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Taylor Linda Do

4131 Spicewood Springs Rd Ste K3
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 343-8505
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Taylor Linda Do - Austin, TX
Taylor Linda Do - Austin, TX


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I am shocked by the negative words about Dr. Taylor. She has been my psychiatrist for over a year and has helped me immensely. She took the time to run tests before prescribing ...


I don't know how I could possibly make this review more negative without actually pouring gasoline over it and setting it on fire. But I would if I could. I came to see Taylor ...

Nothing but respect for Dr. Taylor 1/4/2012

I am shocked by the negative words about Dr. Taylor. She has been my psychiatrist for over a year and has helped me immensely. She took the time to run tests before prescribing yet another pill that wouldn't work for me. She is NOT a pill-pusher, so if you're looking for a restricted drug, she might not prescribe it if you don't need it. That shouldn't be a shocking quality in a psychiatrist!! She has changed my life for the better and I thank her for that. more

Should not be a physician, much less a psychiatrist 10/17/2011

I don't know how I could possibly make this review more negative without actually pouring gasoline over it and setting it on fire. But I would if I could. I came to see Taylor after my physician and therapist recommended I have a psychiatrist review the medications I take for my PTSD, which is due to a brutal rape. I came in with written assessments and evaluations from both my M.D. and psychologist, which Taylor not only did not read, she refused to photocopy ""because of lack of time"". With PTSD, I have panic attacks when too much stuff is going on around me. Taylor pops up and down from her chair like a jack-in-the-box, and scurries around the office unlocking doors and drawers to get one thing, then relocking it all. It was like a junebug on crack. My heart rate had to be 180 before I got out of there. Taylor spent the entirety of the first visit calling a pharmacist and checking my current meds for drug interactions. Usually docs take the history and do checking/thinking about it AFTER you leave. At nearly $200 per hour, I sat there and listened while she sat on the phone. Since we accomplished exactly nothing the 1st visit we scheduled a 2nd visit, 4 days later. She sent me off after the 1st visit with an order for bloodwork, which I had done the next day. Visit #2, I waited 15 minutes outside in the heat before she unlocked the office door and let me in, then waited some more inside, losing about 20 minutes of my paid appointment time. Taylor has no idea what the results of the bloodwork are. She spent 15 more mins of my time calling the lab and getting the results. Based on the bloodwork, she thinks I have a bunch of conditions that I am certain my regular doc would have noted sometime over the past decade I have been seeing her, including the couple of blood draws I've had done in the last 2 months. Taylor says as a psychiatrist she has to do differential diagnosis to rule out every other possible thing that might produce psychiatric symptoms. OK, that sounds reasonable, but if it were TRUE, she would have (1) read the medical assessments I brought with me and (2) asked my regular doctor for my full records for comparison. During the 2nd visit, she again refused to read or photocopy the medical records I brought. Now she wants to send me to other specialists. On the 1st visit, I explained to her that I DO NOT want to see male health care professionals. I explained about the rape. On visit #2, she AGAIN tried to send me to male specialists. I explained AGAIN that I refuse to see male doctors, period. Then Taylor said to me the most unprofessional, insensitive, stupid thing any health care professional has ever said to me: ""It's OK, I'm sure he has a female nurse who can be in the room when he sees you."" WTF??!! I have PTSD trauma due to rape! I have explained clearly that I DO NOT SEE MALE DOCTORS. The point is not whether a woman is present. The point is I do not want a person with a penis present at all! That's it. I am not going back. I am taking the bloodwork to my actual, competent physician and asking her to repeat the tests. Linda Taylor (1) does not listen, (2) doesn't take adequate notes or remember what you have said to her previously, (3) wastes much of your visit with her locked door paranoia, (4) wastes more of your visit with phone calls that should be done after the patient is gone, (5) is extremely jumpy and fidgety in a way that completely freaked out this anxiety patient, (6) has the sensitivity of a lump of lignite about issues of sexual assault. more

I love, love, love Dr. T! 6/28/2011

Ok, so I know it's kinda weird to review your psychiatrist, but I'm doing it! I saw Dr. T last week and she told me how sad she is that so many people have talked badly about her on the internet and I just had to put in my two cents. So, she doesn't have office staff, which is very annoying to some people I guess. However, she returns my phone calls pretty promptly. She has very detailed ""office procedures"" that you sign on your first visit, so I don't see why people are so shocked when they are charged for missed appointments and things like that. And you should cancel anyway!! Who doesn't cancel and then just doesn't show up?? She beats to the sound of her own drum, but I think it's because she's brilliant! Wouldn't you rather have a psychiatric genius treating your mental health rather than a boring person?? I would. Honestly, she has changed my life and helped me find happiness. If you are looking for help, go see her, be friendly, tell her what you need, and you won't be disappointed. more

Defending Dr. Taylor! 6/28/2011

It makes me so sad to read all the nasty things about Dr. Taylor online. I have been seeing her for a long time now and she has helped me a great deal through my depression and anxiety. Dr. Taylor may be different, but she is good-hearted and well-intentioned. She is also incredibly smart and knows her stuff with medication. Also, she lost the use of her arms last year and has had difficulties as a result, so I think it's cold to fault her for a disability. I would expect more out of people needing psychiatric help than judgment and cruelty. I would recommend her to anyone... just treat her with respect and be assertive with your needs. She will help you. more

Another disappointed, mistreated patient. 5/13/2011

Absolutely horrible. It's true, extremely money hungry and uncaring. My initial visit was only 45 minutes, and she spent the first 10 ""setting up""; then another 15 trying to figure out my insurance. She got up and left the room mid session, then rushes me out because her next patient was already there. I paid for a full visit and was actually seen about 15 minutes. Extremely unprofessional. Didn't try to get to know me or understand the root of my problem. Didn't ask me anything at all about my mental state, just prescribed downer pills instantly. Pretty much everything all the other negative reviews said about her are 100% true. Please, find another doctor. *** Updated review. I had scheduled a follow up appointment, and the day before called to cancel. Left two voicemails just to make sure, because after reading all these reviews didn't trust her at all. I get a call on the date of the appointment from her asking where I am. Confused, I reply that I had left voicemails canceling it and never heard back. She says ""What did you want me to do, call at midnight?"" No. I expect that I called in the afternoon, and you as a doctor should return your patients calls in a timely manner. She proceeds to tell me that I had missed the appointment and wasn't honoring the agreement (even though I cancelled exactly 24 hours in advance) and then tries to charge my credit card $200. Thankfully i was able to block it. As other reviews stated, she copies your credit card information just so she can steal from you in the future. I'm reporting this to my insurance companies grievance department and anywhere else I can. more

completely unprofessional and lacking social skills 4/11/2011

This woman is batsh*t crazy at the very least, dangerously incompetent at the worst. She provides zero psychotherapy and is most interested in being sure she gets paid. I am new to the area and so made an appointment with the first person I could find in a neighborhood I didn't know well, never dreaming I would meet someone as incompetent and distracted as this ""doctor"". She was late the 4th time I was scheduled to see her - which was ok; these things happen. She did call to reschedule, and I made an appointment because she would not prescribe my medications without it - even though she had my medical charts, had prescribed my medications 3 times, etc. So - ok; she won't prescribe them without seeing me. Even though I was slightly annoyed at this, I was on my last day of medication so I needed those scripts. This is what happens when I show up at the appointed time: She meets me at the door and steps outside, tells me she is running late. I say that's ok, I can just wait. She says she will ""call when [she] is done, which will be at least 45 minutes"", I ""cannot wait in the waiting room because it is already crowded"" (there was one person in the room that I could see over her shoulder)and that she is ""wasting time out here talking"", and that she has ""already said I will call"" when she is done. I asked her what she expected me to ""do"" until she was ready - I wasn't going to go home only to turn around and come back, and I didn't know the area or how safe it was so I wasn't about to wait in my car for an hour until she was ready. I went home. She finally calls me - no joke here - after 9pm and tells me she can see me now, and that she is ""bending over backward"" to accommodate me. She still, even after all of this, refused to entertain the notion of calling in the medication. I am giving one star because it is the least allowed. I am in the process of making a complaint to the State Medical Board. You should all do the same. This woman should not be practicing any kind of medicine. UPDATE: she has now refused to allow the my pharmacy to prescribe any emergency medication doses. furthermore, she is delaying my efforts to see a new doctor by not forwarding my information. All of this will force me to go to a local ER. All of this because of one womans bullying and greedy business tactics. more

This Woman Is Horrible! She's Mentally Ill Herself! 3/11/2011

Oh, why didn't I listen to all the bad reviews? I chose to ignore them and give Linda a try. I got the same results as every one of the negative posts had! She demonstrates OCD in her, adjusting the temperature, locking and unlocking doors. She barely speaks above a whisper and I had to tell her I was hard of hearing 3 times! She did something very, very odd with my current medication bottles. She lined them up in a row in front of her and would pick up one and kinda roll it around in her hands and look at it, then put it back in the row. Then the secound bottle she did the same thing with. And when she got to the last bottle (there were 6, I know) she'd start all over again! CREEPY! PLEASE, DON'T SEE THIS WOMAN! Please don't ignore all these bad reviews like I did! This woman isn't qualified to practice riding a bicycle, much less pratice medicine! Please don't let yourself be hurt by this ""Flighty "" woman! It was a horrible experience and I am filing a complaint. She was incapable to answer simple questions. She was wishy-washy and unable to say exactly what she was thinking. I finally, realizing that her next appt. was waiting and she was preoccupied with that, had to ask her: Are you going to treat me or not? She said no. I grabbed my copies of my credit card and insurance card and ran as fast as I could away from this woman! Never again. (In my opinion, she doesn't deserve a rating at all. Being that she is so unqualified to even talk loud enough to be heard! This woman has NO business in any shape or form practicing medicine. I wouldn't even trust her to take my temperature. She probably wouldn't know how to read it! Or where to put it. And she'd probably have it locked up somewhere and have to disinfect it after she unlocked it and disinfect it after using it and locking it back up! By that time she'd probably have to adjust the temperature again. Or peek out the blinds again! And start whispering again in her birdy little manner. Fly birdy, fly! Please, for real, DO NOT SEE THIS WOMAN! Unless you want to be abused and mistreated. more

Absolutely the Worst 12/14/2010

If only I could give a -5 rating. This woman definitely should not be allowed to continue to harm people as she seems to do consistently. I had a difficult time finding a psychiatrist who was taking new patients and accepted my insurance. So I thought I would give Linda a try. My initial instincts about people are generally spot on, and from our first phone conversation, I had a really bad feeling about her. She just seemed too eager to actually have a new patient and to make certain I brought a credit card she would be authorized to charge against. But I decided I should at least give her a chance. I had an even worse impression about her after my one and only appointment with her. The paper work was all about making certain she got paid - nothing to do with why I was there. She did seem to move around the room a lot - getting papers from the locked closet, adjusting the thermostat, letting in the next patient...Anyway, she seemed incapable of following what I was saying and made some incredibly stupid responses. The antidepressant she chose to prescribe was one I told her had made me incredibly nauseous in the past. She prescribed a lower dose and assured me I shouldn't have problems with it. I will take responsibility for taking too long to recognize the meds were making me progressively more nauseous, but there is a reason for that that I won't take the time to go into. By the day of my 2nd appointment, I was so nauseous I could not even get out of bed. I called in the morning to cancel a 5:30 appt and plead with her to make an exception to her 24 hour cancellation policy. She did call me back - only to tell me to keep the appointment. When I tried to discuss the $200 she was going to charge me, she suddenly was running late and had to go. I generally expect people to behave ethically and show a little humanity, but Dr Taylor seems incapable of either. She immediately debited my checking account $200. So - from my perspective, her prescription made me ill - costing me 2 1/2 days of sick leave, a wasted trip to the gastroenterologist, the cost of the prescription, one copay to her, and the $200 for a missed appointment. Wish I would have followed my instincts and also searched for reviews first. Now I know better and am choosing to use this as yet another learning experience. more

RUN FROM HER 11/21/2010

Until I read the reviews online, I felt so alone and traumatized. My experience with this horrible heartless greedy bully was parallel to everything you're about to read from the others. They are not exaggerating. I can't believe she's allowed to practice. more

Do not go to this doctor 7/27/2010

Dr Taylor does not have the mental capacity to follow the simplest of story lines. I actually had to draw out a family tree for her because I spent most of my time telling her again and again who the people in my small family were. She refused to prescribe me anything even though I pleaded with her because I was going through extreme post partum and her reasoning was that she was afraid I was going to abuse alcohol even though it had been months since I'd even had a single drink and months before that since I'd had any others. She called me at 10pm to reschedule an appointment I had cancelled earlier that day and when I explained I'd be out of town for a week, she said she wanted to close my case because she couldn't be responsible for me while I was on vacation. She is really odd to say the least and I would never, ever recommend her to anyone. I felt worse than when I began seeing her and I too felt it was more about filling her appointment book than helping me. Do not go see this doctor!!!! Pros: Nice office Cons: Rude and unreliable more

She only seems to care about money, not helping 7/26/2010

Dr. Taylor is completely uncaring and unsympathetic. She charged me $200 for missing an appointment and not providing advance notice. I explained to her that I did not know in advance my daughter would be sick. She did not care. I explained that I called as soon as possible to let her know I would not make it. She only called me to follow up after charging my card. She didn't even call me first to find out more details. I explained that she had left me completely broke and that I had no money to buy groceries now. I told her that I am a single mother so when my kids are sick I am the one that takes care of them and I dont always know in advance when they will be sick (any parent should understand this). She put me deeper into depression. Very unhelpful and uncaring. Don't do it. Her response to me telling her she had taken my last dime was: ""well do you want to continue seeing me or not"". I was dumbfounded. Lesson learned. Never new a mental health professional could be so uncaring. Pros: extended hours Cons: uncaring, unprofessional, not helpful more

Absolutely Insane and Unprofessional 6/7/2010

Ill just copy and paste my letter to the BBB below. But seriously, if your are in need of psychiatric help DO NOT go through this individual. You will regret it!!!!!!!! I sincerely believe that D.O. Linda Taylor is unqualified to practice any independent practice, let alone that related to health care. I called Linda on 4/30/2010 to see if she had availability in the near future. Left a voice message and was contacted back at 10:30pm that day while in bed. I confirmed an appointment for 5/4/2010 at 3:30pm. On my way to said appointment I listened to numerous voice mails from Linda asking to confirm the appointment which was already confirmed. When I was able to respond to her request she stated that she canceled my appointment because I did not call back to confirm, and rescheduled me for a later time that day. Upon arrival her main office door was locked. I waited 15 minutes outside until she finally came to the door citing she was on the phone. I came to Linda for refills of medication I have been on for 9+ years. Linda went through the usual 1st client procedures and became agitated when I proclaimed that I sometimes have a beer after a stressful day at work. She immediately turned the subject toward nothing short of alcoholism and instead of prescribing my normal medication she prescribed me medication geared to curb extreme alcoholism (the above issue has already been reported to the EEOC). The visit cost me $300 and the medication $70. I have since seen another doctor and have been prescribed the correct medication. Upon payment time Linda ran my credit through her machine numerous times without any success. I sat in her office an entire EXTRA hour missing work while she was on the phone with technical support for her credit card machine. My boss was quite upset when I arrived an hour later then planned. Linda also told me to submit my own claim even though she is In-Network. I have since contacted her regarding this issue, and have been promptly denied any sort of correspondence. I honestly do not believe this individual is qualified of the title she holds and I am VERY suspect she is a D.O. at all. My boss was quite upset when I arrived an hour then planned. Linda also told me to submit my own claim even though she is In-Network. I have since contacted her regarding this issue, and have been been promptly denied any sort of correspondence. I honestly do not believe this individual is not qualified of the title she holds and I am VERY suspect she is a D.O. at all. I request a partial refund for services rendered to myself by Linda in the sum of $150 for unacceptable business practices, as well as 1 hrs pay for time spent while she was trying to unsuccessfully get her credit card machine to work, as well as a full refund for money spent on medication that did not address my condition. Total cost: $250 Pros: Not 1 Thing Cons: Infinite more

Not As bad as people say 9/28/2009

I read all these reviews on my way to her office. She was on time! She listened to my history and gave me her opinions. I do however feel that she is real quick to right a prescription. Which i don't mind if i feel at ease but the script she wrong me was for an off label reason and i didn't feel comfortable due to the fact that she only told me the good and not the bad about the medicine. If i didn't do my own research then I would have been in the dark about this med. She may be a little hippyish but we are in Austin so it is what it is. But i give her respect because she is in the field of helping people and not just solely on collecting a check unlike the other 45 Dr's who were cash only. I just realized her services arnt for me and that if i want the best i need to pay for the best. Pros: Availible, Cons: Real breif, Quick to right script more

See Someone Else 9/26/2009

I came to see her in a really bad state of mind and don't even remember filling our her paperwork. I should have had my husband look at them... She spent session unlocking doors with her keys (all rooms are keyed) and ooohing at me while doing other chores. She refused to review my medical history. She was totally unresponsive and very strange. Later she called me and threatened to run my debit card when I refused to have anymore appointments with her...ugh. Pros: Will prescribe anything you ask for Cons: Late, Nonresponsive, Abusive more

Eccentric but Helpful 8/24/2009

I have been to Linda about 5 times. Yes, she is different. Yes, she is eccentric. If you go to her and know what you want, there will be no issues. If you let yourself meander and have no idea why you are there, then you should see someone who is more structured. Pros: Available in less than 3 months for 1st visit Cons: Eccentric, a little absent-minded more

She's been quite helpful to me, and I'm thankful for that 2/2/2009

I'm somewhat amazed at all the negative reviews. Yes, Dr. Taylor is rather ""flighty"" and is certainly unique, and she sometimes gets distracted for a while. But when I've really needed help she has helped. In fact, she has helped me more than any other doctor has helped with my depression. There may have been a few appointments where i felt somewhat unsatisfied with what I got out of them, but the majority have been very good--and some have been downright amazing. She has shown a keen sense of what I need to be happy, both pharmacologically and in the larger life. She has offered me good advice when I've asked for it, and has worked with me to optimize my medications. She's also generally nice to talk to and has been good for my morale, and at times has even inspired me.. more

Terrible psychiatrist 1/29/2009

This woman was completely unprofessional and flighty. She spent much of the appointment talking about herself. Every time I got in touch with her I had to leave two messages to get her to call me back. She made up a reason to have another appointment (something with the insurance that turned out not to be relevant), which I can only understand as her wanted another payment. Pros: Weekend appointments Cons: Unprofessional, flighty, unresponsive to voicemail more

Woah, is she really a psychiatrist, eek! 1/13/2009

My first appt., she was late because she had to workout. I did the entire talking and the next appointment she was late. She kept leaving the room and coming back in, and then stated that she might get an emergency phone call and might have to leave in the middle of our session. I have a psychology background and could even tell myself what I was going through. She offered no ""textbook"" information about how the mind works and suggestions on what she thought I was going through, and of course she didn't diagnose me with a ""serious mental illness"" because then she wouldn't get paid as much through insurance (eventhough I am perfectly normal). I felt like I was talking to myself the entire time. I even asked her questions about my emotional state and she offered NO advice or any means of helping. I agree with everyone else, she is a very sweet lady, but I don't feel she is educated enough to practice. I also don't like the fact that she stops fifteen prior to our session to go and talk to the next person that has their appointment. I felt like I was talking to my grandma instead of a qualified psychiatrist. Oh granny, please diagnose me, just kidding ! You're wasting your time and money if you go to her, trust me! more

Stay far, far away! 12/20/2008

Updating my review after 3 years. How vindicating to read some of the reviews here. Here is my opinion of Linda Taylor. I saw Linda years ago when (I think) she first started practicing in Texas. It remains to this date the worst, most disrespectful, unhelpful, even downright greedy experience with any health worker. I had been diagnosed with ADHD in my childhood, and have taken meds for nearly 2 decades. I have grown to hate medication, and am always looking for new ideas or perspectives. I visited Linda for a ""2nd opinion"" - explaining on the phone everything I've mentioned here. She sounded so compassionate and interested - and was delighted to discuss alternative ADHD treatments (even non-medication). When I got there, I found an angry, hostile woman who told me ADHD ""does not exist"", and clearly I must have obsessive compulsive disorder for wanting to see a psychiatrist. She proceeded to demean and ridicule me... and seemed paranoid I had brought in literature for ""Lexapro"" on my clipboard. Say what? I had never heard of Lexapro - (I did have a BLANK clipboard with me to take notes during my appointment!) I was getting a little uneasy. She also seemed preoccupied by noises outside her office. I didn't hear any of them. She then started drawing diagrams on her dry-erase board about the fallacy of ADHD. When I finally got a word in, I asked her why the NIMH considered ADHD a valid diagnosis. She became hostile at this point - almost a rage... and I tried to politely wind down our session... Before I finished writing a check, she tried to write me a prescription for Lexapro. (she had Lexapro literature peppered all over her office). Just to get out of there, I took her prescription and threw it in the trash on the way to my car. This woman really gave me the creeps like I've never felt before from a health provider in my entire life. I don't think I spoke more than 50 words during our brief meeting. She basically asked what I did for a living, and a few cursory questions about my family. She was fascinated by the fact I ran a company. She kept saying ""oh... you've done so well with your life!"" and then began joking that she too probably has ADHD. Chuckle Chuckle. I'm no psychologist, but is this not classic passive-aggressive? I'm going to assume the system works, and this woman has a valid license to practice... but in my opinion she should not be licensed as any type of health provider. Bad reports on her have poured in on the various ""rating"" boards like this one for years. Apparently nobody at the Texas Medical Board has bothered to check up on this person practicing psychiatry in Austin, TX. Years later, I still feel great unease remembering that horrible appointment with Linda Taylor. I will remember it the rest of my life. Pros: she can probably see you ""right away"" Cons: absolutely everything else more

If you think you needed help, the Dr. will cure you of all your existing problems then instill new ones 9/11/2008

OK, here goes...called around to about 30 Drs. not one had an open slot for not less than three months. Low and behold Linda Taylor had a slot that day! Hey, I'm going to get help. I took a leave of absence from work and had all the forms she needed to fill out. First visit 1.5 hours of her filling out those papers and making phone calls because she did not understand certain questions! $$$. No perscriptions this visit. $$$ Second visit, 1 hour trying to finish filling out paperwork and making phone calls! $$$ No perscriptions. Third, finally started talking, if you want to call head nodding talking. She made me get all script records from pharmacys so she could see all my perscription history. $$$ Dumb me, went again giving her the benefit, reviewed my perscriptions, then finally put me on two meds $$$. Fourth visit the accusations started to fly if you know what I mean. (I didn't know that Dr.s could perscribe alcohol) and wrote in very large letters on a perscription pad ""GO DIRECTLY TO SHOAL CREEK DO NOT GO HOME"" she then proceeded to call a two Drs that I see to tell them this!!!!!! I was sitting in the room! I tried to talk over her saying that she does not know what she is talking about. The meds she gave were part of that accusation. $$$ Relationship terminated. By the way, she was 10 to 15 minutes late for every apt (and charged for it!) because she works out! so while she's working out and taking her time for herself, I'm standing outside in the heat waiting for her to pull up in her BMW that we all paid for. And never once addressed why I was there. I'm cured. Pros: Kleenex in office Cons: way to many to list more
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