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Warrior Fitness Bootcamp - 47 Reviews - 29 W 35th St # 3, New York, NY - Fitness Reviews - Phone (212) 967-7977

Warrior Fitness Bootcamp

29 W 35th St # 3
New York, NY 10001
(212) 967-7977
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Warrior Fitness Bootcamp - New York, NY
Warrior Fitness Bootcamp - New York, NY


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I have been going to Warrior Fitness Bootcamp consistently now for over 3 years and remain addicted, the workouts are intense and varied and there's a great team spirit in the cla...


I signed up for the Intro package which was 3 classes @ $60 each. After your intro offer, the prices jump to an outrageous $60 per class. They are mean, uneducated thugs that ru...

Amazing workout! Best in NYC. 11/15/2011

I have been going to Warrior Fitness Bootcamp consistently now for over 3 years and remain addicted, the workouts are intense and varied and there's a great team spirit in the classes. I have tried classes at all of the different times of the day and all of the trainers are awesome. It works for me as I can never train as hard when working out in a gym or training on my own, the guys push you to your own level and having also had personal training I think this is way better value. I sometimes take a few weeks (even months) off because of work but I always go back and returning reminds of how good it is, the impact on my overall cardio, weight loss and general state of health is something I haven't found anywhere else. The feeling at the end of one hour at Warrior Fitness is phenomenal and not to mention addictive. I have taken numerous friends along who have been struggling with hitting the gym or trying to run regularly and they've all signed up. Highly recommend to anyone regardless of your fitness level or just looking for something to mix up your training. more

Thugs 9/30/2011

I signed up for the Intro package which was 3 classes @ $60 each. After your intro offer, the prices jump to an outrageous $60 per class. They are mean, uneducated thugs that run the class and if you google the company it is involved in a lawsuit/scandal. more

The ONLY bootcamp to go to in the city!! 9/22/2011

This is the most complete, intense and BEST workout I have ever done. To provide some perspective, I am a former Division 1 collegiate athlete in my late 20's, so I am well familiar with intense workouts and regimens. I can honestly say that through several months of Warrior Fitness Bootcamp, I am in better shape than I have ever been in! Alex and Ruben provide a non-stop, intense 1 hour session of constant cardio, strengthening and agility workouts that truly push you to your limit. What's also great is that they can customize the workout to your needs. For example, I have a few ailments (ankle, knee) that prevent me from doing certain workouts. Instead, they have me do alternate exercises that work me just as hard, if not harder. What's also great is that the classes consist of people vary across the spectrum. You have people who are avid marathoners working out with people who have never visited a gym before. You have people who do weekly triathalons running with housewives who are just looking to get in shape. It's a great mix of folks! more

Best Workout in NYC 7/6/2011

I'm a bit of a fitness junkie--you name it, I've tried it. After years of marathons, triathlons, boxing, personal training, other boot camps and even bikram yoga, I can say from experience that NOTHING is as awesome as WFBC. Alex and Ruben push you to your limits every time you come to class and your fellow warriors cheer you on and encourage you to do your absolute best. Every class is different--so your body never gets used to the workout . Also, as a person who works a lot, I appreciate that each class is one hour long, and every second is utilized to the fullest extent. Since starting WFBC back in February 2011, I've made incredible gains in strength and fitness and as an added bonus have been getting constant compliments on my shoulders and arms. Even my running coach noticed that I can power up hills with much more ease than ever before. WFBC has even solved my one recurring problem with keeping up my fitness levels. Because of work, in the past I have often missed a day or two of workouts, which turned into a week or two...and in then an inevitable decline in fitness. Not with WFBC! I love WFBC so much that since I started going to classes, no matter what else is going on in my life, I never go a week without it. With Ruben and Alex motivating me, I feel accountable for my fitness, and don't want to let them, myself, or my fellow warriors down by missing class. Of course, I'm also addicted and just can't get enough! more

Hooked on WFBC 6/24/2011

WFBC delivers the most efficient and tough workout out there. I am a mom with a child under 2 and I can?t spend 2.5 hours at the gym, which is what I would need to get results. In one hour, you can get the workout that you need and the results will speak for themselves. I have always worked out and belonged to a gym, but Ruben and Alex took me to the next level. You could never sustain the level of intensity on your own ? Alex and Ruben do not let you cheat yourself and guide you through the process. The workouts are always different and challenging, I have been a member for the past 10 months and I can say first hand that WFBC delivers on their promise and it is like nothing else out there. I could never do monkey bars as a child and I can do them now ? As a matter of fact I never thought I could do most of the exercises including the obstacle course. You will jump over hurdles, walls, climb a rope and amaze yourself each day with how quickly you can do it each time. You REALLY have to come to more than 3 classes to experience what boot camp is all about ? WFBC is NOT GLORIFIED CIRCUIT TRAINING. It is also more affordable than personal training and 1000 times more effective. more

Fantastic Marketing - Glorified Circuit Training 6/18/2011

After reading all of the positive reviews Warrior Fitness has received and watching all the publicity on local and national television, I had to try this place out (I signed up for the three class introductory package for $60). Simply put, I was highly disappointed... here are my three simple reasons as to why I felt this way: 1) glorified circuit training... although I think this is a great form of exercise and I understand it's helpful to receive motivation while training, the exercises performed are quite simple and well capable of being performed by oneself (i.e., running up stairs in an old NYC building, running around a track, pushups, sit-ups, along with an obstacle course)... 2) price... although an introductory package for three classes only costs $60, a three month membership skyrockets to around $1500... to me, that's a lot of money considering the style of exercises and the facilities that are used (i.e. a loft that is cooled by fans and the aforementioned rudimentary equipment)... 3) zero focus on exercise form/details... I know the class is setup in small groups (say, 10 per instructor) and that as a result, the instructor is capable of remembering your name... however, I was disappointed at how little attention there was to form in each individual performing his/her various exercises... to me this is important because if one is not using the right form, that person has the potential to injure him/herself, while that person also won't truly workout the intended muscles... I think the founders have setup a fabulous business that must carry high margins, while the marketing techniques are ingenious - who doesn't want to become a ""warrior"" and supposedly train with Marines who understand Parris Island. However, a true ""warrior"" is not only brave, but is also experienced in performing his/her homework on what he/she is signing-up and paying for. more

Be a Warrior! 3/3/2011

When I first showed up at Warrior Fitness Boot Camp in November 2009, I didn't know what to expect. I was a 52 year-old male who had kept in reasonably good shape for most of his life (or at least I thought I had). But I had no idea how much harder I could challenge myself until I started with Alex and Ruben at Warrior Fitness Boot Camp. Those first few weeks were really tough, probably the toughest physical challenge I can remember putting myself through. But after 15 months of regular attendance at boot camp, I can say that my fitness level is probably as high as it has been in the past 20 years (and this from someone who has regularly exercised his whole life). Every day is still very tough, but the experience has been life-changing for me. The mutual support that we all get from our fellow Warriors (we encourage each other all the time), and the feeling of accomplishment after completing another difficult set or after a hard hour of training is unequaled. With me and at my age, it's all about finishing the exercise and never quitting, not about how fast or hard I can do it (although, I'm not going to lie, sometimes I do get caught up in that). If you are someone who wants to physically challenge yourself in a way that gets way beyond anything you've ever put yourself through and reap incredible psychological and physical rewards from it, become a Warrior! more

You will shed those pounds!!! 11/11/2010

No matter how hard you try not to work hard enough, this boot camp place will show you your limits. This is that place that will either make or break you. If you have weight you want to get rid of, head to the Warrior. If you're after a more healthy lifestyle, this is it! more

Unique Workout 10/29/2010

Ok, I?m a workout freak. I have done almost every class/workout in NYC. So I wasn?t scared going into this place. But the moment I walked in everything changed. I walked into a little hallway that was filled with all their media plaques. Then I walked into the main space which was huge and nothing like I?ve seen before. There was music pumping over the air waves, people running, counting and jumping over walls. I was thinking about walking out but then one of the instructors saw the look on my face, he came over and gave me a few words of encouragement and sent me off to the waiting areas. We warmed up then started to stretch. We started with jumping jacks and before I knew it I was like OMG, this is hard, and how will I finish this class. As the class progressed I wanted to stop but the instructors and people in the class kept motivating me. Before I realized it the class was over. The obstacle course was hard and I couldn?t do a few things but that?s ok. I?m going back to get over that damn wall. This place was just awesome! more

Phenomenal workout 10/28/2010

Warrior fitness bootcamp has really changed my life. I am using muscles I have never used before; it is an hour workout that equals 3 hours in the gym, everyone is courteous and friendly and truly you will get the best trainers, Justin, Alex and Ruben. This is the only workout that has kept me motivated. more

Best Workout in NYC! 10/7/2010

Hands down, Warrior Fitness Boot Camp is the toughest, most rewarding workout there is. Like it or not, the instructors and your fellow classmates will motivate and push you further then you ever thought possible. I'm not sure how they do it, but the one hour class challenges everybody ranging from the out-of-shape looking to jump start their workout to ironman triathletes...and everybody in between! The routine is never the same but you can expect plenty of pushups, situps, squat thrusts, abs, arms, stairs, running, jumping, and climbing. The classes range from 5-20 people at a time and the instructors make it a point to know everybody by name. I can't say enough good things about Warrior Fitness even though I'm still sore from this mornings workout! more

BEST Workout Ever!! 8/2/2010

One word sums up my experience at Warrior Fitness Boot camp... A-MAZING! The workouts are challenging and sometimes(ok, lots of the time) painful, but the way you feel when it is over is like no other! The instructors Ruben and Alex are so motivating and know exactly how to push you in the workout, without pushing you away from the class. Yes, sometimes you just want to walk away after your fourth lap of bear crawling, or 100th squat jump... but there's something about their energy, and that of your fellow warriors that keeps you there. The workouts are always different, and you really do NOT get bored! It's an intense workout, that is 100% worth every drop of sweat that will(and trust me... YOU WILL SWEAT!) fall to the floor!!! Pros: Motivating instructors, great workout Cons: None! more

Best workout in NYC!!!! 5/6/2010

Hands down the best workout out there. I was in okay shape before starting here. I've never been able to push myself to my maximum potential before joining WFBC and thanks to Alex and Ruben I am pushed everytime I go to class. I've had personal trainers in the past but they just don't compare to the trainers at WFBC. I don't get to complain about my day, gossip about whatever is going on in the world, or talk about any other bs. I go in get a full body workout in an hour and get out. Short, a little painful but sweet! Pros: Motivating, Effective, Fun more

Exceptional Workout and Worth Every Penny 3/15/2010

Alex and Ruben are amazing instructors and dedicated to helping each warrior achieve their fitness goals. Classes are always challenging, never boring and extremely rewarding for people at every fitness level. They are motivating and force you to work hard, but you will walk away from WFBC feeling great and seeing results you cannot achieve anywhere else. I tentatively signed up for my first package but now I have been going for two years and still love every minute of it. more

The BEST workout 2/2/2010

I started at Warrior Fitness about a year ago after a friend recommended it during a food-coma inducing vacation. While I played sports my whole life and worked out fairly regularly, it definitely wasn't to my fullest til bootcamp. Alex and Ruben are AMAZING instructors. I thought I was going to collapse at first, but they know exactly what level to work you to. I tend to have ADD but never get bored in this class and feel like I'm constantly getting better. Its always challenging, and totally addictive. Was never a morning person and now I have to go at 6:30am to make sure I get bootcamp in before work!! more

Great workout! Great trainers! Great Place! 11/15/2009

If you're tired of getting the same workout every time you go to the gym, then YOU MUST join Warrior Fitness Boot Camp. Pros: Everything more

You must go 11/13/2009

The best workout evera, try it out!!! more

Best Gym, Best Workout, Bar None. 11/12/2009

I recently attended Officer Candidates School of the U.S. Marine Corps and needless to say the physical training that takes place there is intense and extremely challenging. Prior to leaving, I joined WFBC and these guys had me in tip-top shape in no time. The training principles are purely military but don't be intimidated by the ethos, it's fun, motivating and results are rewarding. The gym is great for anybody because the instructors thrive on maximizing your potential. They show no mercy but they do it with a smile. You can count on getting a good laugh in the class but thats if you can catch your breathe. Let them know your goals and they will be sure to get you there. Trust me. Pros: Fun, Motivational, Challenging Cons: Addicting more

Are you a Warrior? 11/1/2009

I joined this gym not really knowing what to expect. What I experienced was a workout that continues to challenge me to the point that I'm not sure I can continue. But I do, and at the end of each class, I really feel like I've accomplished something. I had worked out with a personal trainer before and tried the gym on my own. In both cases, I didn't really see the results I was hoping for. With WFBC, I feel stronger, have more endurance, and have greater confidence in just a few months. Alex and Ruben are simply amazing. They are tough (seriously tough) but motivating. They work with everyone, regardless of fitness level, to make sure every person is challenged. They won't let you quit. They get that extra rep or that additional lap out of you, even when you don't think you have the strength or endurance to do it. The other warriors are supportive and help you get through the workout - after all, we're all in it together. I was never excited about going to the gym. Now, I am. I look forward to seeing how - or if - I am going to get through the next class. If you are looking for a different workout, something that will challenge you like never before, give Warrior Fitness Boot Camp a try! We'll be there to cheer you on! Pros: Best instructors, every day is a new challenge more

Satisfaction Guaranteed!! 10/29/2009

If gyms are boring and expensive for you, you would love a personal trainer but its too expensive, YOU WANT TO LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GOOD, you want a body that will make you efficient in other sports, this is where you come to get a workout! Classes are small and the training is personalized. You have specific needs, you tell Alex and Ruben and they will remember the next time they see you. I started here in the summer of 2009 and I don't remember the last time I felt so positive about being overall healthy!! I always look forward to the class because every class is slightly different and challenging. I always leave feeling I had a great workout! YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH HERE. Take a trial class and judge for yourself! Pros: Small classes, variety in workouts and affordable! Cons: Wish it was open on Sundays too! more
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New York's Warrior Fitness Boot Camp helps people get into shape in no time.

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  • Train like a Marine, with real Marines. Become a Warrior. No other fitness experience competes with Warrior Fitness Boot Camp, New York City. Based on the principles and rigors of the US Marine Corps, the WFBC physical fitness program includes running, stretching, calisthenics, obstacle course, free weights, circuit training and other Marine Corps based exercises. Many people are curious about the training that U.S. Marines go through but do not wish to enlist. Therefore, military boot camp is out of reach to many customers. At WFBC, you will have easy access to boot camp training and will have a different experience from a typical gym. You will feel like you are part of a team and become bonded as a close-knit group that encourages you to maximize your fitness level and support and encourage other members of your team. This cutting edge and creative style fitness guarantees results!


  • New York's Warrior Fitness Boot Camp helps people get into shape in no time.

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