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Twin Oaks Motessori - 11 Reviews - 7804 Northwest Dr, Austin, TX - Education & Instruction Reviews - Phone (512) 467-8885

Twin Oaks Motessori

7804 Northwest Dr
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 467-8885
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Twin Oaks Motessori - Austin, TX
Twin Oaks Motessori - Austin, TX
Twin Oaks Motessori - Austin, TX
Twin Oaks Motessori - Austin, TX
Twin Oaks Motessori - Austin, TX
Twin Oaks Motessori - Austin, TX
Twin Oaks Motessori - Austin, TX
Twin Oaks Motessori - Austin, TX
Twin Oaks Motessori - Austin, TX


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I strongly believe that the exploratory education, cultural diversity, and loving environment offered at Twin Oaks Montessori played an integral role in my daughter's success in a...


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Editorial review from Citysearch 2/17/2016

This is a great school! Our three-year-old daughter attends and we look forward to our younger daughter going there, too. The tuition is reasonable. The building is older, but in good shape and in a safe neighborhood. Their playgrounds are nice and well-shaded. We love it when our daughter is exhausted at night from her outdoor time. Most of all, the teachers are great with the kids! There is a good mix of discipline, playfulness, nurturing, education, encouragement, and independence. I feel like I'm leaving my daughter with family when I drop her off in the mornings. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/12/2016

My daughter, now three years old, has been happily attending Twin Oaks since she was 18 months old. I have watched her language, social skills, manners and learning skills bloom under the guidance of the entire Twin Oaks staff. Additionally, the mixed age classes are wonderful. My daughter benefits from both the older students, who act as mentors, and the younger students, as this allows her to help others learn and grow.\r \r When I found them I did my research with the state and they have never, not once, had a serious incident/accident or violation. The class ratios are on point and the campus inside and out is always clean and safe.\r \r Ms. Bona, Ms. Nila and all the teachers treat the children like family and share responsibilities with the children. This allows the children to know and have bonds with all teachers. \r I also love the fact that they don't feel the need to waste valuable time with the students by taking pictures for apps that parents use to feel more involved. There is no focus on hand holding with parents by indulging their constant focus on photos and other nonsense. (my mother is a teacher who is forced to do this for her parents and it takes about 30% of her time everyday, that's time away from real teaching and guidance, she wishes she could work someplace like Twin Oaks). I know that my daughter and her peers have the full attention of the teachers. I have never once seen a staff member on their phone/device. \r \r To sum it up I am extremely please with our experience with Twin Oaks and am confident my daughter will be ready for school when its time. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/28/2015

I?ve been meaning to write a review on Twin Oaks Montessori for several weeks now. Each time I begin writing, I immediately stop -- finding it hard to put into words what this amazing place and the amazing people who work there have done for my daughter over the last two years. Twin Oaks does an unbelievable job of balancing teaching important life skills, providing secure daily routines and giving lots of unconditional love. \r \r The teachers there have taught me how to be a better parent. They?ve taught my daughter how to be proud of the things she excels at while simultaneously gently pushing her to step out of her comfort zone. My daughter has two homes; she spends half the time at her dad?s and half the time with me. For her, Twin Oaks is the constant in her everyday. While that?s hard for me to even think about as a parent, I am so thankful that she has Twin Oaks and the teachers there to always welcome her with open arms, expect her to be her best and prepare her for the world in a completely thoughtful and purposeful way. \r \r You will know from the moment you walk into the little school building that they are focused less on the glitz and glam of what some daycares will sell you and more on the individual children who spend so much time in their care. You won?t be able to see your kid on a webcam when they are at Twin Oaks but you will be able to feel like you have left her with family. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/14/2015

Our family has been very happy with our experience at Twin Oaks Montessori. We moved to Austin around 9 months ago. Not knowing anyone in the area, we looked into several preschools (checking reviews online, visiting, etc.). When we visited Twin Oaks, we immediately knew it would be a great place for our 3 year old son.\r \r Ms. Bona, the school director and teacher in his classroom, was very helpful in answering all of our questions (we were not really familiar with the Montessori system). Our son had somewhat of a tough adjustment to make because his last preschool was really just a daycare where the teachers' primary concern was to keep the children intact. Ms. Bona was very helpful and patient with his transition to a more structured environment, which he loves. The instruction is great. Our son is always excited to let us know what his class learned on a given day, and he always has great art projects that he's proud to show us.\r \r Most importantly, he is always HAPPY to go to school. It's really night and day compared to his previous preschool, where mornings were almost always heartbreaking. He really looks forward to his time here, and is often sad to go home!\r \r Our family feels extremely lucky to have stumbled onto this great school, and we would recommend it to anyone/everyone. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/21/2015

My two kids go to Twin Oaks and we love it. We've been there for almost three years now. I love how multicultural it is. I also love how they integrate so much learning into the play time. My 5 year old son was drawing at home the other day and presented me with the Texas flag, the US flag and the Mexican flag all drawn from memory. I had no idea they were learning this stuff at school. He's always surprising me with the neat stuff he's learned. I'm sure he'll do great in Kinder this fall thanks to his time at Twin Oaks. And my three year old daughter is already writing her name! Every time I go to pick them up they're playing on the playground so I feel like they have a nice balance there. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/21/2014

Love Twin Oaks! I sent my little boy here on the recommendation of another Twin Oaks parent, and I'm so glad I listened. When my son started, he was completely unused to a daycare/preschool setting and had a lot of problems adjusting. The teachers were so sweet with him and really made a huge effort to help him adjust and learn to be part of the group. They do a wonderful job of being caring while also fostering independence. \r \r The Montessori system can be weird if you're not used to it--the kids play with their toys on little cloth mats lined up in a row, for instance--but kids thrive on that structure. The teachers are always happy to explain their techniques, and my son's teacher was very helpful. They also have parent-teacher conferences, which was awesome--we learned a lot of in depth information about how our kid was developing and what we could do at home to support his learning. \r \r The bottom line, though, is that this place is all about the kids, and the kids LOVE it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/27/2013

Twin Oaks is amazing! We sent our son to TO because my niece had gone there and I was amazed at all the things she learned. She thrived in that environment and was so loved by the amazing staff. I was very excited to send my son there. He came away from TO learning more than he would in a traditional day care setting. We will be sending our daughter to TO when she is 18 months. I highly recommend TO to any parent! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/16/2013

Twin Oaks is excellent! It is my pleasure to share the story of our wonderful experience at Twin Oaks Montessori with you. As an educator with an advanced degree in education, I wanted a place for my daughter focused not only on academics and positive social interaction with her peers, but also on the nurture of self-confidence, sense of self, and love and joy of learning. We have found Twin Oaks to be excellent in all regards. A firm believer in the Montessori process, I have been very happy with the adherence to the path of learning through experience/doing. The teachers (guides) have been wonderful with my daughter – she is so very fond of all of them - and the lines of communication are always open between parents and the Twin Oaks educators. This is a very loving and nurturing school and I feel peace of mind entrusting my daughter to them on a daily basis. I honestly believe we could not have found a better place for well-rounded growth. Academically, my daughter is more than well prepared for school next year – she has excellent problem solving skills, reads and spells simple words, can do basic addition and subtraction, and writes very legibly. She has loved learning Spanish and sign language, in addition to experiencing music and yoga. Perhaps best of all, Twin Oaks has continued to foster my daughter’s love of learning and intrinsic motivation. When Ms. Bona welcomed us to the school and thanked me for the privilege of teaching my daughter, I knew I had chosen well. As time progressed, everyone Twin Oaks only strengthened this belief. more

null 6/24/2012

I strongly believe that the exploratory education, cultural diversity, and loving environment offered at Twin Oaks Montessori played an integral role in my daughter's success in academics. She was a Twin Oaks student from ages 3-5. She learned Spanish, geography, mathematics, reading, writing, life skills, and yoga to name just a few subjects. When she began public kindergarten she was WELL beyond the standard. As the years moved forward it became clear she was capable of more than what public gifted and talented programs offer, not because she is a genius but because she had acquired a comfort and thirst for learning, excellence, and established confidence in self- all qualities I truly feel were bred from her time at Twin Oaks. I believed so much in this school that just this year, we enrolled our 2 year old son who is having the best time at Twin Oaks. They welcomed our family back with open arms. Our daughter's class picture was even still displayed on the wall! Walking into the school after 10 years was such a comforting feeling. I was pleasantly shocked to find the same directors and head teachers, a rarity in education these days. I highly, highly recommend Twin Oaks! It is an investment with lifelong returns. Pros: null Cons: null more

We Love Twin Oaks! 5/11/2012

I have been a Twin Oaks parent for about 6 years now. My daughter started at 18 months and will be headed to 2nd grade in the fall and my son is still currently enrolled. Twin Oaks has done an amazing job preparing my children for school. I feel that Twin Oaks not only gave her the knowledge she needed, but instilled a love of learning and inquisitiveness in her. Both of my children love their teachers and have fun with the extra circulars they incorporate into the lesson plans; including Spanish, yoga, music, planting/gardening day and the holiday festivals. Twin Oaks also does a great job of providing open communication with parents, letting you know what the kids are working on and if they are having any challenges. I don?t plan to have any more children, but if I did, I?d send them to Twin Oaks too. Pros: null Cons: null more

Above and Beyond 10/5/2011

I knew a Montessori curriculum was what I wanted, but I am still in awe over the jump start Twin Oaks gave my daughter. I know this head start will carry with her, she finished kindergarten and is now in 1st. I 100% owe her advancements to this school. I was truly amazed week by week, month by month. One of the many things that brought me to Twin Oaks was the extra activities they offer: yoga, sign-language, spanish, sports and the list goes on. I was also able to develop a close relationship with the teachers and directors, they were very open and I felt comfortable opening up to them. We moved south during this timeframe but I knew no school would come close to the attention given by the staff here. I love this place and I would highly recommend this school to anyone that wants a great education for their child. more

Incredible! 6/27/2011

After 3 years of attending Twin Oaks, my son has been transformed. He is beyond equipped to handle the next phase of his life in kindergarten. He has learned so much, and grown to be quite the little boy. His experience at Twin Oaks was a true pleasure that was made possible by the outstanding staff. They allow each child to grow and learn at a pace that was comfortable, while challenging my son with new concepts. I found no greater pleasure than picking my son up each day to a smile and a description of all he learned that day. more

Twin Oaks Montessori is Amazing! 3/10/2011

My son has attended Twin Oaks for 3 years now and sadly we're graduating to kindergarten. My son and I consider Twin Oaks are family. The teachers, the facility, the extra-activities (soccer, music, yoga) are exceptional. My son is allowed to move at his own pace and had made huge strides in 3 years. He's overly prepared for kindergarten! We've always felt extremely comfortable with all employees, kids, and parents. The facility is always clean and organized. We will miss Twin Oaks dearly. more

Amazing school! 2/23/2011

My daughter has attended school at Twin Oaks for nearly three years and I have been extremely pleased! This school follows the traditional Montessori curriculum as Maria Montessori designed it. The teachers are all highly trained and have both challenged and encouraged my child as she has developed. They allow her to learn at her own pace, and have always kept me informed of her progress. The lines of communication are always open as well, which is so important to me as a parent. The school is clean and well maintained, and the outdoor play area is great! My daughter is so far ahead of her peers who attend public school, too! She is able to work beyond kindergarten work, even though she is just five. The teachers are very caring also. My daughter loves them and the love her. What more could you ask for? more

Great school! 8/6/2010

I wanted a school for my son which met the following criteria: a true Montessori curriculum, clean, open communication between the teachers and parents, safe and a place where my first child could be nurtured. At Twin Oaks Montessori, I found all those qualities and much more! My firstborn needed the structure and challenging environment as much as he needed the praise and encouragement from all the Twin Oaks teachers. After 2 1/2 years at Twin Oaks Montessori, it was time to move to elementary school. My son tested so high in all areas (reading, math, language arts) and I credit the Twin Oaks teachers for giving my son an excellent start! more

Twin Oaks review 7/11/2010

Our family has been very pleased with everything Twin Oaks has offered us. My son, now 4 has been attending there since he was 20 months and the experience has not been all about him. The teachers really encourage parent participation and communication, which creates a loving and nuturing environment we love for our entire family. My son is encouraged and inspired. I've been commuting from Wells Branch area for several years and with so many schools closer to us I would not be happier with any other choice in education for our son. Recently, I've noticed some improvements in and outside the school. They remodeled sinks, cabinets, fences, steps but have not taken away from the feeling of traditional montessori classroom appearance. I recommend Twin Oaks as an outstanding choice in early childhood education for your family. Pros: plentiful extracurricular activities Cons: we drive from Wells Branch more

lovely little school 7/6/2010

my son (now 2.5) has been enrolled at twin oaks since he was around 15 months - we're very pleased with this school. The montessori program is teaching him all kinds of things (he can count to 10 in russian! he comes home with new words in his vocabulary every day!). the second 1/2 of the day is much more play-oriented, after nap (for parents who send their children mornings-only, i believe). they get TONS of outside time the downside to that being the daily washing of the sand out of the hair. the guides and aides are really loving and our child adores them. the staff is very communicative and open to concerns and discussion about your child's development - they hold parent-teacher conferences twice a year, which i think is important. Pros: guides, aides, educational experience Cons: sand more

Wonderful School! 6/22/2010

My wife and I love Twin Oaks Montessori. We have two sons -- one is still there, and the other is in first grade. The teachers inspire confidence in the boys, and the Montessori method is so suitable for kids that age. Pros: teachers, teaching method more

Average 9/12/2008

Pricey for the education, facilites and small playground. They do offer a fair collection of extracurricular activites. more
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