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Specialty Sports & Supply

4285 E Fountain Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 391-2556
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Specialty Sports & Supply - Colorado Springs, CO
Specialty Sports & Supply - Colorado Springs, CO
Specialty Sports & Supply - Colorado Springs, CO


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Everyone at work kept urging me to go with them during lunch time. I finally decided to go, with thoughts of being there for 15-30 mins. I was like a child in a ""candy store"" th...


I have been here numerous times with my husband and children and get treated ok, but when it's just my kids and me, the service is poor. I stood at the counter wanting to see som...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/17/2012

I read the reviews here and I wonder if they shopped at the same place I did. I am a relatively new shooter and also female. The staff at Specialty, (especially Ray & Art) as well as the owner Jeff, have always gone out of their way to treat me as if I am the most important customer in the store. They have helped me with general questions as well as making sure I was correctly fitted for the gun I was purchasing. I have sent multiple friends there, and all have had the same experience. \r Yes they may be a little bit more expensive on some items, but Specialty Sports is an independently owned small business. I would rather pay a couple of more dollars for personalized service and a great selection. I can't recommend the guys at Specialty high enough. more

specialty sports & supplies 1/24/2012

I have personally spent thousands of dollars in this store because of there selection of fire arms, even though there prices are higher than anywhere else. How ever When my wife and I went there last week 16 January 2012 my wife went ahead of me as I was talking to a friend out side. About 10 minutes later I entered the store I noticed my wife at the back counter talking to one of the customer service people and I could tell she was getting angry so I eased up close to her in the nearby aisle to over hear what was going on, apparently she was getting upset because this jack ass would not sell her the shot gun she had come in to purchase wich happened to be a 12 Ga. supernover. Instead he was trying to sell her a .410 stating she was to small in stature to ""handle"" the gun because of the recoil. My wife owns an extremely large collection of big bore, high powered rifle which include the Serbu .50 cal. bolta action rifle and a savage .338 lapua i say this to the people at specialty sports.....pull your head out of your ass and come in to the 21st century. no body gives a damn about your sexist opinion.......who knows you might have even been able to learn something from my wife......women are not week and if that is your mind set then your a bunch of damn fools ...... I will never purchase any thing at your store again, I woukd rather special order from sportsmans warehouse and wait a week for my purchase to arrive. there prices are far cheaper anyway even with the transfer fees. more

Not fond of females & children 12/12/2011

I have been here numerous times with my husband and children and get treated ok, but when it's just my kids and me, the service is poor. I stood at the counter wanting to see some hand grips and the guys behind the counter just stood there and didn't even come to offer assistance until I told them what I wanted to see. Also, when looking at rifles for my children, the guys just wandered around ignoring me again until I told them what I wanted to see. I'm not in the store to sight see, I'm in the store to shop and spend money! Just because a female and her children come in doesn't mean we just wandered in off the streets for the heck of it. More than half the time, I know what I want more than my husband does. Don't ignore customers just because they are females or have kids with them. We are interested in sporting goods too, not just the men! It would be nice for once to go into this store and not be talked down to or ignored just because I'm female or have my children with me! I now go to Big R where I have purchased rifles, shotguns, and ammo! The guys there are great and recognize me when I go in. PLUS they offer military discounts on Monday! PROS: Great selection CONS: Overpriced, poor customer service more

Jeff Just Doesn't Get It - Clueless Customer Service 9/23/2011

I've spent several thousands of $$s in this store and I'm still not recognized by Jeff or his staff - they really, simply do not care. This weekend's Ruger special was a complete joke as their best deal (1911s) ran out in the first 10 minutes after opening and I was in a good place in line before hand. They promised to get more later, but the customers were treated like cattle. I went in two days ahead of the sale to inspect the item and make a buy decision so I wouldn't waste time on Friday - nothing doing - they won't allow viewing of the products until the doors open blaming it on Ruger's rules. Total BS. They are slow and busy at the same time on even weekdays, off hours. Jeff acts like he cares, but it's phoney and his staff follows closely - with one exception - Kris. Kris does get it and has always been pleasant and helpful. When they were over in their other location, their prices were more reasonable. Now, they know they are leveraging their inventory with no one can match anywhere around here. more

Overpriced 5/28/2011

On May 25, 2011, I decided to take a trip down from Lake George, Co. to Specialty Sports on recommendation of a friend that they had quite a few AK-47's on hand. While looking at the different guns, A bearded man (who, when asked, said his name was Bud) asked me if he could help me find anything. I told Bud that he could, and told him that I was wanting to look at some AK-47's, and that I was trying to educate myself on them before I bought anything. Bud was more than happy to show me a few, and was very knowledgeable on the AK47. Bud showed me one, and then showed me the Hungarian AMD 65, AK-47 variant. He said that it was an excellent rifle (Hungarian receiver, TGI build from Knox, Tenn, Tapco USA trigger, etc.). Well, I loved the rifle, and even though it was pricey ($799 + tax), I ""bit the bullet"", and bought it. Now that it's been a few days since my ""big purchase"", I have researched much about these rifles, corresponded with a few owners of these exact rifles, and also looked it up on Wikipedia. Everything leads me to believe that I paid way too much for this rifle. Most people who have bought the AMD 65 paid between $450 - $600 for the same rifle, same receiver (FEG), same company (TGI - NOT a Century or other build), same trigger, etc.... Hey, it's a nice looking rifle, and I love it. Have yet to shoot it, but I love it. I just think I got taken for about $200 too much. From now on, I will never buy another firearm without thoroughly educating myself on the MSRP. Other than that, Bud was a very helpful, polite, knowledgeable person. He even showed me a book with the AMD 65 in it. Great guy! I would also like to point out that - while waiting for the background check to clear, I saw some nice handguns, and was trying to take a picture of one with my cell phone. Some other guy asked me not to take pictures of the guns. I thought that to be a little weird. The only reason they even got a one star rating was because of Customer Service rep, Bud. Had it been the other dude, I would've probably walked out of the place without buying anything. more

So far, so OK. They need to improve customer service. 3/28/2011

I have been in this store on several occasions and I have had a mixed bag of experiences. Each time I went there I was perusing the store of their massive inventory, big plus, however, there is a lack of consistent customer service. They have some staff that very helpful and then others that act like they could care less if you are there to buy. it would be nice to see them get a handle on training the staff to address the customer's needs in a predictable fashion. One positive experience I had was the time I brought my leather shoulder harness in to have the salesman go over the correct adjustments to make it fit properly. He was very helpful and I was happy to have the information I needed. I was directed to a website that makes holsters for women. I have since purchased a pistol from them and the transaction went smoothly. The next test for them is how they will handle the return/exchange of this pistol due to an unusual mark left on the casing by the firing pin. I will post the results at a later date. more

I'll drive 1000 miles before dealing with... 10/10/2010

with those 'tool's"" again. Owner is a tool, he only hire's tool's and that equals the biggest collection of ""tool's"" in Colorado Springs. He should renam it F-Tard city. Drive to Denver, Dallas, or St. Louis and save yourself the time and Bullsh!t these tard will waste. more

Specialty sports is hit or miss 8/27/2010

I have visited about 5 times, two good, three not so good. Big issue"" is price, or shall I say high prices. Looked at a Walther 9mm, about $180 more than Cabela's. (BTW Cabela's gun staff is awesome!!!) Luckily, I needed to drive to Grand Junction on business so I saved a bundle on the Walther. Same story on a shotgun, SS is about 20% more than the regular prices at other shops. As for the staff, one fellow in particular was very, very helpful with us. I brought in my wife to see a pistol and this gentlemen really made her feel good about the weapon. The rest of the staff seem to be very jaded with the public. I guess this is what happens when you show guns to hundreds of people each day...? All in all, SS has a great selection, so so service, and relatively higher prices. I suppose ""if"" they had way better service, then the higher prices might actually be reasonable?! As it is, not much value can be had at Specialty Sports and Supplies more

Look around and learn 4/23/2010

I've been in SS a few times and every time I was greeted by Sales Cerks that could care less if I was there. My money spends just as well as the next guy. Look around our Shooting community do you think your doing well? Did you learn anything from other gun shops that have gone away ie. The Shooting Den, They are no longer in business because of their general attitudes. I refuse to shop at a store that makes the customer feel stupid and unwanted. I STRONGLY sugest that if you want your business to grow, greet the customers with a genuine Smile and a genuine interest of that customers needs. Lose the attitudes gain the cutomers. Pros: Big Inventory Cons: Customer Service more

Great Selection and Service with a Smile!! 2/17/2010

Everyone at work kept urging me to go with them during lunch time. I finally decided to go, with thoughts of being there for 15-30 mins. I was like a child in a ""candy store"" there were so many guns, I ended up being there for an hour and still didn't view even half the guns. The employees were enthusiastic to assist me and very knowledgeable. I've bought several things from them since my first visit, including hard to find ammo and things I've seen on the internet and called to find they had it in stock. Most times when I go during lunch time and after work, they aren't as busy. I was very impressed when I went on a crowded weekend, the employees still smiled with a hello to me, and several said they would assist me after they were done with their customer. A guy came over and started to assist me in looking at several guns, I later found out it may have been Jeff, the owner. I told him right from the start I was interested in checking them out, but I wasn't planning on buying one that day. It didn't seem to matter to him, he took the time to explain in great detail the pros and cons and what to look for. It then got really busy at the front counter, so he had to leave and assured me someone else would be there quickly to finish assisting me. Within a few minutes another employee came to assist me and was most helpful. By the time I left there, I was so tempted to buy a gun that day, okay, who am I kidding, I wanted to buy 3-4 guns. The service was great and every time I've been there, whether I bought anything or not, or even the smallest of things, they were all very nice and helpful. I'm sure when it gets crowded and frenzied, people may not get the individualized treatment they expect and demand, but I can see how dealing with people from all walks of life can start to ""wear"" on the employees. People need to remember, this isn't a store where you can just grab a gun and look at it. Employees have to assist you, and that takes time. The ratio of shoppers compared to the employees may get to be a bit much at time, so people need to understand this aspect while shopping. Pros: Huge Selection of guns, supplies and hard to find items Cons: Super busy with customers during weekends more

No Help Poor Service 11/22/2009

Poor poor service, told me what to buy, his favorite not what I asked for. Wait forever for service. I knew what I wanted,left bought elsewhere. A handful of visits I have had poor treatment. Will not go back Pros: lots of parking Cons: Rude Abrasive more

I agree: ""these guys are jerks"" 10/5/2009

I was trying to pay for my small purchase item at the front counter. My friend was at the counter buying a gun and I was behind him. When the cashier was done with him, she walked away. So I went to the 3 cash register and stood behind a couple. When the staff member was done with them, I stepped up to the counter and placed my item down, he looked directly at me, turned and walked away. So I went to the middle register and the cashier who walked away from me at the third register took over the 1st register. I went back over to him and while he rang up my purchase I asked him why he did not ring my items in on the other register where I waited in line and he said ""that register doesn't work."" So I asked ""why didn't you just tell me to come over to this register"" and he said ""I didn't know why you were standing there."" Pros: good inventory Cons: poor service if not buying large $$$ purchases more

Poor Service 9/1/2009

Majority of the staff there are a bunch of bleeps. Spent over 20 years as a weapons specialist in Special Forces and some wet behind the ears bleep tries to lecture me on how to return a slide on a pistol. Had similar experiences when looking for rifles and holsters. Gave up going there a while ago. Don't waste your time. Plenty of other places to shop in Colorado or online. Pros: Good Inventory Cons: Staff more

Stay Away! These guys are jerks. 7/31/2009

I've been to SS about 10 times and everytime I go there they make me feel like an idiot. The guys that work behind the counter are jerks. Makes me want to ask them to put away there concealled weapon and go outside and settle it like men. If you are not an expert on guns or ammo don't ask anyone for help. I now buy everything online. I refuse to go there. They are lucky people are desperate for guns and ammo or I don't think too many people would shop there. If you are reading this and have not yet been there, stop and buy online. It's cheaper and you don't have to deal with a-holes! Pros: Big selection Cons: Asking for help will make you feel like an idiot more

Knowledgeable, patient staff 3/18/2009

Whenever we have gone in for CCW rigs or weapons, the gun staff are very knowledgeable and patient with us. They have not spouted politics or rhetoric, just good facts. I wish they would get their phone system to work better though. More often than not I get a ""mailbox full"" message. At least they could have a message with store hours, directions, etc on it. Pros: The gun guys are great Cons: hard to reach by phone more

Good but with Faults 2/28/2009

The first time I came to this store I was with a friend who was looking for a concealed carry holster. As I was also shopping for a pistol for myself, I decided to look at their abundant selection. The first salesperson (I didn't catch his name) that offered help to me was somewhat abrupt and acted like he didn't really want to be there. He showed me a pistol and when I handed it back to him to look at another he put it away and then walked off before I could ask to see another pistol. I was a little taken aback and ready to leave the store when another salesperson offered to help me. In contrast to the first person, this one was very helpful and attentive. The store's prices seem to be a little higher than other places but I expect that from a family owned business. Their inventory cannot be beat and I have not had any other problems with their staff since the first incident. Hopefully the rude employee was either fired or given public relations training. I did not buy the pistol that I was looking at but have since purchased ammo for another pistol of mine and the staff was extremely helpful during that transaction. Pros: Good inventory Cons: Staff needs PR training, prices can be beat more

Avoid. The owner sets the stage for this store. 2/16/2009

The first time I walked into this store, I was amazed. Assistants behind the counters were knowledgeable and helpful. I spent about an hour just gazing at guns and accessories, and really had an enjoyable time. Before I left, I bought four boxes of ammunition, and the price was fair. Their asking prices seem to be fair, considering their massive inventory. Okay. That's the good side. Great inventory, great assistants and clerks, and a very nice store. For that, they get five stars.\r \r Now, today I went in, and accidentally interrupted a conversation. Turns out it was a conversation with Jeff (the owner?) and a guy selling a gun. Jeff asked me if I had a question, and I asked what it was. He says ""A shotgun"". I walked away shaking my head. He later found me, and explained that that was the last time that I would interrupt his conversation. I told him that it certainly was, and that it would never have been an issue if he had told me that they needed to be left alone (like I politely asked him what the gun was). I most certainly would respect that response and walk away. (I respected his wishes, anyway, even after his smart-alec remark). I apologized for the intrusion, but he didn't accept it. He just told me ""I know one thing. That will never happen again."" I agreed, looked around a little longer, noting things that I'd like to buy elsewhere, and left. I had hoped to buy some more ammo, but after that attitude, I vowed to never buy anything there again. I'm sure he gets enough business from people that put up with him, that he doesn't need my money. That's the bad: The owner getting in my face and essentially declaring that I'll never interrupt him again. For that, HE ALONE gets gets his store minus five stars.\r \r There you have it. One star, because I can't give HIM zero. I do feel sorry for his employees, though, as I'm sure his true side shows up with them, also. I can't imagine what he'd do if I made an offer to him on one of his guns... Very scary. Pros: Great Inventory, Great assistance from the employees. Cons: The owner has a terrible attitude. more

Good I will admit the first time I walked in, I walked out vouching to never go back. Do not make the same mistake I did. 2/6/2009

As a 21 year old it is easy to be discriminated against by most of the staff in stores like this one, but once you open up to most of the men behind the counter you will be pleasantly surprised with the knowledge they bring to first time owners. The staff was very knowledgeable about home defense, ammunition, or weapon in general. I was even pushed away from a used Colt M4 carbine that had issues I overlooked. Out of the five or six times I have gone and the six to seven staff members I have spoken with, I have yet to come across a bias based opinion over fact. The prices are very competitive too, I picked up both a Glock 26 for my fiance, and a Mossberg 500 and walked out under a grand. Despite the occasional macho know it all, it is a nice warm get away from bias opinions, Internet slander, and weapon myths that are tossed around online. \r Pros: If you want MilSpec, hunting, collectables, or something for HD you are sure to find what you want with a great staff. Cons: Staff can be intimidating so you will need to bring thick skin, and go in with a good idea of what you want. Be prepaired for paperwork and a 8 hour backround check. more

bangbang 11/6/2008

I have purchased two guns from SS in the last few years. The staff was pleasant on both occasions. The inventory is fantastic and I found the prices to be very competitive. My only issue with the place is all the customers that are there to spout at the mouth about how much they think they know about firearms. I praise the staff for putting up with these idiots. My suggestion, if you are there to buy something great, if not then move out of the way and be quiet so people that are there to purchase something can. Just an idea, what do I know? Pros: selection Cons: customers there to just run there mouth about their extensive knowledge of guns more


I've been to SS a number of times and they're as friendly as a bag of rattle-snakes. Their knowledge of any question that I've ask is zero, as they only care about selling anything that you ask to look at. If your a small person with small hands and you ask to look at a huge semi-auto hand gun, they'll sell it to you without question. Customer service is one sided, money talks, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS TO THEM, EVER! Pros: Good selection only. Cons: Money hungry people more
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