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Now I never thought I'd have to use a business like this, but after seeing firsthand how they can quickly and efficiently remove fire and water damage to a home, they have been pu...


In order to understand better why I decided to write up a review, I would like to let you know that I run a company myself and are big sticklers on customer service. I recent...

Servpro in Cleveland Ohio. Have much to learn about REAL customer service 8/3/2012

In order to understand better why I decided to write up a review, I would like to let you know that I run a company myself and are big sticklers on customer service. I recently had a fire and had a large collection of collectables. I wanted to understand better the process of what happens when you call in such a company to give estimates on what it cost to have things cleaned. In my business, I understand my product enough where if someone gave me enough information, my experience alone would be able to give rough ideas on cost. And believe me, cost could have a big window. It s having no idea of cost that I was trying to eliminate by asking for someone to at least provide a bit of education on the matter. The guy that took the phone call needs to learn a lot about true customer service. He did the typical thing that many companies do. Avoid wanting to truly help by throwing up a quick road block saying that it is impossible to even talk about prices of any nature without looking at it. Even when I did roofing, I am educated enough about my job and care enough to be able to give people ideas of what to possibly look for and genuinly try to help. In no way does this mean Servpro is a bad company. But the whole reason why I contacted them was because I thought they were such a big shot company that if anyone would show the level of professionalism I was looking for, this company would. Sad to say, as an owner of my own company, I could spend a day with their staff and teach them many things about REAL customer service on the phone. Something that was no acceptable to me today. Once again, this does not mean they are a bad company, just a bad experience. more

Incompetent and greedy 3/23/2012

Those people do not know what they are doing. They put 20 units of equipment on flooded 1200sf area and left it for a week. At the end they have to remove floor anyway. Wait until you know the charge for all that-9000$. I could renovate the place for less. more

Beware: No Guarantees 8/19/2010

I had a 3 ft. diameter water damage spot caused by a portable airconditioner. After trying unsuccessfully to remove the spot myself, I called in ServPro of Stamford, CT. They said that they could restore the carpet and quoted over $700 to remove the damaged padding, dry out the floor and clean the carpet. The project manager never mentioned that there was a chance that the stain could not be removed. I had to pay them half after the old padding was removed and the rest after the carpet was cleaned. I inspected the carpet while it was still wet and it appeared clean. After it dried the stain mysteriously reappeared. They said that it was due to imbedded dirt in the carpet and came and tried to reclean it using three different cleaners. The stain reappeared. When I called the office to tell them, they said that they could do nothing more and they did not guarantee their work. I am very disappointed that they were not up front with me about the chance that the restoration would not be successful. Had I been informed, I would have put the substantial money I paid them towards installing new carpet. more

Watch Out 5/18/2009

I imagine most people looking for this review will find it too late because they'll be in exactly the position I am. An ice dam led to ceiling damage, the insurance company called them in for me (it was billed as a kind of "customer service"), then Servpro over-bills. By a lot. I think that in most cases the damage is so far over the deductible that no one questions them. The homeowner writes a check for the deductible, the insurance company covers the rest. The problem with this kind of company is that they do drive up insurance premiums, insurance policy owners do end up paying in the end. So I reported to my insurance company and to BBB that I suspect this company of price gouging. Then I e-mailed the company to let them know that I suspected them of charging higher than market value on bills paid by insurance. The company owner calls me today and opens the conversation with "Listen Lady, you are going to call the insurance company and the BBB and tell them you made a STUPID STUPID MISTAKE RIGHT NOW" Yelling into the phone. When I suggested that he could send the price list that he would give to consumers looking for a contractor outside of a claim, or give me a price comparison of himself and his competitors, to convince me that I had made a mistake. He said that he "shouldn't have to do that crap". I'm pretty annoyed with the insurance company for bringing me in contact with somebody like that. more

hell no 4/28/2009

Do not call servpro they are all crooks they move only 8 bages of garbage and bill my insurance $3,050 they are in Brooklyn New York his name is rob more

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Service Is What Counts 6/28/2006

A had a disagreeable experience with Servpro Professional Cleaning. When they were called to my home by my insurance company for smoke damage, I had to really be on my toes. I had all my prized dishes wrapped and put away and my curio cabinet already cleaned. I came into the room to find them recleaning the cabinet and roughly handling the beveled glass shelves. I also took responsibility for going through my kitchen cupboards. Did they take heed of the instructions? NO! This had all been outlined to them when they first came to my condo. I came home to find they had taken dishes out of my cupboards and put them in my dishwasher(which I had told them was not raining out the water) . They ran a cycle and the dishes were sitting in water when I got home. There were other incidences of breaking vents and charging for many items that had not been cleaned(pampas grass? l don't think so) or items that I had already cleaned. I figured out that the fellow with the clip board went around the house and just wrote everything down and then assigned a cleaning price to it. My insurance agent and I went over the bill and as a result took over $1,000 off of it. Never assume that you can trust a company just because your insurance recommended them. Even my Insurance company took notice of this and did not sent all their work to them after this incident. more

SERVPRO... when fire and water get the upper hand on your house! 3/23/2006

Now I never thought I'd have to use a business like this, but after seeing firsthand how they can quickly and efficiently remove fire and water damage to a home, they have been put on our "emergency repairs" list of business'. I first came to experience SERVPRO when a friend had a small kitchen fire...the mess was unbelievable and the smell was horrendous! Not believing anything short of gutting the kitchen and starting from scratch, would help, I felt I owed it to my friend to stay with her as she had SERVPRO come see what they could do. To make a long story short, SERVO Pro not only cleaned up the smoke and fire damage but the smell as well. After they left the premises, if I hadn't known there had been a fire there, I wouldn't have believed it! They are that good! And water damage...well, water damage can happen to anyone. A pipe can burst, your hot water heater can conk out and worse yet, your sump pump can cease working due to lightning strikes or simple old age. And when any of these things happenm, the damage can oftentimes be more than you can handle alone. So it was with us. Once again SERVPRO came to the rescue and in a jiff had the basement back in working order and without any of the damp musty smells that can oftentimes be left behind when aa business is less than efficient. My opinion is this...SERVPRO is professional, personable, efficient and reasonably priced and they treat your home as if it were their own....and isn't that the most important thing?!? is in our home, and I think it will be in yours! more
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