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Valencia Dental Group at Old Road - 13 Reviews - 26938 The Old Rd., Stevenson Ranch, CA - Dentists Reviews - Phone (661) 799-0886

Valencia Dental Group at Old Road

26938 The Old Rd.
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381
(661) 799-0886
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so i went to Valencia Dental care this morning and i was expecting the worsed. Mr. Santiago assured me that everything would be ok with my check up and xrays. i saw dr. Wyndhams...



I have unfortunately been going here for over 2 years. I had my braces put on here. \r After I had my braces off, I had 4 cavities. they did the 1st three that day, then I return...

Ms. 7/22/2011

I have unfortunately been going here for over 2 years. I had my braces put on here. \r After I had my braces off, I had 4 cavities. they did the 1st three that day, then I returned for one more. \r It was that last one that, that finally pushed me over the edge. It was being treated by a different dr. and he numbed me, which wasn't enough, he did it again, still wasn't enough. He proceeded to finish about 40 min later, for what he called a very tiny cavity. He tells me I would have sensitivity to the tooth, and that it's normal. (I DISAGREE!!) the next day I could hardly open my mouth to brush my teeth, and now-- 3 wks after the procedure-- I cannot even drink room temp water with out my tooth hurting. It feels like he drilled into the wrong tooth, filled it, and called it good. \r And then they billed me $84.. My co-pay is $35, I should not have to pay anymore than that!! I am going to call them and have them make this right. (Which is probably not going to do me any good.) more

SCAM!!! 9/16/2010

I visited their office for the first time this past April and was told the same thing as everyone else. I needed a mouth guard for sleeping, I needed a deep cleaning and crowns put on my teeth. I agreed to the deep cleaning and went back 1 month later for the procedure. Everything went fine except for the annoying dentist who made it sound like my teeth were on the verge of falling out!!! They tried to sell me additional procedures and services every 5 minutes and I finally told them to stop trying to sell me stuff and just perform what I paid for. I literally had to be rude to get them to shutup!! Anyway, later I got a letter from my dental insurance provider saying that my claim for coverage for the deep cleaning procedure was denied!! Apparently, when VDG sent over my x-rays and gum measurements to the insurance company for reimbursement it was obvious to them that I didn't need a deep cleaning and my teeth were fine. A month after that I received a phone call from VDG sayin more

great staff 8/31/2010

so i went to Valencia Dental care this morning and i was expecting the worsed. Mr. Santiago assured me that everything would be ok with my check up and xrays. i saw dr. Wyndhamsmith and i was very pleased with my visit.\r \r will definately keep this a my reg. offie.\r \r thank you Santiago. more

Shame on them!!!!!! 8/16/2010

My son had to have all of this wisdom teeth extracted. They were all impacted. They told me that after insurance, my co-pay would be 690.00. I have a Care Credit Credit card that can be used specifically for dental and medical care. I used the card. They charged my card $690.00. They got all of their money. The procedure was performed without incident. I got my Explanation of Benefits in the mail from the insurance company and found that my copayment was not $690.00. It was $405.00. Seems like an awfully large discrepancy! I called them up and asked them to please correct the mistake. They said they would look into it, and asked me for my credit card number. Two months later, they still did not correct it. I went into get my teeth cleaned just recently and inquired about my credit. I was told they would have to look into it. They called me into their office and agreed they had made a mistake and took my credit number again. I hope this is taken care of now or I will ha more

Worst dentistry 7/24/2010

i was excited to go to a dentist close to home and affordable. I Instead, it was the worst experience ever! They had me in the chair for over an hour and forgot about me, I tried to get off and rush out, but my legs had fallen asleep!\r I came in for the $39 special for cleaning, x-ray and exam, and got just an x-ray, hardly an exam!The doctor said I needed a deep cleaning and mouth guard otherwise my teeth will become loose. The bill came out to $3,108. I declined the deep cleaning and just a regular cleaning, they refused to do it and said for legal purposes they can not. Yet, they still wanted me to pay for my cleaning/exam/x-ray!! This is a horrible chain dentistry and people with no morals and horrible ethics work her. Karma on all of them.\r DO NOT GO HERE!! more

SCAM Artists! 6/16/2010

This office is aweful. They are the used car salesmen of the dental industry. They try to sell everyone on their Cerec Crowns even when there's nothing wrong with your teeth. And they refuse to give you a regular cleaning and instead try to tell you how aweful your teeth are a $700 cleaning. My husband and I had separate appointments and they try to sell us both the same exact thing. If you go there expect them to tell you that you need:\r a mouth guard ($400)\r Cerec Crowns ($800 each)\r Deep gum/teeth cleaning ($700)\r This seems to be their routine sales pitch. BEWARE!!!! more

Ridiculous 4/12/2010

1. I too was deceived by the $39 special. This Dental Office is RIDICULOUS. I was lured in by this amazing offer only to find out that they do not do the cleaning in the same day. I have a gap between my two front teeth which I've had since birth and I am perfectly confident with my smile to say the least. They tried to sell me $4000 worth of (VENEERS) cosmetic treatment. IF and only IF I was going to change my smile I would opt for braces and they tried to tell me that that wasn't an option, that it was too late ( I'm too old for braces basically) HOW DARE YOU!!!! I've worked in the dental field for over 10 years and I know how the teeth are prepared for veneers and I would never cut into perfectly healthy cavity free teeth for anything like that. THIS OFFICE IS NOT CONCERNED ABOUT DENTAL HEALTH OR THERE PATIENTS, THEY ARE ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT MAKING THE DOLLAR, DOLLAR BILL YA'LL (-: \r \r 2. I asked my husband to make an appointment and take the kids to the dentist. He did, GOOD JOB! more

They are like used-car salesmen 11/22/2008

First off, one star is too high a rating for this dental group...\r I had my first appointment with them in August 2007. They tried to sell me $3000. worth of dental work and pushed for replacing a perfectly good crown with one that cost over $1000. with a 5-year warranty. They also tried the hard-sell to get me to take a temporary crown even though I told them I was leaving the country on vacation for two weeks trying to convince me that their temporary crowns "never" malfunction....please.\r THEN...they declined to clean and polish my teeth saying that their hygienist was too busy (I had already been in the office for an hour and a half). I had to research my insurance coverage and faxed them a copy of my coverage and co-pay options that I received directly from from my insurance provider. They never called me back to reschedule an appointment after determining that I would not be spending $3000 for new crowns.\r I had my second AND FINAL visit yesterday. They found a new set of pr more

Use car salesmen 11/22/2008

The previous reviewer hit the nail on the head with the upselling of everything. I was told I needed a crown and their high pressure tactics of "we must do it today" and it will cost "hundreds of dollars because you must have the best crown possible" or it won't last. I held firm and told them I would schedule another apt. to get it done. They tried and tried to have me do it that day and gave me some scare tactic that something might happen and I would be in a lot of pain. After checking with my insurance company, they told me my copay would be $60! When I called back to schedule my apt. they said "no that was wrong information, that the $60 copay was for a metal crown". After many phone calls and fighting I finally got the crown done...a porcelain one...for $60 copay. Stay away from this dental group! more

Avoid these people no matter what 9/6/2008

Problems:\r 1) They upsell everything. They consistently tried to steer me to the most expensive option possible for any and all work. When I would ask for an explanation between different options I would get the complete runaround and they would tell me that I really needed the most expensive option even though, as it would always turn out, there would have been no difference with a cheaper option. By my third (and final!) visit I just learned to tune out anything they said. They even tried to convince me I needed my teeth whitened... I'm one of those people who always hears comments about how white my teeth already are; how much whiter can they get???\r \r 2) They play games with insurance. When I would ask what the bottom line cost of something would be and exactly how much the insurance (a DMO plan, so they are ultimately responsible for the insurance coverage) would cover, I would get the runaround. I would say stuff like, "according to my plan, this should be covered 60% and w more

Worst dentist around 4/29/2008

I agree with the previous poster- they try to scare you into thinking your mouth is going to fall off your face or something utterly ridiculous like that. They quoted my husband as needing around $6000 of work, which, conveniently, our insurance wouldn't cover. My husband went elsewhere for a second opinion and found that his situation was nowhere near as dire as VDG made it out to be. In fact, they did the same thing to me a week after he went in and I told the stupid dentist off for being such a conniving piece of work. I wouldn't go back to that place even if my teeth were rotting, it would be less painful, honestly. This office has no tact and nothing would make me happier than if they disappeared :) more

Misleading Advertising and Rip offs 6/28/2007

June 2007 - Thier advertising (store front sign) for Dental Xrays & Cleaning ($39 Special) was deceiving. I came in and had my dental Xrays done only to find out you would not do the cleaning at that price. Even though my insurance would not cover the deep cleaning they had determined I needed, they quoted me $1,600 for this which I could not afford, and then denied me credit. Now I am consulting my wife's family dentist and hope I am not required to do another set of Xrays (and hope my insurance will pay again). I am getting a second opinion on the deep cleaning and will see how much less they will charge for this procedure. I did have this same procedure done in Chicago last year for $600.\r July 13, 2007 - I recently went to my wife's family dentist as I said I would. Because they are trusted and rely on referrals, they did not need to orvercharge me and scare me into thinking I needed a major procedure (special deep cleaning). My new dentist in Northridge advised that I do nee more

New in Town 4/18/2006

The Valencia Dental Group is relatively new in town. It's on The Old Road, not to be confused with Valencia Dental Care on Valencia Boulevard. Valencia Dental Group is preyy high-tech. They take digital photos of your teeth so when they tell you that you have a cracked tooth you can see it clearly instead of trying to squint to see using fogged up mirrors. My recommendation to them is to remember to praise and encourage their patients more. The desk staff is friendly and goes the extra mile to help. more
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