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Tasca Brava - 119 Reviews - 607 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC - French Restaurants Reviews - Phone (919) 828-0840

Tasca Brava

607 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 828-0840
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We had an AMAZING evening there.


I am absolutely disgusted by BUTTERFLYLUV2 claiming to reply to his/her own post which is NOT the person who posted the review. Pros: Decent Food Cons: Be prepared to wait...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/19/2014

We were looking forward to an authentic tapas experience as we stepped through the doors of ""Tasca Brava"" . We were ""greeted"" by a scowl faced gentleman . This set the tone for the evening.I couldnt help to notice the absence of people. We sat a nice table and handed menus which turned out to be just a gesture. The same man who ""greeted "" us also force fed us our selections. If we ordered an item he would tell us it was a mistake. Arrogance and oversell were his specialty. In Spain a tapas restaurant is a lively meeting place where great food , wine and friends gather. Tasca Brava had us feeling uncomfortable and somehow obligated to the long winded presentations by its owner/waiter/chef. Having spent a decade in the industry he reminded me of a hardened chef not a front man for a restaurant. He is his own worse enemy. A great restaurant lets its food speak for itself and lets the client be the judge. I would never return to Tasca Brava again. I left feeling as if he prevented us from having a pleasant experience. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/2/2012

Worst possible way to spend $100 on a date. We sat for 30 minutes before our waiter came to the table. The worst service I have ever had, and the food was no better than what I could make at home. Saw a huge roach on the way to the bathroom. I love trying new restaurants, but this was by far the worst dining experience my fiancee and I have had anywhere. more

Horrible 9/28/2011

Went on a Monday night at about 6pm with 3 friends. We were trying to discuss a presentation we were giving the next week and just wanted to share a few tapas and enjoy a few beers since we had all eaten late lunches and were not particularly hungry. After ordering our second round of drinks, the owner/waiter asked for our order and we tried to order a selection of tapas to share. He then insisted on taking an entre order at which point we suggested we'd just like to start with the tapas because we weren't sure how hungry we were. He then told us we ""weren't worth his time,"" so we left. Interestingly, we were the only table in the restaurant at the time, so its not like he was trying to turn the table quickly. We went to another tapas place down the street which was fine and on the walk back to our cars noticed only 2 tables at Tasca Brava. Overall, as someone who has been in the fine dining industry for 15 years, I've never A) met such a rude, condescending restaurant owner (did I mention the bluetooth earpiece he was using tableside?) or B) seen anyone refuse to be serve a table, particularly on a night when the restaurant was practically empty. It was truly such a negative experience that I'll never be back and will make a point to tell anyone who asks not to go. more

Simply Amazing 6/13/2011

We had an AMAZING evening there. more

Wonderful, truly unique food! 1/26/2011

This is by far one of my favorite restaurants. Juan, the owner, truly loves to create each dish. Before you order, ask him about what's 'off the menu' or 'on special' that night - he is always coming up with something new based on fresh available ingredients. Tonight we had sweet potato ice cream and it was delicious! I've seen other reviews about the service, which are a bit funny to me. It's a tapas restaurant - it's supposed to be a place to slow down and enjoy the company of friends and eat small dishes over time! Frankly, I think the food is well worth the wait. Where else can you get octopus, antelope, tripe, grouper & shrimp ceviche, pan de queso, lentil or locro soup, etc? The diversity of options is wonderful, the food tastes amazing, and the atmosphere is quiet and intimate. I'd encourage anyone to give this restuarant a try more than once ... it's too good to miss! more

Good reviews from before 2008 for a reason, food sucked 4/22/2010

TAKE NOTE: Tasca Brava USED to be on Falls of the Neuse previous to 2008. That's where all the glowing reviews come from. Once it moved, the place took a real turn for not only the worse but the WORST! Pros: None whatsoever Cons: Owner acts as waiter, has bad attitude more

Worst Dining Experience in Raleigh 2/21/2010

This was by far the worst experience I have had at any restaurant in Raleigh or elsewhere. The owner was our waiter and insulted us (party of 8) on numerous occasions. We all tried to order sangria but he ""forgot"" to make it and only had one carafe available. Keep in mind it was a Saturday night at 8 excuse for not having a signature item available. The waiter then muttered under his breath when he felt we did not order enough food. He rolled his eyes when we asked for just tap water to go with our drinks instead of sparking water or bottled water. I will never go back to Tasca Brava again. I think the only reason I did not leave half way through the meal was because there were 8 of here at your own risk... Pros: Pan de queso & plantain chips Cons: service, meno options, waiter's attitude, should I continue? more

Truly SLOW food, and rude service 11/23/2009

We attended a birthday party for a table of 10. Apparently, the restaurant is not used to serving large parties. We all ordered tapas and the dishes were small and they came out one at a time. One couple at our table ordered three dishes and they all came out last. The rest of us were finished eating by the time they started. It took us 4.5 hours to eat. The owner served us, but he was more interested in conversing with a table of women close to us than serving us. We had to ask for the check 3 times. We had to stand and put our coats on to get his attention. We had planned to go out after dinner, but by the time we were finished we were too tired to go anywhere. Pros: Pan de Queso Cons: Rude, slow service more

Please stay away for your own good 10/17/2008

I don't know where to start with this review since there were so many negatives on our visit. The food was mediocre. After having visited Spain, I had high hopes for this restaurant but was sadly disappointed. The food quality, inventiveness and presentation left a lot to be desired. I wouldn't go back for the food. Pros: Portuguese beer? Cons: EVERYTHING more

The worst service ever--and had to pay a 20% tip for nada. 10/7/2008

I went to Tasca Brava's new location tonight for dinner and it was just awful. Menus given to us once seated were for the restaurant that used to be there, Bistro--BIG MISTAKE. Finally, we did get the ""correct"" menus and they all had different selections for dinner and didn't match. The staff seemed baffled by this. After ordering drinks we chatted--our table of 8--and realized after 20minutes we hadn't received our drinks let alone bread. We asked for water 3 individual times from 3 individual waiters--as we didn't have ""one"" but a series of many, an NEVER recieved water. Finally, the owner decided to help us and took our order. None of our entrees came together, and at the end we were waiting for 3 that NEVER arrived. We cit our losses and left. At 60 dollars per person I would not reccomend this place. The food was ok, and the service sucked. Several times we complained and instead of getting a complimentary entree or a round of drinks, the owner just shrugged and complained about his staff. I felt so upset about this experience that I called the waiter later on and told him I would write this review. He did not try to apologize but expressed that he felt it would tke awhile for the food and staff to be top notch after the move--that this was just the start. But, why should I be penalized? Why did I have to pay top dollar and a 20% tip for the poorest service I ever recieved? Then he told me his wife is sick and he is having to do this all by himself! Well, if you think you can't handle the business, get out of it! All I ask for is friendly service, good food, and attentiveness to a patron's needs. I recieved none of this. Please skip this place and go to Red Room across the street. Pros: Location on Glenwood Cons: Owner is mean and waits the tables, is unaccommodating and unsympathetic more

Don't get the hate 10/2/2008

I had the pleasure of visiting Tasca Brava over the summer with a friend of mine. She has never had tapas or traditional Spanish food, she is a good ol' burger and fries Southern girl. But we both loved the food. We split about four tapas and I had the sangria, it was quite a good meal. The service, which have been slaughtered in some of these reviews, was really pleasant. It was a female waitress and I guess her little daughter. The daughter was adorable, tell us her favorite tapa and showing us a glass b ull for no reason. The service itself was prompt and I didn't have a complaint about it. more

An education in regional Spanish fare 9/17/2008

When I say an education, I mean it. You have to be adventurous and open minded to appreciate the passion the owner shows in the entrees and wine pairings he recommends. This was an experience that I really enjoyed and appreciated. I can understand the frustrations of the people who offered previous reviews, but when you go to a unique restaurant such as this you should want to be guided in your choices. My friends and I went tonight for a birthday dinner and because we were all open enough to try different things and really listen and appreciate the origin of each choice we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The staff being the owner and one waitress (it was a Wed. night) were very attentive and friendly. We felt right at home. Please try this restaurant and give the owner and his ideals a chance. You wont regret it. I didnt and I read the previous reviews before going. Im glad I did. We had a fabulous time!! The wine list is wonderful. I had the wild boar chorizo sausage and potato/onion tart which we shared as well as the duck. For desert I had a wonderful and light medley of sorbet. From blackberry, lulu (from the family of kiwi), papaya and guava along with a cafe con leche. So good!!! Dont expect salt and pepper on the table nor sugar for your coffee. It is served as authentic as can be and it is so worthwhile to have it as so. Life is too short to have everything the same way week in and week out, so live, love. laugh and EAT!!! Pros: ambience, conversation with the owner, wine especially and desert more

Best tapas in Raleigh, great coffee, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 8/29/2008

Went to Tasca Brava on a Monday for our first wedding anniversary. Our server (whom I believe was the owner) was knowledgeable, had excellent recommendations, and was very attentive. The food was absolutely out of this world good. If you want fresh and authentic, this is the place. They also roast their own coffee, so don't leave without enjoying a cup. Pros: Fresh, local ingredients, excellent service, inventive cuisine. more


I had the pleasure of living in Spain for three years, and experienced the warmth, friendliness and devotion to good food and good times that Spanish people are well known for. Pros: Authentic Spanish food, cooked slowly, but to perfection. No gimmicks Cons: None. You may be spending a bit more, but believe me, it's worth it! more

Fabulous tapas, and good experience! 8/5/2008

I am really surprised by some of the reviews posted here...some of them are even offensive, especially references to the owner's wife's health, etc. We visited Tasca Brava with our two good friends at least every two months when it was located in N. Raleigh. We were excited when it moved downtown. If you are worried about what wine to choose, please allow the owner to choose it. We have NEVER gotten a bad wine recommendation from him. We also allow him to suggest the food. He loves food and wine, and we don't find him pushy...just suggestive. Juan is taking on a lot of the waiting and work is unfortunate that his staff may not have been given the opportunity to use their waiting skills. So...the service wasn't that awesome. Still, the food and wine more than made up for it. The menu is smaller, I suppose to handle a smaller kitchen, so we were not as happy with the limited vegetarian options. Will continue coming back, though! more

Visit Spain on Glenwood!! 8/3/2008

Wow what a place. I have tried just about every small plate restaurant in Raleigh. Finally there's one that serves authentic Spanish tapas that literally transports you back to the old country. You have to check this place out. At our last visit we enjoyed Yucca bread (never had anything like this before), some great Spanish wine, perfect gazpacho, homemade Colombian-style sausage, a pork tenderloin dish that had a fantastic sauce, and we finished off with an assortment of flan and Spanish sherry. We went there expecting a good meal, and all three of us, stunned foodies at the end of the dinner, all had to conclude that it was simply spectacular. BTW - I don't even like flan, but Tasca Brava's flan was absolutely one of the best desserts I have ever eaten. This place truly has a passion for for food! Now one of my favorite Triangle restaurants. Pros: Service, knowledge of Spanish cuisine more

So Uncomfortable 7/26/2008

Let me start this by saying that I have never posted a review online, but felt that I should after the experience I had at this restaurant tonight. The food was pretty good but the service was so insanely bad that we felt actually felt uncomfortable being there - as if we were imposing. We had the misfortune of having the owner wait on our table. It all started to go down hill after he actually yelled at my friend (twice) to 'put the glass on table' after she attempted to be helpful in passing her glass to him to pour the wine. It only got worse when we tried to order our food. After ordering four dishes (for three people) the owner asked us what we were going to have for dinner. We informed him that we were just interested in tapas and would start with what we ordered and go from there. The owner, quite rudely, demanded that we place our entire order immediately as they were 'very busy' and would not be able to take any additional orders later. This is a ridiculous thing to tell your customers, but for reference, the restaurant was not exceptionally busy - I saw at least four open tables immediately around us and it's not a big place. The owner, again very rude and agitated, told us that we did not order enough. At this point I was shocked/creeped out and told him that we would be fine - if we were still hungry I would go anywhere else than to have to spend any more time in that place. The food was pretty good although our wine glasses went empty and water required at least two requests, as did the check. I also noticed that the two tables around us were clearly agitated with the service and overheard a waitress apologizing to a table waiting on a coffee order, explaining that only the owner makes the coffee drinks as he is ""very particluar"". The other table near us had apparently been overcharged on their bill - it took the owner about 30 minutes to rectify the situation. To the owner: I think it's time to get out of the biz - you seem burnt out! Pros: Food is Okay Cons: Insanely Bad Customer Service more

Delicious food! 7/20/2008

We went to this restaurant a couple of months ago, at the reccommendation of friends, and it was wonderful. Reading the previous reviews, I heard that they have recently moved and it seems less good, but when we went, it was amazing (they used to be in north Raleigh, not sure where they are now). Pros: delicious food, good service Cons: it was a little expensive (but worth it) more

food so-so service HORRIBLE 7/15/2008

I was a regular customer @ the previous restaurant in the same location (Bistro 607) and it was a big favorite. We didn't go as much as I would have liked, but every time was a wonderful experience. Great food, great service, wonderful intimate atmosphere, nice music, etc. I was VERY disappointed when I went to try Tasca Brava. I had heard the food was still amazing, but it was NOT. It was mediocre at best, overpriced and small portions (even for tapas). I tried 3 different white wines by the glass and they were all disgusting, sweet and bland. I finally went for a rioja and it was decent, but definitely not worth $10. My husband had the sangria and could not choke it down. It tasted like cooking wine and fruit juice :( We had high hopes because we had heard that it was authentic Spanish and several years ago we had an opportunity to travel in Spain and were delighted w/ the food. We did like the gazpacho, but everything else was VERY so-so. The worst part was our waiter was very insistant that we have dessert. We split the traditional flan and it was completely tasteless! The atmosphere is NOT romantic, it's loud and so is the music. RIP Bistro 607 Pros: location-it's near everything on Glenwood South Cons: Service, Music, Atmosphere, Wine more

Average Food, Horrid Service and dispicable slandering I just discovered. 7/10/2008

I am absolutely disgusted by BUTTERFLYLUV2 claiming to reply to his/her own post which is NOT the person who posted the review. Pros: Decent Food Cons: Be prepared to wait and to hear a LOT of excuses, but no responsibility for anything more
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