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Stepping Stone School

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Stepping Stone School - Austin, TX
Stepping Stone School - Austin, TX


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A lot of the negative reviews I read on City Search have to do with teacher turnover at schools. It is always so upsetting to have a great teacher leave but, it happens. What I ...


I witnessed my son's teacher throw a sippy cup across the room, yell at the children and forcefully get them to sit at the table and lay down. I couldn't believe she actually acte...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/25/2012

This is the BEST preschool ever!! I have read many reviews of several preschools in the area and then I went on tours to most of them, just to form my own opinions. What I found when I toured led me to trust my instincts. This school is amazing. From the playground (clean and porches swept), to the classrooms (lots of activities), to the teachers (happy--not flustered, engaging--not ""going thru the motions""), to the support staff (Ms Kimberly is wonderful-always has a smile), to the administrators (who do it ALL--with a smile) \r The children are taught sign language, even the youngest knows how to tell you they want ""more"" and can say ""thank you"" and ""please"". They have a ""dual language lab"", although I have not seen it in action. They have a white board that the kids can do ""hands on"" activities including sorting, counting and basic letter recognition. It also has stories on it that the kids enjoy watching.\r They have healthy lunches, including lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grain pasta and crackers. My youngest child enjoys school lunch so much that he complains that MY cooking isn't as good as Ms Kimberly's. (I will have to get some recipes/tips from her).\r My older child was able to read after being in the advanced pre-k class with Mrs. Jaya. My youngest has been in several classrooms with several teachers.\r Yes, there is a high turn-over rate of teachers, but that happens everywhere. Most of the teachers are college students or recent graduates. Some have been there FOREVER (Ms Kimberly-8 yrs, Ms Jaya-5 yrs) and the school couldn't run without them. \r This is just MY opinion, but you would be hard-pressed to find a better, more loving school for your children than Stepping Stone School 14: 9405 Brodie Lane, but see for yourself. more

Great School and Staff 9/22/2011

A lot of the negative reviews I read on City Search have to do with teacher turnover at schools. It is always so upsetting to have a great teacher leave but, it happens. What I love about Stepping Stone 14 (on Brodie Lane), is that the Director, Laura, is so honest with the families. She lets me know how her search is going for a new teacher and really makes me feel secure in knowing that my child is continuing to learn and grow during this transition. I could not be happier with my decision to enroll my son here!!!! more

wonderful school 6/3/2011

I just had to share with Austin my opinion of Stepping Stone School on Brodie Lane. This is the absolute BEST pre-school I have ever been in. The school is clean, the children are happy and the staff is VERY friendly. I have experienced separation anxiety from my son. HE is fine, but his first day, I certainly wasn't. The cook, ms Kimberley, made sure I had a business card with his class name on it, so I could call throughout the day to check on him. The staff really loves the children in their care. Ms. Laura is a wonderful director and Ms. Sunny certainly lives up to her name. He has only been in school for a short time and already he smiles when I tell him its time to go there. He is excited to see his new friends and loves to sing the songs he is learning. This school is the greatest thing since sliced bread as far as I and my family are concerned. As long as there are people like Ms Sunny, Ms Kimberley and Ms Laura there, my son will be happy. And so will I. more

Such an amazing school 3/31/2011

I recently toured the Stepping Stone location on Brodie Ln in south Austin. I must say, I was HIGHLY impressed. The staff is friendly and courteous. I was met at the door by the cook, who greeted me with a smile and offered me a cup of coffee. The director, Laura, was most helpful and knowledgeable about early childhood. The entire school was clean and well cared for. I have been to centers that smelled of dirty diapers and this one smelled CLEAN. The children were engaged in lots of activities and seemed very happy. They have a great playground and lots to recommend them. more

the BEST center 3/25/2011

I just wanted to tell Austin how much I LOVE this center. The staff is friendly, the center is clean and my children are HAPPY!! I walked in the door to tour the center and was greeted by the chef, Ms Kimberly. She was friendly and got down to speak to my 4 yr old. My daughter, who is VERY shy, actually smiled and told her her name. I was shocked! I would have enrolled based on her alone. I toured the facility and immediately fell in love. I really like the Hatch and fitness center. Their principal Mrs Laura is quite nice. I felt comfortable in this center, unlike some others I have seen. I will DEFINITELY be recommending this center to ALL my friends and family in the Austin area. more

My Children Never Want to Leave! 12/30/2010

I know the two-year old class next to my sons has been really unstable, so I am glad we have not had such a terrible/scary experience! My sons (ages 2 and 4) absolutely love coming to school. They chant their teachers names in the car on the way there and never want to leave. \r \r The two year old teacher is really helpful with potty training (she even has a peepee dance! My son does it at home) and with table manners. \r \r The four year old class has been a wonderful experience for the whole family. My son is learning so much and always has art or some kind of activity to bring home. \r \r As far as the big screen goes, I don't know what the two year old gets from it, but when I came to pick the kids up yesterday the four year old class was playing a game making patterns with letters, which I thought was pretty cool. \r \r As far as cons go, there is alot of inconsistency in the two year old room, and we often have to search for jackets, which seems like a prettty basic thing the teachers should know how to keep up with. \r \r Overall- the whole family loves it! more

This SCHOOL is excellent. 12/19/2010

I couldn't be happier with the Pre K program this school has to offer. My child is being introduced to a new innovative technology called the Hatch system. I see toddlers learning on this system as well. I feel there is so much learning taking place in this SCHOOL. The teachers all know my child by name. I feel relieved that my child is having fun and likes being there each day I drop him off. I believe this school is the best in Austin by far. more

They just need to hire smarter! 12/17/2010

****NOTE 12/20/10** Spoke to director Jenicca (who I love so much more than Jeanette) She said that the teacher in question was let go. Once again, I will be keeping my child there - Hopefully this is resolved and won't happen again. ****\r \r This daycare is awful, my daughter (2.5 yrs old) has been going there for over a yr and I have tried to take her out several times. She has a new teacher about every month sometimes sooner...I say ""tried"" to take her out because while I was researching for a new daycare a better teacher would come in. Her current teacher has never done this kind of job before is frustrated and dosen't know structure. My daughter has been acting out over the last week, and there is chaos in the room when I pick her up. I have seen the teacher grab a kid by the arm and yell at them. I never get incident reports when shes hurt. She has also been coming home in someone elses diapers (cheeper than the one I buy specifically for her)( they they don't help much with potty training) The ONLY plus to this place is the reasonable rate, but I would gladly pay more to know my child is safe and in a loving enviornment. more

Substandard Daycare 3/24/2010

I am very surprised to hear that each year Stepping Stones in ranked ""best daycare"" in Austin. Really? I can only speculate it is because they provide a small kick back off your tuition if you print your review and turn it in when the Austin Readers Poll comes out. I transferred to this facility because of its location and hours this past summer, big mistake. My child was in one of their toddler rooms. I realize that can be a difficult group so I tried to stay open minded. Right away it got off to a bad start when on the first day I walked my toddler out to the playground where the kids were gathered only to find 2 little ones in a corner with one little boy saying ""Look at my pee pee"" The teachers were completely oblivious to their location and obviously their behavior. I found them out of ratio often...I'm talking 21 kids to one person on one particular morning! Of coarse, the director tried to smooth things out and I felt ok with her concern but the problem continued and I eventually threatened to call the State and report them if I continued to see it. Upon picking up my toddler in the late afternoon, I would usually find them outside. Most of the toddlers gathered at the door crying for their parents. I imagine pick up time is difficult when your not the one being picked up so I can empathize with the reaction. I suggested that perhaps they should try a game or activity to keep the kids involved until their parents came. It was heart breaking to see all those tots gathered by the door in hopes that their parent would soon arrive. The place is dirty. They still have carpet in the rooms which is completely unsanitary when your talking toddlers and all the mess they make. One morning the room reeked of vomit! The teacher informed me a child had vomited on the carpet the day before. I asked where and she pointed to the area. GROSS! It still had evidence of the vomit. I called the director inside and she claims it was cleaned with disinfectant spray. I pointed out the paper towel fragments that were still there and that someone did not even bother to vacuum. I suggested it be steam cleaned and by the end of the day, it was. Seriously, if still stinks that bad the next day obviously the vomit is still in carpet. This was right around all the H1N1 stuff so I was particularly bothered by their lack of concern to create a healthy environment. Most of the teachers were very nice. They are obviously overworked and doubt they get the breaks they need. A few (not all) seemed to care less about kids and feel confidently they just need the paycheck. My first born was at another Stepping Stone facility on Riverside and it seemed fine. She was there for 3 years. Again, for older kids I am sure its fine but for the toddler! Pros: Hours, schedule, hot lunch Cons: Dirty, overcrowded, chaotic, unhappy tots! more

good school 8/20/2009

I recently toured this school during open house...and then went back for a second tour at a later time-unannounced! The minute I walked in the door i felt comfortable and knew this was the place to be!! My child has been there for two weeks and loves to go to school. My son speaks very little english and i thought this was going to be very tough. The people at Stepping Stone have made this transition into school a wonderful experience!! I thank these individuals for having patience with my family and for providing great care. Pros: hot lunches, enhancements, clean more

Wonderful Place To Learn and Thrive!! 7/7/2009

I have worked at Stepping Stone School for over a year now and I think it is a great place to work. The school provides a great enviroment for children to learn and play. It is a privelege to work here with a great team of teachers and leaders. The training and staff development for teachers here is extraordinary! It focuses on building a strong partnership between parents and teachers. Teaching these great children is such an honor and they love being here. I have parents tell me everyday how much the kids want to come to school! They talk about coming to school on days off and on the weekends! Parents tell me how proud they are as to how much progress their child have made since joining our program. They also tell me how they believe thier children are ready for kindergarden both socially and academically. I take pride in this school and am happy be part of this team!!\r \r Happy Teachers=Happy Children!!\r Chelsea-Commander-Pre-K Teacher Pros: Caring Teachers and Administrators/Curriculum/Enhancements more

great place 6/22/2009

My children have been at Stepping Stone since the Brodie site opened. We have been very happy with the care and feel fortunate to be there. My children attend afterschool care at the Brodie site and are currently attending Summer camp. It is evident that the teachers love children and on my days off my children don't want to miss out-so I have to take them to camp!. Hats off to this great school and the people who work there! Pros: educated staff & administrators Cons: need more shade on playyards, no more pool more

Not impressed 4/3/2009

I witnessed my son's teacher throw a sippy cup across the room, yell at the children and forcefully get them to sit at the table and lay down. I couldn't believe she actually acted this way in front of me and it made me wonder what she did when I wasn't there. The director was apologetic and spoke with the teacher, but I still did not feel comfortable leaving him there. Pros: Great facility, curriculum Cons: Bad teachers more

A Great Daycare 1/6/2009

After reading the reviews posted I must disagree with this being a bad daycare. I have a son who is ADHD he is in the afterschool program. My son has been there for a little over a year and yes we have had our disagreements and misunderstanding but the staff has always handled the situations in a caring and professional manner. They have worked closely with myself and the other parents to guarntee a safe environment for all involved. For those parents concerned with the turnaround rate of the staff take some time to talk to the teachers then you would know that they were students and either found higher paying jobs in a badly hurting economy or they were graduating and went into there field of study which is what I have found to be the case in most, or either due to transportation issues since there is no bus route located nearby. My son has been through several daycares in the south austin area and this daycare as bent over backwards to accommendate myself, my son and all concerned. Whenever there has been an issue they have been more than professional about handling the situation and quickly getting it resolve to ensure the safety of my son and the other children left in there care. I also want to add that I am a high school teacher and through personal experience places like this will always have a high turn around there will be things that you as a parent don't like but remember these people wouldn't do this job if they did have our childrens best interest at heart. Don't let others experiences be the sole reason for not considering such a great daycare, it won't hurt the daycare but your child will miss out on one of the best experiences of there lives. If you want your child to be in a loving and caring environment check out Stepping Stone 14 at 9405 Brodie Lane, Austinl,TX 78748. The staff here is amazing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! Pros: Place where a child can grow socially Cons: no lunches provided to after schoolers during summer but I still love this daycare more

great experience 12/23/2008

I was somewhat shocked as I read these reviews! My child has been enrolled in this school for a total of 3 years- since pre-k then went into the afterschool classes and she loves it there. My child has a close relationship with all her teachers and even the administrators. I feel as though administrators have a close relationship with all children in the program -seldom will you find them not in classrooms or not busy tending to the needs of the school/children. If you are looking for a program where your child fits in and most of all feels loved visit this program. My child wants to attend Stepping Stone 14 all the time-especially on her days off from her elementry school! If you want to see a great school visit the center and see first hand! I promise you will find it to be one of the best! As a single parent it's nice to know that she is cared for well and that she is around people that will help her learn and grow! more

Happy Parent at XIV 12/22/2008

Stepping Stone School is great! My son loves going there everyday, and I have built a strong relationship with his teacher. The environment is clean and professional, unlike other childcare centers I have had him attend. I trust that my child is safe! He brings home art projects and proof that he is learning every week. If you are wondering where to enroll your child, you should tour a Stepping Stone. You will be blown away with what it offers! Comparing diffferent childcares, Stepping Stone is one of the least expensive! Pros: Quality of Teachers, Clean and Professional Environment, Customer Service...& SO MUCH MORE!!! Cons: Nothing more

Choose another school! 11/18/2008

I read all of the reviews and saw that this school got some good remarks. It didn't take long before I realized that this was a disorganized unfriendly school. My son only attended the after school program and I did not think much about it because he was only there a few hours. He started complaining that the kids were mean and called names. I also had a teacher tell me the kids are mean to each other. I would expect a loving caring environment for my child especially when I am paying for it. I brought this to the directors attention and all she said was my son instigated it. Right or wrong, he is the child and she is supposed to be a professional. I decided to pull him out when I witnessed the director being verbally aggressive and rude to him. This place is okay if you don't expect more than a neighborhood play yard with no structure or discipline. Pros: newer school with nice toys and resources Cons: teacher turn over, caring staff, cleanliness of restrooms, agressive children more

Overcrowded classrooms, disruptive & aggressive children not disciplined, inconsistent schedule 8/29/2008

We recently moved to Austin and after studying and visiting various children's centers, settled on Stepping Stone on Brodie Lane for our young child. Our initial positive impressions grew less positive as the weeks went by until we decided after several months that for our child's mental, emotional and physical well-being, it was best to leave the school.\r \r Most of our visits to the school were unannounced because we wanted to see how our child was adapting. We found that 4 out of 10 times, the ratio of students to teachers (adults) present in the room was over the Texas state law limit. Children were seldom in a controlled situation (as in all participating in circle time) as many were loud and extremely physical. Our child came home upset many times because of another's physical behavior (hitting, kicking, slapping, even spitting). We always asked our child what interesting thing had been learned or observed or done and there was rarely a positive answer. Additionally, our child was sometimes not in the scheduled room but in another.\r \r We admire our child's teacher's ability to withstand not just the detrimental policy of not properly disciplining disruptive children (the Stepping Stone policy dictates 'redirection' though as any parent and educator knows, this is sometimes insufficient and/or ineffective for certain children) but also for not receiving the professional support she so obviously needs. We also admire her for staying positive in her interactions with all the children despite the dysfunction of the classroom. We have no complaints with any of the other staff either, as from the director all the way to the school cook were fantastic with our child and pro-active concerning our issues. Still, we expected more in the sense of ""day care"" and a ""safe, nurturing environment"" for our child and were sorely disappointed with Stepping Stone #14.\r \r Our child is now in a new school in South Austin and after just five days, wouldn't change it for the world. Pros: some really fantastic room teachers, caring staff Cons: Unshaded outdoor jungle gyms, failure to remove repeteadly very disruptive children from the school more

Still the Best! 7/28/2008

I was surprised to read the previous two reviews, as our experience at Stepping Stone XIV has been almost entirely positive. We have two daughters, four and one, and our oldest has been at SS XIV since she was 12 months old. Her teacher, Miss Bill, is now my younger daughter's teacher, and we have always felt that our girls were safe and in good hands.\r \r The last two teachers that my oldest daughter had, Miss Pam and Miss Debbie, have been at the school since we first enrolled there, and they are two of the finest people we've ever met. They have positive attitudes, a genuine warmth toward the children, and incredible rapport with both kids and parents. Both of our daughters are actively engaged in learning, and the oldest is definitely getting good preparation for school. We looked at a lot of child care options when we first became parents, and Stepping Stone was the only place that we felt comfortable enrolling our children.\r \r I'm sure that every business goes through cycles, and there have been times when we've seen teachers come and go, but overall, we still feel like Stepping Stone is the best. We love the curriculum, we love the staff that ALWAYS greets our daughters by name, and we love the facility. I'm sure the previous reviewers' experiences are NOT the norm at Stepping Stone. Our concerns have always been promptly resolved by the staff. I hope that the previous reviews won't prevent prospective parents from going and checking out the school for themselves. In our book, Stepping Stone is still Number One! Pros: Superior Staff, Warm Atmosphere, Great Learning Environment more

Not a good place for any age child 4/2/2008

Terrible place! I agree with the first review about the turnover rate. Teachers can not control the children. No discipline for kids who harm other kids. My child's teacher is so immature that she was caught laughing and smirking after my child had gotten injured. Please don't bring your child here unless you are extremely desperate. Its cost us lots of money and emotional issues for my child. Pros: The director and Asst Director are nice and try at least. Cons: The Director and Asst Director dont have a handle on things as they should. Bad selection of teachers for the older children is an issue. more
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  • Stepping Stone School began as a mother's dream, born from the need to find quality care for her own children. In 1979, Rhonda Paver, M.A. and her husband Bill opened the doors at 1710 Richcreek with a vision of providing the highest Quality Care and Education for young children. Today, Stepping Stone School is the largest, most respected Early Care and Education provider in Central Texas! Our Trademark Curriculum has received national recognition, and we've become known for our highest standards of family service and the degreed, credentialed educators that welcome your child each day. Stepping Stone School is a warm, friendly place where your child's individuality is valued and respected in a safe, secure atmosphere of caring teachers and friends. We have proudly educated and cared for over 50,000 children since 1979!

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