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Santa Fe Gun Galeria - 4 Reviews - 39553 Sierra Hwy Ste C, Palmdale, CA - Sporting Goods Reviews - Phone (661) 266-9760

Santa Fe Gun Galeria

39553 Sierra Hwy Ste C
Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 266-9760
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I was pleasantly surprised to see the huge inventory in this little store, you would have to attend a gun show to see more guns displayed in one place. This is one of the few plac...


If you enjoy paying over the top prices for a gun,along with a sales staff that treats you like something you would find in your cat's litter box then Santa Fe Gun Galeria is the ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/8/2012

Same Guy works Armed Security at the theater at AVE I when ever a big movie premiere is on... That would probably answer the income questions....\r \r I have a horrible experience with this man too....\r ON TWO OCCASIONS!!! I have no idea why I went back. a second time...!!\r 1st time I was looking TO BUY!! a gun, I walked in I saw the inventory which was pretty decent in my opinion... I was looking at the Beretta 96A1 I asked him about the price on the gun, ""From the other side of the shop"" He didn't even bother to get up and show me the dam thing... I left.\r Settled for a Beretta 92A1 From the Gun-Shop ""Also Rude until I pulled out my debit card"" at least the man walked towards me and showed me the gun, I didn't have to stand there like an idiot.\r \r 2nd Time I went to buy ammunition, I only asked what the difference was in between the Gold Dot Hollow points and the crap he had in stock, he replied ranting about how his ""GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER shoved rocks & gun powder down the barrel of his riffle and ammo did not matter and it was all the same"" So at this point I walked out, all while thinking, ""Are you saying I should shove rocks down the barrel of my Beretta 92?""\r Anyways, I just bought a new gun a few days ago Sig Sauer P-220 from Ricks....\r \r Its probable had he been nicer, my money could have been in his hands.... whatever, Never going back to his shop again. I rather order and wait longer elsewhere then deal with that man.\r \r more

Owner with a short man's syndrome! 9/20/2011

If you enjoy paying over the top prices for a gun,along with a sales staff that treats you like something you would find in your cat's litter box then Santa Fe Gun Galeria is the place for you. Horrible service, horrible prices makes it no problem for me to drive down the hill to a ""real"" gun shop that treats you in a professional manner. Make the drive down the hill so you don't have to deal with the troll behind the counter! How and h#@@ does this guy stay in business?????????????????????????? more

How this business stays open is a head scratcher to me too 7/22/2011

I have to agree with hondamoco on this one. This place is a joke. While it is true, he does have a decent selection of handguns and ammo for such a hole in the wall store. His long gun selection and customer service are in way short supply. His prices are just plain obscene. Anyone who would pay the money he asks for the weapons in his shop is either too lazy to go somewhere else, or they are retarded. For lack of a better term, this guy is a crook. He thinks he knows everything about everything when in reality, he knows very little. The owner reminds me of one of those guys who always wanted to be a cop, a soldier, or a marine, but could'nt cut it in any of those careers. So now he sits around a gun store all day with his Glock strapped to his hip (like a big badass he wants you to think he is) and is pissed off at the world. Like the other poster wrote, this store owners favorite thing to say to you if you call to check pricing or availability on an item is ""we have more guns than anyone in southern ca. why don't you just come in and see what we have"". asking him for a price on an item is going to get you an answer like ""um around $$$ and $$$"" He will never go look and see how much the item you want is. He will however be more than happy to engage you in a conversation about things I am sure he knows nothing about if you let him. For example, I was in there (as a last resort ) getting a box of ammo seveal months ago. He tried to tell a very nice young man who was asking him abou the 357 Sig round and if he had any in stock. He had only one box for over $60.00 and advised the young man that all though the Secret Service,DEA, and countless others utilize the 357 Sig, it was a ""dead and no good round"" He tried to talk to him about a host of other things but the young man politly let the store with me right behind him. Unless you have no other choice I strongly urge anyone in the market for a new firearm to either drive down the hill to Turners Outdoorsman in Reseda or buy it online and have it sent through a FFL dealer in the area ie: Safe Space Shooting or Top Gun. I have used Safe Space Shooting myself and not only saved about $400.00 on a new Kimber 1911, but paind no sales tax as my gun came from out of state. All in all I can't recommend this store for anything. The service sucks, and the prices are even worse. \r more

I dont understand how this guy keeps his business open 3/19/2010

I live in the area of this business and I really try to avoid it at all costs. I have been in this business maybe 5 times over the course of 10 years, and every time I deal with this guy it never fails to amaze me of how bad of a businessman this guy is. His products are grossly overpriced, In example the same federal .22 550 box that goes for 15 bucks at walmart, this guy trys to sell for 50 bucks. the same Yugo 59/66 you can get at big 5 for $399.00, he is asking $650.00 for. I understand it is his choice to do so, but someone is unknowledgeble about gun prices is going to get severly ripped off by him. He also tries to rip people off that are selling guns to him. My friend got into a HUGE argument with this guy at one time. He was in there and there was a lady who was trying to get a gun appraised after her husband died and he tried to tell her a $1000.00 gun was only worth $350.00, and since he needs to make money he could only give her $275.00 for it, My buddy flat out called him a liar and told the lady how much it was really worth, this guy came unglued and screamed at my buddy to get the H*** out of his store. As far as customer service goes, it is absolutely HORRIBLE. What motivated me to write this review right now is, about 10 minutes ago I called him to see if he had any .303 british in stock, and this is how the conversation went:\r \r Me: Hi do you have any .303 british in stock?\r \r SFG Owner: (in a panic) Yea.. I think i have just a couple boxes left. (he always makes you feel like what you are intrerested in is in short supply)\r \r Me: Ok, cool, how much is it going for? \r \r SFG Owner: Um... im not really sure.\r \r Me: Ok... (pausing for a moment, expecting him to say, hold on let me check, but nothing)....ok um, so you dont know how much something is in your own store?\r \r SFG Owner: (with an irritated tone) Look sir I have over 20,000 items in stock, I cant be expected to memorize the prices on all of those items. \r \r (how about getting off your *Bleep* and checking for me)\r \r Me: Ok well thank you, you just lost a possible sale...\r \r SFG Owner: (Snicker laugh, then click)\r \r seriously I dont even know why I tried\r \r \r \r Pros: absolutely none Cons: read the details more

Really great selection/knowledgeable 11/18/2008

I was pleasantly surprised to see the huge inventory in this little store, you would have to attend a gun show to see more guns displayed in one place. This is one of the few places that I have seen that has a variety of guns in all price ranges, this place has handguns, rifles and shotguns that I have only seen in magazines right there on the shelf. \r The staff are knowldgeable and willing to help fit your needs, the guy behind the counter took the time to answer quesitons and directed us to other things that might interest us. more
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