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Split Dine and Drink

7335 SW Bridgeport Rd
Portland, OR 97224
(503) 639-5711
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I actually came to write a review about the great time I had there the other night, but came across this nasty review from the young kids that I'm sure were the same ones that wer...


I really enjoyed the service received by the owner (in the past) and this evenings bar tender which is why I chose this venue to catch up with a friend I hadn't seen in ages. When...

I can't even begin to explain how 4/8/2012

I can't even begin to explain how furious I am after such horrible service and treatment by the wait staff. These people are clearly in the wrong business and after reading other reviews and my own experience, I don't see how they still are. The owner should be ashamed and embarrassed. I walked in and sat at the bar. With three people behind it, not one smiled or said hello. I was the one who asked how they were. Still very little response. It was as though I walked into someone's house uninvited. Then I had to get up and get my own menu across the bar. This was just the first ten minutes. My friend shows up and we decide to sit at a table instead of at the bar. It takes at least another ten for anyone to come to our table. In the middle of our drink order, our server said she had to grab menus. I told her we already had them. Her rude response was, ""they aren't for you, they're for my other customers,"" and she walked off. Then she brought us the wrong drink, no big deal normally. Not even a sorry and she acted like it was my fault. We decided not to stay for food so we asked for our check. She goes off socializing with other people and finally comes around, to grab our payment...except she never brought us our bill. When we got our bill, she charged us for the mistake wine, which was more expensive. I told her I wanted it changed and she said, ""it's only a dollar""....are you kidding me?! THEN, we split the bill. I'm paying with my boyfriend's card, which I do everywhere. She RUNS the card and then comes back to ask for my ID. I told her it's my boyfriend's card, so she tells me I can't use it....AFTER she ran it. I have NEVER been treated so horribly by anyone in that way. I was a server for 5 years and I high volume restaurant and I never even had a customer treat me with such disrespect. This is the first time I didn't leave a tip and being in the industry, I usually tip about 30%. Even with mediocre service, I still leave close to 20%. This kind of thing should not be tolerated. It's the next day and I'm still upset. more

Great Food Great Service. Worth every penny! 12/12/2011

I actually came to write a review about the great time I had there the other night, but came across this nasty review from the young kids that I'm sure were the same ones that were sitting at the table next to us. So I have decided to give some clarification from an outsiders point of view. The wait staff did not seem overly worked nor did this table of young kids(obviously too young to be served alcohol without showing a proper Id) have to wait 35 minutes to be helped. They were sat down next to us almost immediately after being greeted by the hostess. As for the owner taking shots, I did not witness any such behavior and me and my wife were there for several hours. He was however helping his waitstaff clear tables. When the waitress came over to help the tables next to us they were very rude and upset about the fact that the waitress would not accept their id's. The waitress went so far as to tell them she would try to get a second opinion and they got even more irate. When the owner did come over to explain the situation he looked no where near intoxicated and was very calm, he explained the reasoning behind his decision and stated and I quote "" that if you are in a bar or restaurant you must have acceptable valid Id for everyone's safety."" At this point the young lady became very defensive and told the owner to just scan his id, the owner tried to explain that the establishment was a restaurant and he doesn't have that available. At that point he again apologized and left the table. It seems very unfortunate to me that a few bad apples can write reviews like this to try to defame an establishment, when it was evident that they were in the wrong. And for the review below that? Really your going to ask someone to refill a drink for you after you spill it free of charge? I think some of these reviews need to be looked at as just what they are people wanting something for nothing and people that dont want to follow rules. So now that my rant is over. They have great food great staff and the few times myself and wife have been in it has been amazing. Try this place out it is great! more

Regarding the last review... 12/12/2011

I happened to be at Split the evening this incident happened. \r \r First off, two of the three IDs being presented were expired/out of state, the third had bubbled lamination (often a sign of a forged ID card). It is the right and responsibility of an establishment to make their best judgement call on what is acceptable and what is not. It is the responsibility of the patron to keep their identification in good repair so as not to be turned away when ordering a drink. The OLCC has made their presense in Tigard/Tualatin very known and are often out looking for violations such as servers accepting these types of identification, and it's not worth the risk for the owner to let it slide.\r \r Secondly, the owner often stops by the bar to observe the service/patrons/staff in order to keep his business running smoothly, especially on the busy weekend evenings. That evening, he happened to be in the restaurant as a customer, not on the clock. He is welcome to have a glass of wine (not a shot, as stated in your review) while he is not working. When he noticed his staff becoming buried, he stepped in to help, and did not drink until after he assisted in getting the place back in order. Have you never seen dishware broken on a busy, crowded night at a small restaruant? I have. It's a common happening for servers when they are rushed to accomodate their customers. If you tripped and fell while walking down the street, would you like people to automatically assume you were intoxicated, or just maybe that human error caused you to *gasp* make a mistake?\r I'm sorry about your experience at Split, because mine have all been enjoyable and the service is always wonderful (funny, personable bartenders, the food as always delicious, and the owner makes each of his patrons feel like friends by the time they go home). I assume you won't be returning, but please keep in mind the points that I've brought up when dining out in the future.\r \r more

Horrible service, humiliating experience 12/9/2011

I suppose it serves me right for returning to this restaurant after several less-than-enjoyable experiences with the service here and after reading several negative reviews on citysearch. However, when my boyfriend and I decided to go out to celebrate his birthday we chose to stop by Split for a bite to eat and a drink before we went to a movie at Bridgeport since it is so close. Needless to say, this was a mistake. When we first walked in to Split, the bar seemed rather lively and we thought we were in for a good time. A man in jeans and a gray t-shirt was just finishing taking a shot at the bar and there were several rather raucous groups who seemed to be having fun. We were initially ignored by the hostess when we entered. When my friend asked whether we should wait or seat ourselves, the hostess told us we would have to wait because there were no tables and they were understaffed. We could clearly see an open table by the door. We had to wait about 10 minutes for the table, and another 15 for the waitress to come ask for our orders, but as it was a Friday night we figured a bit of a wait was to be expected. When she asked for our IDs, we immediately handed them over. My boyfriend's drivers license was a little wrinkled after having accidentally gone through the dryer but the ID was still sealed and clearly readable. With a sour frown, the waitress stated that she would have to ""check the ID out"" with the owner. When she returned, she informed us that the ID was unacceptable because they could get a fine from OLCC and the owner had told her not to accept it. I politely asked to speak with the owner, and the waitress went to get him. Imagine my surprise when the man in jeans and the grey t-shirt, who had just been taking a shot behind the bar appeared and stated that he would get a ""$5000 fine from OLCC"" if he were to accept the ID. I politely corrected him, explaining that he would be fined for serving someone under 21; however, my boyfriend had several other forms of ID that had the same information as his wrinkled drivers license, which proved he was 27. I also suggested that the owner scan the ID, which would verify that it was in fact valid. The owner refused to accept it, sneering that unless I wanted to pay the $5000 fine he would not serve him. I informed him that he had just lost at least three customers for good and left the building. Later, our friends, who had been there for about an hour before we arrived, told us they had seen him taking several shots over the course of the night. I wonder what OLCC would have to say about someone serving alcohol and drinking while on duty. We also saw him shatter a plate that evening as he was trying to clear a table - perhaps not the best job for someone who is intoxicated. This was an awful, humiliating experience for both myself and my boyfriend, who just wanted to celebrate and enjoy the evening. Thankfully, the night was not ruined and we enjoyed a delicious dinner, drinks, and service at McCormick and Schmick's Grill instead. I would never recommend Split to anyone. Take it from me - listen to these negative reviews. They are here for a reason. more

Will never come back 10/14/2011

I have passed by Split many times in my comings and goings at Bridgeport, but this was my first time there. First of all, for a wine and tapas bar, our waitress was terribly under dressed. She was wearing a leopard print fleece jacket and yoga pants. The menu looked delicious and they have a nice wine selection. We ordered small plates of the Filet Mignon, the seared Ahi Tuna, the prosciutto wrapped asparagus, and the Calamari. What we received about 5 minutes later was lukewarm ahi tuna that was soggy, not crisp. Filet Mignon skewers that were not seasoned at all and were lukewarm at best. Calamari that was chewy and cold, and three of the tiniest asparagus spears wrapped in crispy prosciutto. We sent back most of our food saying that it was too cold and they returned a minute later with our Calamari that was ""right off the grill"" and our Filet Mignon skewers that had been heated up to what it should have been when served. Absolutely terrible food and I will never go back to this place. more

Outstanding! 8/31/2011

I'm a regular at Split and have always enjoyed the food and staff. The new menu features many terrific and affordable small plates, making Spit an ideal spot for a casual lunch or romantic dinner date. If you've never been, do yourself a favor and check it out. If it's been awhile since your last visit, drop in to check out the new menu. The food is always outstanding, and the prices are competitive with comparable local restaurants. more

Rudest and Least Accomodating Owner 2/3/2011

I would have loved to give this place a great review...that is impossible. After shopping at Bridgeport and spending hundreds of dollars, my wife and I decided to drop into the Split and celebrate some awesome deals we found. What a mistake. First, I was a little surprised that the prices, even at happy hour, were a little steep (but the price of living in Lake O is always a bit higher than it should be) but I had walked by the place 10 times in the last 6 weeks so I thought, ""What the hell"". Huge mistake. After having a $10 martini and $10 Manhattan, my wife and I ordered a second. When my wife's phone rang, she inadvertently hit her glass and spilled half her drink with no bar napkin and, after cleaning up or own mess, I asked the bartender if he could see his way clear to topping off her drink (we were prepared to order food as well). He said that he would 'ask the boss', who happened to be sitting 2 seats down from us and had neither greeted us when we entered or said anything during our time there. There were no other customers in the restaurant at that time. The boss shook his head and said something to the effect that 'how was he going to send his kids to college if he accommodated us?"" I can tell you and him that it won't be from any potential return business that we might have offered or from, hopefully, you the reader. more

Terrible Waitress & Food 7/2/2010

I really enjoyed the service received by the owner (in the past) and this evenings bar tender which is why I chose this venue to catch up with a friend I hadn't seen in ages. When I first walked in I asked the blond waitress if we could sit in a booth vs the two top shoved in the corner with patrons a foot off my shoulder, she rudely replied NO its for 5 or more. Customer service should be first and for most and at the very least her delivery should have been more professional. I moved to the bar as the people next to me where too close for comfort and she snapped back at us well ""he"" can deal with you now. That booth sat open all night EMPTY and we would have ordered $11.00 glasses of wine and food all night if offered a comfortable place, instead I opted for the $7.00 glass and then went next door for great service and food. :( \r \r Pros: Bar Tender was awesome! Cons: Food was beyond terrible and the waitress was RUDE more

Terrible 11/13/2009

My boyfriend and I went to Split for dinner- we had passed by it many times and thought it looked neat on the outside. The waiter was not very friendly at all. I ordered a glass of wine which tasted fermented and my boyfriend order Coke which was flat. Our meals were not good at all and overpriced. I ordered a salad and soup- my salad was brown and wilted and I ended up hardly eating any. I walked away spending a lot of money and hardly ate anything served. I would definitely not recommend this restaurant. Pros: Cozy atmosphere Cons: terrible food and drinks more

Inadequate Food 10/23/2009

It was date night for me and I anticapated an awesome evening. I ordered the Chicken Florencia and when it arrived it was cold. I sent it back only to have it returned to me luke warm. Also it was supposed to be on a bed of spinach...I did find the spinach peeking out from under the chicken. Also for the price that they charge the plate should not of been considered a entree more like a Happy Meal. My date had the Angel Hair Pasta with Asparagus and Salmon which she did not like as well. They say the salmon is seared and when it arrived it was maybe 3 ounces of crumbled salmon that was in a close to runny sauce. As a Chef, I would of assumed it would of been a whole piece of salmon and it should of looked seared. It's all in the PRESENTATION. I will return but on a full stomach..... Pros: Wine Tasting-Appology and Entree Comped Cons: Server Constantly Coming to the Table/Food more

Coozy and Great Servcie 10/19/2009

Have visited this location several times in the past few months and simply love the fact that I can sample some expensive wines from the machine. I would probably never risk buying the whole expensive bottle but it is nice to sample before I take the plung. \r \r Have only had the fish taco's but there were outstanding. Pros: Lovely Wine Selection Cons: Hard to tell when it is open more

Horrible Service & Food 5/12/2009

Agreed with previous reviewer - should have just split. \r \r Went to Split last Thursday for lunch with my mom and boyfriend's mom, and should have trusted my better judgement and went any place else for better food and service The server was all over us when we came in and sat down, but then seemed to forget about us. Granted, he was the only server and working the bar too, but only had 3 tables with any people. We all ordered salads and I also ordered the butternut squash soup. We could see the chef from where we were sitting and I watched him plate up my soup way too early and stick it under the heat lamp while he prepared the the overdressed salads. By the time I finally got my soup, it was tepid at best and the server looked at me in disbelief when I sent it back. I then continued to watch the chef get disgusted that the soup was sent back saying that it was sitting under the heat lamp. All he had to do was stick his finger in it and see that it was cold. I had also ordered the spinach salad which was supposed to come with sliced apples and did not have any. Again, I told ther server and he had to consult the menu and then ask the chef only to report back to me that yes, it was supposed to come with apples. My mom's salad was supposed to have hazelnuts which consisted of hazelnut powder and when mentioned to the server, he again consulted the menu and chef and came back showing us that the powder was indeed hazelnuts and showed us a handful - classy. When the bill came, we were not comped for anything and nor did we receive an apology at any point for anything by the server or chef. Cons: everything more

Good Wine, Friendly Atmosphere, Attentive Wait Staff 5/1/2009

We went to Split last night and were extremely impressed with their new menu. They have added imported wines to the wine list and have managed to keep their prices affordable. \r \r The best thing about Split is the friendly serivce and attention to detail. The cannolis and butternut squash soup are fantastic.\r \r Don't miss their new Sunday Campagne Brunches--only $18/ adult!\r \r Pros: New Menu, Kids welcome until 9pm more

Awful Customer Service 3/20/2009

My friend and I planned an evening to go to a movie and then a nearby restaurant for an affordable Happy Hour. I'm relatively new to the area and couldn't find much that was open later than 9pm. I called Split earlier in the week to ask if they had a Happy Hour on Wednesday evening and was informed that it was from 3-6 and then from 9-close. \r \r However, when we arrived we were told that information was incorrect followed by, ""well, I'm the owner, so I should know. We won't have Happy Hour until the end of next month."" Then he retracted and said, ""Actually we do have Happy Hour during the week from 3-6 but have put the 9-close Happy Hour on hold for now."" My friend and I were very disappointed because at that point we didn't really have any other options so we stayed and ordered wine and an appetizer.\r \r When we were served our shared appetizer they forgot to bring us utensils and napkins. The server did come back with utensils at our request but I had to get our napkins.\r \r I understand the economy is tough right now and businesses must make cuts. However, the management of this situation was so poor that they have lost any future business I (or anyone I know) would have given them. \r \r I do NOT recommend wasting your money at this establishment. Pros: nice interior Cons: the owner, inconsistent information, price, food marginal more

Split should be called run away as fast as you can! 3/9/2009

Split....we should have split and just had popcorn and cokes at the theater. This so called wine bar didn't even have wines from Europe! What wine bar would only have a West Coast wine list. Granted Oregon, California, and Washington all have wonderful wines, but what about the rest of the World??? My wife and I have wandered past here many a times and never went in. Finally we decided it was time to stick our heads in. The overall appearance seem all well and good, but when we were greeted by a gentleman who seemed upset we even walked in my wife and I were ready to leave. We ordered calamari to start which was just so-so. Slightly overcooked causing a chewing and dry effect. Next up was our entree's. What a disappointment. I had the chicken dinner and my wife the filet mignon. Her filet was overcooked to the extreme and my chicken dinner was lacking in any sort of flavor. Our drinks took almost 15 minutes to get from the bar, and were not worth what we paid for them. \r \r I can't believe anyone would ever have giving this hole in the wall five stars. We give it one and only for the appearance!!!! Pros: Nice interior Cons: Over priced and a really cocky waitstaff more

Change for the better 3/4/2009

I cant believe the change here!! This place opened a few years ago and started out great but over time the food got bad the wines even worse and the service became horrible. Split went through a change of ownership and what a change it was. The owner actually works there and is a great guy, the food is a five star plus and the wines are actually affordable(a dollar or two cheaper than anywhere else in the area and you can get a GLASS of Silver Oak unheard of). I got on their email list and they have monthly wine dinners and tastings. I thought i would just give split the recognition that they deserve. Great place if you like good food and wine. Well worth the wait on weekends. Pros: great food, service, wine Cons: They need a bigger restaurant, with the wait they could fill it up twice over more

One Word 1/16/2009

In one world I can describe this so called restaurant....AWFUL! I wouldn't go here again if I was paid to more

Great food...Great service! 1/16/2009

My family and I have gone to Split a few times now for lunch, dinner as well as just drinks and appetizers. I have to say that after the new ownership this summer, I have been more then satisfied with the food and service. \r The location is perfect for dinner/drinks and a movie or a quick lunch on the way in or out from shopping. The atmosphere is casual and the place is always clean! The employees there have had nothing but smiles on their faces every time and are more then happy to help you in any way. In fact the gentleman that was taking our table even had the ability to calm a crying baby! \r We have been able to try out a good portion of the menu items which offers variety enough to please just about anyone. Everything I have ordered so far has come out of the kitchen in a quick manner. The food is always hot and mouthwatering. The Executive Chef even came to our table to make sure everything was as ordered and delicious...and of course it was! I have worked in the restaurant industry and have had my share of plates to compare it to.\r We recommend this to anyone in the area and we will most definately be back. more

Wine bar 3.5-4.25 stars, FOOD: 1-2 stars 1/13/2009

It's not often that I love a place for a while, then hate it. Well, I still love split for atmosphere, wine bar. BUT the food is worse than most places. They used to be pretty good to very good. Food has slipped, gone down hill. To sum it up, the food is cold, not fresh and poorly made. For Example: burnt food, last nights reheated or left out sitting for lengthy time until it goes cold and awful, etc. This is dish after dish after dish! It's really too bad because I have been here a dozen times and used to love to have some great food with my wine, but they have the worst cook on the West side behind the kitchen. Maybe the chef left? Anyway, you report the concerns and they do little about it. I'll go back, but for a drink of wine before a show or after shopping. I'd rather open my own wine at home and have some great food to nosh on. What a let down! more

4.5 STARS!! 12/4/2008

I will admit being leary after reading some of the negative reviews. And with my (2nd) experience, they are unfounded, IMHO!\r \r We had a great time, mind you...we were only there for happy hour food and wine. But the food was marvelous! We ordered several HH items to share and each one was amazing. Make No MISTAKE, this is not your average happy hour. They serve high end tasting food (ceviche, excellent calamari, cheese plates, amazing hummus plate, etc), it's 5 STARS for the HH food, alone. Some people looking for a MEAL for $4 at happy hour, this is NOT your place. The food is served tapas style, small tastes of amazing food. \r \r The wine list is good to great, thus minus a1/2 star. They have a rather small list for a ""wine"" bar. The enomatic preservation system is a nice treat. You can sample (for a fee) or have a glass of high end wines without having to purchase a bottle, great concept. For my personal tastes they did not have enough PNW, or international regions represented. But that's me. And they seemed to have quite a lot of California wines.. NO thanks. Living in Oregon and near Washington we have access to some of the best wines offered in this country. Skip apologies, people, it's about supporting the local products. I would like to see more Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy and France...on the wine menu.\r \r Service was excellent. We were looked after very well and our server was great to interact with. I wish they had more tables/booths, as it could get crowded and did towards the dinner hour, but we weren't asked to leave, despite being HH customers. \r \r It's definitely on my return list for excellent HH food, wine and dinners with the hubby! TRY this place if you love wine and incredibly innovative food!\r Pros: Food, Wine Cons: small space and parking during busy times more
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