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Western Wake Pedtrc Adlscnt MD

940 SE Cary Parkway, Suite 200
Cary, NC 27518
(919) 859-9991
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Western Wake Pedtrc Adlscnt MD - Cary, NC


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I have been talking my 14 month old to this office since she was about two months old. Sadly, at about 4 months of age she became very ill. I saw both Dr. Shelton and the NP Alli...


I've been taking my son there for the past 8 months and have come in contact with several of the doctors, the NP and the lactation consultant. Dr. Lopez is our regular doctor &...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/11/2012

I had a difficult experience with Dr. Tabrizi, which left me in tears in front of my son, due to some insensitive statements that she made. I will never make an appointment with her again. more

Very surprised by the negative reviews 5/21/2012

I have taken my children to this practice for 7 years now. I am surprised by the negative reviews. I guess people are more likely to share a negative review rather than a positive. \r I have never had a problem. Just today I scheduled an appointment & they worked me in same day based on the severity of the need for the appt.\r I have never had a problem with any of the staff at all & have seen all of them including the nurse practioner. \r more

AWFUL! 2/13/2012

I took my two children here for several appointments. My oldest kept complaining of ear pain and I was told over and over nothing was wrong, 2 days later his ear drum RUPTURED!!!!! The office manager is snotty and could care less about you or your child. Most of the doctors are merely doing a song and dance to rack up your bill! Do yourself a favor and go else where!!!!!! more

Love Dr. Lopez; the rest aren't great - LC is mean 2/28/2011

I've been taking my son there for the past 8 months and have come in contact with several of the doctors, the NP and the lactation consultant. Dr. Lopez is our regular doctor & he's amazing. I am doing a delayed vaccine schedule & he's been very non-judgmental. Like all doctors, he recommends the AAP list of shots, but he doesn't judge me for my decisions and I feel very comfortable with him. That's saying a lot because I've gotten a lot of grief from other medical professionals. I also co-sleep and Dr. Lopez also doesn't judge me for that either. Dr. Lopez is also very hesitant to use antibiotics, and tries all other options first. It's never his first response to give me a prescription. Plus, he listens to us & has a really good bedside manner. I really like him, and hate it when I have to see another doctor. I wish he'd go out on his own! Dr. Shelton on the other hand is very pro-antibiotics. My son had a small red spot on his finger & she immediately told me I needed antibiotics, even when I asked for an alternative. I went home & put some polysorprin on it & it cleared up in 2 days. The lactation consultant on the other hand is not nice at all. Stay away from her. I went to see her at a very vulnerable time - my son was early and having feeding problems. I left her office in tears. She believes in ""tough love"" which is not appropriate for a lactation consultant dealing with vulnerable, emotionally upset new mothers. She literally told me that I was not feeding my baby enough & I was going to have to supplement with formula. She made me feel absolutely terrible. I left her office feeling defeated & was about to give up on breastfeeding, having been made to feel like I was the worst mother ever, but then my husband called Cindi Freeman who saved me. Her positive attitude gave me the confidence to keep going. The NP is very judgmental. When I met with her one of the questions she asked was ""he's sleeping in a crib right?"" Uh, no, he's not. And bedsharing is safer than a crib so don't judge me! more

Wonderful Caring Office 9/26/2010

I have been talking my 14 month old to this office since she was about two months old. Sadly, at about 4 months of age she became very ill. I saw both Dr. Shelton and the NP Allison Nagle. They were both wonderful in helping me with my daughter. They would very compassionate and understanding while working with me to help determine what was wrong with my daughter. They worked with me to get referals going ASAP before I even left their office and even made the apts for me. When my daughter was in the hospital numerous staff including Betsy the apt line recptionist called to check on her. \r \r I have seen Allison Nagal who is a nurse and I can't even began to say enough wonderful things about her. She is a great lady to use for well visits. \r \r I have also seen Dr. Shelton and Dr. Ferral. I really can't say which I like better but they both have always spent at least 15-25 minutes with me at well visits and have always checked my daughter over so well. I really do love Dr. Ferrall I think he is probably may favorite in the office but the three that I have seen are so great it is hard to choose. \r \r I do like the fact that it is a large practice. I have had to take my daughter in for I would say 5-10 same day visits and never once did I have a problem getting in the same day. I have showed up at 7:30 for the same day walk-in visits and got back right away. \r \r I have been to my share of crudy doctors offices. Typically my family goes to a military treatment facility so I have lots of experience with horrible healthcare and I can say that Western Wake is top notch! They accept so many insurance plans as well which I feel is wonderful and I am grateful they take Tricare because not many doctors in the area do and I am always turned away since they never pay out what the offices ask. This is a VERY CARING office and any parent would be silly not to take their child here. \r \r They are all angels and wonderful at what they do! more

rude 7/5/2010

Called to see if they were accepting new patients and the receptionist said Yes they were but I wouldn't be able to set up an appointment because my insurance was still in the process of being approved. I told her my child really needed to be seen and my insurance would cover the bill. But she refused to schedule me and told me to call back when I had the insurance card. RUDE. Cons: service more

over pricing 4/16/2010

service has alwy been great,, appointment call in number i hate to talk talk talk to find a number to click to get in,, they could do a lot better at there prices,, they are high Pros: great service Cons: high price for service hard to get operator more

One star service 3/2/2010

I was not impressed in the least with this office, its staff, or the doctor that I saw. more

One of the rudest treatments I have ever gotten 3/2/2010

Honest to gosh, one of the rudest treatments I have ever gotten from a Drs. office. Will never even touch this place. more

Best practice in town 2/26/2010

I have switched pediatric practices often as I guess I'm considered a high maintenace mom. Well, I finally found a pediatrician worth staying with. Dr. Tabrizi is so kind and gentle with my son, and most importantly, takes time to respond to my concerns as a parent as well. I never feel rushed or hurried and find my visits to be very efficient which I greatly appreciate as someone who runs a home business. Great practice and great doctors. more

Great docs 2/26/2010

My daughter recently came down with pneumonia and I took her to western wake twice in the span of a few days. We saw both Dr smith and dr tabrizi. They were absolutely wonderful. They spent ample time with us and even called me to check on my DD. This was a great personal touch. You are not a number at this practice but made to feel part of their family. The nursing staff was also very nice. I highly recommend you take your child to this practice if you are unhappy with your current service. more

One of the doctors was very rude. 2/17/2010

One of the doctors was very rude. I had a very bad experience there. Her name is Dr. Tabrizi. Cons: Dr. Tabrizi more

Response to TarHeelMom 2/16/2010

As tempting as it is to ignore this anonymous diatribe, filled with impossible accusations, it is important for me to defend my reputation as a board certified lactation consultant, having worked with mothers and babies for over 23 years. The language and actions \r that TarHeelMom writes here, are ones that I have NEVER used in my personal or my professional life. I am in the lactation field because of my commitment to the health and well being of mothers and babies and have always practiced with kindness, tenderness, sensitivity and complete empathy, as well as up to date, research based information. TarHeelMom was working with many lactation consultants at once, which tends to be confusing and counterproductive, and is generally not recommended. However, I don't know of any lactation consultants who would ever speak or act in the way depicted here. Our primary concern is always the well being of mother and baby. Of course, if TarHeelMom felt otherwise, it would have been most productive for her to have discussed her feelings with her healthcare professionals, although, choosing this venue instead allowed her to rant without any checks or balances. I am honored to work with the small pediatric practice she references and find the physicians to be extremely caring, taking time and patience with every patient they see. They are supportive of me in lactation and I, of them. I encourage TarHeelMom to discuss any of these unwarranted wild accusations.\r Ann Conlon-Smith, IBCLC\r \r more

Here, you're just a number 1/14/2010

I'm generally dissatisfied with the treatment that both my child and I have received at this practice. I realize it's a large practice with many physicians, but the communication among these doctors is poor. Information I shared with one doctor was never communicated to another, and while one doctor prescribed a certain medication to my child, another one told me to avoid that medication. This fact that my child received a prescription was never recorded in her chart. Furthermore, when I went to fill a script, the pharmacist told me that he wasn't comfortable filling it; he said the dosage was way too high, and he wanted to confirm with the doctor. Turned out, the doctor prescribed a dosage that was TEN TIMES what my child required. \r \r The front desk staff is incredibly rude, especially the other woman (not Betsy) who makes appointments. She slammed the window shut in my face to take a phone call after I had begun speaking with her about an appointment. Then, she left me standing there while she went to lunch. When you sign in upon arrival, the staff won't even acknowledge you.\r \r My biggest complaint is concerning the lactation consultant (Ann Conlon-Smith) that the practice uses. Granted, she is not actually a physician at the practice, but I firmly believe that she is a reflection of the practice itself. Her ""tough love"" approach is NOT what a new mother needs when trying to figure out breastfeeding. When I broke down in tears in her office, she literally told me to ""suck it up,"" as that's what all new mothers go through. Then she accused me of going about breastfeeding ""all wrong,"" and said that if my ""milk dried up"" it would be my own fault. Then she actually had the audacity to tell me that she's actually had clients who've lost their babies due to malnutrition. Whether or not that's true, it's extremely inappropriate to say something like that to a new mother who's having trouble keeping her baby's weight up. Ann also has a tendency to nickle and dime her clients. She takes advantage of the fact that many new mothers are unsure of what they're doing, and she'll try to push every newfangled breastfeeding product upon them. My experience with Ann, coupled with the disrespect I've received from the staff and a few of the physicians, is enough for me. I've begun searching for a new practice -- one that doesn't treat my baby like patient #1234, but rather like the child that she is. Pros: Dr. Lopez, Betsy at the front desk Cons: The lactation consultant, the remaining front desk staff more

great doctors, bad service 11/3/2009

too many hoops to jump through to get appt. The doctors are great but the scheduling and front office is a nightmare. Pros: wonderful doctors Cons: not willing to work with parents more

Too much hassle. 7/2/2009

I love Dr. Smith and Dr. Ferrall, but can't justify the hassle we have to go through to see them anymore. We have had a lot of difficulty with appointments - having to wait three months or more for well visits and then having the appointment time or the doctor we requested changed without being notified. The Walk-in clinic is a joke. If you're not there when the door opens, you will not get one of the very few appointments they have available. We got there at 8am (15 minutes after the door opened) and were third in line for scheduling appointments later in the day. They asked us to come back at 2pm that afternoon! Pros: Dr. Smith and Dr. Ferrall Cons: difficulty in scheduling appts, staff, wait times more

Don't deliver what they promise 4/8/2009

I really like most of the doctors, but have had issues with the staff over scheduling & billing/insurance problems. The promise a walk-in clinic from 7:45 - 8:30, but I got there at 7:50 and was told they only have 6 walk-in appointments and they had already been filled so I had to wait in the waiting room with a sick child until 9:30, their next available regular appointment. Don't waste your time going to the walk-in clininc unless you're standing outside the door when they unlock it. Pros: The doctors Cons: The staff more

Worst Visit Ever 12/16/2008

I visited Western Wake Pediatrics for the first time today. The facilities were nice. Needless to say the experience left a lot to be desired. The nurse tried to be somewhat friendly or pleasant. However Dr. Monica Shelton was the most impersonal pediatric physician I have ever met. She did not find it necessary to introduce herself to me, even though this was our first visit. As well as she never even stated my name during the visit or spoke directly to me by name. Her rapport, demeanor, and approach was very unsettling. My children were extremely out of sorts that day, nevertheless certain things are to be expected when working with professionals. If you want a not so friendly family doctor, this would be the place to go! more

Why the HPV Vaccine 11/21/2008

I've been with WWP for years - never really a problem except their constant salesmanship of big pharmas vaccines.\r \r Last visit was the sales pitch for HPV vaccine. I asked ""what's in it?"" Either they didn't know or didn't want me to know. I posponed the shot - my child, my option.\r \r I looked at Merck's ingredients (Yup, the same Merck that brought us Vioxx). Hmmm, Sodium Borate as a preservative - wait, isn't that raat poisonn? Yup. Nice. Wait, why are the side effects the same as sodium borate.\r \r Hopefully at the next visit they will be able to tell me why the FDA has data that HPV is NOT linked to cervical cancer.....sorry but before you jab a kid, full disclosure should be a mandate. Pros: good docs Cons: questionable relationship with pharma companies more

Never a problem!!! 9/8/2006

We've been using WWP for 7 years and have never had a problem. No billing problems at all! Dr Smith is awesome - he picked up gluten intolerance on a test he ordered for something else and now my Celiac child is feeling great! Dr Lopez has a great bedside manner and the kids love him! We see every doctor there and have not had a bad experience yet! Pros: It's easy to get an appointment if you are flexible and see all the doctors. Cons: Cary Pkwy, you can only go one way or you have to go past, turn around & go back. more
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