handful of what appeared to be Tattoo needles towards the sink. I guess this was becuase it was close to closing time that she did this in front of me. So, I asked Marylin are you guys re-using needles? She said YES, but we clean them in the auto clave. My heart skipped a beat!!! All I could think about was some type of blood borne pathogen infecting my body at that very moment. To bad I was half way thorough before I found out. I finished the Tat and got tested the next week. I also got tested 6 months later, and I am going again soon. Luckily I have not tested positive for anything like HIV or Hep C, but it is a gamble I rather not take. DO NOT Gamble with your life. The staff is also very rude especially the Blond girl, and her boy friend. I also suspect that they are all on drugs. This place is an accident waiting to happen. They do not care about their customers if they will use old needles on them. They handle them bare handed, and no telling what other neglect goes on with their equipment. Do not be fooled just because they open a package in front of you. If it is brown it is not new. It should look surgical grade like the tools at a dentist or doctors office. If you have gotten a Tattoo from Wicked Ink Tattoos in North Knoxville down the street from Wal Mart I suggest that you get a blood test. Wicked Ink Tattoos charges too much money to be Reusing needles. They do not care about the safety of their customers. They should be required to tell their customers if this practice is legal. I just found out some states allow needle re use. Im not sure if TN is one of them. Either way its better to be Safe than sorry. Side note Marylin is an excellent Tattoo artist, but its not worth gambling with your life. Tell your friends and family to STAY AWAY from Wicked INK TATTOOS!!!! Learn from my mistake and Consider yourself WARNED!!! That is real Wicked! They are scum. more

Extremely Comfortable. 2/24/2011

I got my nostril pierced today and was very nervous about it. From the moment I walked in the door there was a calming feeling. Very clean and professional with helpful and understanding staff. I was truly impressed and will go back and bring friends. more

i'll never go anywhere else! 8/22/2010

i got my nose, and my bellybutton done and wicked ink and i will never go anywhere else! they are so clean and so good at what they do. they talk to you and actually care. even if i move away in a couple of years for college, i will come back home if i decide to get a tattoo or another piercing! more

Best piercing place on knoxville 8/2/2010

I had my lip (monroe) done about a month ago Jason pierced it he was the best it didnt hurt he was super quick the staff was very friendly I was a nervous wreck and they talked to me and calmed me down if I ever get another piercing or decide to get a tattoo I will go there and I would recommend Wicked Ink to anybody more

Best place in town 7/25/2010

I had my piercing done at another place and now I wish I had waited and came here. The other place got my piercing all wrong. The bar was too short. I decided I would go to Wicked Ink to see if they had a longer bar and much to my surprise they were so helpful and took great care of me. Jason even put the bar in my tongue for me. He was wonderful. I gladly recommend anyone thinking of getting a tattoo or a piercing to go see Jason, Robin or Marilan. They are all wonderful. Pros: Extremely friendly staff, Very Clean, more

Top Notch 6/7/2010

I brought my 8 y.o. daughter here to have her ears pierced after hearing some bad mall piercing experiences. Wicked Ink has very high ratings from the health dept. (they don't even visit Claire's). She wanted to have her ears pierced and paid for it herself, but was still very nervous. The staff was superb. She was given lots of attention and was made to feel very comfortable before, during and after the piercings. The hoops that were used are adorable, so much easier to clean and better for sleeping. She has diligently followed Jason's care instructions and her ears are perfect. There was never even any redness or crusty stuff like I remember from getting earrings as a child. I feel great about how clean we're able to get her ears by rocking the hoops back and forth. This was an excellent experience (my daughter LOVES Jason & says that getting her earrings was almost the most exciting thing that's happened in her life - close to snorkeling in Maui!) I confidently give this place my highest recommendation. Pros: Skilled, professional staff, nice facility more

=)) 5/18/2010

wicked ink is the best i got my nose and my snake bites done there!! they couldnt be any better!! i tell everyone to go there because they are the best!! i wouldnt go anywhere else!! my brother also got his lip pierced there!! and he thinks they are the best also!! my sister got her first tattoo there!! they done a wonderful job!! they are amazing!! i will always go there if i get another piercing!! more

Great! 3/28/2010

This place is amazing. I had been wanting to get my belly button peirced for quite sometime now, so I had been getting information from friends that had already gotten them done. Everyy single one of them suggested Wicked Ink. They said they were the best around. And guess what.. THEY ARE! They had a very happy easy going atmosphere, it was very sanitary, the workers were so polite and they were very friendly. Everything was very clean and neat. All of the tools were new and sanitary. They answered every question and helped with every need. The peircer, Jason, was very talented. He is so quick and persice. He has 13 some years of experience, and it shows! This is by far your best choice for tattoos and piercings! What are you waiting for? GO! Pros: Great environment for everyone, cleanliness, comfort, etc. Cons: Absolutely none. more

A great time had by ALL!!! 2/23/2010

While on a visit from out of state to Knoxville (we live in La.,Who Dat) We stopped into Wicked Ink on recommedation for relatives. Now I do have a few Tattoos and know what to look for in a shop and artist. What a great time and expirence. From the moment we walked in to the time we left!! Clean, professional, caring artists and staff. Marilan did my tattoo and Jason inked my wife. Because my wife had a little more custom work done Jason had to use small needles. OMG, the art work and color on both of our tattoos are fantastic! Don't know or care what shop John Bon went to but it was not Wicked Ink. If you are looking for a place to get your first or last tattoo, Please go here. Great people, clean, wonderful music, conversation, everyone was happy and along with the fantastic art work from both artists we received (and this is very important) great aftercare instructions. My wife and I both agree when we get more work done, we will travel the 10 hours to Knoxville and let them do their magic. Thanks again Jason, Marilan and staff. BRAVO Pros: Go here first, middle and last for your tattoos Cons: No cons at all. more
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