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Tree House Italian Grill - 21 Reviews - 2201 College Ave, Austin, TX - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (512) 443-4200

Tree House Italian Grill

2201 College Ave
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 443-4200
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Tree House Italian Grill - Austin, TX
Tree House Italian Grill - Austin, TX


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This is Austin at it's perfection! We happened upon this little gem about 8yrs ago while being lost downtown just over the Congress bridge! But are we ever so thankful we did beca...


I liked the over all look of the place and setting. The food was good nothing to special. I thought maybe they would offer something a little more specials. So yeah no specials....

Our FAV Little Romantic Spot! 6/25/2010

This is Austin at it's perfection! We happened upon this little gem about 8yrs ago while being lost downtown just over the Congress bridge! But are we ever so thankful we did because this became ""our spot""! \r \r It is the perfect spot for a romantic evening for two with the dim lighting and light jazz or blues or italian music being played through-out or even Live! OR an excellent spot to bring your friends and family as there are patio seatings, a small garden, and the music is sometimes played Live outside there! We have brought many of our friends, family and out of towners to our Tree House, especially on the weekends when they have live music! \r We always have a wonderful time, and they know us by name and are very friendly! The wine is supurb and there is always an excellent selection! You cannot leave without tasting the calamari, the 3 or is it 4 cheese Lasanga, and the quail is excellent! \r \r This is always our pick for a trip to eat downtown or my birthday, Anniversary, or any good excuse! \r The only problem we have ever experienced was a waiter who was a bit uninterested in waiting on us, but we have only been there a few times where he was on duty. \r Overall, the entire staff is very friendly, and the Manager has always checked in on us and been very kind! :) If I had to pick a Favorite Italian place in Austin, For Food, ambiance, and service THIS is it no question! Pros: Lasanga to die for, Excellent house Wine, Ambiance Cons: Not close enough to us more

Best italian in austin 3/9/2009

My cousin and I went to dinner there on wensday the 4th \r I ordered the veal parmasian, It was one of the best i have had sense i was in little italy \r the marainra was a little to sweet for my taste but i love garlic and more garlic \r The portion was massive compared to other resturants, and the spagatti was awsome \r this is a place that my wife and i will be dineing at alot in the future \r I also had the plesure to meet the owner (fred) and he was a very nice person (he personaly came to the table to see how we were doing) Pros: awsome food at great prices good size wine list Cons: no mozzarlla sticks for apps (lots of other stuff though) more

Could Italian in Austin be more exquisite? 7/11/2008

If the perfect romantic, fine dining experience with good food is what you're looking for.. .search no further. This has been one of my favorite locally owned restaurants since their doors opened. The huge oak patio dining area was a nice addition. Everytime I visit, there is something new and updated.. .yet, the menu has remained with the same quality & consistency. Service is outstanding. A little slower on weekends or when a band is playing.. .so just bring a good date or friends and enjoy the atmosphere. Don't tell too many of your friends about this place - I'd like it to remain one of the best kept secrets in Austin! Pros: Quality of food, service, price, ambiance, cleanliness, location. Cons: Too far from Lakeway. more

Everything Panned out to be just OK 6/21/2008

My girlfriend and I greatly enjoy Austin Italian food and have been to many amazing and poor restaurants around town. This is what I can say about Tree House, take it or leave it, I am just trying to explain my visit. We were greeted promptly and decided to sit outside which was a good idea because they had a great small band playing the only downside were the flies which really was not their fault. The staff was amazing the busboy was quite funny and was more or less like a second waiter. It was really nice it seemed as if the entire staff helped each table to ensure drinks were full and bread was on the table. Now comes the reason for only three stars and to tell you the truth the rating should be two. The food was really not very good, again, I am just saying how I felt. I ordered fried calamari which was alright but was a bit cold and for the main course I had veal marsala which was very bad. My girlfriend had chicken Parmesan which not better than any Carino's or Olive Garden dish. The side spaghetti and sauce was just like out of the 2 dollar bottle at HEB. Overall you will be better off going to a chain Italian restaurant. The atmosphere and staff were excellent better than almost any place I have ever been but the food was just not very good and thats all I can say. Oh I would consider going back but would definitely get another dish maybe it would be better. Pros: Staff and atmosphere Cons: food more

Best Marsala On The Planet!!! 5/10/2008

I swear the negative reviewers smoke rock. I've seen negative reviews on CitySearch about the best places and best people in town. This should not be considered remarkable, because I believe people want to see others fail.\r \r In any event, the table bread is okay at the TreeHouse. The veal marsala has, by far, the best flavour of any marsala I have had anywhere, and I order marsala whenvever it is available at any restaurant in the country. The New York marsala was not as good as this, the the marsala in Little Italy in Boston was not as good as this. Also, the marinara on the pasta was FABULOUS. In contrast to other psychotic reviewers, the service was really good, and the stone walls of the restaurant were really pretty and romantic. Pros: Best Marsala On The Planet Cons: Table Bread Only Fair more

manager need better attitude 8/29/2007

I liked the over all look of the place and setting. The food was good nothing to special. I thought maybe they would offer something a little more specials. So yeah no specials. And the manger seemed very aloof or like he was some Italian mobster sent here to hide out. I did not feel welcomed what so ever from this guy.\r \r more

Worst Experience! 6/25/2007

I have had Tree House ranked in my top 5 italian spots in Austin for sometime now. The food is delicious, and consistant with taste each time. However, since Tree House made my top 5, I have been raving about it to my Mother. I was finally able to take her on Friday for lunch! I was so excited to show her the atmosphere, and just relax - and in turn, all we received were complete frustrations, and utter disbelief. I'm a restaurant manager and sometimes feel that I'm overly critical on service and overall experience, however this was possibly the worst ever! There were maybe 2 tables in the restaurant when we arrived at the door, without a host, NO smiles gleaming toward us, NO one saying hello, good afternoon, welcome to tree house, screw off, or ANYTHING besides.... ""how many?"" I smiled of course with an eyebrow shrug as if I was confused, but I was SHOCKED, and said with a small giggle, 2 please. The gentleman attempting to seat us, forcefully ""grabbed"" two menus, still without any eye contact, turned quickly around, and walked so fast to the table, I heard my Mom behind me say, ""is it a race?"" Slamming the menus down, walking away, of course, luck would have it, he was also our server. Drinks?? Is how he asked us. I was about to walk out by this point, but was so baffled I wanted to stick around for this show. He brought the drinks to us, and never returned, UNTIL, i flagged him down for more bread that the bus boy brought us, as well as filling our drinks, and a another server bringing us our meal. When he returned with our bread that I had to flag for, he set it down, I heard him say something, I looked up, HE WAS ON HIS CELL PHONE TALKING - while serving our table. I have never! I was Furious beyond belief. My Mothers jaw dropped. Needless to say this was the worst service ever on record with me. I don't think I will go back, but I will order TO-GO the next time I have a craving. Matthew is the servers name. Pros: FOOD! Cons: Matthew the server! He needs to be in a cubicle doing data entry, AWAY from people! more

Great !!!!!!! 6/13/2007

I had a great time here! I was told about this restaurant , it was better than i thought.\r Great food, service, oh the patio. We will be back!!!!! Pros: All more

The best italian restaurant in town 2/20/2007

I just recommend this place to everybody who wants to exprience a great food and service. Tree house is my first choice when it comes to italian food. I love it . Pros: great more

this tree house should be chopped down. 2/14/2007

This was the worst dining experience ever. Our server disappeared for 30 minutes at a time, and our drinks were never refilled. We were told they were out of hot tea - and then watched as the table next to us got hot tea. A server saw our bread basket was empty, refilled our cup of olive oil - and then gave the basket of bread he was carrying to a different table, leaving us with a full cup of oil and NO bread to dip it in. I asked another server (yes, a third one) to bring us some bread. He did - 15 minutes later. And to top it all off, the food tasted like something from a Banquet frozen dinner. There was no way in hell this was worth the $30+ bill we ended up getting. This was our first time here, and it will also be the last. Avoid like the plague! Pros: wine Cons: service, food, everything else. more

Avoid period 1/20/2007

My husband and I thought this was a totally mediocre meal. We had salads, appetizers, two entrees and one dessert and we both agreed that it wasn't worth the money or the calories. For a similar price range, I would go to Romeo's instead. more

Depends on what you like 11/21/2006

This food is hard to rate specifically, because it very much depends on what you're looking for in Italian food. If you like food that has a lot of flavors (some very strong, some not necessarily complimentary of others), and your idea of a good marinara sauce doesn't include basil, a pure tomato taste, etc. then you will probably like this restaurant. My mother is Italian, so I am admittedly hard to please when it comes to good Italian food. That said, here's what I thought...the calamari was breaded in something very dark, spiced heavily and had a very ""fishy"" taste. Neither my husband (who's not Italian) nor I liked it. My main dish was canneloni, and I couldn't even finish one piece of it--the marinara sauce was flavored too heavily and I thought it was horrible, and there was so much strong cheese on the top that it was overpowering. The flavors were so strong and contrasting that I couldn't stomach much of it. The bread that they give you was hardish and not of very good quality...and my husband had meatballs that were probably simply baked in the oven. In the end, neither of us will return...but I'm sure that plenty of people will because the tastes do appeal to some. Pros: Prices, ambience, wait staff Cons: food more

Great service, really nice patio 11/20/2006

I went here for lunch and sat out on the patio. It's really nice and secluded. The service was prompt and attentive and the food was excellent. I will definitely return! more

Great Food, Great Server... We will return! 8/10/2006

Caution... salad costs extra! The food was FANTASTIC! My husband got the veal parmesan and it was HUGE and AWESOME! I got the cannelloni and it was very good as well. The bread was hot and fresh and the tiramisu was very very good. Our server was Fantastic, when asked which of two dishes was better he went into full detail of how each dish would taste. He KNEW what he was talking about and he made it very easy to understand. The inside of the restaurant is very romantic and after dusk I'm sure the outside would be just as wonderful. They do have fans outside so if it's hot they help a lot. WONDERFUL PLACE. we will return! Pros: good food, good parking, great service Cons: none i can think of more

Friendly, romantic, moderately priced, nice atmosphere! 8/8/2006

It's not haute cuisine, but a delightful way to spend your evening nonetheless. Parking is a breeze (most spots are covered, too) and the live oak patio is lovely if the weather cooperates. Inside, the decor is quiet, intimate and romantic. Our server was prompt, friendly, and careful (with good knowledge of his wine list as well.)\r \r I ADORED the bread with olive oil-- it was very high quality, extra virgin oil, with a perfect mix of garlic, pepper and herbs to spice things up. I normally don't eat bread before a meal, but I couldn't stop this time because of the dipping sauce. We had to get refills! The garden salad was a treat-- instead of typical bagged iceberg and a mealy tomato slice, I had fresh romaine and oakleaf lettuce with carrots, tomatoes, baby corn, sundried tomato bits, olives, garbanzo beans, and a yummy vinaigrette. The calamari were fresh, fresh, fresh and not a bit chewy or tough. \r \r I had cheese tortellini with marinara-- tender pasta and creamy cheese, with a nice chunky fresh marinara. My boyfriend had the chicken piccata-- nice garlicky-lemony sauce with plenty of capers, but the chicken was a tad dry. I'd suggest doubling the side of vegetables (looked like portobello mushrooms, with bell peppers and beans, but I wasn't paying close attention to his plate) instead of the side of spaghetti with marinara.\r \r I enjoyed a nice glass of valpolicella on the side, which as promised was smooth, rich, and a bit fruity.\r \r Overall I enjoyed the evening very much-- a nice intimate dining experience for not too much dough ($40). Pros: Ambience, menu variety, value Cons: Chicken was a tad dry more

Mama mia 6/6/2006

You can go down S. Congress and miss this lovely restaurant with great, romantic atmosphere and delicious, authentic Italian food and wine. There is outside dining but for a quiet conversation or a romantic setting, indoors is ideal. There is a specialty each day but no matter what you select, you can't go wrong. The staff and service are good. And it is inexpensive. What a value more

Not Much of a Birthday! 5/22/2006

This USED to be a favorite restaurant of mine. That was until I went with family and friends to celebrate my birthday. I ordered crab stuffed canneloni as my entree. The crab was spoiled - it only took one bite to confirm that it was bad. It took nearly 30 minutes for the waiter to return to our table so that we could complain about the food, much less request anything else. When the waiter did arrive, he didn't even take the plate away. Only at our request did the manager come out. He offered a very late apology but didn't even offer to send out anything else in place of the spoiled canneloni. That was 2 years ago, my family & I haven't been back - nothing can persuade me to return. more

Fun Place--Great Ambience!! 5/17/2006

I LOVE this restaurant!! What a great way to relax and enjoy Austin. Check out the gorgeous courtyard with the Live Oak Trees over 100 years old. Just beautiful. The crab claws are yummy! The wine selection is great. Not too expensive and never crowded. We have a 4 year old and always feel comfortable there. Not stuffy at all. Pros: Ambience, Courtyard, crab claws more

Inedible 4/6/2006

Generally I am not a picky person, but both the snapper special and the lasagna that my husband and I ordered at Treehouse were absolutely disgusting. Prior to this, I had not sent a meal back IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, but I did here. The server was nice, and she partially comped one of the entrees wtihout my asking, but it truly was -- I am not exagerrating -- the worst meal I have ever tried to eat. Pros: service Cons: food, food, food more

great time, great price 12/27/2005

If you are looking for great italian food but hate the wait and loudness this is the place. This is the best little hole in the wall restaurant. It is very romantic perfect for a special celebration and valentines. The wait staff is very helpfull and curtious. They also have nice live instrumental music playing on weekends and special occassions. Great food, great staff, and great price. :) Pros: atmosphere, parking, little/no wait more
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    Walking into Treehouse Italian Grill is something like stepping into an old Italian neighborhood. Second-floor balconies and faux storefronts contribute to the Hollywood backlot...

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