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Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr

6500 N MO Pac Expy # I-1200
Austin, TX 78731
(512) 451-0149
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Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX
Vaughn, Thomas C, MD Texas Fertility Ctr - Austin, TX


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I think Dr. Kaylen Silverberg is one of the great ones in his field. Not only is he really knowledgeable but he has very good bed side manor which I feel is very important, especi...


went thru 1st cycle at tx fertlity center. the cycle was exremely stressful and poorly managed. No one was helpful to answer any of my questions. Everytime i asked a question...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/7/2012

I searched the whole state of Texas for a doctor to preserve my fertility and guide me through IVF. It was clear from the first moment I met Dr. Silverberg that he was the doctor for me. His knowledge in the field of endometriosis and IVF is very impressive. But more than the success rates, reports, conferences, and awards he has accumulated over the years, I was impressed with his confidence and determination to help me have a baby and fight my endomettriosis. I felt that I had finally met another person as dedicated and passionate about my fertility as me. \r We were blessed with a baby girl two months ago and I will always be grateful to Dr. Silverberg. He gave me the confidence to believe.\r I must also say that the whole staff at TFC are above and beyond fabulous. I have never had one complaint about anyone who works there. As a matter of fact, they feel more like family and friends and I actually miss seeing them on a regular basis. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/19/2012

I think Dr. Kaylen Silverberg is one of the great ones in his field. Not only is he really knowledgeable but he has very good bed side manor which I feel is very important, especially during this sensitive process. He was genuinely happy when my husband and I got pregnant with twins. Not only did he give me a big hug my husband also received one. I was recommended to him by many people and I too have referred friends to him. The staff was also great. They knew my husband and I by name when we arrived and they we all so courteous during this long process.\r I highly recommend Dr. Silverberg… He gets an A+ from my husband and I.\r more

Texas Fertility Center is great! 3/12/2012

After trying unsuccessfully to conceive for three years my husband and I were finally ready to seek help from a fertility center. My OB referred us to the Texas Fertility Center and I chose Dr. Vaughn as my doctor. He was great, very friendly and personable. He gave us two different options for us to try and we decided to go ahead with the surgical plan. Dr. Vaughn performed a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and everything went smoothly. I was unbelievably shocked when he called me on a Saturday morning to see how I was doing after the surgery. Most doctors would have their nurse call, but he took the time to call his patient himself, that alone deserves five stars in my book! \r \r My husband and I tried on our own for two months after the surgery and then decided to move forward with a round of Clomid and it worked!!! I distinctly remember the day when I saw my very first positive pregnancy test, I was over the moon and really couldn't believe it! We had been trying for so long and after so many negative pregnancy tests I had started to feel like this just wasn't going to happen for us - but it did.\r \r I stayed with Dr. Vaughn for several more weeks to a month until he 'graduated' us back to our regular OB and in December we welcomed a healthy baby girl into our lives! My overall experience with Dr. Vaughn and my nurse Gaile was really great, I didn't feel pressured to do anything I wasn't ready to do and everyone was very professional and caring. I would recommend them to anyone and if we decide to have another child and need help again I would definitely go back for their help.\r more

Horrible doctors 1/18/2012

Would give them 0 stars if I could. more

Best medical specialist I have been to 6/19/2011

Texas Fertility Center is the best medical care I have ever experienced. Dr. Silverberg was intelligent, supportive, caring, and very positive throughout our process. Depsite how busy they obviously are, I always felt he remembered us and treated us as individuals. I had been told previously I had PCOS and was unable to conceive for three years. Within 8 months I had a previously undiagnosed cyst removed, three IUI treatments, and a successful pregnancy. \r I know that experience is very similar to what other people have posted. But what really impressed me is what happened 18 months after I gave birth, when I was not longer a patient at TFC. I assumed we would go back to TFC to try for a second child, but we were not ready yet. Then I had a positive pregnancy test and was terrified. I did not think I could get pregnant without help so I thought he test was indicating a hormonal problem as I had known people with cysts who had false positives. My OB office ignored my history and would not schedule me for a month, which was their routine practice, so I called TFC. Even though I wasn't currently a patient, the nurse got me a blood test that day and appointment with Dr. Silverberg two days later. It turned out I was pregnant with identical twins, to my complete shock! Apparently infertility can change after a successful pregnancy. Dr. Silverberg followed me early in my pregnancy as I was still worried from my past problems. I was so impressed that they helped me so quickly even though I had not conceived this second pregnancy through them. Texas Fertility Center is a rare combination of professionalism, expertise, compassion and caring to find in a specialist, especially a specialist in such demand. I highly recommend them. more

Blessed with two little miracles!! 3/27/2011

Dr. Silverberg and his staff were wonderful. We received some rather bad news from my local OB in Corpus Christi. We found out that I was perimenopausal and my husband had found out from his urologist that he had a low sperm count with low motility. So my OB referred us to Dr. Silverberg in Austin. Dr. Silverberg is a straight shooter. He is clear, concise and to the point. He answers every question and explains every concern. His staff is as much of a pleasure to deal with as he is. The nurses were very helpful guiding us through every twist and turn of the process. For us it was a bit of a journey coming from Corpus Christi but Dr. Silverberg helped us as much as he could from a distance and the rest was worth every trip. Dr. Silverberg makes a complex set of events seem simple. We would highly recommend him to anyone having fertility issues. more

Great Experience with Dr. Silverberg 12/19/2010

I was referred to Dr. Silverberg at Texas Fertility Center earlier this year and highly recommend him to anyone who is having problems getting pregnant. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, personable, and a very skilled surgeon. He made me feel extremely comfortable and never left me feeling like I was in the dark about procedures or what my test results indicated. Post surgery I conceived naturally after 4 months and know that I would not have been able to do it without the help of Dr. Silverberg. I know that the idea of having to go to a fertility clinic may seem intimidating, but know that you are good hands at TFC and they are great at what they do! more

So happy with Dr. Silverberg 10/21/2010

My husband and I are so happy with choosing Dr. Silverberg at TFC. We had been trying for a year and a half and were starting to get frustrated and stressed each month, so we decided to see Dr. Silverberg about fertility issues. During our first visit, we worked with him to come up with a step by step plan on what we needed to try and a few small things to change that could help improve our chances more. He was extremely friendly, funny, enthusiastic and optimistic - this, along with having a concrete plan, helped me to calm down and not worry or stress as much. We had tons of questions and Dr. Silverberg took the time to answer them all fully and also make sure we understood everything we would be trying. After various tests and a couple types of fertility medication to help some of my problems, we were very lucky and got pregnant the first month after going to TFC. Dr Silverberg definitely shared in our excitement and was very pleased with us. We were so happy to recently take our new daughter in to meet Dr. Silverberg and the nursing staff. We're very thankful for all the help that he provided and would definitely recommend him to anyone with fertility issues. more

Dr. Hansard is an excellent doctor. 9/10/2010

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Hansard. I was her patient for nearly two years, and I am now pregnant with twins. She is professional, friendly, warm, caring, incredibly smart, and she has a great sense of humor. I always had the utmost confidence in her abilities. Dr. Hansard's case management is excellent. After seeing her only a couple of times I felt that she knew me, my husband, and our situation. There was never any confusion. I never felt like I was just another patient to her. She is very good at explaining the various diagnostic procedures, clearly explaining treatment options, and then giving you and your spouse time to decide what treatments you are comfortable pursuing. She is realistic and doesn't sugar coat things, which is something I appreciated, but was always optimistic that I would eventually get pregnant. She really cares about helping you reach your goal of having a child. When our IVF cycles failed she called to say how sorry she was, and when we finally got pregnant she was so excited for us. Going through treatments for infertility is a stressful process, but Dr. Hansard made it a very pleasant experience for me. I will forever be grateful to her, and I would happily recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility. I also saw Dr. Vaughn on the 4 times I had to come in on a weekend for sonograms or IUIs. He was always very kind and professional. I never saw any of the other doctors, but I have no doubt that they are all very good. I was always impressed with the way TFC is operated. I appreciated that they respect your time. Office visits are very efficient. I was rarely there more than 30 minutes from check in to check out, but I never felt like Dr. Hansard was rushing to get to another patient. She was always thorough. We also had three consultations with Dr. Hansard during which she took plenty of time with us discussing everything we wanted to discuss. Both of my nurses (one for IUI one for IVF) were very helpful and knowledgeable. They are also available to answer any questions you have. You often have to leave a message for your nurse, but they always call back in the same day and more often than not they call back within an hour. I am really going to miss everyone at TFC now that I am seeing my OB, but should we decide to have any more children I will absolutely go back to see Dr. Hansard again. more

Don't Wait Any Longer! 8/20/2010

We were so lucky we were abled to get in with Dr. Silverberg right away. We had already tried years of natural TTC, Clomid and Femara with the help of my OB/GYN. It was time to move on to the big leagues.\r \r We originally considered going to the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, which has the highest success rates in the country. I was happily surprised to find that the success rates at the Texas Fertility Center are almost equal to CCRM. Fortunately, there was a cancellation and I was able to claim the spot.\r \r It has taken a year and a half to find success, but with each try, each step of the way, we learned something new that brought us another step closer. We found just the medicine to make my body respond, and just what my husband needed to do to increase our chances of success.\r \r Every step of the way, the doctors and nurses have been there for us. While it's true it can be hard to reach someone during the day by phone, I always got a response to emails within two hours. Also, Pam is always available on the the 24 hr emergency pager. My most awesome nurse Keri always passed on each and every concern to Dr. Silverberg. Sometimes she was able to pass on instructions and answers to us, and sometimes Dr. Silverberg called us back himself - even on weekends and holidays.\r \r The financial staff have been exceptionally helpful and kind. They have interceeded for us with insurance on numberous occasions and have helped us set up financial plans when needed. \r \r Over the course of our time with Texas Fertility, I have had the pleasure of being treated not only by Dr. Silverberg, but also Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Berger when they were on call. Each encounter was pleasant, professional and helpful. In fact, everyone was cheerful and encouraging. While I do feel especially fond of Dr. Silverberg, I would've been equally as happy no matter which doctor I had been assigned to.\r \r I know fertility treatments are emotionally and financially difficult. Each decision has so much riding on it. If you'd like to speak to a fellow infertility couple who has been there, feel free to email me at daisy6671 at aol dot com. I also have a blog at iamstacey dot wordpress dot com. You can read about my full day-to-day experience with the Texas Fertility Center there.\r \r Sending lots of good vibes and baby dust your way.\r StaceyH more

Dr. Silverberg was on the Discovery Channel! 8/20/2010

I saw Dr. Silverberg on Discovery Health discussing a very successful outcome for an Austin couple struggling with infertility and thought he seemed \r very intelligent and well-versed on the latest research. Being a victim of recurrent miscarriage, I had to know that I was going to the best doctor I could find to help me avoid another loss. After doing my own research, I decided that \r Texas Fertility Center and specifically Dr. Kaylen Silverberg and his nurse Kellye Cruz were the best in the business and the people I would trust with one more try. We are now excitedly waiting the arrival of twins! \r I fully believe that my babies would not have been possible without the expert knowledge, diligence and attention to detail that Texas Fertility Center offers and I will forever be grateful for their help in creating our family. more

Dr. Mehta is AMAZING 7/22/2010

My husband and I struggled to get pregnant for about a year. I was really nervous about doing fertility treatments but the first time I met Dr. Mehta, she made me feel so at ease. She has such great bedside manner and is so caring and understanding. She made us feel like we were her only patients (and we weren't at all). She would spend as much time as I needed at every appointment answering every question and believe me, I had lots. She always returned my emails promptly and even called me at home numerous times when I sent her some panicked emails. It only took about 4 months and I was pregnant with TWINS!! My husband and I feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Mehta. Pros: great bedside manner, caring, understanding more

Highly recommend Dr. Hansard 7/12/2010

We cannot say enough great things about Dr. Hansard. She really impressed us during our initial consultation with how thorough and detailed she was. She actually took the time to review my medical history prior to us walking through the door. She knew exactly what my diagnosis was even before I ever opened my mouth! Dr. Hansard did a great job of presenting the information in a way that was clear and understandable. She was uplifting and positive during the whole process. She was a pleasure to work with and will definitely be using her again in the future! Pros: extremely knowledgable, approachable, patient, more

Highly recommended 6/3/2010

Dr. Natalie Burger, Kelli Long RN and staff were very thorough starting at our initial visit. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about nine months when we made our first appointment. All the preliminary tests that my OB gyn doctor should have ordered before putting me on fertility meds were ordered or performed by TFC before any treatment was started. Once diagnoses were eliminated we were given several options for trying to conceive. We never felt pushed into any option and the choice was always ours. After four months of meeting Dr. Burger we successfully conceived and we're expecting a little girl this October. Thank you for all your work and dedication to helping others conceive. Pros: thorough, compassionate, knowledgeable more

Highly Recommend 2/26/2010

My husband and I went to TFC to conceive. Being 39 and with diagnosed infertility, a reproductive endocrinologist was our last hope to conceive. We saw Dr. Vaughn and were very pleased. We trusted him to guide us in making decisions along the way and he always gave us all the information on options available guiding our decision, but always empowered us to make the right decision for us on how advanced we wanted to go. We decided to start with IUI and were successful on our 2nd try! I am now almost 10 weeks pregnant and we owe our success to Dr. Vaughn. We highly recommend TFC. Pros: knowlegable and professional more

Recommended without any reservations 1/29/2010

We are so happy that our OB/GYN referred us to TFC and Dr. Silverberg. We received the most professional and compassionate care from the entire TFC staff. Dr. Silverberg was patient and willing to answer any question we brought him. We never felt rushed by him even when we knew he was very busy. He took our concerns seriously and was very proactive in our treatment. His knowledge, expertise and warmth made it easy for us to trust him and follow his recommendations. As a result, we are expecting a baby boy in April. Thank you TFC, Dr. Silverberg, and Kelli Long for taking such good care of us! Pros: warm, professional and very efficient more

Pregnant with two! 1/5/2010

Dr. Silverberg and his entire team worked very efficiently and after only 5 months from our initial meeting, I'm pregnant with twins. He also is a very nice and caring person and made me feel like I was his ""most important"" patient...even though the waiting room was full. Thank you TFC for my new family members! Pros: Very Personable Cons: you might have more than one! more

best doctors 12/9/2009

This place is amazing like a well oiled machine. Large staff of nurses and medical assistants, all very nice and helpful. Whenever I call I get a return call within an hour. Needless to say, their success rate speaks for itself, and when you're trying to have a baby you don't really care about how nice everyone is, you just want them to be great at their job. Dr. Silverberg is a total sweetheart, but also extremely smart, well researched and great at his job. Dr. Vaughn is just as sweet and well researched although I only saw him a few times when he was on call. I don't know how other IVF clinics work, but these doctors work their tails off. They work 7 days a week, every week. The fact that any of them have spouses and families amazes me. If you are doing IVF, and you need to have a retrieval on a saturday, your doctor will be there, not an on-call doctor. I just couldn't believe that my doctor would be there for everything. I figured out what each doctors schedule is- monday-thursday 6:30 am retreivals for whoever needs, 9am, clinic time which includes new patient visits, sonograms for people in injection cycles, and for those who tested positive for pregnancy, and inseminations for those not up to IVF yet. 12:30 they head back to surgery to do any transfers. Then back to clinic for more sonograms, reading blood test results from the morning and giving pt's orders to be called out by the nurses. Friday they do surgery all over town at every hospital and outpatient surgery center, in between whatever retreivals and transfers they have that day. You get my point! They are just an amazing, successful group, and they really care and want you to have a baby. Don't get me wrong, they get paid well, but I think anyone of them would do it anyway, even if they didn't. Great experience Pros: everything Cons: wish I could stay more

Don't Think Twice! 11/3/2009

A few months ago we scheduled our first consultation with Dr. Silverberg. From the very beginning, he was positive and knowledgable about our infertility situation. We left his office with a renewed spirit. We have never been taken care of with such love, understanding, personal attention, and flexibility. We had our own nurse who was extremely attentive to our needs (thanks Jennifer!), and Pam was also fabulous. We called her late at night and early morning (she was on call) with questions and once a minor crisis with our meds. She solved it with pleasure. We are now truly blessed with a baby due in June. Please don't think twice about meeting with these incredible doctors, nurses, and staff. You will not regret it. We owe much of our happiness to God, but we also know Dr. Silverberg played a huge part! Pros: Changed our lives more

Amazing Doctors, Amazing Staff. We love Dr. Silverberg! 10/16/2009

My husband and I had been trying to conceive on our own for more than two years, with no results. Less than a year after we met Dr. Silverberg at our first TFC appointment, we got pregnant! Dr. Silverberg is the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is brilliant, has a great sense of humor and cares about each and every one of his patients. He gave us the time we needed, answered all of our questions, presented us with options and ideas and then guided us through the fertility process. Every staff member at the TFC is knowledgeable, personable, efficient and nice. They're all such a great team. Every time I needed them, they were there (all of them! including Dr. Silverberg!) and I needed them daily. Amazing care, fantastic people. We're so happy with the results. Pros: Brilliant, caring, available, attentive Cons: NONE! more
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