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Unique Thrift Store

4471 Winnetka Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55428
(763) 535-0200
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Like many thrift stores, the lower quality stuff may be over priced, but the really good stuff may be very under priced - know what things are worth and focus on bargains. Many...


I was green before green was in, and have shopped many thrift stores over the years. Unique used to be one of my favorites NOT ANYMORE! The prices are not THRIFTY at all, I have f...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/21/2013

where is the old staff ?have they been replaced /moved. last day shopping there was fri. the new staff appears lazy, and rude. i was not rude back. i just treated her how she treated me. they stare at you like you asked some dumb question. at check out i bought 3 glass you want them wrapped?"" dah yaaaah. after i paid she handed me receipt and does not say thank-you. collected my change and stared back at her and did not say booo. i knew when i left this was not good behavior,but in the future i will treat you how you treat me. if you stare at me ..i will stare back. you don't acknowledge me ...i don't acknowledge you.\r i watched a kid come out with a cart from the back room. did not unload it but talks to a friend and occasionally pulled something out of the cart. spent more time watching to see if he was being watched. store is now dirty ..going down hill with this new staff. bring back the old staff. that took pride in their work. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/2/2013

I agree about the staff, most are rude, obstructing aisles heaven forbid you ask a question, I only go on half price day's not only the staff are rude in this store, but many of the customers are also! All that aside, you can find great deals and the have huge selection, the store,clothing,and merchandise are clean. more

Know what Value is, pay attention to price 1/15/2012

Like many thrift stores, the lower quality stuff may be over priced, but the really good stuff may be very under priced - know what things are worth and focus on bargains. Many Holidays have 'whole store' discounts up to 50%, which can make what was overpriced a great deal. Once an item is priced, some shoppers remove the tags hoping for a better price - so the policy is to reprice and restock tomorrow (discourages people from messing with pricing). I buy all of my ties there, and some may cost more than $5, but they are largely designer ties priced at 10x more in Macy's. Books are good deals, although only recently sorted by genre - so it may require searching to find titles that you want. If clothing prices are extremely low, check for missing buttons, etc. The store is huge, and some of the 'Vintage' stock is priced for collectors. Check electronic items carefully (plugs are accessible), as there is no warranty. Most of the really nice stuff is very reasonably priced - but know what it's worth to you. They now also have fitting rooms so that you can be sure of a good fit. The selection is astounding (look at displays above racks on the walls too). Overall, best to shop on a discount day (Holidays), although it will be crowded then. more

Over Priced 7/11/2011

I was green before green was in, and have shopped many thrift stores over the years. Unique used to be one of my favorites NOT ANYMORE! The prices are not THRIFTY at all, I have found better deals at retail stores sales. The last time I was in the store and inquired on the price of an unmarked garment they took it away and said they would reprice it and put it out the next day! Why couldn't they reprice it then? They say No RETURNS I don't think they can refuse if you ask. The management of this store should be ashamed. There greed has ruined a good thrift. From now on I will shop elsewhere. SAVERS on Central is great! more


My whole family used to love to shop at Unique because of the variety of ""stuff"" and the great prices. I bought many, many shirts and most of them didn't really fit me but it wasn't so bad because they were priced so reasonably. Now, because this place has become popular and successful BECAUSE OF THEIR REASONABLE PRICES, they have raised their prices equal to retail. This is USED merchandise, people. They have hired so many people to work there that most of them just walk around, shoving objects and clothing into little groups and getting in the way of the shoppers. This used to be such a fun place to go but we will all take our business elsewhere. Greed will always bring you down. Sad. You have lost a total of 14 shoppers just from my family! more

A treasure-hunter's paradise. 10/5/2010

I'm addicted to these stores. They're like a huge, well-organized garage sale with much more variety in the tschotske area, and more organization and quality in clothing. Very clean too. You can have a LOT of fun for $20 although their prices have crept up over the years - but most things are still extremely affordable. Now I just spend 30-45 minutes per visit in search of things such as like-new Cole-Haan shoes for $5 (easily $200+ retail) or a Joseph Abboud sport coat, in perfect condition, for $7 ($300+ retail). I have a superb collection of beautifully-designed candle holders and a lifetime supply of candles...all uber-cheap but like new. This is a treasure hunter's paradise...if you have a good eye and know your brands, you'll make out like a bandit. And guilty pleasure: I love it when 7:30 rolls around and they repeatedly tell me that the store has closed...I keep shopping and drive 'em nuts. Do I need to get a life? So what! more

Greed ruining another good thing? 8/23/2010

I have shopped at three of the metro area Unique Stores for the last six to seven years. I loved the stores they were clean, they were mostly organized, and most items were in good repair. Unique Thrift Stores were a wonderful experiance, to shop there was to have a good experiance. They used to offer great deals on just about everything in the store, granted everything was on the ""as is"" and their ""no returns ever!!! policy"" is actually a violation of MN State Law. That aside, you can still get a great deal there once and a while more so on the 25% off VIP days and the holiday sales when they run a 50% off. You do have to register for a VIP card and give out a bit of personal info.\r I do find it frustrating to have to physically search out the store manager if I want to ask a question in english as I am not bilingual. However in response to the people that are making remarks as to the legality of the workers, are you an immigration agent, did you personally examine their work visas, green card or other identification, if you can not answer yes to both of those questions, you're just being a racist. English is one of the hardest languages to learn and speak let alone read and write. \r Back off the rabbit trail...\r In the last 12 - 18 months Unique has gone to pricing items ouutrageously high, often more than that item would sell for new at Target or Walmart, and god forbid that you come across an item that has been tagged but not priced, as they have a ""store policy"" that prevents them from pricing the item in front of you, so you have to actually walk away ""more than ten to fifteen feet"" and hope that you can get back to it after they price it, before someone else grabs it, and if the tag is off the item they will not sell it to you at all. more

Retail or thirft store???????? 10/10/2009

Its pretty bad when you can go to the local marshalls and get a better deal then going to a ""thrift"" store. This stuff is donated!!!! the prices are crazy i went there to look for a tie today with most of them priced at 9.95 i went to marshalls and found brand new designer ties for the same price. i looked at pants there most from 20-40 dollars. Are you serious!!!!!! ""thrift"" store my butt more like donating to a retail ""thrift store"". DONATE ELSEWHERE!!!!!!! Pros: big place Cons: prices more

Great Thrift 7/21/2009

This store is huge, the workers are very busy putting out new merchandise. I found the clerks to be quite helpful, the furniture selection profound, the merchandise is displayed so no digging is necessary, very organized... the only draw back is the prices, but that merely forces one to consider one's purchases very carefully. Helpful in keeping the junk out of your own closet! Pros: clean, well-organized displays Cons: Some prices more

Watch out for the HIGH PRICES!!!! 4/7/2008

Lots of Junk, Lots of treasures. Most overpriced, but may find a good deal. Prices seem to be higher than a retail store at times. I have seen target tags on some items and the Target price is lower than what they are asking. NO RETURNS! Stay away from the electronics!!! Over priced and may have something wrong with them. I saw a monitor there and it didn't work. THEY WERE ASKING $50 FOR IT. Throw the junk away!!!!!! Don't lead a consumer into to Buying something that is broken! Consumer/Buyer beware!!! I also saw a Topps football Trading card set. They are asking $450 for it. I believe it has a book value of $20-$30. Please do your research before going to this store, Before you get taken. I also saw an ab a syser- Don't know how to spell that one. They were asking $100. Retail price new is the same or close to it. Pros: May find a treasure Cons: You will pay enough for it more
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