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I have been dealing with Chris for nearly 15 years. His power cord recipes and components added soundstage space to my system, and I have had great success with some of his other ...


I have purchased from Chris for 15+ years. The products and service is always the best.

Excellent Seller 7/16/2013

Chris VenHaus and his vhaudio.com are excellent sources of audiophile equipment. Very highly recommended. more

VH Audio Flavor 1 and Flavor 4 power cables 7/13/2013

My system consists of: CAPS v2.0 PC, Calix 24/192 DAC, Audiopax valve amps, Audiopax speakers and Juice Bar power distribution. The Juice Bar had a stock power cable and I decided to try Flavor 4. After the recommended 2 weeks burn-in, my system improved dramatically. The cable cured an annoying bass bloom and the level of details increased. My system became much more enjoyable to listen to. Then I decided to replace the DAC stock power cable by Flavor 1. With 1 week burn-in, bass became more tuneful and the tonal accuracy improved. Again, just more music. Thanks VH Audio for 2 wonderful products. more

Furutech FP-1363-S Single Rhodium United Kingdom Socket. 7/5/2013

Very fast shipping as same day, and the item is perfect, best seller and highly recommended. Many thanks Chris. more

OIMP Caps in crossover 5/15/2013

OIMP Caps in crossover I improved the sound from my DIY 3-way Scan Speak loudspeakers significantly by changing all caps in series with the speaker elements from high quality JANTZEN Silver and Silver Gold Z-caps to the V-Cap OIMP. What did I experience? Well, even from the moment of changing the caps my speakers sounded smoother, more relaxed and transparent. The harshness that had been there previously was simply gone. And that was before burning in. Now, I have had the OIMS in place several weeks, and they have played around 300 hours. The sound is significantly improving in the same way, meaning more music, more purity, more enjoyment. I can fully recommend these OIMP caps for improving speakers; and even if they have a cost, what I earned in terms of freshness of sound, was a huge achievement for the price. Enthusiast, Norway more

Great service 5/6/2013

Fast and accurate shipping. I enter 2 orders the same day because I forgot on the first one few items, They merge both order and refund me on shipping charge. I will deal with them again if I need . more
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  • Chris VenHaus has helped thousands of audiophiles tweak their systems since the 1990's, and opened VH Audio in 2003 to offer high-end cable, wire, parts and accessories to the audiophile community. Since then, VH Audio has become known for offering pre-screened best-of-breed products & products that represent exceptional value at their price points. Whether you're a hardcore DIY or looking for a finished accessory ot tweak, VH Audio can help you take your system to the 'next level' by guiding you through the vast landscape of choices.

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