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The Roxy

1121 Sw Stark St, Portland, OR 97205-2309
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 223-9160
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Although people appreciate comments about establishments in the Portland Metro area, yours were truly hateful and full of contempt. You obviously have a personal issue with her, ...


The owner of the place is cooky, cool and friendly with an razor wit edge. You want to like her but then I've seen her chase people down (literally) for not leaving a tip for her ...

Good service and good enough food. 1/15/2012

Stopped in early this morning after looking for a 24-hour breakfast and reading the reviews. Sad to say, the waiter was very friendly and polite, and nobody was offended. Interesting decor and good music. I really liked that I was brought a carafe of coffee. I don't know if the two roaches I saw frolicking on the counter by the kitchen window were part of the ambiance, but what the hell. It's that part of town. I'll be back. more

In response to the person that named a certrain server 5/11/2010

Although people appreciate comments about establishments in the Portland Metro area, yours were truly hateful and full of contempt. You obviously have a personal issue with her, which should not be posted on ""Roxy's"" website or CitySearch reviews. Take it will be asking for trouble, not physical, but are truly bitter and hateful. Pros: HORRIBLE- KARMA WILL GET YOU more

Good food 4/24/2010

I went to the Roxy for the first time last night with 4 other people. It was a Friday night and there was quite a crowd, but we were seated right away despite having 5 people in our group. I've read the other reviews and seem to notice a lot of people complaining about the rudeness of the wait staff.. I didn't experience that at all. My water was always refilled even when it was 3/4 full, and there were a ton of other customers dining in the restaurant. To be open 24 hours and have to deal with drunk people every weekend, I suppose it could get a little tiring for the wait staff so be patient. The food was excellent, not anything too fancy, but definitely a lot better than Denny's or Shari's! Great spot for late-night dining after hitting the clubs or bars. Pros: food, open late Cons: parking! more

worth the trip. 12/5/2009

if you are going to this place expecting gourmet food and ass kissing servers, you are going to be disappointed. if you are wasted and need some coffee and a cozy booth to sober you up, this is heaven. a good jukebox & scooby snax take the edge off the punker staff attitude. Pros: vibe Cons: ? more

a must for the downtown portland experiance 6/2/2009

My girlfriend and I have been going there for years and have always found it to be a welcoming hang out. The food is a full breakfast and lunch menu open 24 hours except Mondays. Its way crowded on Friday and Saturday nights so first timers try another day. If your into nightlife or the subculture and don't want Denny's this is the place for you. Beware though you will be asked for spare change or an extra cigarette on your way to the door but don't let it discourage you. Try it tonight. Pros: good food good prices Cons: free parking is limited but pay lots are close by more

If you're so unhappy with your job why are you there? (aka shockingly upsetting) 1/24/2009

So I've only been serving for 6 years, and in this industry I know it's not much, but I ordered coffee and didn't want to stay any longer because half of the waitstaff was incredibly and unnecessarily rude. I would have loved to go there and have a good time, as many of these reviewers have had but it was hard enough to even just find out who my server was (without receiving such attitude that shouldn?t be directed at a customer), let alone trying to order a cup of espresso. Thus said, I will never return and never recommend this business to anyone I know and since I work at a large hotel that caters to business travelers, I?m proud to say that the Cadillac Cafe, Holman's, and Tin Shed are places I recommended to customers. Pros: Half of the waitstaff was plesent Cons: The other half was so rude, I didn't want to finish my coffee more

ol' standby 1/23/2009

I have been coming here since I was in high school (a long long time ago), and it hasn't changed much. The only things missing are the high backed booths, and smoking. Oh and that really tall waiter that used to wear an apron that said ""6'7"" or something. And apparently the cheese fries have changed too. They used to be shoe string type fries, and they were absolutely smothered in cheese, and had some parsley flakes or something on top. I was there a week ago and the fries were almost steak fries, and not a whole lotta cheese. Anywho, if you're hungry late at night The Roxy has a large menu with decent greasy-spoon food, and good people watching. Pros: art rags, late night eating, drag queens more

Leave your feelings at the door 1/20/2009

A previous reviewer mentioned that the staff was rude. Yeah, that's sort of their gimmick. It says so on the front window and there's rude drawings on everything. You either appreciate it for what it is or you don't, but don't rate MY favorite resteraunt ONE star just because your uppity friends were offended.\r \r This place, seriously, is some of the best fun to be had in the entire city. Just watching upper-middle-class twits get put in their place over and over again... I go there as much for the entertainment as I do for their heart-breakingly badass burgers. Pros: Best burgers I've had anywhere. Cons: Sensitive people might make a scene about the 'rude' wait staff. more

Rhinestone dive 12/23/2008

This place is a sh!thole dive where all the street kids go because they think its ""kewl"" to be treated like sh!t. They think its a novelty, I think its what they are used to. DO NOT GO HERE, if you care about friendly or even humane treatment, if you are not a fan of public humiliation, and if you care that the staff will sp!t in your food (they do it whether they ""like"" you or not, its their ""thing"") This place is downright repugnant.Oh you should walk in specifically to check out the framed rhinestone embedded Tarantino picture hanging over the bar, laugh, and walk out...only if you want a thrill, but NOT if you don't want to be chased down the street by the psychotic owner. more

great place and people 10/29/2008

i Just got done reading all these reviews and i think people are stupid. The Roxy is one of the best hang outs in town great food and service. people are almost always friendly and willing to talk. so what if there are alot of homeless hangout outside thats every where in portland, i used to gop to the roxy everyday and always had a great time. yes sometimes the staff have attitudes but who doesnt most of the time its because their buisy and the customers are rude to them. all and all its a great place to hang out i recomend it to everyone. The only reason i dont go there anymore is because i live in ca and dont have a car otherwise i would drive up there on the weekends Pros: open 24 hours, great people and service more

24 Hours and a Great Jukebox 9/12/2008

This place is not really that exceptional, but if you are looking for a 24 hour place this is a good one to go to. The food is unexceptional in that you could easily make it at home for much cheaper, but it hits the spot. The jukebox has a great selection! Their fries are always nice and crisp. Its a funky little space with a huge jesus statue donning a neon lighted halo on one wall. I've come here occasionally over the years, and it does seem like their service has gotten much better and more attentive over some time, but still nothing to really write home about. Definitely fun once in a while. Pros: Great neon jesus statue, good fries, okay pricing Cons: unexceptional service, no alcohol, boring food more

what else do you want? 6/7/2008

I've only been going to the Roxy for a few months, but i can't think of one bad thing about the place. I've been reading and actually have even heard from someone I know that the service was bad, but it has always been good when i have went. Though I have never been there at night, usually just on sunday morning/afternoon as a hangover cure, so maybe it's different then. As far as some of the other complaints I read, I just don't get it. High prices? You can get awesome biscuits and gravy for like 3 or 4 bucks. I haven't really noticed anything on the menu that's over like 8. Closed on mondays? You kidding me, one day a week? How many places in Portland can you go that's open 24 hours any day of the week? The Roxy, is great: Sweet jukebox; Mindless self indulgence, Iggy Pop, Ramones. Cool decor, all the pulp fiction stuff and the giant Jesus crucifix statue on the wall. Good food, I have yet to try lunch, but their greasy breakfast food and coffee is #1 after a heavy night of drinking. All in all, just don't go in there expecting fine dining. It's a cool place in a cool city. more

hits the late-night cravings 5/7/2008

The Roxy is perfect for your late night cravings for burgers, grilled cheese, breakfast, and a whole bunch... more

hits the late-night cravings 5/7/2008

karuna Provided by Partner
The Roxy is perfect for your late night cravings for burgers, grilled cheese, breakfast, and a whole bunch of interesting sandwich options. It's a... more

Big, Fat, Heart Attack Special Is Where It's At! 3/27/2008

The owner of the place is cooky, cool and friendly with an razor wit edge. You want to like her but then I've seen her chase people down (literally) for not leaving a tip for her server. A whole lot drastic! Would you want to know someone who easily snaps? Perhaps, it could be entertaining. All things considered, 'The Lovely Suzanne' is fun and friendly. Years ago it appears founder Suzanne turned the business over to her daughter to manage, service got better but atmosphere and fun factor dropped. Owner Suzanne would stand at the door and seat you wearing a purple bee-hive wig, funky retro glasses and shouting loudly. She would have so much fun giving everyone who walked through the door a hard time with 'pet names' and other silly stuff. She was the reason friends and I visited. She was crass, a bit rude and all in the name of being very busy, having fun and keeping it light. Where is she now?\r \r I love their food in the classic greasy spoon USA style. Bad for you but soo good for you at the same time! It's apparent that the small, narrow place does a good business for all ages, from street kids to gay club hoppers but in the end, the atmosphere has changed over the years to reflect a bland, day-in-day out feeling. No longer are the days of fun. This place still has charm but not like it did once before. How do you get it back? Owner Suzanne needs to spend more time in the drivers seat and less time out shopping around the world. We all miss her. Pros: Lots of freaks and geeks to watch. No shortage of late night noise. Cons: Prices are getting a bit too high, atmosphere is not what it once was. more

Horrible Experience 3/15/2008

We just moved here from the mid-west and had some friends from way out of time come in to visit. We trying to show them the Portland experience. Once we ended up in this diner, we became so apologetic and try to convince them that Oregonians are not all such horrible a-holes. The serving staff was downright nasty. When the 4 of us initially walked in, they gave us nasty looks and looked put out to have to seat us. They screamed at my buddy for walking up to the bar to get his check after it was failed to be delivered in him and the server didn't respond to his attempts to catch her attention. The waitress started yelling at our friends for standing up and putting on their coats (in which they we told they needed sit back down because they were in the server's way) and for ""congregating"" because they were walking down the aisle o nthe way out. All this after my all too kind friend gave a 40% tip! The servers were way to stressed for the 8 tables they collectively shared. Ihorrible, embarassing experience; we will never go back!!! more

Editorial review is WAY out of date 2/7/2008

I've been eating at the Roxy as a treat (too much of a good thing will give you a coronary, you know) since I moved to Portland five years ago. I absolutely love this place and the food is really great for those of us who enjoy the occasional heart attack special! Our first grader thinks that their blueberry pancakes are food nirvana, we almost always start with the cheese fries, and it's one of the only restaurants in town that I've been able to find a really good cold roast beef sandwich with all the trimmings. Their menu covers the gamut of tastes and even those watching their calories can get a salad made to their needs. The Italian sodas are loads of fun and don't forget to bring money for the jukebox! We rarely leave without at least one box of left-overs and the trick to eating here is to really not try to clean your plate. Obviously a good choice for a late-night booze soak-up, it's amazingly kid-friendly as well and we tend to go in the early evening and then walk over to Powell's. We love the decor and try to sit in a different spot each time to read the autographed photos on the walls. Oprah and Tom Jones are two that stand out as seriously funny. Kids (and adults) who are overly sheltered and unaware of how ""WEIRD"" Portland can be might be in for a major shock, but The Roxy is really one of the icons of why Portland is such a fantastically colorful city; a great place to bring out of town guests. It's also one of the few beyond Shari's and the Original Hotcake and Steak House that has a 24 hour menu and serves traditional ""greasy spoon diner"" food. I've always found the staff to be accommodating, quick and more interesting to talk to than most. As a note: the editorial review is so far out of date it's sad. The menu changed a few years back and took out all the celebrity names, so a double stack is just that...a double stack of pancakes. It's one of the few things that I really wish hadn't changed, but I could see how it might have been necessary. Pros: Cheap eats, colorful ambience, kid and out-of-towner friendly, good for groups Cons: menu titles lost their sparkle, bathrooms could use an update! more

dining with taxi drivers 11/16/2007

this hole in the wall institution of vasoline alley is notorious for its 24hr service and dodgy late night... more

dining with taxi drivers 11/16/2007

dtwood Provided by Partner
this hole in the wall institution of vasoline alley is notorious for its 24hr service and dodgy late night crowds. never a dull moment or forgettab... more

24 hour 4-star dining with a down-home attitude and cheap prices! 8/4/2007

While the fine establishment does not serve alcohol, it will, however, serve you a meal so rich in flavor that you will not need such mind-altering substances to enjoy life! With quality meals that rival any 4, or 5, star restaurant in the city, The Roxy, somehow, manages to maintain prices that appeal to the general populous. Within the menu you will find typical American comfort food with a twist of elegance that not only caters everyday people, but an up-scale crowd as well. \r On top of this, each staff member has gone through rigorous training and a competitive hiring process to ensure each patron at The Roxy not only gets the treatment they deserve, but the respect they are entitled to.\r \r Pros: Exquisite service, impeccable timing, and amazing food\r Cons: Closed Mondays Pros: Exquisite service, impeccable timing, and amazing food Cons: Closed Mondays more
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