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Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria - 48 Reviews - 1442 Draper Pkwy, Draper, UT 84020, Draper, UT - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (801) 545-0455

Sweet Home Chicago Pizzeria

1442 Draper Pkwy, Draper, UT 84020
Draper, UT 84020
(801) 545-0455
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I'm not surprised by the mixed reviews. One day I took a friend to a very authentic Mexican restaurant. I was delighted. She turned to me and said, ""Taco Bell is WAY better."" An...


I was excited when I found ""authentic Chicago pizza"" in the valley. The atmosphere was good and the service was decent. But if you have ever been to Lou's or Gino's in Chicago y...

Editorial review from GrubHub 7/29/2013

by jonn at GrubHub Provided by GrubHub
buffalo wings were NASTY pizza was ok more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/9/2012

Oh my, what a rotten experience we had tonight at Sweet Home Chicago Pizza in Draper! We've been ordering pizza from these guys since they moved into the neighborhood and while it's not ""real"" Chicago pizza, we thought, hey, support the local economy! This week, we ordered two pizzas after work, waited and went down to pick them up after 25+ minutes - giving them plenty of time. When we got there, they hadn't started either one of them. They said it would be 45 minutes. The place was practically empty! We said never mind and left a message for the manager to please call us. The manager never called. Tonight, we thought we'd give them the benefit of the doubt and try again. We called in our order. We went to eat the pizza there. The pizza was alright but when we asked to speak to the manager, thinking we'd get a chance to tell him about the other night's problem, he came out and refused to have a conversation. He told us he was refunding our money and ASKED US TO LEAVE THE RESTAURANT! What? He was unbelievably rude. We didn't take the refund and we will never eat pizza at Sweet Home Chicago again. I've managed restaurants and run businesses and I can tell you this brand of customer service will not end well. Shame on you SHC; very unprofessional and the pizza…not that good!! more

NOT Chicago Pizza 1/14/2012

I was excited when I found ""authentic Chicago pizza"" in the valley. The atmosphere was good and the service was decent. But if you have ever been to Lou's or Gino's in Chicago you will be extremely disappointed as this is NOT real Chicago pizza. For those that have never eaten REAL Chicago pizza may think this is OK. Save your night out for good pizza and go somewhere else. more

They forgot my order and then lied as 11/19/2011

They forgot my order and then lied as they frantically started making it...30min after it was supposed to be ready. more

Worst customer servce and terrible pizza 8/12/2011

Ordered over the phone and was told 30 min... Showed up after 25 min and they did not have the pizza made yet. Told them if it's not made to cancel the order. She said it was just about ready.... NOT...well 25 minutes later the pizza is finally done. got home and tried the pizza... has no taste, burnt crust, very little cheese. toppings are scarce and low budget, not what you would expect for a $18 pizza. Would have been better off to go to Little Cesars or getting a Totinos. Will never go back. more

Some People Have No Taste 3/4/2011

I'm not surprised by the mixed reviews. One day I took a friend to a very authentic Mexican restaurant. I was delighted. She turned to me and said, ""Taco Bell is WAY better."" And since I spend more time enjoying food than enjoying people, she and I are not friends anymore. If you're looking for a big chewy circle of doughy bread, slopped with sauce and a layer of cheese a quarter inch thick, do not go to Sweet Home Chicago. Go visit a Little Caesars, or call Domino Hut. This pizza is different, and it all starts at the foundation. The crust here is subtle and plain. Another reviewer in derision compared it to a cracker, and while I disagree with his/her characterization, I don't think it's a bad comparison. The crust here is a kind of understated vehicle---it's not the show itself, but is what the whole rest of the show rides on. Because it's subtle, it allows you to taste tomato in the sauce, and each of the toppings seems to stand out a little vibrantly. The result is that it doesn't taste like most pizza---an indiscriminate mush of lipids and carbohydrates---but it tastes like flour, tomatoes, peppers, olives, and sausage, all contributing distinctly in a greater whole. You do tend to wait longer for the food, but it doesn't bother me to have someone take more time to prepare my food. I've never had rude service. And regarding sanitary concerns, the Draper location has large windows into the kitchen, and I've never seen anything that alarmed or worried me. more

Great Pizza!! 2/16/2011

I have to admit, before going here I read some of the other reviews and was a little worried. They were either really good, or really bad. That being said, my wife and I decided to just go and try it for ourselves. We drove from Utah County on a lunch date and were pleasantly surprised! Right off, we were surprised by how many Police men were there, two seperate groups. I mention this only because these guys eat out every day and I'm sure that they go where the food is good. That gave us hope! The menu was really confussing (grab one of the 'To Go' menu's at the desk for a better understanding of what they have. We asked alot of questions, and they were very patient with us. It did take some time for our pizza to come (about 35-40 mins), but it was expected. They told us up front about how long it would be. The 'Stuffed pizza' was so thick and tasted great! My wife is a thin crust kinda gal, but even she loved it! We did not have any problem with the service, they were very friendly. I think that some people just had a bad experience, maybe not realizing what they were getting into, and didn't want to wait. I can see how a pizza that thick takes longer to cook through. My advise is to judge for yourself. I don't think that you will be dissapointed! We will definitly be going back. more

Not Disappointed 2/1/2011

It's been too long since I was in Chicago having good pizza, so my family had to try Sweet Home Chicago. We were definitely not disappointed. The service and food were great! If you know anything about Chicago pizza then you know that it is unlike anything you get at other pizza places. The wait is longer because the cheese has to melt, but it is worth the wait. All the employees were helpful and friendly. We are so glad to have a Chicago place closer than the windy city. I read all the negative comments posted, but decided to try this place anyway--I 'm glad we did! more

Worst customer service ever 9/11/2010

Tell you what folks, the pizza is Ok at best, but the boys from Chicago have learned NOTHING about customer service, or at least the people that take the orders. If you don't have your coupon number handy get ready to get ""ripped"" by the female on the other end. I for one am through with ""Sweet Home"" and their attitude! more

The Worst Pizza Ever! 7/29/2010

I was really excited to try this restaurant. I ordered a thin crust cheese, (perhaps not their specialty). It was cut into a million pieces, which I belive is the worst way you can serve pizza. The crust was burnt in multiple spots. It was just not up to par. It tasted horrible too! Luckily, I did not have too much interaction with the staff since I did a carry out, but during the 10 minutes I was there I thought the employees to be rude. I also asked for parmesan cheese along with pepper, they gave me several pepper packets but said they were out of cheese. Well, that was a lie because I could see the refrigerator stocked with small containers parmesan. Why on earth they would not give out cheese is sooo bizarre. Anyway, I would stay away from this joint. You would do better going to Little Caesars. Cons: Burnt crust, pizza cut into tiny bite size pieces. Horrible more

Don't waste your time 7/27/2010

We had been to this location a previous time on the recommendation of a friend. Yesterday, we invited a couple of our friends to go and have dinner with us at Sweet Home Chicago. When we arrived, we waited for our friends to come, and they got here at 6:45. By 7 we were ready to order. We placed our orders and nothing was said to us about a longer than normal wait. At 7:40, we started to ask about our pizza, and the waitress told us it would be another 10-15 minutes. We were surprised by this timeframe and she got the ""manager"" who came out. We were pleasant and just asked why it was taking so long. He responded with ""you can either be patient and understanding, or I'll give you a refund and ask that you never come back."" With that tone, we were really unhappy, so we opted for the refund. At the register he kept saying ""I can't believe you aren't being understanding"" and then made a comment of ""might I suggest little caesers down the street."" It's important to point out that people who had shown up after us were getting their food, and we seemed to be the only ones that were not. My wife and son are Hispanic, maybe that had something to do with it. Don't waste your time or your money, go to Big Daddy's pizza or somewhere else. Pros: the location is nice Cons: management sucks, food takes FOREVER, asked to leave more

Anger Management issues 7/27/2010

Ordered the Tuesday special at 7pm and at 7:40 still no food. After having to ask the waitress where our food was, she said another 15 minutes. Unfortunately we had another engagement and could not wait any longer. After asking for a refund, the waitress got the owner/general manager, who was extremely angry at us for asking for a refund. He told us to either be patient and understanding or don't come back. We nicely asked for a refund again and the general manager told a person in our group to SHUT UP or I won't give you a refund! The manager was so angry he was shaking and seemed like he was going to do physical harm. Another in our group almost had to call police. Eventually we got our refund and gladly left. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT FREQUENT THIS ESTABLISHMENT. This business and employee/owner behavior is not suitable for children and certainly not good customer service. Recommend the manager take customer service, business management and anger management classes. Cons: dirty, never got food, GM has anger issues more

The Real Deal 7/11/2010

This is it I have made several trips to Chicago and have stopped at Giordano's and Gino's East. Worth the drive to try out. They also make their own sausage and it is killer. If you like Cheese then get a Deep Dish Cheese Pizza worth the extra money. The Deep Dish pizzas here are the ones to get. Pros: Made just like the places in downtown Chicago make it. Cons: Slightly Pricey more

Yummy stuffed pizza 12/14/2009

From some of the reviews, it sounds like there may have been some problems here for awhile, but we've been going for the last several months and have always gotten great pizza and friendly service, whether we were dining in or taking out.\r \r Do sign up for their email specials - they often offer 2-for-1, or other good deals.\r \r The stuffed pizza is wonderful. It's huge, though, so if you're not feeding a group, be prepared to have leftover pizza for a few days (like that's a problem!) Pros: Great pizza, good specials more

Burnt pizza, bad management 6/22/2009

We have been going to Sweet Home Chicago on and off for the last couple years. As a whole we went there more for the close location than the pizza since we never knew if it would be a good or bad day in the kitchen. More times than not we have felt our pizza had a burnt quality to it. This last time after waiting 40 minutes with, only 2 other families in the restaurant, our pizza once again had that burnt soggy quality to it. When we brought it to the attention of the manger who was not even 20 he chose to agrue with us telling us thats how all thin crust pizza's turned out. With us being more than twice his age we told him that we had had pizza thin crust and not soggy and burnt tasting but he proceeded to argue. After being yelled at and argued with we proceeded to get our monies back and being told that they didn't need our business. So I am telling everyone...They are proud enough to say they don't need your business. A big waste of money and time so many other quality pizza places and restaurants that do WANT our business and know how to treat their customers. VERY POOR FOOD and MANAGEMENT. Place has gone down hill. Pros: Good outdoor seating area Cons: EVERYTHING ELSE more

Manager is not good 1/21/2009

This guys is terrible -- he's a young idiot of a manager -- the food/pizza is great but "Mark" doesn't know... more

Manager is not good 1/21/2009

Love4Food Provided by Partner
This guys is terrible -- he's a young idiot of a manager -- the food/pizza is great but "Mark" doesn't know how to treat customers! more

Place is a joke!!!! 9/5/2008

What happened to SHC. I used to eat here all the time. The owner must be on vacation or some damn thing. This place has seriously gone down hill within the last year. I went in there a few nights ago, just for a pickup mind you. Well first off, when I walked in, the place was filthy and there was stuff all over the floor, tables you name it. So I go to pickup my pie and low and behold it wasn't ready. Hmmmm, was quoted 30 minutes and I even got there 10 minutes late. Still not ready. Okay, so I wait and wait.....and wait some more, finally, somebody comes out and gives me this ""pizza""? I opened the box and here is this piece of cheese melted over a soggy tasteless crust, with the bottom burnt so bad I almost had to spittle it out. Wow.... I literally threw the pizza out the window on my way out of parking lot. Do not eat there!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Avoid at all costs 9/2/2008

I decided to visit Sweet Home Chicago with my family based on several good reviews I read regarding their pizza. Boy, were the good reviews wrong, but the bad reviews were right on the money!!! The service was poor, the restaurant was very small and dirty. \r When the pizza finally arrived it was completely unlike any other pizza I've ever eaten, that wasn't really a good thing. The crust was hard, thin, and tasteless. The pizza sauce was bitter, acidic, and salty. I would suggest avoiding this place at all cost! Your family, stomach and your wallet will thank you. Pros: It was quiet Cons: Where do I begin! Service, food, price more


this pizza is absolutely disgusting(unless of course if you like eating your pizza out of a soup bowl). it was incredibly soggy, had way too much sauce and the bottom was basically black. i've actually had better pizza at jazz games. they also have some of the worst managers i've ever encountered. not only were they extremely rude and arrogant, but also very unhelpful. if this is how REAL chicago pizzerias treat their customers then it looks like i wont be planning any trips there in the near future. if you're thinking of eating here....DON""T. save the 25 dollars you'll end up paying and order dominos. Pros: the soda was ok i guess. Cons: everything except the soda. and the cheese pull-aparts are way better at the pie. more
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  • Casual joint doles out handmade pizzas cooked in a stone deck oven featuring homemade sauces and dough as well as fresh ingredients.

  • 3/22/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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