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Taqueria Nueve - 70 Reviews - 28 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (503) 236-6195

Taqueria Nueve

28 NE 28th Ave
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 236-6195
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while i always enjoyed this place - it seems they have closed their doors with no notice to their patrons. I can only hope that the staff was given some kind of warning because t...


Didn't live up to past user reviews. Portions were small, tacos were over priced and under flavored. Service was good and the drinks were well poured. If you've got the time to...

closed - forget it 5/16/2008

while i always enjoyed this place - it seems they have closed their doors with no notice to their patrons. I can only hope that the staff was given some kind of warning because they were great and deserve the best.. not sure why they closed but i'm very sad.. Pros: great people, great food Cons: they are closed more

Great Bar Great Service Great Kitchen 4/28/2008

We're always impressed and inspired whenever we visit Taqueria Nueve. From the friendly Hostesses, patient waitstaff, and the welcoming kitchen staff we always feel comfortable whenever we visit this little gem of a restaurant. The bartenders are always well humored and friendly. The waitstaff and the hostesses are accomodating. The Kitchen staff is always eager to answer questions about the menu and they even share some of their secrets. The decor is spot on and the food is unique and delicious! A perfect spot for a laid-back Sunday Dinner. more


Hmmm...When does being a nurse make someone a food expert? Oh, and growing up on Taco Bell doesn't make you a Mexican food expert either. I have eaten at Taqueria Nueve a million times, and I have to say, the guys at Taqueria Nueve know what they are doing in that kitchen. If you go out to dinner and expect to have your culo kissed like a spoiled princess, don't bother going to Taqueria Nueve. The average American palate would be disapointed with these authentic Oaxacan dishes -but mostly due to ignorance. It's without spicy red sauces, everything smothered in cheese, and sour cream on everything....Guess what? News Flash! That's NOT athentic! If you show up looking for chips and salsa, you won't like this place. If you want quality, authentic Mexican cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients - and authentic recipes that don't need correction by ignorant diners that know nothing about food, go to Taqueria Nueve. The drinks are great, the tacos are to die for, the empanadas (changed daily) are always perfect! Barbacoa is melt-in-your mouth slow braised lamb shank in chile broth...and the octopus cocktail is addictive for any seafood lover. This is only one of the vast array of real Mexican dishes there. Tres Leches cake is a hallmark dessert. I've had most everthing on that menu and never get tired of it. I'm a foodie, I'm a chef, and oh, by the way, I'm Mexican, too. So, don't let ignorant palates and narcissistic diners discourage you from this Taqueria, my friends....If you don't like authentic, fresh, tasty dishes from Mexico, made with the best quality ingredients, excellent drinks, and friendly (not perfect, but totally kick-butt servers) I'd advise you to stick to Taco Bell. Pros: Everything's complaints Cons: Can be busy, but most quality restaurants have a wait more

Fabulous Service Tonight 4/3/2008

I've always had great service at this fabulous place but tonight was exceptional--I ordered the steak enchiladas not knowing it was tortillas stacked with red sauce with a steak on the side. The server could totally tell I was somewhat surprised and not particularly happy, and it's not like I was scowling or something--she was just observant and intent but in a very subtle way. She asked, ""So how are your enchiladas, really?"" Being someone who never ever complains about the food, I thought about saying they were fine but I actually said they weren't great and not what I expected. She was so gracious and normal about it and delicious fish tacos were delivered in five minutes. I have lived in this city for 12 years, have waited tables and have experienced many of Portland's pretentious dining establishments. This is not one of them. It was such a refreshing experience. more

Snobbish service, where's the chips? 4/3/2008

I would agree with the review on 3/07. I also had a bad service experience. When there was a confusion over the degree of spice in a dish, rather than offering to correct it right off, the server said ""I've been here since it opened at it's always been this way"", in a very rude tone. We were just getting together to have a great night out, spending a lot of money. Customer service is the server's job. It's not optional. I'm a nurse, and placed in far tougher service situations. You just aren't rude to people when your'e working for them. Obviously your authenticity rating is based on one trip to Mexico. If you want authentic, go eat at a taco stand, or that Mexican cantina on Alberta. The taco's were good, but not great-like you can buy on the side of the road. This was decked out tex-mex like most non South of the border run places in town. It was fine. I'd never go back, but it was fine. This isn't even a question of authenticity. Cha, Cha, Cha's is more authentic and far cheaper. This is a question of ""no chips"". I mean, come on. What are we trying to prove here? That we can eat salsa and guac with a spoon. I didn't realize that they don't serve chips in authentic Mexico. This is a policy just as snobbish as the service. Pros: decor, tacos were good Cons: no chips, service more

also shocked by 3/07 review 4/2/2008

I Think it must be important to keep in mind the size of Mexico when considering authenticity- it's a BIG country. While Esparza's may serve something like Tex-Mex, which many American's are use to, coastal regions and the interior serve food close to Nueve Taqueria's style, which often is not loaded with spice, but has a more delicate palate. This is one of my favorite resturant's and only occasionally we get a server on an off day, but I beleive they are human, also authentically. more

best ceviche and margarita in town 3/19/2008

I eat here often and was a bit annoyed by the last review. The boar tacos, ceviche and margharitas couldn't be more authentic. While some things are a little more cutting edge they are still not far off from what you would find in restaurants in mexico today. The ceviche with octopuss is outstanding, couldnt be better unless you got it fressh from a mexican seaside town. The margarita is made perfect with fresh lime juice. The tacos are always good particularly the boar and fish. Pros: margaritas, ceviche Cons: sometimes there can be a bit of a wait more

All show, NO GO...lackluster flavor is far from authentic 3/7/2008

I am shocked and dismayed that this restaurant has a 5 star rating! I went here for a girls night out and the service was substandard. They didn't have chips, instead subsituting tostada shells but only upon request. The food was NOTHING like authentic mexican and it was on the verge of flavorless. The only item worth while was the fish taco, which still wasn't the best I've had. The most revolting thing was they used a wadd of mushy cut up corn tortillas in the place of polenta. It was ugly, inedible and looked more like a science project than food. I wish I would have gone to Esparzas instead! more

Good drinks. Fresh food! 2/29/2008

Love it here. I go here a lot! Often there's a line to get in but I always wait it out! And I am always happy I did! It took me a few tries to figure out what I like but I like almost everything. more

Total gem 2/28/2008

I had not expected this restaurant to be as good as it is. The mojitos are fabulous, the carne asada enchiladas are totally badass, and the surroundings are super cool. The service has been consistently friendly and helpful. For example, after an unexpectedly long wait, they treated my party of three to a complimentary sope. The food tastes fresh and hearty. I dig it and you probably will, too. Pros: atmosphere, service, enchiladas Cons: can get crowded more

Let this one stand out... 1/12/2008

Ok, so if you're browsing all the glowing reviews for Taqueria Nueve let me tell you why this one should come a cut above the rest. We have eaten there several times, and after seeing all the reviews didn't feel it necessary to write one of our own. Until now: I had no idea, but they are VERY open to special requests and customization of their menu. If you look at the top of Ala Carte it features a pork chop doused in their incredible Mole sauce and resting below that is the wonderful Enchiladas. Here was my dinner conundrum: Do I have the enchiladas or the Mole Carnitas? My waitress, who's brilliant by the way, was there to inform me that I could have both! I put together seemingly on a whim the mole sauce over Enchilada combined with the Crispy Wild Boar off the Tacos menu. What do we have now? Enchiladas Nirvana! Heaven sent baby! It was the best single dish I have had in months and I am died to the core Portland Foodie. Go now, and invent something at Taqueria Nueve! Alright, I admit, the chef on the other end did his/her part to a masterful degree, I wish I could have thanked them in person. The dish arrived with a very apparent creativity and warmth in serving something uniquely blended from their typical fair. . My wife caught such a viscous case of food envy, I think it would've cost me my marital bliss had I not given up the last 1/3 of my meal in exchange for her Carne Asada. Seriously, go get crazy with it, I'm taking anybody who'll listen to dinner with me here from now on. Viva La Taqueria! more

Fresh, flavorful, inexpensive 10/22/2007

I recall going to Taqueria Nueve right after it opened and recall it being somewhat lack luster, therefore I was pleasantly surprised when my recent dining experience was fantastic. The server was friendly and attentive without hovering, and our meal was truly memorable. The flavors, some familiar, some unique, all successful and very fresh tasting. My spaghetti squash enchiladas with verde sauce were innovative and delicious. Another reviewer describes Taqueria Nueve as expensive, and I guess its all relative, but I thought it was incredibly reasonably priced: 3 people - 2 courses each plus a round of drinks came to merely $70... pretty impressive! Pros: Attentive service, fantastic food Cons: Somewhat loud, then again, it was a busy Saturday evening more

A Nueve Dining Experience!!! 5/3/2007

Well..........In contrast to the next most recent review.........I have never had a better dining experience. This is not your ""run of the mill Mexican eatery."" The food was (is) ""Nueve"" as the name suggests.....The Drinks were Dyno-mite.......and the service exceptionally friendly and prompt. To begin with, try one or their Bloody Maria's. That will be certain to settle you back into your comfy chair with a nice glow on and get you prepared for the,""not to be missed"" Octopus Cocktail (come on.... where is your sense of adventure) they will be happy to spice it up if you're willing, just ask. Which by the way could be a meal in itself if you are not to ravished. My favorite entree is a difficult pick because I have never been disappointed yet, and always try to order something different. The Escolar Tacos were wonderfully light and flavorful, Wild Boar Enchiladas were great. A limited variety of Beef and Chicken dishes are offered, but they are all unique in their preparation and flavor. A variety of ""very"" fresh fish find their way to the daily specials, and have always been a pleasant surprise when ordered. I haven't tried the desserts yet, because there never seems to be room. But I would bet they are consistent with all other rated categories. One interesting point I thought that keeps this establishment ""Nueve."" After they had been open for a year or so, the owner shut the place down for a month (hated that) and traveled to distant regions in Mexico to discover new and exciting means to tempt our palettes back in Portlandia. I believe they have succeeded with honors. Salute!!!! Pros: Great Ambience, Casual, Friendly Service......Wonderful Food Cons: Now they have doubled in size, seating was not a problem, the nights I have gone........ more

Worst Dining Experience I've Had 4/12/2007

When my husband and I went to visit this place we had steered away from other favorite places in the neightborhood in order to try it becuase of the rave reviews. The food, however fresh, tasted horrible and despite the citysearches one $ price rating it was the one of the most expensive meals we've ever had. I decided to be adventurous and try one of the fish soups, which was basically over boiled octopus in fish stock. My husband ordered the enchiladas and they were awful. They were dry shredded chicken inside of mediocre tortillas, with no spice. Worst of all was the drinks. I mix my own drinks and I will not abide by a bad drink. I ordered a mojito and there was so much lime juice in it I couldn't drink it. With just tone drink and two plates were were over $40-in and asked for our check without finishing anything. We had to walk to plaid pantry up the street and get gum to get the awful taste out of our mouths. Thank goodness for Pambiche we salvaged the evening with some rum cake for dessert. Pros: Nice Dining room Cons: Uncomfortable tables, bad food more

good food, great margarita 3/2/2007

This along with Nuestra Cocina are the only two places in Oregon that are worth having mexican food, in exception of a great taco truck! This place has great margaritas, not for the type of person that wants a sweet weak margarita, these are fresh squeezed and strong as they should be. Cramped space in the small waiting area if you can call it that, but the drinks help calm your nerves while you wait. We were restaurant hopping so we just tried a couple al la carte items but what we had was good. Look forward to going back! more

Nice atmosphere, limited selection 2/28/2007

My experience at Taqueria Nueve wasn't bad, but not the best I've ever had. After hearing so many good things about this place I guess I expected something more. The menu was very limited, but I suppose that's what you get when you go to a place that aims to make real authentic food (definately a plus). The food itself was good, but lacked a little bit of flavor. The margarita that I had was great. Overall I had an okay time and a decent meal, but probably won't go back again any time soon. Pros: ambience, fast and friendly service Cons: limited menu, parking, food was somewhat bland more

NEVER DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!! 1/4/2007

I have never been disappointed when dining at Taqueria Nueve!!! I signed up to be a member at CitySearch today because I was so appalled at the last review for this restaurant, and I want to make sure customers read this as well. We are all entilted to an oppinion, but serisously! Roasted pork and wild boar (cooked it banana leaves!) tacos, appetizer tostadas with fresh lettuce and guac, cadilac margaritas (with fresh lemon and orange halves), incrediable service (who know the menu as good as the chef), and nothing AMERICAN MEXICAN about it. I'm guessing this is why some people whose tastebuds can't venture from processed cheese and refiried beans weren't impressed. The flavors are mouthwatering and the variety of salsa's are to die for. Perhaps it's best that half of the reviewers don't like it, the more for ME and everyone I have brought there! PS: Check out DF, same owners, a different but simmilar variation in menu. NW Portland Pearl District. Also fan-tabulous (unless you're more of a ""TacoBell"" kinda person) Pros: Price, Originality, Freshness, Clean, Service, Flavor, Drinks Cons: None. more

All show, no substance 11/25/2006

I was very disappointed with both of our dinners. Our meats were vey greasy and not flavorful or spicy. We were only offered corn tortillas. Beer was overpriced. Only two beers on tap. Margarita was too sour. All sides were ala carte, so if we didn't spend more $ we couldn't have any toppings to put on top of our tacos. How boring. I'd eat at my local ""hole in the wall"" Mexican restaurant any day. more

Pretty good, not for vegetarians 10/31/2006

The meat eaters always enjoy this one, but for vegetarians all they really offer is a small tostada. We also requested the black beans (the other ones have meat) and some tortillas. It was good, but not very filling. Pros: nice setting, good service Cons: hardly any vegetarian options more

Excellent Fish Tacos! 10/23/2006

A little different from your usual taqueria, with lots of seafood on the menu and high-end cocktails. The fish tacos are incredible, albeit a bit spendy. Beautiful decor and great food ensure a lovely experience, but don't expect stellar service. The order expeditor should expedite things, right? Not so much. Pros: Great Food, Above Average Fish Tacos, Excellent Drinks Cons: Mediocre Service, Odd Menu more
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