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The Emerald Restaurant - 56 Reviews - 13614 W Hwy 71, Austin, TX - Irish Pubs & Restaurants Reviews - Phone (512) 263-2147

The Emerald Restaurant

13614 W Hwy 71
Austin, TX 78738
(512) 263-2147
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The Emerald Restaurant - Austin, TX


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My husband and I visit this spot once a year or so for special occasions. I could go on and on and on... However, I simply state that that family that runs this hidden gem serves...


This is a review for last year valentine. My now fiance took me to Emerald restaurant for our valentine date. We expected a wait, but didn't expect that long of a wait (promised 4...

Worth Every Penny!! 4/13/2012

My husband and I visit this spot once a year or so for special occasions. I could go on and on and on... However, I simply state that that family that runs this hidden gem serves up unforgettable food and unmatched hospitality. This is a spot to head for when you're looking for a dining experience...perfection can't be rushed. Fill the time it takes to craft your meal with great conversation and a bottle of wine. more

The Best Irish Resteraunt this Side of Ireland 5/27/2011

We have been going there since 1987. This is a family run and owned resteraunt. One of the waitress, Maggie or Melanie (sisters), will great you and the door and seat. The extensive menu has just about anything you could want to eat. We found the potato soup and irist coffee to be exceptional. All dishes are prepared as you wait. There is one drawback. As you are driving West on Hwy 71 it is very easy to miss there sign and entrance. more

Delicious Lobster! 5/7/2011

Another reason I love this city! Ok, here is this little cottage set upon a hill-it even sounds like the beginning of a good story,and when you enter you are met by these people that make you feel so genuinely at ease, that no matter how crazy your day was, it now seems so manageable. We were seated and there was just this atmosphere of relaxation-it is hard to describe. The food was very good-my husband ordered escargot for his appetizer and I the french onion soup-both very savory. The escargot are served in the shell and the onion soup was flambeed tableside. Our salads were nice and cold and the homemade dressing was so good that I brought some home with me. For my entree, I chose the Cornish game hen (an off the menu item) and seriously, it was beautifully presented and very, very good. The sauce was loaded with cherries and brandy-a good combination and one I had never tried before on poultry-it works without being too sweet. My husband ordered a filet mignon and a broiled lobster tail- very nice and cooked just as he had ordered.\r Too full to enjoy dessert, we opted for a couple of irish coffees -mine was made with Baileys Irish cream and my husband went the more traditional way and had the Irish whiskey in his-we were content!\r So we not only will talk about this with our friends, we will be back not only for the food, but for the whole experience-\r more

What a Special Evening! 4/30/2011

My husband and I had dinner at the Emerald and used our Groupon and had a marvelous experience. We were able to visit with each other in a setting that was private and eat our dinner at a pace that suited us- the staff was so attentive and frankly the chateaubriand melted in our mouths. Everything was treated very carefully and I wouldn't change one thing about our evening. The prices are not outrageous-my goodness you are eating one of the most expensive cuts of beef.. This restaurant is a very special occasiion place to go which is fine with me!! more

Wonderful Evening In Every Way 4/13/2011

We loved our dinner of chateaubriand and lobster. The ambiance is delightful and intimate-so if you are looking to be seen by others-no the Emerald is not where you belong. This is a little cottage that was built in 1927 and is perfect-beautiful tile in the bathrooms which were spotlessly clean, Irish china and a live harpist that was awesome. The service was exceptional and we felt so very pampered. Can't wait to return and try the cornish game hen-the table next to us had ordered it and it looked delicious! more

Biggest regret ever. 4/11/2011

Overrated, over-hyped, and overpriced. I went for Valentines. They did not have enough staff. The staff that they did have acted like they had never before worked in a restaurant. The pace of the meal was EXTREMELY painfully slow. Getting staffs attention was almost impossible. The food was mediocre at the very best. That includes the quality of the Chateaubriand and the lobster tail (which was the worst lobster tail I have ever had was over cooked as well). We ended up NEVER ordering a drink because they never came back to take our order!! Instead, they did take away our drink menu in order to give it to another table whose occupants looked more important. I have waited tables for 26 years. I would recommend Denny's over this place. more

What a sham 3/16/2011

I must agree with the previous poster. I have never ever experienced something so overrated overhyped and overpriced in my lifetime. For those of you who rated this place highly, all I can say is that you must not eat out often at fine establishments. Either that or you're too embarrassed to admit to yourself that you paid a fortune for nothing better than an average meal you could get at places that charge $20 for a meal, not $200. The ambience is not ""charming,"" it is gross. How can you brag about filthy restrooms, dingy carpeting, peeling wallpaper, and tattered dirty lace curtains and tablecloths? The service is not ""homey,"" it is simply unprofessional and rude. My grandmother served homey meals in a charming environment. This place is just a sham. Wake up people, you've been had! more

Overpriced & Overrated 3/15/2011

This is the most overpriced and overrated place I have ever been to. Ever. Anywhere, in the USA or Ireland. I am baffled at how they can pass them selves off as ""charming,"" when the place is just shabby and old. The restrooms are rude. And almost $200 for a meal? My chateaubriand was unrecognizable, and drowned in a gelatinous, tasteless sauce. Why did she ask me how I wanted it prepared (I said medium rare) only to bring thin strips of well done meat--I couldn't even recognize it as the right cut. The vegetables were overcooked, and the potato was undercooked. The salad was about what you get at Chili's, and the potato soup was a lifeless puree. The so-called ""Irish whiskey cake"" was a soggy mess. I am still wondering how the glass of Bass ale, the same stuff you get at any HEB in Texas for a few bucks, was worth over $8. Yes, the sisters who run the place and serve as wait staff are sweet an charming and pretty, but totally ineffective. The meal was not leisurely, it was painfully slow. As a person of Irish heritage, I am appalled that Austinites are being told that this is an Irish experience. This was about as Irish as Olive Garden is Italian. more

Very Charming and Romantic... 2/12/2011

My husband and I went to the Emerald with a Groupon Valentine's coupon. I've been wanting to go for years, but it has always been a tad cost prohibitive. It was absolutely worth the wait. You might drive past the place a time or two before you realize that you just passed it as it is an old house. It has been remodeled to serve as a restaurant, but it still has a homey feel to it. The ambiance is like your grandmothers house, but with a bit of a romantic and whimsical twist to it. On the night we went, they had a harpist who was wonderful and playing all of our favorite songs. The service is lovely, with polite and sweet, soft spoken people being attentive to your every need. It is a family run business, and you do feel like you have been invited over by dear friends for a meal. (Not in an intrusive way though.) About the food: We got the Patty O'Cupid's Valentine's feast, and it was most certainly a feast. The meal began with the Irish soda bread, which was so delicious. It was warm and fresh and so tasty it melted in your mouth. Next, we were brought out a potato soup which I have to say, is better than my mother's. I am mostly Irish, and am a snob about potato soup, and this would never let down anyone's expectations. Then, came the main course. Chateaubriand, in a beautiful mushroom sauce with the most delicious veggies ever; broiled lobster that was too flavorful to butter; and a rack of lamb that was so good that despite being full we had no choice but to eat. The meal ended with a lovely Irish whiskey cake, which was yummy and fun. This is not a generic restaurant. It is an experience, and a very special one at that. more

Very Special Restaurant 11/23/2010

We are new to Austin and are avid users of the groupon site-it's a great way to get to know what is in the area. The Emerald is now one of our ""go to"" restaurants-what a find. Great service, delicious food and an atmosphere that is so warm and inviting. The harpist was playing this past Saturday and was so personable-he took requests and the whole restaurant felt included-we actually exchanged phone numbers with the table next to us! The Emerald is really very special and we will definitely return. more

Another Reason I Love This City!! 11/22/2010

We visited the Emerald last Saturday evening for the first time and were using a groupon certificate. Parking lot was crowded, but when we entered we were greeted and quickly seated. Beautiful china, lace tablecloths, lit candles and a live harpist-great ambiance. Our dinner was served by the two sisters who are not only charming and lovely but very gracious. Our meal consisted of delcious potato soup, house salad with an incredible homemade dressing, chateaubriand carved at our table and finally Irish whiskey cake. All delicious and very large portions. We never felt rushed and we really felt so well taken care of. It is hard to find this type of restaurant where you feel so good just being there-we are so glad we live in Austin! more

Very Good Dining Experience! 11/13/2010

This was a really nice evening-delicious food and unique surroundings. You feel as if you aren't in Austin for a couple of hours-you actually relax and I felt like I was on a vacation in Ireland. The soda bread is outstanding and the entree portions are well prepared and quite generous. Impeccable service-definitely a new favorite restaurant for special occasions. more

Excellent Food and service!! Groupon CustomersSay A+++ 11/2/2010

We were served like royalty-I cannot say more. Lovely dishes, LIVE harpist playing beautiful music,delicious food carved in front of our table and owners who made us feel like we were old friends. Thanks Groupon for having the Emerald as one of our choices-I heard the Emerald will be featured again in November with another fantastic dinner-this one will have lobster! Can't wait!! more

Exceptional Dining Experience- Once Again!! 11/1/2010

Living in austin is a wonderful experience and the diversity we are able to enjoy is a high point. I am truly glad we have such great restaurants of all ethnicities to explore and enjoy. I have been to the Emerald several times and have always came away feeling incredibly lucky to have this as one of my choices. Yes, it is Irish food and it is delicious. My favorite has been the escargots which are served in their shells, followed by the lobster which has been sauteed in heavy cream and irish whiskey-oh so good!! Lovely family and a precious little cottage-thank-you Emerald for being part of the Austin community!! more

42 Rave Reviews Can Be Wrong 10/25/2010

I'm dumbfounded how this place could have gotten so many rave reviews. It was absolutely awful and incredibly overpriced. The Irish waitresses were darling but all the rest goes downhill from there. The building (former house) was quite unkempt from the outside - weeds and tall grasses growing up and inside was well, musty. I was prepared for a funky experience, though, and expected the food to be stellar, as so many reviewers reported. But alas, the appetizer was adequate, but not worth the price. We had the duck and lobster entrees, which were exceedingly heavy and surrounded by towers of vegetables that appeared to be steamed/frozen. The complimentary whiskey cake was dry and not remarkable. Good news: huge portions - so big we had giant foil swans to take with us. Bad news: we didn't eat it at the restaurant and there was no way we would eat it at home. Almost $200 later (for two, including a carafe of house wine), I was wishing I had cooked my husband's birthday dinner myself. I so wanted to like this place, but...I didn't. more

Very Special Evening- 9/28/2010

My husband and I had bought a Groupon to enjoy a Chateaubriand Dinner at the Emerald on a recommendation from my sister. I was not sure what a Chateaubriand really was, but had always heard how great the Emerald was, so we were excited. It was one of the best meals we have ever had! First of all, you are eating fantastic food (Chateaubriand is beef tenderloin!!-now I know) in an atmosphere of people who are really very happy to see you. It is a family run business and what nice people they are. They were very honored that we had chosen to purchase a Groupon and thanked us-very different from some of our other Groupon experiences. The portions were outrageous-very generous and we ended up bringing home some in the foil swans that are the doggie bags! We definitely will be back!! more

DELICIOUS! 9/23/2010

My boyfriend and I went to The Emerald for my birthday dinner and it was absolutely delicious! We had the Tall Texan Steak, Roasted Duck, and house wine and all was super fantastic. Though it was pricey, it was well worth it. Also,the service was just as good as the food. Don't be discouraged by the hobbit-looking house when you pull in, trust me - you will be grateful you stayed! more

Delicious Dinner Before Concert at Backyard 5/17/2010

We love our music and we love The Emerald-as it happens we've been frequenting both establishments for many years-now they are next door neighbors-makes it easy to grab a nice dinner before the concert-as always-the roast duck is outstanding! Pros: Near to Backyard Music Venue Cons: None more

Romantic Valentine's Day!! 2/14/2010

My husband and I drove up from San Antonio on the recommendation of our investment banker who is a lover of all things that have to do with eating out. As usual, he was spot on with his insight. Everything was fresh and the quality was above par. Huge lobster tail, chateaubriand, lamb-all delicious. So glad to have found this unpretentious, lovely little restaurant-we felt as if we were back in Europe-Many thanks! Yvonne and Charles Pros: No wait-Wonderful service-Delicious Lobster! Cons: Wish I lived in Austin! more

OMG - Absolutely Wonderful 11/14/2009

This is my new favorite place. A family owned restaurant with terrific service, lovely interior and fantastic food and wine. I wish everyone could eat here. We drove from Round Rock and it was worth every minute of the drive! I can't wait to tell all of my friends so they can enjoy it also. Pros: Great service, amazing food and best Ceasar Salad Cons: I wish it were closer more
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  • *Located 1/4 mile from the new Hill Country Galleria Mall*

    The Emerald, a little touch of Ireland itself, is a cozy Irish cottage nestled in the beautiful Texas hill country, fifteen miles from Austin. This exceptional twelve star (awarded four for food, four for service, and four for atmosphere) restaurant offers excellent food, an extensive wine list, imported beers, and of course the 'water of life', fine Irish Whiskey. This carefully recreated Irish cottage, with it's enchanting shamrock wallpaper, authentic lace curtains, and Irish bone china are an ideal backdrop for a private party, rehearsal dinner, romantic evening, business dining, or any special occasion.


  • Out-of-the-way spot off of Highway 71 boasts a cozy stone cottage, an outdoor garden and authentic Irish cuisine.

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    Daily 5pm-11pm
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