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Tasty China - 20 Reviews - 585 Franklin Rd Se, Marietta, GA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (770) 419-9849
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Tasty China

585 Franklin Rd Se
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 419-9849
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Tasty China - Marietta, GA
Tasty China - Marietta, GA
Tasty China - Marietta, GA
Tasty China - Marietta, GA
Tasty China - Marietta, GA
Tasty China - Marietta, GA
Tasty China - Marietta, GA
Tasty China - Marietta, GA
Tasty China - Marietta, GA
Tasty China - Marietta, GA


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If you love hot, spicy chinese food - look no further. This place packs a punch! No need to ask for additional spice, an avid spicy food fan, I ordered straight from the menu and ...


The food here is pretty good. I would suggest taking the waiter(ess)'s recommendations on which food to order - a lot of the authentic Chinese food is not for Americans.\r \r Ha...

Outstanding, kickazz food! 11/2/2011

If you love hot, spicy chinese food - look no further. This place packs a punch! No need to ask for additional spice, an avid spicy food fan, I ordered straight from the menu and it came spicy enough! Try the shredded crispy beef and the beef roll. They are fantastic. The prices are great and the quantity of food is quite generous. Two people could share an entree. more

real tasty authentic Chinese food 4/15/2011

Well, I lived in CA for 15 plus years and had some real good Chinese food all over the world. I have to say Tasty China is not bad at all. They have some unique spicy dishes that I have never had anywhere else. I agree the furniture and carpets are old and nasty, but you always can to-go.....My favorite is the water boil beef and spicy eggplants, but these are off-limits for novice guys and gals. more

YUCK! 2/15/2011

Close your eyes, this place is FILTHY. Everything is covered in a film of dirt, chairs are torn up. Carpet looks like it came out of my old frat house. No wonder, we were the ONLY people in there at 12:00 on Valentines day. We didn't eat what we ordered. Couldn't force it down. Trust me. I tried. I'm cheap and do not waste food. Nor am I a picky eater, you should see me. So, I complained and they didn't care. Wouldn't go back if it was free. The only reason I gave one star is because you can't choose less than 1. more

Tasty China is the Best Chinese Food Ever 8/30/2010

Tasty China is surely the best, the boldest, and the most delicious and succulent Chinese food I have every had, globally — though I have yet to visit China. And celebrity chef, Peter Chang, is back! You have to go. The success and majesty and frank deliciousness has everything to do with the presence — and return — of the famous and transient Chef Peter Chang, known for his culinary wanderlust. Well, he is back and better than every in a super-modest scruffy strip mall in Marietta, Georgia, nearby to Atlanta. IMG00485 20100829 1924 Tasty China is the Best Chinese Food Ever Tasty China is well worth the visit not only from greater Atlanta but also the region, the south, the north, the United States, or glob ally. It is so hot and spicy it makes me cry but also with happiness too. Thanks to Liz Marvel for constantly making visits to Atlanta and Tasty China something of an annual habit — she has her birthday feast there every year and so I get to eat there at least annually. Oh, and if you noticed, I didn’t speak any specifics on food. Well, I don’t know my Chinese food at all and let Liz and her husband Eric order for me. more

Best chinese in North Georgia 1/19/2010

If you think you know what chinese food is then think again- stay away from the stuff you've heard of before and aim for things like burning beef roll, red chili won tons, --- when you go - say hi to Phong- she'll aim you towards the best on the menu- Pros: Fresh, Flavorful, top chinese more

Best Sichuan in Country 12/10/2009

If you've never had real chinese food, this place is amazing. It's Sichuan cuisine for the most part, so it's spicy. If you want the best Kung Pao in America (according to me), you have got to check this place out. The flavors blow away anything in Atlanta. The beef with scallions is awesome, very spicy however. The most amazing thing is that their Wonton soup (a Cantonese dish), is the best I have ever tasted. If you like Cantonese, Canton Cooks (Sandy Springs) is really good (especially their Chow Fun). But Tasty China's Wonton soup blows theirs away. I was shocked. Pros: Sichuan dishes, Wonton Soup Cons: it's in Marietta more

Excellent Chinese cooking 10/21/2009

I have lived all over the country and have had some of the best ethnic food there is to be had in the states. I must admit this place is in the top 10 for Asian dishes and probably second best in the country for Chinese food. The flavors are layered and harmonized in a way that caresses the palate with both bold and subtle flavors! Watch out for the dishes listed as ""spicy"" though, as they are inded quite hot. I suggest you order it half as hot as normally prepared on your first visit so you aren't shocked by the heat. more

good food 5/12/2008

their food is well cook, affordable and local.. you must give this place a try. Great for on the go or dine in meals! more

White Guy Who Lived In China Eats Here 3 Times a Week. 7/25/2007

When you live in China, you get spoiled with the food. When you come back, you go through withdrawal because you just can't find good Chinese food in the States. Tasty China is so authentic if I close my eyes I feel like I am back in Beijing. I married a Chinese girl, and we eat here at least 3 times a week. I bring all of my clients here for lunch, and everyone of the has come back on their own. My employees go there to eat at least once a week.\r \r I have read some of the other reviews, which frankly sound like competitor restaurants. I have never once seen any insects or other problems. As far as it not being ""authentic"" food, I have lived in three cities in China, and been to over 20. There are dishes I can get here in Tasty China that up until now I was only able to get in the Mainland. The smell, the taste, even the look is just like what I had in China. \r \r You want good Chinese food, come here. Chances are you'll see a fat white guy who speaks fluent Chinese. That's me. I'll help you order heaven on a plate. Pros: Excellent food, great value, great services Cons: They close. I wish they never closed. more

Do not go there! We found a big r o a c h in the dish! 4/29/2007

We are chinese students and went to Tasty China for a couple of times in past two monthes because there is no many china restaurnts in Marietta, and it is quite close to where we live. However, we found a big r o a c h in one the dishes last Thursday! It was so disguesting and we almost finished half of the dish (chicken)! My girl friend immediately went to the bathroom, and we could not eat anything in the whole night. \r \r Since we had been there for couple of times before, we were nice and did not let other customers know this at that time. We just complained it to the boss. However she just quickly grabbed the dish with r o a c h inside and went to the kitchen. Then she came out as nothing had happened, and she even refuse to appologize. \r \r We swear never go to tasty china again and really regret we should 've let other costumers know this at that night. \r \r DO NOT go to Tasty China! There are many very good China restaurauts in Atlanta! more


I am from Sichuan so I knew what Authentic Sichuan food taste like! Tasty China's food is definitely NOT!\r I went there with my families who read the review.\r \r We order ""Red Chilly Wonton"". We were shock when we got the food. The Authentic red chilly wonton is not a soup wonton! It was so bad! We totally ordered 8 different dishes that night and NONE of them were come close to be an even descent Sichuan food. \r \r The restaurant was small, and carpet is sticky. Bathroom was not clean! While I was eating I can hear chef and waiters yelling at each other from the kitchen.\r \r I had much better authentic Sichuan food in Duluth. The restaurant name is "" Sichuan House"" the owner is from Sichuan and food are sooooooo much better! Believe me! Go there try and you will know the difference!! Sichuan house is clean very well decor and service are great! You don?t know what is authentic Sichuan food until you visited Sichuan House. Try their Kong Pao Chicken, Spicy Wonton, hot boiled beef, double pepper chicken. Their Chengdu Style beef noodle soup also very tasty and portion are huge! more

Swear To God, Best Chinese Food In Atlanta 2/22/2007

Decor ? Average ""strip-mall-chinese-joint"" look.\r \r Service ? Lame. You practically need to light a road flare to get someone's attention.\r \r Food ? Un-f*cking-believable. Chinese food in Atlanta is horrible -- but this rivals anything I've had in New York or San Francisco. I was STUNNED at how good this is. Eventually, they'll be burned to the ground by a disgruntled customer or a horrified health inspector, but until then, go and be amazed. Pros: Really, really good food. Cons: They don't care if you live or die. more

BEST Chinese outside of Buford Highway 2/22/2007

I went by the reviews on this one. I was intrigued b/c there is no stellar Chinese in Marietta. There's *some* really good places but most are nothing to write home about. Tasty China is step above and beyond. I started with the dumplings in red hot oil. That was a fantastic soup. I then had the numbing beef. It was seasoned heavily with cilantro, peppercorns and sesame seeds. The server kept insisting I take it home, eat it in front of the TV while I drink beer. It was a dead on recommendation. Finally, I told my server that I like very hot food and that I like tripe and things of the sort. She recommended the pigs feet: deep fried, seasoned in curry, red pepper and onions, chili's and cilantro. Hands down the best Chinese I've had in years. I just went to Wo Hop in Manhattan this past summer and they can't hold a candle to this place. There is no longer a need to drive to Buford for authentic and amazing Chinese. Trust your servers here. They will pair your food in ways that work very well. This place is incredible. Pros: The Sichuon menu Cons: The American Chinese menu more

Couldn't believe it! 2/10/2007

I love to experiment with different types of cuisine and read every review of new restaurants I can get my hands on. I've made the long trek from Marietta to Buford Hwy. and am never disappointed with the results of my excursion, but I absolutely hate the drive. After reading recent reviews of ""Tasty China"", I decided to try the somewhat seedy stripmall location. It was terrific! The staff was more than pleasant and the food was out of this world. I asked for extra spicy braised beef in hotpot (and I cannot EVER get enough ""hot""), and I received EXTRA spicy, just as requested. Wow, what a treat. The bubble pancake appetizer was a nice surprise. These billowy looking pillows of ""yummy"" were fun and delicious. I'll be heading back this afternoon for my second installment of Tasty China. The menu offers so many different choices I'm apt to be eating there for weeks before I am able to try it all. But, no worries, I'll find time to get to it! Pros: Good menu with lots to choose from and food is cooked as requested Cons: The location is questionable, but restaurant is worth looking past exterior. more

Pretty good food - owner (male) is very very rude 2/10/2007

The food here is pretty good. I would suggest taking the waiter(ess)'s recommendations on which food to order - a lot of the authentic Chinese food is not for Americans.\r \r Having said that, what looked to be the owner of the restaraunt, an older man, was VERY rude to my girlfriend and I. She had found a bowl that had not been cleaned thoroughly and asked him for another bowl. He gave her a very nasty look and relunctantly gave her another bowl. Is it such a crime to want clean plates and bowls when eating at a restaraunt? I hope he has his inspection soon, because if that's the attitude he has towards cleanlines, he's in for a big surprise. I also found my bowl to have some food left on it, and asked the woman for a new bowl - she was much nicer.\r \r One top of that, when he brought the food out, he said something to us in Chinese. We are not Chinese and do not understand Chinese. So naturally, both of us looked puzzled when he spoke to us. He should have known that we did not understand him after the first time he spoke, but he persistently asked the same question in Chinese to us at least 4 times, each time saying it with more of an attutude and eventually throwing the food down on the table.\r \r Overall, the food was pretty good, but that man really ruined our night. He has to know that this is America and you can't treat customers like that here. Kharma will come back to him eventually. Pros: Food was pretty good Cons: The owner doesn't know how to treat people. more

Best I've ever had! 1/31/2007

This is the best Chinese food I've ever had! We stayed away from the American menu and tried the hot and spicy entrees that were recommended to us by our waiter. The eggplant was delicious, and the chicken with chile peppers served in a steel hot plate was our favorite. I can't wait to go back and try something new.\r more

Best Chinese in Years 1/15/2007

I can't remember the last time I dined at a restaurant and wanted to return for my very next meal. Forget the strip mall location and dated decor--the food, the food, the food. The fish and coriander rolls were our intro--the texture and flavor of the cooked cilantro were sublime. The wontons in red chili were perfect comfort food, followed by the hot and numbing beef roll--imagine a Sichuan burrito, densely flavored. The most perfect dish? The twice-cooked pork belly, the meat seared and crisp on the edge, melting in the center. Our server, once we ordered our first dishes, knew exactly where to guide us and did so with knowledge, grace and humor--we put ourselves completely in her hands and experienced not a shred of the ""you're not Asian"" bias mentioned by others. This is amazing food--no two dishes tasted even remotely alike, and each has complexity and depth that last long after the first bite and ""oh my god this is amazing"" reaction. Peppers and chilis are used liberally, yet not to the effect of a coarse, searing hotness; the heat in these dishes is balanced by the other ingredients. The menu is huge and light years from that of the standard suburban Chinese restaurant--tripe? intestine? pigs' feet? I was in heaven. Bring a huge appeite and be prepared to swoon . And take home food. And go back as soon as possible. Pros: Phenomenal, daring Sichuan cuisine Cons: None that matter more

The best Sichuan I've ever had.. 10/29/2006

I have to say that the negative comments left for this gem of a restaurant baffle me. Ignore the strip mall location and interior that hasn't been updated since the Reagan administration. You're coming here for one thing only - *outstanding* Sichuan cuisine prepared by celebrated chef Peter Chang. The menu is divided into two sections - American Chinese (don't even bother) and Sichuan Specialties. As most Atlantians who visit Tasty China will have little to no idea what to order (the menu is a bit - ok - really vague), let the pleasant staff point you in the right direction with a recommendation. Then sit back, relax (as much as one can with a mouth engulfed in burning goodness), and enjoy a multitude of tastes that have never graced this city before. A table of two can gorge themselves with enough leftovers for 1 or two meals for under $40.00. Take note, though, that word of Tasty China is catching on like wildfire. If you wish to avoid waiting for a table and somewhat spotty service, visit for lunch when things are much more relaxed. Mr. Chang is known to be somewhat of a nomad during his years in the United States, so be sure to experience his cooking before it is too late. Pros: Outstanding cuisine, pleasant service, excellent value Cons: not the prettiest place to look at, can be very crowded during evening hours more

Almost inedible 8/1/2006

In local Chinese community new paper advertisements they claimed that they have in resident an award-winning, famous chef. Our experience ordering 3 of their best recommended menu items indicated that either their famous chef was on vacation and an incompetent ringer was cooking or their advertisement was less than accurate. Service was atrocious for both Chinese and non-Chinese customers alike, at least they are equal opportunity insulters. The food was neither authentic nor tasteful. But the cherry on top was when we complained about one of the dishes not being cooked, the proprietor was belligerent, hostil, and downright insulting, claiming that our taste were uneducated. I would suggest that this is not an educated way of doing business. Avoid this place at all cost. Cons: Hopeless more

The one and only authentic Cantonese ... 8/24/2002

It's the one and only REAL Cantonese restaurant in Atlanta! A group of us, all from Hong Kong, Macao, or mainland China, go there all the time. And the price is cheap too! Pros: Authenticity, Inexpensive, Tasty more
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