Western Pines Mobile Home Comm


20510 Morton Ranch Rd
Katy, TX 77449

(281) 492-7171
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I recently moved into this community just for the reasons you other people are complaining about. Any upgrades only increases the value of my property. Rules are there for a rea...


This mobile home park could be actually a nice place to live, however management makes this scenario impossible! Manager makes you life miserable and will retaliate against you i...

Understanding and Helpful 10/28/2011

I was wary of moving in this community because of all the bad reviews on this sight. Due to money problems we had no other choice. But I was beyond suprised at the level of understanding and helpfulness the management showed to me and my family. The have bent over backward to help us get into a home we can afford, they left the electric bills in their name until we could afford to get it switched over, and they were understanding and forgiving when our rent check bounced on month. I have nothing but good things to say about this community and the woman that runs it. more

abuse and raciasm 6/18/2011

This mobile home park could be actually a nice place to live, however management makes this scenario impossible! Manager makes you life miserable and will retaliate against you in a flash. Since the majority of the tenants are hispanic, she has them scared out of their wits. She will threaten you with evictions and calling immigration. She rules with an iron fists! She is our version of sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. Gives out citations left and right and no English allowed. She also manages fraudulently, withholding water from the community to save money for the company, she probably receives a bonus for cost cutting measures at the tenants expense. Towing is inforced, no parking allowed in front of your home, so can't have visitors or family gatherings. Rules, rules and more rules, that is her agenda for making your life miserabel. People want to get out, but too expensive and if you bought your home from them , they make you sign a clause that you cannot take mobile home with you until it is paid off! Your stuck in misery!!!! Tenants pray everyday that this manager will go, somehow someway!!!!!!!!!!! more

harrassment park 9/30/2010

This is the worst case of management abuse I have ever witnessed! You are constantly fined left and right, notices left on front doors constantly, told when and how to do just about everything, But what takes the cake is the fact that all cars or trucks are towed away if the are parked in the front of your yard. Can't have any visitors park in front of your home for the FEAR of having their car towed away. This means we can't celebrate a family get together or bithday in peace. To add to all of the horror is the fact the manager herself gets a percentage of money collected from the towing of residents cars (kickback) This is definetly illegal!!!! Newcomers, please for your own sake stay away from this hellhole and management ,the monster who sucks your money and peace of mind. more

Why you should not move to this community 2/19/2010

The first time drove through Western Pines I was amazed, I said to myself Who knew trailer Parks can be THIS nice!\r \r Thats before I delt with the manager, I never moved in because I felt she and I would clash and I have a low tolerance for idiocy and also I will not allow someone with a clear chemical imbalance to be responsible for the welfare of my family and protect my investment.\r \r Yes they neighborhood is nice and I am certain the manager will tell you the horror stories about the ""Ghetto's of South Katy"" but let me tell you something: there is a reason she has repossed homes availaible at the ready;\r \r However let me clue you in:\r Beware if bringing a paid off home in the park, the management bends and breaks the rules to try to force people with older homes out of the park...Notice I said PEOPLE not homes. She then sells them back within the community at an overinflated price.\r \r \r Now that we have that nasty part out of the way, Please allow me to make a suggestion:\r \r I spend no more than 260.00 per month on my lot rent. I live in a very nice very modest community thats very family oriented. There are no break ins and , nor is thier trash everywhere and the management is VERY NICE. \r \r I would recoomend checking out Summit or Trinity Mobile home communities. The management is top shelf. Also if your concerned about buying a home: Please consider Mobile Home City in Richmond, Texas they have been nothing short of a blessing to my family and also offer in house financing.\r \r I know several residents and professionals who live in Western Pines or have to deal with the management.They are know her to be a miserable beast who makes the simplests things dificult.The residents I knwo whom live there ALL want out, however do to the cost of moving a home home they are stuck. Please really consider other options before choosing this community! Cons: Management more

This is hell on earth!! 12/14/2009

The manager is a racist witch. She is taking people for a ride and I plan to put a stop to her mess!! My lawyer is going to help me fight and get this lady out!! Why is there a spanish speaker in the office if he can't speak to tenants. The majority of the people I live around are spanish speakers and I am also a Latin-American. I have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT I WANT TO SPEAK - not her!!! We will get to the bottom of this and her!! Pros: I enjoy my neighbors!! No Problems Cons: Always a note on your doors!! The Manager has to GO!!!!!! more

Best ever 8/25/2009

I recently moved into this community just for the reasons you other people are complaining about. Any upgrades only increases the value of my property. Rules are there for a reason and if there is no one who will enforce them, boy o boy non of us would want to be here. Quit your complaining and be happy ...other wise get a life. Pros: Clean, tough management more

Stay Away 5/6/2009

since new management they want you to build according to their taste whether you can afford it or not. this manager wants expensive decks, fences, roofs, etc. they fine you for looking at them wrong. they need to repair their own property. broken up streets, no drains for flooding rains, illegal speed bumps, no where for kids to play. i could go on and on Pros: nice quiet place to live Cons: Management is unreasonable more

Avoid - under new management - management fines people left and right..... moving out as soon as possible! 8/6/2008

Used to be a nice neighborhood. New management claims that they can change the rules when they like. For example..... I submitted plans for a deck in 2002 that were approved by management. Now in 2008 she claims I have to rebuild my deck to her taste. ... which means more money! People get fined left and right...... I wouldnt doubt that some people out here haven't talked to a lawyer yet..... I might..... its insane. Pros: background check to move in..... Cons: poor management more
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