The Crossings At Wood Bridge


100 Creekside Way
Roswell, GA 30076

(888) 415-3296
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The Crossings At Wood Bridge - Roswell, GA
The Crossings At Wood Bridge - Roswell, GA
The Crossings At Wood Bridge - Roswell, GA
The Crossings At Wood Bridge - Roswell, GA
The Crossings At Wood Bridge - Roswell, GA
The Crossings At Wood Bridge - Roswell, GA
The Crossings At Wood Bridge - Roswell, GA
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All reviews seem negative


This is the most unsafe place to live I have EVER seen. Every day the police are at this complex for one reason or another. Looks lovely. Grounds are nicely kept up but that is ju...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/11/2014

Really bad place and management. I apply at this complex and got approve, sing up contract down deposit and all but 5 days before the move in date. The office call me and tell me that I will no longer move in on feb 15 as contract said because the person in that unit will no longer leave even tho her contract was over. So I came into the office and they didn't care at all specially the manager who I talk to was so uninterested to solve the issue so my option was to move in a month later or take my money and go. I work in the area and I know a lot of ppl in roswell and I will make sure people knows not to apply there and experience the same. Thing. Very unprofessional. more

UNSAFE!!! 4/25/2012

This is the most unsafe place to live I have EVER seen. Every day the police are at this complex for one reason or another. Looks lovely. Grounds are nicely kept up but that is just a front. If you want to feel safe in your home DO NOT RENT HERE!!! Pros: null Cons: null more

Unprofessional staff 3/10/2012

When I first moved here I thought the place was great but then there were people running everywhere playing Spanish music and screaming. One month I couldn't pay the rent and the property manager David Morales (phone #678-656-4336) said if I sleep with him he would let me go a few extra days. I said no way and another tennant told me she did this before and that he has herpes. These people should be reported and the place should be closed down. As for the roaches... they are everywhere and I asked them to get the place sprayed 10 times to no avail! Pros: null Cons: null more

PLEASE SAVE your money and find something worth paying for!! 8/15/2010

Reading the reviews i'm thinking to myself.....WOW im not the only one complaining which is funny because you'd think they'd do something about these ongoing issues...For me i decided to stay here only due to the fact that its was $99 for the first month and costs was really inexpensive and i needed to save $$ as much as possible BUT of course the old saying never lies "YOU GET WHAT U PAY FOR"....from day one there have been roaches and yes the mexicans are just TERRIBLE....they stay out right outside of your door with their AWFUL LOUD MUSIC they never clean up after themselves..I cant tell you how many beer cans and bottles i've had to clean up and leave by their door in only 2 months....I even believe they were leaning against my car until i came out side and they knew i was mad...the place seriously needs to be enforcing some rules....Although the place is cheap and affordable just be aware of the other ways you will have to pay.....My advice is to either move here and place complaints like crazy or threaten to call GA tenant rights or find something worth the money...BUT if more calm and respectful people moved here it wouldnt be so bad.. more

Poorly Managed Mexican Roach Motel 7/2/2010

This place is slightly better than its adjacent neighbors Concepts 21 and Wood bridge Apts but its still a mess. The Wetbak manager doesnt manage the place. He just sleeps with the Mexican tramps and staff. He rides around in his Grey want to be sports car thats made for a girl doing nothing. This wetbak needs to swim back to where he came from. The incessant Roswell Police fixture, dirty pool area which is easy to get locked inside of due to the fact that you need to use your key which only works 50% of the time in order to open the gate and exit out, THE mexicans here are like the roaches. Soon as you get rid of one four more pop up. Theres always random items (beds, couches, tools) and trash sitting outside the recycling containers, Cocaine users & sellers, a constant slew of day laborers & illegal immigrants walking in and out of the complex 24 hours a day, and the apartments have an odor because they do not change or properly clean the carpets. Evenings & weekends are the worst because thats when the Mexicans like to drink cases of Coronas, blast music and sit outside in the parking lot. One time a drunk Mexican knocked on my door at 1am in the morning and he couldnt even stand up straight. Alot of the residents here have very bad attitudes, act like they speak little to no English. I was told that if you are an Illegal with no social the Property Manager will still accept you as long as you can muster up some fake documents and pay an extra 200 for rent. Every night there at least 50 Mexicans hanging out by the pool drinking and having a fiesta on the tennis court that they converted into a volleyball court. Everytime I come home there at least 3 business cards/stickers for a new Mexican Taxi service as if there arent already 50 of them that live in the complex. They allow illegals to walk through the community with freezers on wheels selling home made ice cream for cash. They also allow illegals in Red Caravans to sell unsanitary hot food from the back of their Van.(Can you say health hazard) I live alone in my 2 bedroom and keep my apt very clean but since a dirty ass family of 5 lives next door in a 1 bedroom apt I have roaches. The property manager knows that there are multiple people and families dwelling in one apt but he still allows it. Ive been here for almost 5 months now and next month will be my sixth and final month there. I should have originally moved into Centennial Ridge Apts like I was going to do but I was trying to save $ and now I realize you simply get what you pay for when you live around wetbacks & M*xicans. Pros: Its cheaper than other communities in North Fulton. Cons: Mexicans,Big Roaches, Poor Management, Drunk Mexicans, Dirty more

Awful!!!! 2/26/2010

A place should start with great management and integrity This place lacks BOTH. How can someone expect the leasing staff or anyone else under him to make the right decisions when the property manager (David) does not! He runs this place just to get by, shows no customer skills and has no integrity! His actions have proven this; need I say more? Cons: VERY POOR MANAGEMENT! more


This is the worst apartment that I have ever lived in! After looking over the property, things seemed that they would be fine with all of the guidelines and rules. However after two weeks of living here. We came home to find our front door covered with flyers and business cards. I ask the property manager about this and her answer was that there used to be a NO SOLICITING sign. However someone stole it! Then the horn honkers! People honking their horns day and night!! The management actually passed out door memos to ALL residents that they are not to honk horns at ALL! However it has never been enforced! Then to top all of this off, the every weekend door knockers! To top all of this off, the overgrown roches that came out and were doing push ups on my staircase were not too appealing either! I complained of this and the property manager stated that they would have someone come in and spray that I needed to take all of my dishes and food out of the cabinets. So for 5 days I waited with all of my cooking wear, plates, silverware and food in my living room and dinning area. I then returned to the office manager and she tells me that they have been having problems with the exterminator. That the exterminator was not going to all of the apartments and saying that they were. I then offered to buy pesticides out of MY OWN POCKET! Then she let me borrow a sprayer and spay my OWN apartment. I let the chemicals settle for a few days before I put away my dishes and food. A week after putting all the things back in the cabinets. I come home to find a notice that the exterminator had been here and treated my apartment with all the dishes and foods still in place. I ask about this and they have no clue why they came in without approval. . I will not even get into what I was told about the trash and littler clean up around the complex! IT IS A MESS! The dishwasher leak has been complained about 10 times and still leaks. It has caused water damage to kitchen floor. Pros: Easy access to Ga 400 and shopping Cons: Soliciting, door to door, horn honkers and BAD management . more
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  • At The Crossings Wood Bridge, we offer comfortable 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with vaulted ceilings, private outdoor spaces and modern conveniences in Roswell, GA. Enjoy our community clubhouse, tennis and recreation courts, resort style pool, on-site laundry center and professional on-site management and maintenance. Located on Holcomb Bridge Road, we're just 1 mile from GA400 and within 2 miles of shopping, dining and entertainment at the Roswell Town Center and the Holcomb Shopping Center.

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  • Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 1pm-5pm