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Sunshine Learning Ctr - 9 Reviews - 7202 Dee St, Austin, TX - Child Care Reviews - Phone (512) 447-8258

Sunshine Learning Ctr

7202 Dee St
Austin, TX 78745
(512) 447-8258
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I searched for daycares for 3 weeks.Some had state of the art buildings...others were smaller facilities that seemed family owned yet well established.One thing they all had in co...


We thought we would try this place out because it was out of the way from main roads. If you have an infant to place in their care (or even a toddler), I recommend you explore oth...

The search paid off....Best Daycare in South Austin !!!!!!!! 8/1/2011

I searched for daycares for 3 weeks.Some had state of the art buildings...others were smaller facilities that seemed family owned yet well established.One thing they all had in common...DIRTY FLOORS,WALLS RUGS AND A MUSTY SMELL.Not to mention rude employees and screaming babies alone in their cribs while teachers were socializing. I was about to give up on the search wondering if I was just too picky and expected too much from a daycare for my daughter. Then I stumbled across Sunshine Learning Center and as soon as I walked in I noticed a wonderful clean, fresh smell.Floors were impecable as well as their base boards. Mrs Irma (the Director/owner) greeted me and gave me a tour on the was spotless, everyone seemed friendly and children were having fun.I just had a good feeling about the facility and the staff.I enrolled my daughter in 2001 FT and she attended SLC until 2008 attending their after school care program.I would recommend SUNSHINE LEARNING CENTER TO ANYONE! I now have a 4 yr old that I will be enrolling in the next few weeks. AS for KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD Mama..Your comment is hateful, ignorant and racist therefor your comment has absolutely no credibility.I'm Mexican/American and I speak spanish because I am not ashamed of my roots and it has helped me earn more money.FYI Stupid people are not capable of mastering 2 languages.So the jokes on you..Unfortunately some people take advantage and abuse the review system trying to get back at companies by posting hateful comments in the attempt to negatively impact a business income.A business will never be able to please everyone...thats for sure..But I am a satisfied customer and my child still talks about her good memories there. So Keep Austin weird suggestion....Expand your Horizons and expose yourself to other cultures..we're not aliens that you have to attack we're just a different race.The color of our skin or the language we speak doesn't make us ghetto or classy..Perfect example is YOU !!! more

Sunshine is a great childcare! 11/20/2010

My son has been at Sunshine for more than 2 years and I am very happy with the care and educational opportunities he has had there. Since the time he was in the infant care room I have found the staff to be nurturing. He was clean and happy when he came home. They were very good at sticking to the feeding instructions I gave them and talked to me both in the morning and afternoon about his day and any awesome moments. \r My son loved his teach Ms. Meeca (Monica) in the 2 year old class. She was funny and interacted wonderfully with all the children. The few times that I came to have lunch with my son, the kiddos all seemed very happy and very well trained. I was amazed at how she could get 8 2 year olds to sit with their hands folded at the table waiting patiently for their plates which she prepared (with gloves on) for them. She encouraged langauge and manners from all of the kids. \r My son is 3 now and I love that I can know what they are working on and they even send little worksheets home to show his work. He talks about they songs he sings and the games he plays. \r I am also very impressed with the biligual skills that my son is learning. I highly recommend checking out Sunshine Learning Center!\r \r more

For KeepAustinWeirdMama 9/28/2010

What an incredibly pathetic rant from someone so IGNORANT that they can only resort to name calling and racist insults in their review of this center. All 3 of my children have graduated from this school, and they are FAR from being ""G-H-E-T-T-O"", as you have so eloquently put it. Perhaps it's your preconceived racist notions that kept you giving this center or it's staff a fair shot. \r With regard to the director: It is not only a job for her, she OWNS the facility. As a business owner, it would be impossible for her to be available to you every single second of the day as there are many aspects of owning a business that would require her attention. I'm sure, if you'd have let her know how desperately unhappy you were about her staff, she would've gladly addressed your concerns. I have never had a problem getting a response from her, even if it meant having to leave a message. If her office door is closed, I knock. And if there is someone in her office ahead of me, I wait. It sounds like you were not willing to accept anything but immediate attention. \r I think perhaps you should look to yourself as to why your child thinks it's ""ok to hit others"" and talk back. Your atttitude and immaturity when referring to staff, including not bothering to remember the name of the lady who took care of your child, would indicate that you have little respect for those around you and less education, as you can't seem to articulate yourself beyond a middle school level.\r It's a shame SLC didn't live up to you posh standards...perhaps you should find a day care near your home in West Austin where they employ young, white, English women and stop ""settling"" for South Austin ""ghetto"" daycares. more

Horrible - Find another center before settling on SLC... 8/4/2010

We thought we would try this place out because it was out of the way from main roads. If you have an infant to place in their care (or even a toddler), I recommend you explore other options for child care before ""settling"" on this place like we did. The toddlers and young children are WILD and destructive AND the staff teaching their classes are G-H-E-T-T-O hispanic women who have those bad ""i hate the world"" attitudes. They show their attitudes to the children and its no wonder why my child came home talking back to me and why he thought it was OK to hit others (because they do not discipline or their means of discipline is not how I would discipline my child). Forget trying to find the Director. She is always absent or her husband is in the office or her door is always closed. Its like she tries to purposely keep herself away from the parents and children. If you hate your job lady, go work in another field! We also had a child in the infant room and didn't like the quality of care she received. The old woman who works in there (her name has slipped my memory) is VERY scatterbrained and any time you ask a question about something about ANYTHING, she never knew what was going on (or she was too stupid to). Our little girl came home numerous times with bad diaper rash (when she didn't have it before being in their care) so I didn't appreciate having to treat that daily when I picked her up. If the child's behind is dirty, clean it. If it's wet, dry it. If it's rashy, cover it with diaper cream. How hard is that? I will NEVER go back to this facility again. I guess if you're used to living in the ghetto and raising kids in the ghetto who speak spanish as a first language, this is the center for you. more


They will leave your infant sitting in a soiled/poopy diaper and only rush to change it when they see you pull up to the center. At times, we'd arrive home and dried poop would be crusted on our child's behind, goodness knows how long since our child was only in their care for no more than 4 hours a day. They do not follow your feeding regimens and will over-feed your child. They did that to ours and we were told by one of the staff in the infant room that it was because our child was loud/noisy. Don't use this day center. Pros: Clean, Quiet Location Cons: TERRIBLE parking, Understaffed, Neglectful, $$$ Hungry more

Overworked staff, not enough staff, too many kids, chaos! 7/12/2007

I gave Sunshine a try because it was within a couple of miles from my home and since we had just moved to Austin I didn't have much time to look around. This was the first daycare that had an opening for my son and daughter, and so we gave it a shot for a few months. While at this centter, my kids learned to talk back to me and give me nothing but attitude, even screaming at me when I asked them to do things. If you knew my kids before this place, they were very peaceful and happy kids. I should've listened to my son who told me a couple of times that he wanted to go to a new school, and after asking him questions, I could only conclude that he was being picked on by someone at the school. I tried talking to the director on two separate occassions but was told that she was busy or found her behind closed doors. I tried talking to the teacher, but a squabble among kids interrupted our conversation. It seemed like they had one teacher for over 12 kids and she had a really hard time controlling all of these kids in her care. I tried observing the kids when I'd drop off my kids to see how they interacted with the teacher, and the kids I saw were very loud and unmanageable. As soon as I moved my kids out of this place, I noticed an immediate improvement in their behavior. Gone was the screaming, talking back and attitude they'd give me, and it was replaced with the happy & serene kids that I had before. I'm really glad that I moved them out of Sunshine and would never recommend this place to anyone. Pros: Close to home Cons: Older playground equipment (looks like its from the 70s), rowdy kids, low staff ratios more

Too few teachers, little attention for kids, confusing atmosphere 6/29/2007

My child (a son) attended this center for almost six months. Based on a review here, I thought it would be worth the visit to see if my son would like attending Sunshine. I had bad experiences with teachers. Just two examples: I walked in on one teacher putting a child in time-out because the child was giggling! I also witnessed another teacher yell at a child who started throwing a tantrum because she didn't want to go back inside the building. The teacher was quite nasty to this little kid and looked annoyed with her. It seemed like every time I walked in to pick up my son, there was one caretaker for about 15 kids. Not sure what the state requirements are, but thought this was absurd. It didn't seem like this center could hold on to its staff, or had trouble finding staff. Not sure, but the director pretty much spent most of her time inside her office behind closed doors, or at least that is where I would see her everytime I walked in. Maybe it was her only solitude from the atmosphere at her center, but even when I did see her roaming around, she never looked too happy. I finally pulled my son out of there when a vacancy became available at another center that we had been waiting on. Pros: Nice playground, older equipment Cons: Unfriendly staff, director behind closed doors more

Sunshine Learning Center (AWESOME CHILDCARE) 6/21/2007

To whom it may concern: I had to find a daycare in less than a month because the daycare that I originally had my daughter at decided to tell me at the last minute. Not only that but they had so many turnovers and my daughter was having to get to know every teacher that ever came in and I didn't want that for my daughter. Now that she is at SLC I feel so comfortable and the teachers are so wonderful with her and they have taken such great care of my daughter not to mention it is in such a great location. \r Need a daycare go to SLC they are the most friendliest people that I have ever met and they will do wonders with your child/ren as they done with mine. \r Thank you SLC for taking care of my daughter and being so great. I am truly blessed to have you as my daycare. Pros: ALL THE TEACHERS ARE WONDERFUL, LOVING, AND CARING Cons: PROBABLY THE PARKING more

Excellent Child Care Brings Peace of Mind 3/30/2007

My two sons have been attending Sunshine Learning Center (SLC) for a couple of years. The first born started when he was 10 weeks old - after I removed him from a terrible center. The second born started at 8 weeks after we returned from maternity leave. From the moment you walk into SLC, it smells like the windows are wide open because the air smells fresh and clean. The caregivers that are in charge of my kids (now 3 and 2) are genuinely caring and sweet people. Most of the caregivers have worked there since we started. My kids have a great vocabulary and they have regular activities. They have an onsite cook and a large playground. My boys have been very happy and that also makes me happy since this is their ""home away from home"". \r \r If you are searching for a daycare center and considering this one, please keep the following things in mind:\r - how does the center smell? An old daycare center that my firstborn attended smelled like a dirty diaper as soon as you walked in the door. It was terrible and a sign of uncleanliness. SLC always smells fresh and clean\r - how active are the caregivers in taking care of the kids? One of the things I noticed about the old center was that the caregivers would sit in chairs and watch the kids play. At SLC, I've noticed that their caregivers are actually involved when the kids play\r - Does your child seem happy at the end of the day? At the old center, I noticed that my newborn son would come home very often with puffy looked like he'd been crying all day. At SLC, both of my boys seem well-adjusted. They still are excited to see me, but don't show any signs of having a sad day\r - How do you feel inside? Trust your gut. My gut told me to call and check on my son every day if I couldn't actually get to the center to check on him at the first center we went to. At SLC, that stopped. I never felt a need to call or visit unexpectedly because I felt much more comfortable there. more
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