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Table For Six Total Adventure - 79 Reviews - 291 Geary St Ste 306, San Francisco, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (415) 782-0680

Table For Six Total Adventure

291 Geary St Ste 306
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 782-0680
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Table For Six Total Adventure - San Francisco, CA


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It's certainly hard to meet people in this day and age, but Table for Six makes it much easier and a whole lot of fun. I'm really thankful for the service and the great experi...


I'm in my early 20's and joined T46 as a way to meet people in the city. So far they seem to have had a very tough time matching me up with people under 30, despite promising me t...

BUYER BEWARE! 12/29/2010

I posted this review on the Sacramento T46, but thought it would be good to let the SF people know what going on as well... If you join this "club", you'll get 1 group dinner a month at an ok restaurant, you may or may not have anything in common with the other people sitting there, but most likely you will have nothing in common. There apparently used to be a lot of group events & activites, but now there's hardly anything & the group activites are way over priced. Oh yeah, if you're a woman, your membership will cost more than a man's. The contract is also sketchy... you have to cancel within 3 days, or they get all your money. They won't even schedule your first group dinner until a week or so after you sign up, so you kinda get screwed. You don't find out until it's too late that you spent a lot of money and got sold a bill of goods. For the one-on-one "match-ups"? I had a specific list of likes/ don't likes, and what I was looking for - I never got set up with anyone even close to my age range. Seriously, I'm an active 36 year old guy, why am I getting set up with 50 year old women? ( They don't tell you the age of the person they've set you up with.) They were nice ladies, but I'd have had a better chance of meeting someone special on the BART transit system. Bottom line - I now have a membership that I can't cancel, I've wasted several evenings chasing nothing, and the best thing they've offered me is another 2 years free. whoppee! This would be a zero star rating, but apparently I have to give it at least 1 star. more

Table for six is a cheating organization -- don't waste your 9/6/2010

Table For six is a true cheating organization. Their strategy is to offer such a match that a members will loose interest and won’t communicate with them and they will keep the money. Is there any Govt in America ?if so, how this kind of organization continues their business after cheating hundreds of people? What are their tricks to cheat a member? Before the introduction they don't give a photo and written profile of the match. Everything is verbal. Most of the cases they intentionally passes the exaggerated or totally false information about the match . After couple of introduction when a member starts questioning about their false promise to provide a match as per the members criteria…they stop communicating all together. Here is what happened to me I paid $3400 on 08/08/09for seven dates . Before I signed up the contract ,I met with their director Maureen and not only verbally explained what I am looking for ,also I filled up a form specifying my needs, interests and basic requirement related to the women, I would meet. But till December,2009 they introduced me to three women. I found out in each introduction that ,while selecting the woman they completely ignored the criteria, I set. For two matches they given me false information about their age.At the time of introduction,they told me they are older than whatever age my match maker informed. Before the very first introduction they selected woman and passes false information about her ,when I found out her true profile in myspace,they said she is not interested. Though before taking the membership, strictly I told them, I am not ready to meet with a separated/widowed/divorcee woman but in second date they sent a separated woman. After I complained, on December,2009, about the quality of women, I met, they all together stooped communicating with me. But I called their director Maureen several times, left voice mails, but she never replied. Once I was able to spoke with her, but she convinced me either she or Mandy will call me later to discuss about my concerns, on the next day. But they never called me. I already complained against them to BBB but they are not responding and BBB told me they are 'C' rated. What action I am going take against them? File complaint to DCA,CA File a complaint to DOJ,CA File a complaint to DA’s Office, Orange county, A Lastly,I would file a small claim case against them. If any one has the similar experience with them and already filed a small claim case against them , I need your help/advice to fight against this cheater.Please send me mail at "blue_dream_for_u AT yahoo DOT com" more

Creepy Scam Company 5/27/2010

I strongly believe the positive reviews are written by the company. Fake. Fake. Fake. They are all creepy used car salespeople. Run don't walk. Save your $. Save your time. Pros: you get dinner Cons: the co is full of creepy people more

Great way to meet new people and try new things 2/12/2010

I have really enjoyed being part of this group. The hosts always seemed to have my best interests in mind. The events were fun and the restaurants great. It has been a great way for me to try out local places to see if I want to head back with my regular group of friends. I have met a varied amount of people and made new friendships from this group. Met and dated some great men. Don't get me wrong-this is NOT a fairytale ending place (or an episode of Millionaire Matchmaker). It helps to have an open mind about EVERYTHING and be willing to try to meet new people, don't expect it to just happen. And like the rest of the bay area, seems like there are more available women in the group than men, but if I had to do it over again...I would. This has been a great experience for me! Pros: Fun events, Fun dinners, good people Cons: Just like the Bay Area-seems there are more women than men more

An amazing service 1/24/2010

It's certainly hard to meet people in this day and age, but Table for Six makes it much easier and a whole lot of fun. I'm really thankful for the service and the great experiences I've had. :) Pros: A caring, helpful staff that really do a great job. more

Quality People/ Great Staff 1/5/2010

I find the staff is very dedicated in their quest of finding the right persons for one another. My counselor has been simply great. She's conscientious and bends over backwards to accommodate my weird schedules. She listens to my needs and to what I'm looking for in a mate and responds accordingly. I've met some very nice genuine people, which has led to continued friendships. The events are varied and cater to many different interests and are well coordinated. Most of the restaurants are top quality in their fare and reasonably priced. I would recommend Table for Six to anyone looking to meet new people for a relationship or just friendships. Pros: Nice Restaurants, Genuinely Nice People Cons: Not enough personal time to attend all of the events more

A personalized dating service 1/4/2010

I have been a member with the club for over a year and am very happy with the services though I felt it is a little pricey when signing up. After a while, I think it is a great way for me to get to know more people and to improve my social skills. It gives me an opportunity to go out there to find the right guy and importantly I always feel safe as almost all members I met are nice to very nice. The staff are very supportive and always offer dating tips. Though I didn't find Mr Right yet, I made some good friends from the club. The members I met are professionals with high education background (Masters Degree mostly) and great job - to me it is a good place to start looking for soulmate, friends or even social networking group. Pros: Mixed of wonderful singles and great services more

A Great Way to Meet Quality People 1/3/2010

I've been a member of Table for Six for just over a year and it's been fantastic. I was skeptical about joining at first because I thought it was a bit expensive. But, believe me, it's been worth every penny. I was sick of internet dating because of the way people misrepresent themselves, so the concept of Table for Six really appealed to me. Over the past year I have met some wonderful people, both men and women. And I have dated some great men, all of whom have been perfect gentlemen. The staff is also great. They listen, they care and they really try to put people together at the tables who are a good match. Table for Six has been a great experience for me and, by far, it's the best way to meet quality people. Pros: Fabulous Social Outlet Cons: Some of the events can be expensive more

Great way to meet people 1/1/2010

I have found Table for Six to be an excellent way to safely meet new people, both men and women, and to enjoy a delicious meal as well. Being a single mother of six dogs, its important to have non-dog related outlets to meet intelligent, interesting people, and Table for Six has provided this for me. I've enjoyed every dinner date I've been on and have met some terrific people I never would have met otherwise. I've also done several Just for Two meals and have met some great guys. I've attended several events that were fun and were things I would not have done on my own. In short, Table for Six has provided me, as a single, middle-aged woman, safe and delightful opportunities to meet intelligent people, share good meals and conversation, and to enjoy some of the many wonderful things that this city offers. Pros: Show up for a good meal and conversation more

Nothing but positive things to say 12/29/2009

After being in a relationship that lasted several years (and which was the result of a TF6 introduction) I came back to TF6 last September. I have to say that this is the best group that I've seen so far. Both Leighann and Morgan are extremely attentive and truly seek to learn as much about you and your experiences on dinners/TF2 introductions so that they can try and target "the one" for you more specifically. Is every dinner or introduction a hit? No. But neither is every date that you go on on your own. I have met very smart, interesting and genuinely likable people and you can't really ask for more. It's a numbers game and you just have to get out there. They really facilitate this (I have been sent out on numerous TF2 introductions and tables without having to even request it) and thus, I have nothing but positive things to say about them. Pros: See above Cons: none more

Scammers 12/15/2009

I was a member with Table For Six for about two years mainly because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of disputing the contract. I rarely write reviews, but I feel inclined to share my experience in this case. During those two years, I went to roughly 20 dinners, and participated in a few events, so I have participated enough to give an accurate review. I joined Table for Six when I just turned 27, which turned out to be very young relative to the rest of the members. During my two years, I met exactly 6 women that were my age or younger. I ended up dating a few of these women, but nothing long-term developed. In over half of my dinners, I was matched up with women well above my age. Despite clearly indicating in my profile that I was only interested in women my age or younger--though I was willing to compromise a few years--I was matched up with women well into their 30s and sometimes 40s. I had reiterated my expectations in feedback forms as well as personally over the phone on numerous occassions; however, the people at T46 never took me seriously. My expectations were extremely reasonable. I had three requirements: 1. healthy weight 2. near my age 3. employed. Unfortunately, those low standards were missed repetitively. I can't help, but to suspect that I was simply used to satisfy T46's long-standing female clients. Men are always told that this club is perfect for them because the ratio of women to men is so high; however, while this is true, the quality of the women are below average. A significant percentage of the women are overweight, and there are very few good looking women. Every once in a while a pretty face comes around, but these women are single for a reason. They're damage goods in one way or another. Normally, it's because their expectations just aren't aligned with reality. Very few of the women are charismatic, and their table talk normally revolved around trivialities. Career wise, most of these women hold typical middle-class jobs, which they often hold in high esteem, and are often presumptuous, and sometimes patronizing towards some men who they don't feel are on par. T46 naturally draws these personalities because they market on a "pressure-free" environment for "career-minded" singles. The club ends up with women who can't find a date because they don't know how to take care of themselves, and other women, who believe they will draw a house of kings. Bottom line: I don't reccommend this club to anyone, especially men who are under 40. Pros: n/a Cons: too many to list here more

IT'S TABLE FOR SIX. . . NOT SEX! 11/25/2009

Table for Six is the single [no pun intended] best way for a serious man or woman to make that all important connection provided in a safe, professional environment. The individual that i work with [Morgan G.] as a matchmaker has demonstrated nothing but the highest level of thoughtfulness in considering the right individual for me to meet. The dating game can be hard work for most of us. I have found like just about everything in this life,you get out,what you put in. If you can relate on a open and personnel level ,Table for Six in time will make you glad that you did. A very satisfied member, TANR Pros: Dedicated professional staff,e.g.Morgan G.[simply the BEST] Cons: n/a more

don't believe everything you read. 11/22/2009

I read some of the reviews of T46..and honestly, nothing is as bad as all that (or as perfect). I think that T46 is a great option to internet dating. You basically are paying for someone to take a lot of the work/time and logistics out of looking for a special someone. I have been out on tons of is not true that as a woman you can't get out more than 1x a month...if you are difficult and hard to please, maybe. But if you are open and your tablemates tend to like dining with you, you really can go out weekly. I have also gone on some one-on-one dates...These are less of a sure thing...there is something to having 3 chances of finding someone interesting. And I have also tried the more active adventures (ropes course, hiking). They were fun. I have met smart, educated, genuine, honest, attractive men. I have also met some who I am not interested in or attracted to. But I have had an amazingly low number of dinners that I regretted the time and $ spent there. So, as for the $$$, if you put a $ per head on how many people you are meeting through dating sites, and compare to how many you could meet thru T46, I think that somehow, T46 is the bargain :) Lastly, the staff is friendly, warm and welcoming. They will spend time on the phone with you listening to your woes...they actually do care what you say, what you feel, and how you are doing...I do think they do their best, but no one can predict chemistry...they can only put 2 or even 6 people together who have enough in common to have a conversation. My advice is if you can spare the $$$, give it a try. ps: I don't work there! Pros: lots of chances to meet future dates Cons: expense & takes some effort more

A GREAT way to meet quality people 11/11/2009

It has been my pleasurable experience to be a member of Table for Six. Like anything in life, the more you put into something the more you will get out of it, and you get what you pay for. And with Table for Six what you get is a real personal experience. They offer several ways for you to get out away from the computer and meet real people, face to face, for real eye to eye conversations. The Table for Six "matchmakers" take what they do seriously and truly want each member to be successful in finding their match. And for those of us who have not dated in many years, the kindly offer constructive advice to help you, and make you more successful in your quest. Where else are you going to get that kind of one on one attention? As anyone out there looking for love knows, matchmaking is not a science and is a very emotional process. Not everyone is going to go away happy and completely satisfied, but how many people surfing the internet dating sites and endlessly window shopping are happy and satisfied. We are very fortunate to live in the times we do, because technology can, and does, give us all new opportunities to meet people we never would have met without it. Table for Six takes a step back and allows for meeting people on a much more personal basis, and when you are meeting a warm body vs. a cold profile, it makes for a much more pleasurable and honest experience. more

Fake reviews 10/6/2009

One thing that really upsets me is when a company writes fake reviews...basically misleading people. It is obvious that T46 staff is hard at work writing their own reviews. So I thought I would give you some information Here is what is available in the bay area Table for Six - You have everything here. Went out of business a few months ago. back now. but still getting bad reviews. Cost $2000-$4000 Events and Adventures - New in bay. Same hard sales as T46. They are all over the US, but have consistent bad reviews. untested. Unknown events Cost $2000+ and $30+/mo Urban Diversion - around 7 years, Mostly good reviews, a few bad. openly viewable events calendar online. mix of events, not a dating club though, more adventure/social. Limited in age group accepted. Cost $120 and $30/mo Outdoor Adventure Club - around 10 years, pure adventure club. High quality professionally guided events, but high cost and few events. no community/not for dating. Not required to 'join', pay per event. Cost $20/mo and events It's Just Lunch - Mixed reviews. Pure dating club with hard sales. not many 'events'. Cost $1200 for six months. FACTS: *Dating clubs are a little bit older (averaging in 40s and 50s) and more expensive, activity clubs are younger averaging in 30's or 40s and less expensive. *ALL of these organizations have those that love them and those that had a bad experience. Read the bad reviews, be wary of the 5 star reviews. *You can cancel and contract within 3 days in CA *If there is a contract you should be able to cancel...Your phone service lets you cancel...with a fee of course. *If there is no way to try it out be careful... would you buy a car without getting to drive it? *If you don't get pricing over the phone or when you ask at the meeting... it is very expensive. *Be careful of "sample events"... They are never accurate. Ask for the actual month's list of events! what you think they don't have it?? They do! *The more you say "No.. too expensive".. the cheaper it can get.. up to 50% cheaper...but make sure you know what you are negotiating to get first. Pros: they provide a service Cons: many... just read reviews more

AMAZING!!!!! not scam at all 7/15/2009

I decided a while ago to tell as many people as possible about my amazing experience I had with this company. Last summer, I accidentally came across their website. I read different reviews (bad and good) on a few reviews sites. I really wanted to see what all the happy customers were all raving about. Two weeks later I took a little stroll down the block and went into the office. Immediately, I felt at home. It wasn’t like the average office where everyone is running around, phones ringing, or papers and faxes being handed out from person to person. This place was very relaxed and chilled out. The staff there was very polite and it was quiet. Just from the office itself, I was ready to sign up on the spot. I spoke to all the right people and mad all the right arrangements before joining. I then met with Lynne. She took me into her office, sat me down, and said “Paul, what’s up”. Normally, when you meet a stranger who expects you to tell you entire life story, they usually start by saying “so tell me a little about yourself”. I got the feeling for what she said that she wasn’t a fake. That she only interested in making money. About three hours later, the interview came to an end. Lynne and I said goodbye and I went home. All though I accepted that nothing was going to happen overnight, I had a feeling it was going to happen much quicker than usual.A few days later, Lynne called my cell and told me all about the next six person date. She had already contacted five other singles and was working on setting all of us up on a dinner date. I was really impressed at how fast she worked. With no hesitation, I told her “I’m in”. The dinner was very nice. Lynne chose the perfect restaurant, a nice sit down Mexican place with a very warm feeling and a relaxing vibe. The staff was nice and the food was good. But the best part, were my table mates. We all got along very well and were all very alike. I didn’t meet any girls that were suitable for marriage, but I had an amazing time and was very excited to see what Lynne would do next. I told Lynne about my night the next day and started working on the next date. Another week went by when I received an e-mail from her. I called her back and finalized another date. As before, the date was at very relaxing place. This time it was Chinese. The people at my table were a lot of fun and the food was good. Basically, this date was exactly like the last one except one thing. I met someone perfect. Someone so perfect that I got the chills the first time I looked at. Her name was Kelly and I knew there was something about her. I didn’t know what, but I knew there was something. The whole night, we all talked and laughed together. It was nice to be in a crowd of other singles with the same likes and dislikes. There wasn’t any tension or shyness on anyone’s part. Ok, I know this part is hard to believe but I kid you not, later on THAT SAME NIGHT Lynne called me and told me that Kelly had already called her about me. Apparently she really liked me and wants a personal date with me. I was so happy that I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs while jumping around. The second date happened about three weeks later. It took a while because my boss at work gave me a ton of work to do which took up most of my free time. The wait finally ended when we went to a really nice place. We really connected and I knew there was going to another date. There WAS another date. Actually, there were seven more till we finally agreed that we were able to continue on without Lynne. Although we still kept Lynne posted on our progress we became very serious. Eventually we got engaged. The wedding is in six weeks and the credit all goes to Lynne and the rest of the staff. more

FRAUD!!!!! 7/8/2009

Read the 'positive' ratings carefully. They all read as fake for a reason. They ARE fake: written by the company itself. I LOVE the last one,"Ever since I joined I am much happier than before." You have GOT to be kidding me. Has any person EVER written a line like that in a real review?? I suppose "Katherine29"s teeth are whiter too. This organization is full of lying manipulative con artists. Look at the facts: their business rating as mentioned by another reviewer. This rating is not a mistake. Don't walk, RUN away from these people. Pros: maybe the owners will go to jail Cons: It's a fraud more

I love thes guys 6/15/2009

My motto is ‘be happy’. Life is filled with good and bad which is obviously a test to see if you can remain happy. The way I see it, anyone who signs up with this company has a much better chance of being happy. Ever since I joined, I’m much happier than before. Two years ago, I walked into their office in Sacramento and spoke with Heather who is the director there. She told everything I needed to know. All the services and prices were explained to me. After that, I sat down with one of their professional matchmakers named Suzanne. She gave me an interview for about an hour and a half. During this interview I was asked many different questions about my life and how I grew up and what kind of guys I would like to meet. She actually made me feel very comfortable. I was very impressed with them when I left. About a week later, I got a phone call from my matchmaker. She told me about the service she had in mind for me where they sit you down at a restaurant with five other singles. She said that she put three guys on the list for this date that sounded great. Of course I told her that I was interested. The date occurred three days later. All the people at the table were great. We all had a great time and had really good flowing conversations. The actual restaurant was also great with a nice energy and a perfect environment for friendly talk between six people. After the date, we all exchanged numbers and said goodnight. The next day, I called my matchmaker and told her everything. I told her that I had a great time and that I would like her to put me on another six person dinner night. The next month I went on vacation with a few friends to Venice so I kind of forgot about the whole thing. When I came back, I had a few messages on my machine from Suzanne. I called her back and apologized for not telling her about my vacation. She told me all about the next event and about all the people taking part. I didn’t have a second’s thought of telling her to go ahead with the date. A week later was the date. Once again, the restaurant was impressive and the food was great. All the people I was set up with also were very warm and pleasant. I really connected with Jerry. He and I talked about a lot of things and we actually went to the same high school. He was three grades older at that time and we actually liked each other but he couldn’t date a freshman due to the average peer pressure. But now, we finally had the chance to get to know each other. We had a great time and even continued our date after the other for people went home. For the next year we dated and had a beautiful relationship. We finally got married and now we have a baby boy name Mikey. Like I said before, I’m much happier ever since I joined with this company. Suzanne still calls me from time to time to see how things are going. In the end, I got more for my money with these guys. more

Dating Made Fun & Easy 5/7/2009

Some people don?t make full use of their options as T46 members and they don?t give it a chance to work. I think T46 is great. If you let the T46 staff set you up on ?Just for 2? dates (one-on-one boy/girl meetings), they really do work hard to find people who match your interests, age, lifestyle, etc. Speaking from personal experience, ?Just for 2? really works. Mandy and Anni at T46 have spent a lot of time matching me with other compatible members and the dates have all been great. They go through hundreds of members looking for ones that best match my likes, dislikes, age, location, lifestyle, etc. They also make all the reservations for us to meet, which include a nice restaurant, the date & time, etc. I would consider myself an average looking guy and all of the girls they have set me up with have been very attractive, super friendly and a lot of fun. I?ve never been matched with anyone who was way younger or older than me and never with anyone who had absolutely nothing in common with me either. You can?t sign up for T46 and expect to get set up with Carmen Electra or Ashton Kutcher. Life isn?t like that. If you are average looking you?ll get matched with men/women with the same or better looks. You can?t complain about that. Yes, T46 is exclusive and membership is expensive. As a result, I?ve found the price keeps out all the riff-raff and flakes like on all of the on-line dating sites. Lots of people on the internet lie & misrepresent themselves as successful when they?re not. At T46 you get none of that and you meet quality people every time. The bottom line is, when you break it down and consider the time & effort the T46 staff put into setting you up on quality dates and all of the different events they arrange, you?re paying about .50 cents an hour for their services. It has been totally worth it to me and I?ve had a lot of fun being a member. I?m 100% satisfied with T46. Pros: No More On-Line Dating Sites Cons: $$$$ but exclusive and worth it more

Happy I'm part of it 5/2/2009

Ever since signing up the diners have been getting better and better. I recently began noticing more members at the T46 events. I am so happy I signed up with them, it really makes my social life much easier. I read some complaints on the web and I just wonder what type of members would be unhappy with this great company. Still wondering about this one. Pros: Met many awsome men Cons: Happy no cons more
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