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While serving eighteen months incarceration in a federal medical center in Lexington, I heard horrible stories from offenders who were revoked while on parole. I'd be thinking to...


My boyfriend's parole officer is rude, she don't listen and she don't care about helping him. His son was murder few months ago also with felony is hard to find a job, she threat ...

U.S. Probation & Parole 8/8/2011

While serving eighteen months incarceration in a federal medical center in Lexington, I heard horrible stories from offenders who were revoked while on parole. I'd be thinking to myself, they're probably not telling all there is to know about it, just what did they really do that caused them to get revoked?. Without going into all the facts, which would fill many pages here, I'm convinced there's undoubtedly a significant number of corrupt and psychopathic agents in both the state and federal systems. And, because many agents are intelligent and sophisticated, they know how far they can push it, how much they can abuse and make deliberate indiscretions before it becomes too obvious. Some are very sick individuals, indeed! \r Further, having acheived a Certificate of Paralegal from the Colorado University and having briefed hundreds of decisions from the courts while working as a prison law librarian I can tell you that most all federal and state judges are cleverely bias and corrupt. This becomes especially obvious in pro se litigation matters, where inmates challeng administrative decisions, misconduct and ilegal behavior by prison staff and parole agents, Judges cover their horrible indiscretions that destroy human values (as they themselfs may do) like a father may do for their son's misbehavior. TOften the DA/judge intentionally make no mention of the nost important facts and the real issues are twisted or changed, resulting in the real issue never getting reahed. All experienced attornies and paralegals can tell you this but avoid doing so to keep good repoir with DA's and judges. Basically, it's seen as one big family. In most cases, unknown to the defendant his attorney is actually a secret enemy spy working in favor of the DA and court -- not the defendant. \r If you'd like to hear a really unbelievable abuse story that I'm currently working on contact me in October. \r Also, If you really want to see clear and convincing evidence of governmental corruption, which, I guarantee will change your view on government forever, watch ""The Movie, Zeigeist"", parts 2 & 3; and, especially watch, ""Zeigeist: Moving Forward."" Both are available on Youtub, free. If you've difficulty downloading or streaming, google it. The shi_ has got to stop! \r more

Probation & Parole 10/24/2010

Yes I'm writing about my brother which spent over 10 years in Prison and then out on parole It is a truly sad thing when these offenders get out of prison we as communities would hope that between prison programs and other programs these offenders are having to complete that they would come back out in our community better people.Some will some won't But with the way probation and parole is run I'm afraid this will never happen. I truly believe that it's the probation officers that make these offenders what they become once they get out.They make them mean and hateful people, even the ones that never were. In my experience I've seen and heard first hand what these probation officers do to these offenders once they are released. They threaten them embarrass them reticule them punish them over and over even though they have did nothing wrong to deserve it since their release. And for the people or families that are helping them it's just as bad for them, I been threatened a couple of times by his probation officer.they tell my husband and I what we can and can't do,who we can have over and who we can't.They threaten him on a daily basis that they will put him back in prison.Since he came to stay with us he has not been able to leave this house not even to help with yard work around hear she said don't even poke your head out the door.He has been in the house for 7 days without even stepping foot out of here, we are not even able to take him looking for a job, he is unable to go to the store with us. Before he came to live with us he was able to run all over Kenosha for 12 hours a day unmonitored and without supervision now what sense does that make. Sure you can file a grievance but it goes nowhere and you just keep going up the ladder and still nothing happens.Why do they not have anyone to answer to for their misconduct and why are they not being punished for their mistakes. Concerned Citizen I also wanted to say sorry for all you offenders out there having to go through the same thing my brother is hang in there someone has to at some point start listening to what we are saying ! more

Probation & Parole Officers/agents ... Comment 1/27/2009

Shocking! I didn't believe my friend when he'd complain about his PO but man is she freeken out there or what. She's totally trying to destroy this guy, he wasn't lieing. I realize this fellow has a history of drinking and getting roudy in his younger days but come on he's 45 not 25 or even 35. He got ticketed, fined, and jailed for a 1/2 inch undersized fish, come on and littering for not picking up a pole, okay so he didn't have a license yet. He could be sucking the suds ... allow him the dignity to figure it out. Really? He's not driving ... . He has spent the last 20 years involved with the justice system and trying to get away from these gostopo figures. I can not believe we PAY for continued incarciration for alcoholics. Let's imprision people with a disease and have the public pay our wages ... . He too is treated as a max prisioner. I've called for him to get information from his PO, she will not call back. He lived in our home, hello? His PO will not go & see him in jail on a PO hold and did nothing for 30 days not like the 3 to 5 day management of his case. I'm shock and my opinion of the justice system has been reinforced that it is corrupt as hell. I've never had any legal issues that have resulted in incarceration and could not even imagine what was really going on. This guy has been the most helpful and respectful human being and, no, like the other writer stated, they do not care. I was told the PO are to have them picked up & put PO holds on convicts just before the holidays. The local jails get the income and the PO I heard get bonuses, Really? I hope some thing get done sooner then later, it will be later for my friend, obviously. I hope they all had nice holidays and are warm and comfortable in their lives & loved ones because our start has been ruined and obviously put on hold. I don't know if I believe in Karma but I hope it's a real thing. Pros: Change! Cons: Stop fleecing! more

If U can...avoid it. 12/1/2008

I've been on felony high risk parole for over 3 years and for the most part I can honestly say that the ""system"" is full of agents that don't care one way or another how an offender turns out. They install all of these goofy rules as a means to trap one into a situation that'll get U back in prison. At one point thru this parole I was on house arrest for 17 months when I didn't do anything to begin with. I'm not a criminal just proclaiming his innocence. but I am honestly stating that they do not care to help, they would rather lock U up as a means to lighten their supervision load. I haven't had a dirty U/A or been arrested for anything, but I'm still on high risk as if I'm a murderer. At one point I owned my own business and that was thwarted in the midst of an unnecessary ""investigation"", but the outcome didn't result in an apology, just the 'go out and get a job', knowing that I just served 6 years in the penitentiary. If U can, avoid getting convicted, because this state has degenerated from the 'Dairy State' to the 'Prison State', meaning that 10+ years ago this states' primary income was dairy products and livestock, but now it's the Department of Corrections and its' stock. more

parole concerns 10/24/2008

I am writing to get this out there to the public,reguarding my brother who has been incarcerated for 13 years of his life. A parole agent came and checked his home in which he was planning on paroling out to. the agent approved everything,which made him and his family excited that he was finally coming home,and then he seen the parole board again this week, And he has been in front of the board 6 times and the first one gave him a 24 month defer,the second time they gave him a 12 month defer,third time they gave him a 11 month,fourth time a 11 month,fifth time 10 month,and now they are giving him a 8 month,they keep saying he hasnt served enough time for his punishment. Since he has been locked up he has lost our mother,grandfather,uncle,aunt,great grandmother who have all passed away. When our mother passed away he lost the only person who has ever been there for him threw all the bad times and since he was locked up he couldnt even be there for her when she passed away. As his family we just feel that we are getting let down each and every time because he is always told that he has not served enough time for his punishment. And he never gets any other explanation except for the same things everytime. They don't even consider how well he has been since he has been in there or how well he has done over the past 13 years and he is not a risk to the public at all and has never hurt anybody at all in his whole life. Why are we paying taxes for prisoners that do not belong there. Cons: they don't listen to how well the inmate has achieved more

Parol officer 7/9/2008

My boyfriend's parole officer is rude, she don't listen and she don't care about helping him. His son was murder few months ago also with felony is hard to find a job, she threat his freedom - he has been out one month and he is already going crazy, She talk to me like I'm a criminal and I'm not the one under PO. So if they want respect, is not fair that they respect other people too. Any one make mistakes in life, that doesn't mean they are animals or less of a person. more

Probation Agent 1/27/2008

The probation agent that my husband had to deal with is very rude always stateing her opion.\r about things she doesn't even know about.\r Very mean person not helpful at all doesn't give you a chance to talk or explain.\r She needs to be fired more

Poor Supervision of offenders 12/1/2007

The parole office is really screwed up... I can't believe they are allowing offenders who are on parole for 5 years go unsupervised for months because they have not yet been re-assigned a new officer to their case. It is absolutely disturbing to know that this offenderis unsupervised and living in another county (he is to be living in Milwaukee County), driving without a lisence and thinking he is above the law because the parole office has not yet appointed him a new officer. (How sad is this sittuation?) The offender believes the parole office simply doesn't care and he is just ""lost in the system."" This is absurd. It is the responsibility of the Parole Office to keep accurate records of these criminals and most of all SUPERVISE them!!! Not having the time to re-assign the case is a poor excuse and these offenders must never think they are simply ""lost"" in the system. Cons: Supervisor was rude and not helpful more
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