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The Fox

5401 W Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 639-0400
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The Fox - Tampa, FL


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The first thing I want to state is that citysearch has the address listed wrong. It is actually 5401 W. Kennedy Blvd. and is just before the bridge. My experience at the Fox was n...


My date and I went for dinner/drinks and to listen to some good jazz. What we found was food that was poorly cooked with little or no presentation and not as described in the menu...

second chance 3/14/2011

I have been to the Fox from its old days to the new days. recently I have revisited the Fox after swearing I would never go back there two years ago. But now with the old owner out and the new owners trying to regain credibility of a nice jazz bar or club for all. It now has a chance to survive. In the last couple months I have enjoyed the meals entertainment and company and look forward to supporting the new owners and there endeavors to bring this club back to life. more

THINK about how you're spending your time and money 7/19/2009

Please, if you love and/or respect your wife, your mother, sisters, daughters, friends, lovers...any woman in your life... don't allow your time nor your money in this establisment be spent and wasted. For my black friends and those who are NOT prejudiced against those whose skin is black, I will, not only, NEVER again suggest this place to visit but will be the best advocate I can be.. ..and encourage anyone that holds certain fundamental human behaviors and expectations close to their heart ... to not step foot into this place of business again. Otherwise, we are silently screaming that the gross sexual harrassment of staff by their employer is accepted, that the vulgar behavior/language/attitude/opinion/prejudice is ok. The disappointment is of monumental proportion. It is the entertainment and characters that drew us to return frequently, it is certainly not the quality of food, prices of drinks, hospitality, nor the thick aire of tension in the room... but it was tolerated. It has also been my personal experience to have had my credit card grossly overcharged on a tab not closed out properly. With that said, why would I ever support and encourage any of the above by leaving my money there? Pros: The staff Cons: The owner more

ignorant posters 11/19/2008

you guys are ridiculous. of course there is a charge for ice- because with a rock's pour you get a lot more liquor. more

Don't ever eat dinner here 9/27/2008

The Fox what can I say that?s not bad, well the music and the friends you bring with you. Reservations mean nothing called ahead, requested a booth, which I was told would be available, what did I get a small table. Which by the way was in the middle of the walkway. Arrived at the reserved time for dinner and was seated at the small table. We were the only persons in the whole establishment seated for dinner at the time. All of the booths were open but had reservations signs on them. When the staff was confronted about the dissatisfaction of the seating I was shown the reservation list. My name was at the top of the list with the other reservations at the bottom, guess I got bumped. Service was okay at best but for the prices they are charging the food was below average. So my party completed the meal with the booths still sitting empty. After the supposed reservation time for the booths had passed I again requested to be seated at the booth as I was expecting several other couples to join us after dinner. When they realized that the booth had now sat empty for most of the night we were allowed the privilege to be seated where we originally were told we could be. Me and my party with out reservation had the largest bill that night and were treated like interlopers. Yes I will probably go back but it will never be for dinner. Pros: Music Cons: Everything else more

Should be called The Pickpocket 8/22/2008

When we made our dinner reservation, they didn't tell us that there is STILL a cover charge for dinner! But you're supposed get HALF back after you eat. As we were paying the cover, I noticed people smoking at the bar, just steps away from where we would be dining. I asked about this and the hostess said she would check with the manager. But as more people lit up, and purchased cigarettes from the bartender, it became apparent that this is a common practice. As we ordered drinks, we were asked to "run a tab". What fine dining place takes a credit card when you're there for dinner? The waitress told us "it would make it easier for her". We nearly left at that point, but it was already late. The food was good, but not worth the prices they charge. I thought the band was good, but my husband was disappointed that they didn't really play jazz, they just "jazzed up" the rock tunes. When the bill came, we had to ask for an itemization so that we could check everything. They added a $1.20 "service fee" for what I don't know. I guess maybe we sat too long after dinner without ordering another drink? Drink prices are STEEP. $12 for a cosmo. $8.50 for Grey Goose PLUS another $1.50 because it was on the rocks and $6.50 for a domestic beer. Even with a $25 gift certificate, our final bill was $70. I only had soup and salad. Our cover charge wasn't credited on the final bill, we had to ask for it on the way out. The whole experience felt really sleazy, I felt like they had their hands in our pockets the entire night. While the atmosphere was nice and the food was decent, we were very disappointed and will not be returning to The Fox. Pros: Atmosphere if you want to pay through the nose for it. Cons: Nickel and Diming, Dishonest practices, Smoking nearby more

Horrible experience...pricey....really bad service! 7/11/2008

This is an outrageously expensive place. Your choices are very limited as the menu is limited. The food is just okay, nothing to write home about. Do not ask the price of anything. Because, then the service goes form so so to disrespectful. Before I asked the price of the night's special, we had little swords in our drinks and little frills like that. Afterwards, nothing. Be ready to pay $1.50 for ice for each drink as you are billed seperately for the rocks (ice) per drink. The waitress was condescending, The female manager was rude. My friend had to stop and ask why she was being so curt and brass when we were bending over to be polite and respectful to her. Two of my friends do not drink alcohol. There is a two drink minimum that they do not tell you about when you pay the cover charge at the door. So, you can pay $12 for 2 sodas plus you pay for the ice. So, if you do not mind throwing your money in the garbage, this is the place for you. Otherwise, for the rest of us with any kind of sense, stay far away...very far away. Pros: Nothing I can remotely, honestly say Cons: Everything more

Crowded and overpriced 4/25/2008

First, please take note there is a cover charge at the door to eat here. There were five in our group and we ended up being seated at a small table hardly big enough to seat four. You were not allowed to pull tables together so you had to sit apart or cram together at a small table. The chairs where extremely low to the ground and had to actually get up and walk around to stretch my legs. Some of the food served was good although my order, the pork chops were dry and overcooked. The billing was a bit odd also. You are billed for everything in small amounts, .89 cents for bread, $2.00 up charge for food (we have no idea what it was for). You are charged alcohol tax on top of the drink price which was $8.00 (drink) plus an ?up charge? of $5.00 for each drink. When questioned on the up charge I was advised without the charge I would have gotten roughly 2 oz in my glass. Non-alcohol drinks such as coke were $6.00. The bill for three of us came to $136.00 and the other two was approx. $80.00. When you add the $5.00 cover per person you have an approx total of $241.00 and honestly I?ve had better food for a fraction of the cost. The entire atmosphere was good as this was a Jazz bar. The live band was amazing and with the exception of the stage lights going out a few times for no reason it was a great show. If you decide to visit this club I would recommend eating elsewhere and then arriving here for the band, to dance and to relax. Would I return in the future? Possibly if I was out with friends for a drink. As far as a recent comment on here that last time i checked it was illegal to smoke where food is served. Pros: Live band Cons: Price, air quality, Service, seating more

Absolutely Awful 3/6/2008

By far the worst experience I have EVER had at any location in Tampa. Went with high expectations that were quickly deflated when we not only had to pay a cover, but were required to order at least two overpriced beverages. My friend, who has never touched alcohol in his life, was required to pay $13 for two sodas. Our group was so large that we required the space of two tables. Not only did the manager/wait staff fail to help us find 1 table big enough for all of us to fit around, the manager had the audacity to tell me that "I was not at Denny's" when we tried to push two tables together. The ambience was very nice, but the service was poor, and the management very trashy. Never again will I visit, and I will suggest to all of my friends that they avoid the place like the plague. Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Everything Else more

Music O.K. 12/21/2007

I thought the place was over-priced and I found it appalling that they posted a sign at the tables "two-drink minimum" in addition to the entrance fee. At around 10 p.m., the place got way too smoky and it became unbearable, therefore, I left. The best thing about the place, and the only thing I enjoyed was the music, although it was too loud if you wanted to talk to anyone. more

Overrated 12/11/2007

I went on a date here a few months ago. The food was great, but very overpriced. Our dinner and a few drinks came to about $120. The worst part about the Fox is the owner. He yelled at his staff in front of the customers and acted very unproffesional, touching ect...not someone I would ever want to give my money to ever again Pros: good food, good service Cons: everything is overpriced, poor managment more

Phenominal Atmosphere and Food 9/17/2007

The first thing I want to state is that citysearch has the address listed wrong. It is actually 5401 W. Kennedy Blvd. and is just before the bridge. My experience at the Fox was nothing short of extraordinary. The staff was extremely courteous, well dressed and extremely knowledgeable about what they had to offer. We went for dinner and my filet was amazing. It help it's own against some of the more well known upscale steak places such as Charley's and Bern's. The live music in both rooms was phenominal. The band up front was lively and we danced along with the music and the woman in the back was amazing and soultry. The drinks were top notch and the varity of liquor was breathtaking. Add in the ambiance of the lighting and the decor and it was an evening to remember. I would refer anyone I know there for any event. more

No jazz, poor food, crowded, smoking while serving food 4/6/2007

For a jazz club I sure didn't hear any. It's mostly loud dance music and lots of smoking - especially during dinner.(Isn't that illegal in Florida?) The food was not like it was described in the menu. I ordered a Reuben which was highly reccomended and the bread was not fresh. It was also hard to enjoy with all the smoke. The tables were also too close together and I kept getting bumped into by customers and staff. We went to hear some jazz and all I heard was 70's and 80's style dance music. Our total bill for 3 people was about $160 and that was for dinner, 4 drinks, cover charges and valet. Way overpriced for what we thought we were going to get. Save your time and money. Pros: none Cons: hard to find, loud, poor food, smoky, crowded more

Classy Atmosphere 10/20/2006

I was born here in Tampa, FL and have been around to most of the different nightclubs and bars in the area, and have finally found my favorite spot! I can't say enough good things about The Fox. The hostesses are polite and very helpful. The bartenders are excellent. The waitresses are friendly and prompt. The band is friendly and approachable. The music is excellent, and they play a variety of songs to dance to. It has a very classy atmosphere, perfect for a date, after work drinks, or dinner. I highly recommend it! Pros: Great lighting, atmosphere, service Cons: I wish it was bigger. It gets crowded, so go early, or make reservations. more

Why oh why 9/15/2006

I guess I have to give credit for the consistency of this place: for being able to give audience the same songs every night, live! I'd be rich if I got a dime for everytime they play the same old song. I am so surprised people would actually frequent this place and go for the live music. I say save your money and get yourself an IPod and buy your fav liquor at the store. Pros: I guess none Cons: Everything more

The Best Live Music Venue In Florida! 8/30/2006

My girlfriend and I heard about The Fox from some co-workers who frequent the establishment. Being new in town, we decided to check it out and found our new favorite place. My filet was amazing, the crab cakes were perfect, (and we're from Maryland) the sevice was great and the music couldn't have been better. We had dinner in the piano bar then moved to the front bar and danced all night. If you haven't been, it's definately worth checking out. I was also impressed with the crowd. All young to middle age professionals which might have to do with the dress code. Whether your taking out a date or just out with friends, you will be impressed. Pros: Beautiful decor, nothing competes with it in Florida. Cons: Don't go too far or youll be in St. Pete more


I moved to Austin, the music capital of the world, and sooooo missed the Fox. Please - for those of you out in the US anywhere, if you have come across a place like the Fox, please post it. I travel often and would LOVE to find another spot like this one. Loved the old school playing on one side - and the piano bar on the other. Always a good mix and excellent crowd. Cigar friendly atmosphere is a miss as well! Pros: Definitely the music and crowd. Cons: Food is average - wait staff is average - bit pricey! But very worth it - 1 of a kind more

Other places better for dinner 4/17/2005

My date and I went for dinner/drinks and to listen to some good jazz. What we found was food that was poorly cooked with little or no presentation and not as described in the menu. Drinks were very small and extremely pricey. Over 40 was fine and the mixed crowd was enjoyable. Try other places before going to the Fox. I was very disappointed. Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Service, Food, Drinks high more

High expectation...huge disappointment 12/28/2002

Great facility and ambiance! Everything else is a huge disappointment. You order and pay dearly for top-shelf liquor and they deliver booze that came from the well! The clientel also appeared as though they climbed out of the well too (every over the hill white divorcee in Tampa). The wait staff are self proclaimed ditz's. Bring back the old Fox (Westshore), at least you got what you paid for with better service. Pros: ample seating, ambiance, clean bathrooms Cons: drinks, service, staff more

The Fox has moved - It's terrific! 12/16/2002

The Fox moved from it's Westshore Blvd location in Nov. 2002. It is now right beside I-275N at the Kennedy exit in the first business complex on the left. Greatly improved - free valet parking, beautiful decor, black marble, low lights, comfy club chairs, elegant bar, a backroom pianobar, elegant food like carpaccio, seared tuna, caviar and more as dinner or at the bar with finesse and linen. Affordable prices. Dance music pleasing to 35+ crowd, sexy stuff. Well-dressed, culturally diverse crowd, singles and couples. $5 door, ($10 martinis are triples) -- a place to have fun without mixing with kids! Other reviewers should need a reality check - age and divorce is not an indicator of anything! The place gets crowded and people talk to each other - it's intimate and relaxed and great fun alone or with date! The Fox is open to 3am. Highly recommended! Pros: decor, clientele, atmosphere more
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  • Who's Your Daddy?
    The Fox is an old-school nightclub. The lights are dim, the music is always on, but not so loud you can't crack a joke. The bartenders wear tuxedos and the hostesses are gorgeous. It's difficult to find this sort of atmosphere in new suburban cities.

    Mamma's Home
    It seems like a good first date spot. Big daddies might meet a classy lady for drinks and dancing. Lots of couples sit at the 15 well-dressed tables shaped into a "U" around the bar. The regulars own the barstools but they're friendly and strike up conversation with newbies.

    Where It's At
    The only problem with the place is finding it. And it's so out of the way you might not. Let that add to the mystique. Here's the deal: If you're looking for a place where adults can dance to jazzy standards after going for a nice dinner, seek The Fox. You'll find it sooner or later.

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