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Watson Management Co - 21 Reviews - 2127 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA - Property Management Reviews - Phone (509) 325-2127

Watson Management Co

2127 N Monroe St
Spokane, WA 99205
(509) 325-2127
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All reviews seem negative


Be advised & forewarned, DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE ! the comments & statements you have read here are very much TRUE, I have read through them & as a former tenant of the Mana...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/23/2014

THE worst rental company in Spokane by far. After making the mistake of renting a house for a year we decided to move because the house was in a poor part of town and our cars kept getting broken into. Shortly after we gave them our notice of vacating the company gave us a 24 hr inspection notice. Then the owner called me at work literary screaming about me that it was messy and about some weeds in the backyard. When I informed him that I was pregnant and at work he yelled at me that he didn't care. We meticulously cleaned that house and when we moved out not only did they keep my entire deposit but they charged me an additional $60 because apparently it took them over 8 hours to clean an already clean small house. Very rude, unprofessional people, I would recommend never renting from them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/14/2013

The ""company"" must be closed!!! People don't rent from them! You will regret it. I'm renting from them my current apartment and it's like living in the hell. Neighbors are crazy never sleeping always partying and making a lot of noise (especially during night hours) a-holes. The place is a dump trash everywhere! Tried to talk with the neighbors several times. Did not work. Wrote multiple complaints to the Watson ""management"" asking to resolve the issue they didn't even bulge. Every time I went there trying to talk to a manager in person the receptionist wasn't being nice so to say and would say write a complaint letter. When my patience was over I came there and demanded to see a manager. Receptionist reluctantly called some older guy who acted EXTREMELY RUDE. I won't cite he entire conversation but it was worse then unpleasant. I was trying to bee as nice as I could. He said he never seen any of my letters. I asked how come and he said he was blind! Do I care? He said that they could not do anything to help me and asked me to leave because he is an owner of the company and does not want to see me! I let him know I wasn't gonna leave until we terminate the contract. He started threatening me with the police. I said I wasn't breaking the law and he just turned around and went away leaving me alone with the receptionist. I left the company very offended. These people should not be in business! Can't wait to get the hell out of this craphole and will never rent from them again and hope neither will you! \r Watson Management is the company you definitely don't want to deal with! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/29/2012

do not rent from this company!!! i really hope someone from watson reads these posts!! they are the worst rental company in spokane!! their places are dumps, and even if it looks nice, like my current house i am regretfully renting from them, i can guarantee you it is full of mold.( i will be posting pics as soon as i can, not just of the two places i have rented from them but also other houses they have up for rent) and they wont do anything but tell you there is nothing they can do. at first they will say that there is no known mold contaminate present in the home. a few short months after moving in mold, black mold, starts popping up all over the place. this is the second and last house i will rent from them, and the only reason i did a second lease was cause of lack of funds. i have had to throw away furniture, some of it brand new!! they sure as hell wont reimburse me for that! they refuse to fix anything, lie, and try to cheat you out of money. they tried to charge me a 50$ move out fee, on top of keeping my deposit, adn even charged me 50$ for a letter they sent to me, and then tried to refuse rent till i paid the 50$ and also said to bad that if that happens then they will also charge me late fees for rent!!! really!??? rawley is extremely crooked and he has no respect for you if you are a woman. he is rude, and has no problem yelling at you. this so called company doesnt know the meaning of professional! they will not do walkthroughs when your lease is up and will look for anything they can charge you for. this place needs to be shut down. all the reviews i have read are true! i have had to deal with the same things every one else here has. more

Be advised & forewarned, DO NOT RENT 6/6/2012

Be advised & forewarned, DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE ! the comments & statements you have read here are very much TRUE, I have read through them & as a former tenant of the Management company, what is being said is very true , I found them to be Rude, Un-professional (don???t think they know the word professional) Despicable, horrible people that treat you like garbage & will actually yell at you, call you names & belittle you in front of other people in the office if you go there to try to talk to them. If you are having any problems with the rent or with the property DO NOT expect sympathy or concern of any sort, they want their money & that???s all they care about, if you move out ??? even if you meticulously clean the house, you will not get your deposit back as a matter of fact you will get A LARGE BILL from them for the cleaning of that property. I clearly will have to take them to small claims court to get my pet deposit back, I ENCOURAGE everyone that have un-seemly dealings with this company to take them to COURT ! you have rights & if enough people do that maybe they will be put out of business, which is what should happen, they need to be put out of business & maybe if enough people take them to court or just don???t rent from them that will happen. AGAIN. . . . DO NOT RENT FROM THIS MANGEMENT COMPANY...they dont even deserve the one star more


this company is dishonest and they should be out of business. we made a complaint to the BBB as apparently most reviewers have done. they are not willing to take care of issues while in the property you are renting from them, but when you move out, they will keep your deposit and charge exorbitant amounts in addition, even when you have left the property in better condition than when it was rented. We were charged for 5 HOURS of cleaning, when both neighbors advised that 2 women were there from a ""cleaning company"" for a full HALF HOUR. When we researched the ""cleaning company"" they used, we found out it was owned by the owners of WATSON. The moral of this story DO NOT RENT FROM WATSON MANAGEMENT!!!! more

WOW! 1/20/2012

I am shocked to see that this company is still the same as when I had initially met them many years ago here in Spokane. I am searching for a rental and decided to check Watson out and saw all the bad reviews. I WILL be writing to the bbb about them after this post. My experience with them was very similar to all of the reviews (mind you this was roughly 11yrs ago!). -Extremely RUDE agents, rude front desk but the actual agent showing an apartment was ""weird"" for a lack of better words. She (heavier set, dark hair, glasses) acted very ""shady"", making up certain fees/prices & supposed terms that changed every 30 seconds as we looked @ the rental. The rental itself was dirty, run-down, smelled, holes in walls, door handles falling off, electric outlets exposed, etc. when asked when those would be fixed it was a blatent ""never or no!"". Prices may have changed since then but at the time it was $30 per UN-married person over 18, husband and I married, we were asked ""do you have proof your married?"" ""yes?"" ""Its still $30 each!"", we left to look @ other rentals, she called & left message saying ""I made mistake, its $40 app fee for each of you!"". Another time I simply called them for information thinking I just happened to have met with one of theyre rude agents that particular time, again same as other reviews, I was asked the most personal, confronting, rude questions I have ever been asked and was given personal comments as well (dont remember what my question was but I was also told over the phone that I probably wont get rented to). Almost as if the company itself does NOT want phone calls, applicants or to rent to anyone? I am guessing the main reason must be something is wrong with the owner so employees want to make him or her lose the business? It is simply a Spokane company that we can just stay away from but I am highly upset about them being able to rent to anyone! I am a lifetime resident of Spokane and I dont appreciate it! So hopefully something will be done to have them shape up or ship out soon. Now off to the KHQ news website then bbb! :) more

RUDE!!! 12/8/2011

This company is completely rude! I am trying to move to area and the woman who answered the phone initially would not make me an appointment to see two properties because I had not driven by them. I explained that I don't live in Spokane and was making a special trip to find a place. She then unhappily agreed to show me 1 of the properties, but only after asking me a few questions. She asked for my monthly income and when I told her what it was she refused to show me the homes, and told me they were going to be too far from the job I am moving to the area for. more

The WORST company to rent from 11/28/2011

One star is way to much for this company. The owner is a a ** who does not know how to run a company, this place should be shut down. Their houses are in the worst shape. I do not reccomend anybody renting from this ""company"" (if you can call it that). There are far better management companies to rent from. more

NOT HAPPY 10/6/2011

After reading all these bad reviews I am not going to rent from them. The places are all dumps & in bad shape. I have the money to pay for the place but they keep running me around. As for as I am concerned they need me they need me to rent more than I need to rent from them. These people I am not feeling good about. more

This company should NOT be in business. 7/12/2011

I have been with this company for a year. I heard that the owner Rawley was crooked right after I signed my lease. Unfortunately this turned out to be the case. I am not a confrontational person, yet anytime I have to deal with them they are rude and show no desire to want to help you. They lie and it is always to your expense. I have taken very good care of the property I have rented, and love the neighborhood, in fact the neighbors that have lived there for 35 years are sad to see me go, but I WILL NOT give Watson another dime after my lease is up. I hope you wont either. more

Bad first impressions 3/9/2011

went and viewed several rentals, they were not cleaned they smelled awful. I asked Sharon about who and when they would be cleaned and she said that they would not be cleaned. i asked if one rental i view would be painted, that was a no: i asked if i could do it. tenants can't they don't do a good job. and she said that right in front of me. that is not good business. only one place looked good. but she said the owner did the work and it was nice. after reading the reviews for this company. everything i experienced was not just me. i went to the office to fill out paperwork, the receptionist said to come back when i have my son paperwork done or they would charge me $250. more that is a bunch of bull. i am not impress with this company. more

Bad rental company!! 3/1/2011

I am a current renter and have had nothing but trouble.they did not clean the house or repair anything like they said they would.I couldn't even move in after signing lease it was so bad.they left it filthy,and a fire hazzard.and keep telling me they don't have the money to take care of it,that its up to me!!I have never been so disappointed in a house like this!mold,filth,broken glass and garbage in back yard,even the main power line laying on the roof! more

The WORST managment company..RUDE, NOT Helpful, Don't repair 2/10/2011

If you have a complaint report them to the Better Business Bureau. As of right know they have A+ rating because no one reports them. I had another issue with them today. more

dont repair quickly 12/14/2010

My dishwasher broke last year during the holidays and it took a week for them to come out and tell me it was broken.... duh I told you it didnt work and another week to fix it. This year the same thing a week to tell me it was broken and a week to come out and oh .. they ordered the wrong part so another week to re order the part. I called watson management to see if they could have freds overnight it so I dont have to wash all my chrismas companies dishes by hand again this year. Wendy asked why I was calling and in a very rude manner told me it wasnt her job to tell freds how to do there job. funny I thought I had a management company so things would get done. Three days waiting for Freds to fix my dishwasher this month like I dont have anything better to do on my days off this month. Everyone I talked to at watson was very rude to me when i was just calling to figure out when the dishwasher was going to get fixed. more

Worst Property Management EVER! 9/20/2010

One star is too much for these people. They're world class jerks. They don't listen, are dishonest, and just down right rude. They managed my property for 4 short months. I received a bill instead of a check for those four months. I fired them, and never had a problem with my property or tenants after they were out of the picture. I have no clue how they stay in business. more




The reviews on here are very accurate based on my experience. This company, which is actually just a husband and wife, rents out properties that are probably in need of repair themselves and upon move out they keep security deposits and overcharge the tenant for anything extra that they deem that needs to be done. For example, I knew a tenant who, the whole time he lived there they wouldn't repair or replace ANYTHING that was needed, but upon move out, they kept his security deposit AND charged him for approx NINE HOURS of cleaning at like $27/hour for ""DIRT"". Not only had him and two others cleaned the place well before he moved out, the neighbor and his wife advised that they saw two women there from a ""cleaning company"" for just a HALF HOUR. Upon some research, we found out that the Watson mgmt guy, OWNS the property on which the ""cleaning company"" is located. Hmm.... interesting... :) also a plumber who did work on a rental for them (big surprise) said that they BARELY repair what is needed, just to get a tenant in. Which is why he said he wont work with them anymore. Bottom line - for any consumer who is considering renting from them, DONT! You will be sorry. They arent even registered with the BB Bureau. Cons: Do not repair/fix things properly for tenants, etc. more

Horrible Horrible Management co! 7/19/2009

I lived in one of their residencies for 1.5 years. Seemed decent at first. As soon as something broke, which happened to be the exterior lighting on the place, which was triggered through day / night cycles, I found myself in a rut. They wouldnt send anyone to fix it for 3 months. Then the 4 carport electric system for the lighting broke. They NEVER fixed it in the time i lived there. Then it took them a month to fix a leaky ceiling. Whenever I called for a repair request they said they would send someone on their way and never did, plus they were rude about it. Upon moving out I spent a week cleaning. A WEEK! I had my neighbors and friends help me, and had a professional carpet cleaner. Well, I got $20 back on my deposit. Charged for the carpets and ""cleaning."" They are only allowed to charge cleaning for DIRT. When I called they said they charged me for the depreciation of the 4-plex which is against the law. You can bet your butt i'll be going to small claims and bringing about 3 witnesses with me. WORST COMPANY EVER! Pros: None! Cons: They dont fix anything, no deposit returns, lies, rude. more

Evil Company! 2/13/2009

Watson Management Company is by far the worst real estate company I've ever dealt with! The owner is incredibly rude and vindictive without cause. I've been met with nothing but blatant hostility and even racism during my tenancy with this terrible company. Spread the word to anyone who thinks of leasing property with this company, that Watson Management will do all they can to f*ck you over. Pros: affordable rent, good location Cons: The stress of the curve-balls this company will throw at you far outweigh the meager pros. more


I rented from watson for over two years. when I moved in it was a hurry, and I needed a place, they charged first, last , and deposit. The first week the toilet backed up, my son and I had to stay somewhere else for over the weekend. Hot water went out for a week before anything was done. They never cared about any lawn care, I tried to do the best I could. I was never late on rent for over two years, I put up a very expensive fence, put screen doors on, when I moved in there was duct tape on the kitchen tile holding it together, holes in walls, ect. When I informed them I was going to move Sharon informed me my yard didn't look good ect, I had heard that they would keep my deposit, but didn't think so, but sure enough! Watson is family owned, and terrible to rent from. They make there living on other people's deposits ect, maybe years ago it would of been a good place to rent from, but far from it now, I reccomend Becker Management, they take care of their tenants, even though they are family owned to. Pros: Watson seems good on move-in Cons: but look out once you give them your money and signature more
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